Regency Romance The Music of Love By Isabella Thorne



(4-in-1 Boxed Set): The Amelia Atherton Collection

(The Amelia Atherton Sweet and Wholesome Regency Romance Series)

Regency Romance The Music of Love
Regency Romance The Music of Love



In this boxed set, we find Lady Amelia Atherton, the darling of the ton and Commander Samuel Beresford, Royal Navy, butting heads and hearts.  After dancing with the Commander, Amelia’s intrigued, but knows he’s beneath her.  She, the darling of the ton, a diamond of the first water, can have any man she wants.

However, when Samuel’s brother’s poisoned, and Amelia father’s killed, her world comes apart.  No longer the darling of the ton, but the next bit of gossip and ward of her odious Uncle, the new Duke.  She’s convinced her father was murdered, Samuel’s convinced someone’s trying to kill his brother.  Can these two join forces, discover the mysterious circumstances surrounding the misadventures and come out with hearts still free and intact?  My romance book reviews follow.


This boxed set is played out in four separate tales bundled together.  I like reading from one drama to the next without having to wait for the upcoming release.  With fast-paced plotting and an intriguing storyline, Thorne enthralls the reader immediately.  I found the pace smooth and steady as each drama progresses smoothly without interruption or feeling


Unchained Melody By Cynthia Roberts




Unchained Melody by Cynthia Roberts
Unchained Melody, cover











In the romance, Unchained Melody by author Cynthia Roberts, Pamela Landers, young up and coming attorney has it all.  Wealthy, owns a high-priced condo, drives an expensive car and a career soon headed for partnership;  so, what’s missing?  Ah, elusive love, husband, and children are missing from her life.  Work has been her life up to this point.  On vacation in ski country, she and fate will collide.

Meeting Gavin for the first time minutes before she see’s his car plummet off the snowy roadside cliff, Pamela, immediately knew she had to try to help him.   Sit back, get comfortable, as fate will step in and perhaps unchain Pamela’s heart in the form of handsome, wealthy, and secretive Gavin Templeton.  My romance reviews follow.


Does love at first sight exist?  Ask Pamela and Gavin, as they will have an answer for you.  In Unchained Melody, the author gives the reader the premise of attraction and love at first sight.  Pamela’s character has locked her heart away as


His Stubborn Sweet Bride By Chloe Carley


A Christian Romance Novel

His Stubborn Sweet Bride
His Stubborn Sweet Bride










Proper English gentleman Nate Trowbridge and his sister, Leonie, inherited a ranch in the wild West of America.  Informed by ranch hand Will everything’s in good shape, they journey to their new inheritance. However, upon arriving their lives take a sharp turn right.

Not only is the ranch in an awful state, but through no fault of his own Nate also finds himself engaged to Irish Molly Clanahan.  Jem, through a series of hilarious events, delivered the proposal letter to the wrong woman. Molly refuses to release him from his written proposal.  Instead of a gently bred young lady he intended to wed, Nate finds himself engaged to a “gold digging hayden” who is holding on to his proposal with an iron grip.  Molly has reasons for refusing to go away quietly;  reasons she holds secret.  Leonie, a hopeless romantic, takes Molly under her wing;  taking Molly’s side against her brother.  Things are heating up on the ranch as Leonie refuses to believe Nate will turn Molly away.

When Molly secretly leaves the ranch, Nate decides to find out Molly’s secrets and history.  He will find his reputation, honor, heart, and his very life, on the line in His Stubborn Sweet Bride.  Oh the adventure ahead for all in this story. My Christian romance book reviews of His Stubborn Sweet Bride follows.


What an adventure is in store for the reader in this sweet clean Christian novelChloe Carley filled this novel with mystery, upper-crust English, secrets, and, of course, romance.  With Molly’s desperation to stay and bring Nate to heel, and Nathan’s horror of the situation he found himself, I stayed glued to this story.  Then Carley included a villain that no one would like.  The Wild West was a time of lawlessness, greed, and wicked men.  The villain, Jack, is the perfect example of wickedness;  I couldn’t wait for him to get his due.


The Whispering Room By Dean Koontz


The Whispering Room
The Whispering Room










In The Whispering Room, Jane Hawke is on the run. Not only is she running for her and her son’s life, but Jayne is also trying to stop a conspiracy which could end life in America as we know it.   A group of powerful and influential men have plans for the American people.  Jane is determined to find and destroy as many of them as she can.  As well as, unravel the real purpose of the conspiracy.

Jayne’s husband supposedly committed suicide.  However, when other suspicious suicides occur, Jayne follows the trail to a place no one would suspect of harboring a nightmare.  Jayne becomes a predator as she finds clue after clue.  Jayne is hunting the hunters and kicking butt.  Will Jayne become as bad as the men she is hunting or will they find her first?  My mystery suspense book reviews of The Whispering Room follows.


The second book in the Jane Hawke novel’s is a roller coaster ride of action and suspense, as well as, thought-provoking and chilling. When technology is in the hands of a few greedy demented people, evil easily occurs.  Dean Koontz explores the avenues open to the greedy few in high places and the results.  While nothing is as it


Cold Comfort By Trevor Douglas


Bridgette Cash Mystery Thriller Book 1

Cold Comfort
Cold Comfort



Cold Comfort, the first book in the Bridgette Cash Mystery Series, features Bridgette Casseldhorf;  she’s a rookie detective on her first murder investigation.  No one believes Bridgette when she is sure they have a serial killer at large; least of all her crusty opinionated partner.  As a result, will she convince the powers in charge or will they ignore the rookie detective as a killer plies his trade?  My book reviews follow.


Cold Comfort is a fast-paced, nonstop thriller.  The author grabbed me immediately and did not let go until the final page.  He held me in the palm of his hand with descriptive writing, many twists and turns, multi-plotting, and the vividly choreographed scenes.

Each character is fully developed;  from the self-serving Assistant Commissioner to the savvy, intelligent serial killer.   Trevor Douglas‘ writing is fluid and flows smoothly.  His portrayal of the crusty, socially clueless, seasoned detective, Lance Hoffman, is excellent.   With retirement in less than three months, Hoffman has little time for social niceties. Watching Hoffman and Casseldhorf warm up to each other is a thing to behold.  Including the compassionate, understanding, seasoned Chief Inspector, Felix Delray balanced the scales of tension between Hoffman and Casseldhorf. Then, the author added a self-serving obnoxious Assistant Commissioner of the Hartbourne Metropolitan Police, Leo Cunningham.  What a stroke of genius;  this added another layer of controversy and departmental jealousy to the storyline.

Trevor Douglas gave Bridgette a background of a family torn apart by murder and accusation.  He then added in a police conspiracy, which ramped up the plot.  As she slowly learns more and more including the involvement of the police force, she is also on the trail of an intelligent, savvy, and prolific serial killer.  For good measure, he threw in a jurisdictional take over by the FBI.  However,  Bridgette and the team are one step ahead of the Feds.  I had a good laugh when Chief Delray ——-, no that would be a spoiler.  You can only get the scoop by reading Cold Comfort.


Love, Stock, and Barrel By Crystal L. Barnes








Love, Stock, And Barrel



Head-Strong Woman On The Run

Poor Cowboy With A Passel of Family Responsibility

Mysteries And Questions





This is the second book in the series, Marriage and Mayhem;  it is a stand-alone novel;  you do not have to read the first book to enjoy Love, Stock, And Barrel.  This is a lovely clean Christian western romance.  I was hooked me from the first page to the end of the tale.  She has the art of storytelling fine-tuned.


In this novel, Dinah (D. J.) Lexington, a skilled gun smith,  is on the run from an uncaring father and a philandering fiance. (There is a story behind using her initials for her name).  After finding her mother’s diary, she knows where she is going;  West, Young Woman, Go West!  she travels West dressed as a boy.

She finds unanswered questions and mysteries in her mother’s diary and is on a mission to find Pete Atkins in Crystal Falls, Texas.  For reasons unknown to Dinah, before her death, her mother hired a private detective to find Pete.  To add to the mystery, her mother’s maiden name was Atkins. Why was her mother looking for Pete Atkins? 


Kiss Of Death By Robert Skuce


A Lee Truelove Novel

Kiss Of Death By Robert Skuce
Kiss Of Death, Cover










In Kiss Of Death, Detective Bruno Norcross, once again, faces his nemesis.  A horrible murder occurred five years ago, and Bruno had the killer in the palm of his hand.  Unfortunately, he got away.  Then after five years, he’s back again with another reign of terror.  The latest victim Rosie had a stalker, Lee Truelove;  Lee would never harm the woman he loved.  Will Lee Truelove, be the link to finally catching this serial killer?  Who is the mysterious character going by the name, Mr. Brown?  How does he relate to the killings?

Grab a beverage, set back and enjoy my review of Kiss Of Death.


Firstly, I must tell the reader Kiss Of Death needs editing; I found numerous errors which interrupted the flow of the book. That said, I must also state the premise of the story was very good. Secondly, the mystery and suspense were kept at high peak as the reader follows this investigation.  With an ending which is surprising and unexpected, this story would receive four stars if not for the editing.


Forgive Me by Jennifer Youngblood and Sandra Poole

Second Chance Book 1

Forgive Me
Forgive Me










Delia has everything any woman could want.  She has wealth, a prominent place in society, and a loving fire-breathing lawyer husband.  However, Delia is far from happy.  Pulling herself out of the muck and mire of her deprived and impoverished white trash past, Delia finds her demons have caught up with her.  You can only run so long, and Delia is at the end of the course when her daughter Sybil and her granddaughter, Mattie, move to her old hometown.  A place Delia has tried to bury and erase.

Sybil, unknowingly, has stepped into a powder keg of rage, mystery, and secrets, along with romance in small-town Tick Ridge.  My mystery romance book reviews of Forgive Me follow.


Forgive Me is a story full of dysfunctional family dynamicsJennifer Youngblood and Sandra Poole filled this story with shame, guilt, betrayal, secrets, and mystery.  This story is a roller coaster ride of emotion from the first pages.  I felt I had been rung-out by the time I finished this awesome book.  Facing a past which she had tried to put behind her is devastating for Delia.  For Sybil facing what her life has become and standing up for herself is just as traumatic.

Delia and Sybil discover redemption is not easy to find nor are second chances.  Delia has it all;  wealth, a loving husband, and social position, yet her past haunts her daily with all its trauma and devastation.  Following Delia through this story is emotionally draining.  It’s a rocky journey loaded with insecurities and pitfalls which added tension and intrigue to the storyline.  Youngblood and Poole slowly revealed the secrets Delia held for decades.  As a result, Delia’s past had me in tears.  Sybil thought she had it all when she married the love of her life.  As the year’s pass, she found she’s just barely treading water and sinking fast.   Although not an easy journey, Sybil slowly gains insight into her life.


Lions And The Living Dead By Ruby Loren


Madigan Amos Zoo Mysteries Book 4

Lions And The Living Dead
Lions And The Living Dead










Madi is back in the thick of things In Lions And The Living Dead.  Called to the Pendalay Zoo by the new owners, she finds animals in pressing need of unique habitats and long-term rehabilitation.  Working with a PR team is not her idea of helping the animals, but the new owners need a brand new image for Pendalay.  Things go from bad to worse in Ruby Loren‘s latest Madison Amos cozy mystery.  The animals are in serious condition, threats of animal confiscation from the authorities, and hostile employees are just the beginning of Madi’s troubles.  My mystery book reviews of Lions And The Living Dead follows.


Will Madi ever have a peaceful straightforward rehabilitation for zoo animals?  If so, it’s not happening in Lions And The Living Dead.  Madi and Lowell arrive to find a zoo in desperate need.  The animals are listless, bored, and entirely uninspired.  Also, Madi must work with the PR team;  which she considers a waste of her time as the animal behavioral expert.  However, things heat-up quickly in Loren’s multi-plot tale as Madi’s drawn into another murder mystery.

With plots ranging from a stalker, murder, hostile employees, and questionable law enforcement, Madi will not find this job easy.  As a result, Madi grows and matures in this book as she learns to stand up for herself in her career and with Lowell.  As usual, Loren included humor which had me laughing at the Madi snarks and snips.  Loren developed Madi and Lowell’s relationship to a higher degree in Lions And The Living Dead.  Lowell hits Madi with a bombshell which rocks her world, security, and their relationship.


The Madigan Amos books keep getting better and better as Ruby Loren develops the storylines and characters to higher degrees.  Loren‘s characters are believable and realistic, as well as, likable.  I found the secondary characters added depth and enhanced the storyline.  With multi-plotting, exciting characters, Lowell’s bombshell, and a “who done it” storyline, I could not put this book down.  Surprises and secrets are in store for Madi, as well as, a murder to solve and a stalker to reveal.  I found the pace of the book fast, and Loren‘s prose flowed smoothly.


The Bodyguards’s Catch By Robyn Rychards


The Bodyguard's Catch
The Bodyguard’s Catch










In The Bodyguards’s Catch we find, Jordyn Souliere, who needs money desperately; then fate dropped an opportunity of a lifetime into her lap.  Unfortunately, she will have to go against her principles to cash in on the photo’s, and video of famous singing artist Maximillian Chanteur’s broke up with his girlfriend.

To make matters worse, her first love, Remo Vashenko is Chanteur’s bodyguard.  Remo left her without a word and never returned.  Now, he is standing in front of her, grabbing her phone and hauling her out of the bathroom stall where she hid.

Can Remo and Jordy resolve this situation peacefully?   Will Remo and Jordyn resolve old hurts and forge a new relationship?  My romance book review of Second Time’s The Charm, The Bodyguards Catch follows.


Although a sweet clean romance, The Bodyguard’s Catch, also has a mystery.  Remo, the poor kid from the other side of the tracks, fell in love with Jordyn in high school. But a crisis forced him to make a choice which left Jordyn still hurting years later.


Secrets Come Home By Samantha Price


(Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries Book 1)

Secrets Come Home
Secrets Come Home










Ettie Smith inherited a house when her friend Agatha died.  During repairs, a body’s discovered under the house.  A body which has been there many years.  When identified, the man is Agatha’s ex-fiance.  The police name Agatha as the murderer.  Ettie’s determined to clear her friend’s name.  Her old friend, Detective Crowley, has retired and the new detective doesn’t care for Ettie nosing into his investigation.  What Ettie finds surprises the Amish Community;  to everyone’s dismay secrets and crimes come to light.  My mystery book reviews of Secrets Come Home follows.


In Secrets Come Home, Samantha Price created an Amish mystery filled with secrets, lies, and crime.  Secrets never stay hidden, and the lies needed to sustain the secrets have a way of coming undone;  as Ettie stated:  secrets come home.

“Oh! What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”

The plot filled with twists and turns kept me on the edge of my seat as Price took me on a journey of discovery, pain, murder, and grief.  The twists and turns just kept coming in this book.  I would think Ettie had found the murderer and Price would introduce another plot twist.  Samantha Price brought the multi-plots threads together skillfully.  As a result, creating an intriguing mystery.

With a cast of suspects and reasons to kill Horace, Price held the who, what, why, and when, close to her chest.  As a result, Price crafted a tantalizing mystery.  I found the pacing perfect and Price‘s prose descriptive.  I love reading Amish stories as they give me insight into the Amish way of life.  Also, I have found Amish stories are clean without swear words or sex. That said, Price faced head-on a part of life which affects a lot of teens.  As well as, the consequences which result.   In Secrets Come Home, I discovered Amish communities have crime the same as the rest of us.  I also thought the Amish community in this book did not seem as strict as some Amish;  this enabled me to better relate to the characters.


In The Beginning By Celesta Thiessen


(Salt Eden Book 1)

In The Beginning
In The Beginning










Billed for those you liked Lost and Jericho, In The Beginning, is a new series by author Celesta Thiessen.  Siblings Abigail and Nathan Taylor live in New York where crime runs rampant.  When Saber Chad shows up at Abigail’s door with instructions from her father to go with him to Salt Eden, they begin a search for her brother, Nathan.  Nathan’s dealing drugs and owes money to the wrong people. Someone is trying to kill him, and he can’t afford for the police to become involved.  As they run for their lives, Salt Eden looks better and better.  My book reviews of In The Beginning follow.


In The Beginning Is a story filled with action and suspense.  Although a short read of 46 pages, Celesta Thiessen crafted an action-packed storyline.  I found the premise intriguing and the characters believable.  Nathan’s character portrays him as immature and selfish. Nathans a character I found hard to like.  Abigail is sweet and trying to save her brother from himself.  Adding in the father’s personality and his concept of recreating paradise in Salt Eden, I found he reminded me of a mad scientist as he intends to create a new world of love and peace.  Without giving spoilers, I can’t say more.


Two Tocks before Midnight By Clay Boutwell


A 19th Century Historical Murder Mystery

(The Agora Mystery Series)

Two Tocks before Midnight
Two Tocks Before Midnight










Forgery, mystery, and murder are found in Two Tocks Before Midnight.  Beginning on the night of October 24, 1889, Clay Boutwell crafts a mystery of suspense and murder.  When forgeries appear, the Agora society is on the case.  This society’s dedicated to the betterment of man, and as such, see this case as part of their creed.  However, the society finds a member’s involved in these crimes.  Who is the one helping the criminals and who is the mastermind behind the scene?  As the murders mount, Carl Brooke, a member of Agora, ferrets out the secrets and reasons.  My book reviews of Two Tocks Before Midnight follows.


Although a short tale of 51 pages, Clay Boutwell, created a story filled with forgery and murder.  Similar to Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, Carl Brookes is methodical, as well as, intuitive in his reasoning and investigative techniques.  Boutwell slowly revealed Carl’s investigative genius as he developed the storyline.

Authors can not develop characters or plot lines in a short story to the extent they can a novel.  However, Boutwell did a skillful job of developing the characters and plot lines in this short book.  Boutwell held the who, what, and why close;  revealing them at the last moment in the storyline.  Using observation and deduction, will Carl Brookes solve the crimes and reveals the culprits?  Sorry, you will have to read the book to decide if the night of October 24th, 1859, remains a mystery in the annals of time?  In addition, Boutwell added a surprise ending which I did not expect.


The Accident By Glen Ebisch


The Accident
The Accident










Karen Walker, a former homicide detective, is alive yet not living life.  After a terrible auto accident, the death of her husband in the crash, and numerous surgeries, she lived in limbo.  A call from her friend, Clarissa Hammett begging for help changes things for Karen.  Clarissa’s sister, Justine, is missing and the police are no help.  Karen leaves her hermit-like existence to find Justine.

Moving into the house Justine occupied before her disappearance, taking a job at the same restaurant, and nosing around, Karen knows she has hard work ahead.  With a variety of characters from the antagonistic Audrey to the handsome Sam and many more, Karen interviews and questions each one.  Then Paul, her husband’s brother and Justine’s estranged husband, Jimmy, show up to cause even more problems.

Has Justine been kidnapped?  Is she alive or dead?  Who keeps trying to kill Karen?  Has Karen gotten too close to the truth?  Come along with Karen as she ferrets out the facts and deals with side issues.  My mystery book reviews of The Accident follow.


I found The Accident an intriguing mystery story.  Author Glen Ebisch created first-class suspense in The Accident.   Filled with twists and turns, many suspects, and an unexpected action-packed, mouth dropping finale, Ebisch created a tale which will rivet the reader.  I found myself unable to close my E-reader until I read the last sentence.  Ebisch‘ plotting is excellent as he added element upon element to this story.  His scenes transition well and his writing flow smoothly.  As a result, I could see the scenes and feel the characters emotions.  I became enmeshed in the lives of the characters immediately.  Karen’ character portrays an intelligent, savvy woman who faced the worse life could throw.  Karen lived in isolated limbo for months; breathing but not living life.  As a result, it was terrific to watch Ebisch develop her character.


Reunited By Danger By Carol J. Post

Love Inspired Suspense

Reunited By Danger
Reunited By Danger










Police Officer Amber Kingston and Detective Caleb Lyons feature in author Carol J. Post new mystery, suspense, romance Reunited By Danger. Amber receives facebook posts from her old friend, Ramona, begging her to come to the ten-year class reunion. Ramona says she has cancer and wishes to connect with the former group of six at the reunion.

Amber, a girl headed for no good in high school, ran with a bad crowd. Six of them who grouped together for drinking and fun. When one of the six is murdered at the reunion, Amber finds a one-line message near him. Each of them has mysteriously received cryptic messages from someone seeking vengeance for a past deed they feel the six are responsible.

Detective Caleb Lyons ran with the good crowd in school; always top grades, helping others, and a Christian to boot. These two must now work together in this case. Amber and Caleb, find her friends murdered one by one, as they receive messages of retaliation for the past. Caleb with his own demons, tries to get Amber to open up to him and tell all she knows? Will they solve this mystery? Can a relationship, possibly love, bloom between Amber and Caleb as they come closer and closer? My mystery suspense romance book reviews of Reunited By Danger follows.


Reunited In Danger grabbed me from the beginning of the book and did not let go until the last page. A fast-paced tale of vengeance, murder, and secrets, author Carol J. Post, crafted a first class story filled with mystery and suspense. I could relate to their immature behavior, as we all were immature in our teen years of high school. Post highlights the repercussions of immature behavior with the resulting damage and repercussions which occur.

I found the suspense and mystery is addictive as I became involved in the story-line. Then, I found myself asking: who’s going to be next and what happened on that night long ago? Post kept the identity of the murderer and secrets close to her chest and did not reveal either until absolutely necessary to the story-line. What event set the murderer on the trail of vengeance? Wondering if Amber’s involved and praying not, I impatiently clicked my E-reader screen, reading this book straight through as I had to know the answers.


Written In Blood By Layton Green


Written In Blood
Written In Blood










In Written In Blood, Detective Joe “Preach” Everson, is back in his hometown of Creekville, N. C.  After several breakdowns and the trauma of his last investigation in Atlanta, Preach needs to refuel and recoup.  Preach never suspected the bohemian town of Creekville would be the sitting for several brutal murders with literary connections.  Beginning with the killing of the local bookstore owner in a scene taken from Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment, Preach is in for a roller coaster ride.

Ariana Hale, an employee of the bookstore, law student, and bibliophile, helps Preach with the literary connections.  As the murders continue, time is running for Preach to solve these deaths, as well as, his and Ariana’s life.  My book reviews of Written In Blood follows.



Layton Green created a police procedural which will knock your socks off.  With characters which are full-bodied, believable, and well-developed, Layton Green packed this book with a whirlwind of action, people, and relationships.  I found the premise intriguing, and the action nonstop as Green led me through this investigation.  Green created the typical small town which could be located anywhere in America.  Under the humble town facade, the reader finds greed, corruption, crime, deviance, and murder.  To all appearances, Creedville is the perfect community until you dig under the surface and the scum floats to the top.

Detective Joe “Preach” Everson’s character will fascinate the reader.  From preacher to prison chaplain to detective, Joe “Preach” Everson’s life has been one of turmoil and pain;  he thought he had seen the worse man could offer.  Hoping to recoup and restore in Creekville, Preach finds himself in the middle of multi-faceted murders.   He’s a man torn by guilt, mental breakdowns, and the need to protect, serve, and provide justice;   with his mental stability in question, he’s ordered to see a therapist.  His therapist of choice is his Aunt Jane.  She takes his case with a caveat;  he will be referred to someone else if she finds he has a problem.


Bakery Detectives Cozy Mystery Boxed Set: by Stacey Alabaster


Boxed Set Includes Books 1-3

Bakery Detectives Cozy Mystery Boxed Set by Stacey Alabaster
Bakery Detectives Cozy Mystery Boxed Set













Rachel, the owner of a new bakery shop, finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation in Baker Detectives Cozy Mystery, A Pie To Die For.  Death of the hated food critic at the food fair leads to failing baker Rachel’s door.  She is sure Bakermatic is behind all her woes including the murder.  Can Rachel and her friend Pippa ferret out the truth and prove Rachel Innocent?  Is romance in the air for Rachel and the local detective on the case?  Will Rachel and Pippa solve the murder and save the bakery in time?


The bakery‘s succeeding and Pippa’s assistant manager in Two Donuts, Antiques, and Murder Pippa thinks Rachel’s haunted/cursed;  people seem to die around Rachel.  Nevertheless, Rachel’s determined to expand into the antique store next door;  which Pippa declares haunted.  Of course, there are another murders or two and questions about the portrait of two children in the antique shop.  Is the portrait


Murder Is A Monkey’s Game by Ruby Loren


Mystery (Madigan Amos Zoo Mysteries Book 3)

Murder Is A Monkey's Game
Murder Is A Monkey’s Game










In author Ruby Loren‘s latest book, Murder Is A Monkey’s Game, Madi and Lowell are in France.  Madie’s helping a zoo improve their habituates and environment for the animals.  Suddenly a paraglider falls from the sky into the Bengal tiger habituate.  Lowell immediately recognizes the victim;  a man from Lowell’s dark and mysterious past.

When two mysterious agents turn up in the village asking lots of questions, things heat up for Lowell and Madi.  As the victims continue to mount, Madi’s in the middle of another murder investigation;  with everyone suspects, including Lowell.  My cozy mystery book reviews of Murder Is A Monkey’s Game follows.


Author Ruby Loren crafted a Madigan Amos cozy mystery which entertains and holds the reader‘s attention.  The romance between Madi and Lowell’s sweet and clean as they continue to form a relationship.  Of course, Madi’s a magnet for murder, and this job is no different. 

With a multitude of suspects and few clues, Madi will have to dig hard to find the who, why, and what, involved in this case. Ruby Loren skillfully concealed the identity of the murderer among a cast of many;  revealing the why and who at the last possible moment.  I was blown away when the murderer’s shown, as well as, the reason for the crimes.  I did not consider this person as the culprit.  As a detective, I would be a bust.

Including the cute, but mischievous monkeys, provided classic moments of animal behavior.  They are first-class monkey rascals who get into many monkey high-jinks;  adding bits of humor and laughter.  Also, Loren included in a sweet dog who provided many laughs at her owner’s expense.



Waking Lazarus By D. J. Williams


Waking Lazarus by D. J. Williams
Waking Lazarus, Cover


Author D. J. Williamsmystery crime novel, Waking Lazarus, an action-packed thriller, enmeshes the reader into a many-layered story-line.  Jake Harris’s commissioned by Doc Warren to write his memoir;  Doc’s an old friend of Jake’s estranged father.  Warren begins his narrative with his knowledge of Sister Evelyn, 1920’s evangelist.  When Jake finds Warren murdered the next day, his life takes on a full-tilt drive of a lifetime.  Jake received just enough information on Evelyn Shaw to whet his appetite.  What started as a memoir quickly morphed into a something much more;   the criminal elements of the world realize what has happened.  Jake Harris, down and out addict, finds himself involved in a fight for his life.

Deaths, shootouts, conspiracies, murders, and criminals galore, pepper this deeply involved story.   From the highest levels of government to an organization formed to protect the criminal underground and silence 1920’s Evangelist/revolutionary Sister Evelyn Harris, to present day arch criminals.  Come along and follow Jake and company as they ferret out the secrets of Sister Evelyn and the impact on the world today.  Who or what is Lazarus?  That is the sixty-four thousand dollar question, and only by reading Waking Lazarus can you find out!  Grab a comfortable seat, my mystery suspense novel/book reviews of Waking Lazarus follows.


Firstly, I must say how enthralled I was with this book.  I could not put it down.  From one fast-paced scene to another, author D. J. Williams leads the reader through a maze of conspiracies, criminals, and deaths.  In the beginning, I was not sure this book would be my cup of tea.  It did not take long before I knew this was a powerhouse of a book.  A complicated conspiracy with many intensely driven characters and layers, Williams hooks the reader and does not let go as he leads you through his story.  What a story this is!


Night of the Living Wed By Laura Durham


Night Of The Living Wed
Night Of The Living Wed










Annabelle and her crew received a gift stay at a luxurious resort.  Ready for a relaxing vacation after a summer of weddings, they are ready to relax and rejuvenate.  The resort is beautiful with luxury galore, the only drawback:  it’s haunted by ghosts who are not so nice.  Determined to discover the cause of the moans, groans, gunshots, and many nightly activities, Annabelle takes on another mystery.

With the resort manager and staff worried the resort will close due to deceased reservations, and an online blog exploiting the ghostly activity, Annabelle thinks someone’s trying to close the resort.  Come along with Annabelle and the gang as they investigate the ghostly happenings.  My mystery book review of Night Of The Living Wed follows.


Laura Durham filled Night Of The Living Wed with ghosts, mystery, suspense, snarky banter, humor, and fun galore.  With a cast of wonderfully funny characters, I laughed out loud as they investigated the activity.  It’s hard for me to pick my favorite character;  Annabelle’s team’s filled with people who are from all walks of life.  Including the dog was an excellent stroke, what a pampered cutie.  Every good mystery must have an antagonist;  Durham gave us two in this funny tale of mystery and ghosts.  The web blogger who’s exploiting the ghostly visitations on the internet and Brianna, rival wedding planner;  you will love to hate Brianna.  How did she and the blogger happen to be at the same resort as Annabelle?


Halloween is Murder By Carolyn Arnold


(McKinley Mysteries Book 11)

Halloween Is Murder
Halloween Is Murder










In Halloween Is Murder, Sean and Sara McKinley, wishing to support charities for children, have set up a Halloween house.  Getting a television interview by Chloe Parson, they did not expect Chloe to turn up dead the same day.  Owner’s of Pay It Forward Investigations, Sara has a “feeling” Chloe has been the victim of murder.  After heartfelt pleas to investigate, Sara persuades Sean to take the case;  they set off to find if murder‘s the cause. 

The police are still investigating the case;  which means Sean and Sara must be careful proceeding.  Through twists and turns, the McKinley’s, dare I say,  tiptoe through their investigation.  What will they find?  Was Chloe murdered?  If so, who did it, friend or foe?  My book review of Halloween Is Murder follows.


Once again author Carolyn Arnold created a fantastic murder mystery.  Filled with twists and turns, well-developed character, and an intriguing story-line, this book holds the reader‘s attention.  I love Sean and Sara.  Arnold filled Sean with love for Sara.  He’s willing to do almost anything to make her happy.  Sara’s a determined, strong woman;  yet, she has issues of insecurity.  With hunches, feelings, and intuition, she makes a great investigator and partner for Sean.  She uses her talents, and he uses methodical investigation and reason;  he wants evidence in his cases, she goes by her gut.  They compliment each other;  they each have a technique of crime solving. 


An Unexpected Afterlife By Dan Sofer


The Dry Bones Society Book 1

An Unexpected Afterlife
An Unexpected Afterlife




An Unexpected Afterlife recently won a silver medal at the Readers’ Favorite 2017 Book Awards





Moshe Karlin’s life has taken an unusual turn.  After waking up naked and alone in the Mount of Olives Cemetery, Moshe thinks it’s the day after his birthday party.  However, he finds two years have passed, and unbelievably he was dead and buried.  Unable to understand what has happened, he consults with his local advisor, Rabbi Yosef.  Rabbi Yosef has an entirely different take on Moshe’s resurrection

Moshe finds he has lost his wife to his best friend and business partner, lost his home, and the business he worked to build is failing.  Meanwhile, as a mysterious prophet heads to the cemetery, everything changes in the blink of an eye; a man who thinks he’s someone he could not possibly be.  Or could he?

Come with Moshe as he travels a road of enlightenment, danger, and controversy.  My book reviews of An Unexpected Afterlife follows.


Dan Sofer created an original, tantalizing, and intriguing drama in An Unexpected Afterlife.  Filled with fascinating facts of the Jewish faith, I found myself enthralled.  I have always wondered about the culture, practices, and worship of the Jewish religionSofer answered an array of my questions.  With vivid descriptions and skillful prose, Sofer grabbed me immediately and did not let go.

Sofer introduced a tantalizing concept through Rabbi Yosef of the valley of dry bones, the Resurrection of the Dead, the Prophet Elijah, and revelation of the Messiah.  If you are not familiar with Ezekiel 37, I partially quoted from the King James Version of the Bible below;  for more extensive reading see the above chapter in the Bible or on the internet.


Soft On The Devil By Robert Lampros


Soft On The Devil by Robert Lampros
Soft On The Devil, Cover










In Soft On The Devil by author Robert Lampros, the reader finds a twisted tale of murder, mystery, and corruption.   Christian Ian Phillips sees his neighbor, Cindy Myran outside his door, on the run, and needing help.  A week later she is dead.  Who killed party girl and druggie Cindy and why?  Running from criminals, watching his back, and trying to solve the murder of Cindy, Ian’s world has taken on a life of its own.

Grab a seat, my Christian mystery suspense book review of Soft On The Devil follows.


Although not my cup of tea, I found the author, Robert Lampros, in-cooperated everything needed to craft a successful novel.  With various character and clean writing, the right audience will like this mystery suspense thriller novelAuthor Robert Lampros included twists and turns in his plot lines.  I did not put the pieces together even though Lampros dropped hints along the way.  Also, Lampros included scripture Ian used to guide his life.  However he did not push religion on the reader.


Literally Dead By Eryn Scott


Literally Dead
Literally Dead










Pepper, college student, Nancy Drew fanatic, and lover of things Shakespearean, finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation.  Entering her favorite professor’s office, she finds visiting Dr. Campbell dead;  along with what seems a suicide note. However, the police decide murder not suicide’s the cause.  They believe Dr. Ferguson, aka Fergie, murdered Campbell.  Pepper decides to investigate on her own and prove Fergie innocent.  Pepper has a slew of suspects;  setting her sights on Professor Evensworth, better known by Pepper as Evilsworth, is prime suspect number one.

Meeting handsome, Alex, at the library desk, Pepper’s horrified to find he’s the lead detective’s son.  Their beginning is far from cordial;  Alex tells her an amateur messed up the crime scene.  Pepper realizes immediately, she’s the amateur.  Alex tries to dissuade Pepper from her investigation.  However, Pepper will have none of it.  They decide to loosely join forces.    Who murdered Campbell and why?  Could romance be in air the between Alex and Pepper?  My mystery book review of Literally Dead follows.


Author Eryn Scott filled this book with mystery, suspense, and Shakespearean quotes.  I loved reading all the literary quotes in this murder mysteryScott had a quote ready for every situation.  Including a varied cast of suspects, Scott‘s portrayal of Pepper as she jumps from one suspect to the other is great.  Scott kept the suspense and mystery at high peak and as the suspect‘s revealed each appeared plausible.  That is, until they came up with an alibi.  Who did it and why; sorry, you will have to read  the book to find out.  Personally, I am never good ferreting out the murderer;  it’s always someone I did not expect.


The Ghastly Gizmo By Tilda Hale



The Ghastly Gizmo By Tilda Hale
The Ghastly Gizmo, Cover




Agent Ralph Book 1

Children’s Book





The Ghastly Gizmo authored by Tilda Hale is a first-rate children’s book.  Detective Ralph and the team of Domesticated Investigation Bureau agents are on the trail of a missing neighbor feline.  After finding the missing cat, Barnabas, they find themselves in a spot of trouble; rodent Frances comes to the rescue.   Barnabas has quite a tale to tell and Detective Ralph and company have a mystery to solve.  What is this monster that is terrorizing everyone?  Can Ralph and the Domesticated Investigation Bureau solve this case?  Grab a chair, have a seat, my children’s mystery book reviews of The Ghastly Gizmo follows.


Although a first work by Tilda Hale, her talent is clear in this short children’s book.  As a result, the story-line is rich in prose and development.  Novellas by their nature are short and can not contain the structure and development of a full novel.  However within the 31 pages of the book, Hale entertains and holds the interest of the young reader.














Authors Michael and Ian Lahey‘s  contemporary fiction novel, The 45th Nail, an intensively thought-provoking and emotion filled novel, takes the reader through the emotions and devastation of war.  The authors explore the intimacy of war, as well as, the after-effects.

Sgt. James Savorski never returned home from WW11.  Listed as missing in action on May 25, 1944 at Anzio, his nephew Bob receives a Christmas card post marked Anzio from James in 1987.  Later he receives a beautiful old medallion along with a mysterious message post marked Salerno.

Bob’s determined to find his Uncle; under the pretext of learning more of France, Bob heads off for Italy.  What he will find changes his life and his perceptions forever.  Come along with Bob in an adventure and revelations of a lifetime.  My contemporary fiction book reviews of The 45th Nail follows.


First, let me say, this novel will open the reader’s eyes to war and the continuing consequences which haunt the survivors and victims. The Lahey‘s wove mystery into the story-line as they lead the readers through Italy and a journey of revelations, both good and bad.  The reader does not discover the significance of the 45th nail until the last part of the story which left me surprised


Driven To Death By Elleby Harper


Driven To Death
Driven To Death










In Driven To Death, Bex Wynter’s life in New York had gone off the rails.  Losing her soul mate in an auto crash, almost destroyed her.  Needing to recoup and start in a new place, she accepts a position at the London Met.  Her first case will almost do her in when she finds herself heading up a new team investigating an auto crash.  Was it murder or an accident?  She and her team must ferret out the facts and determine the true cause of the death of two young people.  One an ordinary rebellious teenager, the other the son of a wealthy man in high places of government.  Evie Butterworth, watched as Bon’s car mowed down and killed her daughter, Clara.  Called a Saint because she immediately tried to save the driver, Evie’s seen by millions on YouTube.

Come along with Bex as she and her team learn there’s more to the story than first appeared.  My mystery suspense book review of Driven To Death follows


In Driven To Death, author Elleby Harper created a novel filled with mystery, suspense, and police proceduralHarper hooked me from the first pages of her book.  As she skillfully build the suspense and mystery, I could not read fast enough to satisfy my need to know.  With a multi-layered plot and well-developed characters of varying personalities, this book is a first- rate crime story.

Elleby Harper created differing outlooks, manner of dress, personalities, and investigative techniques, for Bex’s team members.  I found Quinn a riot;  I didn’t know whether to hate him or love him.  Jealous of the American placed in a position he thought he should have received, his snarks and snips at Bex will make you laugh and then, make you want to shake him.  I loved the nerdy personality of Reuben, a former real estate salesman, who suddenly finds himself a trainee DC on the Youth Crimes Team under command of Bex.  The wrinkled seasoned warrior Eli, and stylish Idris, round out the team.


A Beauty For The Scarred Duke By Bridget Barton


A Beauty For The Scarred Duke
A Beauty For The Scarred Duke










Isabella Tate and Elliot Covington, The Duke of Coldwell, have starring roles in author Bridget Barton‘s latest historical Regency novel, A Beauty For the Scarred Duke.  As children,Isabella and her best friend Esme, told stories of the monster who lived in the old mansion.  A monster who lived in the same county they do.

Elliot, The Duke of Coldwell, scarred for life by fire, lived in seclusion for eighteen years;  alone and grieving the ones he loved.  He’s the monster Isabella and Esme spoke of.  Elliott’s a scarred lonely man.  He isolated himself from the world because of his deformity.  His scars run deeper than the physical.

Isabella’s hard-hearted father, The Earl of Upperton, has decided it’s time she marry.  He’s desperately in need of money for his heir, Anthony.  He sells Isabella in marriage.  He has chosen, none other, than the scarred Duke of Coldwell.  Believing Elliot a monster, Isabella’s frighten to death.  Forced into the marriage by her father, Isabella finds Elliot’s face frightful;  on one side would frighten children, and the other, win any woman’s hand in England.  So begins the marriage of Elliot and Isabella.  Will Isabella be able to overlook Elliot’s scars to see the true man inside?  Can Elliot let go of his guilt to live life to the fullest with Isabella?  Can this marriage survive it’s flawed beginnings?  Will love bloom between these two people in need of love and security?  My Regency romance book reviews of A Beauty For The Scarred Duke follows.


A Beauty For The Scarred Duke‘s filled with intense emotion and a touch of mysteryBarton skillfully wove into the story-line how Elliot’s scarred;  holding it close to the chest and revealing details only when necessary.  Barton added a touch of  mystery with the ruined tower.  Through descriptive and skillful writing, I could feel Isabella’s fear of Elliot and her evolving regard.  I could see Elliot’s scars and the burned tower.  As well as, his home and the beautiful grounds in my mind’s eye.

Barton slowly developed the bond between Elliot and Isabella.  She gave them time to know each other and accept what could


The Amish Widower By Katie Fisher


The Amish Widower
The Amish Widower










Suzanne Hosteller’s back in small town Charity to investigate the murder of Joseph Eshes.  Leaving her Amish life and faith to work in law enforcement, she never thought she’d be back in Charity.  Life with the Englisch has not been without its trials;  including a Captain jealous because she beat out his kids for her current job.   Suzanne’s investigating the case without a partner and she’s an outsider.  A case without a preliminary investigation and a Sheriff unwilling to help, she will not solve this case quickly or easily.  Then add in the fact, her Aunt Milly has decided to play matchmaker.  Suzanne’s former beau, Gideon Brunstetter, still lives in Charity.  Things are warming up in the small town of Charity.  My romance book review of The Amish Widower follows.


Author Katie Fisher created an awesome Amish romance mystery in The Amish WidowerFisher filled this story with emotion which the reader can feel on every page;  the anguish of a love not fulfilled, the sorrow of a dead wife, and guilt.  As well as, the grief of the missing girls from Charity.  Due to Fisher‘s vivid writing, I could feel Suzanne grief of her missing mother and murdered father.  I could feel Suzanne’s anguish as she questions her place in the world;  she’s neither Amish nor EnglischShe’s torn as she’s once more in her former Amish community.   Yet, so lonely in the Englisch world.  I loved watching Katie Fisher mature Suzanne.  Skillfully Fisher led Suzanne to realize the true reasons she left the Amish and her faith.

Gideon you will love;  he’s a strong man who lost his way.  Gideon’s riddled with guilt he must face and resolve.  But through faith in God and prayer, he found his way back.  He’s ready to help Suzanne any way he can.  Suzanne ask his help in the investigation;  knowing he can open doors unavailable to her as an Englisch.


Storm of Attraction By Lily black


Willowdale Book 1

Storm Of Attraction
Storm Of Attraction










Alexa Wolving, black belt martial arts instructor at night and librarian by day, has a full life without men.  Five years previously, Drew Cosimo, Army Ranger, broke her heart.  Since then, her principle’s simple:  never give men a second chance.  But that trusty rule’s about to be tested.  Drew Casimo, has come back to Willowdale;  opening a karate school in competition with Crouching Tiger.

Angry, determined to ignore Drew, and all he stands for, Alexa will find fate’s her master.  For Alexa has a stalker bent on having her at all costs.  Drew and Alexa are drawn together as the stalker comes closer and closer.   My suspense romance book reviews of Storm Of Attraction follows.


Storm Of Attraction‘s filled with suspense, mystery, emotion, and romance.  A fast paced read, it grabs the reader immediately and does not let go.  Lily Black drew the suspense and mystery out; not revealing the stalker‘s identity until the last possible moment.  What a surprise; I had no idea he was the stalker!  The romance in Storm Of Attraction‘s slow and easy; a sweet romance with heavy kissing, a little grabbing, and intense emotionLilly Black stated: it was given a four on the blush scale. For those of us who do not like descriptive or graphic sex, Storm Of Attraction hits the romance spot.  Black did not rush her characters into a relationship, as Alexa has issues she must resolve. Will she ever forgive Drew?  You will have to read the book to find out.

I loved Alexa’s character; strong, determined, independent, and caring.  As Black developed and matured Alexa, I could feel her confusion, anger, and questioning.  While Drew is uncertain of his feelings, he can not help his attraction to Alexa.  He’s a strong man with morals and principles;  a man of honor who matured and regrets his past actions with Alexa.

With a mixture of romance, suspense, mystery, and martial arts, Storm of Attraction‘s a solid well-written book.  Also, Black included secondary characters which enrich the story-line.  Black‘s characterization and creation of the stalker‘s truly vile; I rooted for him to get his ” just desserts”.  What a sick man Lily Black skillfully crafted.  Black‘s writing’s solid, easy to follow, and her scenes transition smoothly from scene to scene.  With an explosive ending, you will close this book with satisfaction.  A perfect read for a lazy afternoon in your favorite chair with a beverage by your side.


The Silence of the Snakes by Ruby Loren


The Silence Of The Snakes
The Silence Of The Snakes










Well, Madi’s back in the thick of things again.  Working as an zoo animal welfare and breeding consultant, she’s at Snidely Safari and Wildlife Park.  As always, Madi seems to attract trouble, and this tale is no different. Something odd is going on at the Safari and Wildlife Park and Madie’s determined to find out what!

When a woman’s found dead with a cleaver in her head, her ex-boyfriend George Ashdown missing from the scene, and leaving his green mamba Mr. Limey, Madi has her hands full.  With the odd behavior occurring at the Park, Madie wonders what’s going on.  Of course, who should appear in this action packed tale but tall, dark, and handsome Lowell, private detective; who we met in Book 1.

Will Madi and Lowell uncover the killer, find who’s stealing from Dracondia Manor, home of the Snidelys and a huge variety of venomous snakes on public exhibition?  While at the same time, discover why the priceless Snidely Serpentine Emerald’s cursed, ferret out the reasons for the employee’s odd irrational behavior, and save the day?   My cozy mystery book reviews of The Silence Of The Snakes follows.


Author Ruby Loren’s latest book in the Madigan Amos Mystery Series, The Silence of the Snakes, begins with a bang and continues at a fast pace.  With employee’s suddenly going crazy, thievery in Dracondia Manor, and murder in the Safari and Wildlife Park, there’s no lack of action in The Silence Of The Snakes.  Add in saving the crazed lion keeper, a sick mamba snake, the handsome Lowell, a touch of jealousy on Madi’s part, and many other “not to be missed” elements, Madi’s in full detective mode.


The Adventures Of Harry Morgan By Clabe Polk


The Adventures Of Harry Morgan
The Adventures Of Harry Morgan










Adventures of Harry Morgan has 3 stories, all with our main man Harry as the lead character; the stories are interconnecting. The first 2 blend together and the last story features Harry and friends.

Collegial Conspiracy Part 1

In Collegial Conspiracy, we find a retired Harry.  But Harry’s retirement is anything but quite.  When his old friend, Wiley Middleton contacts him with a request, Harry doesn’t know how to say no.  Wiley’s dying from an inoperable brain tumor.  He doesn’t want to leave his wife, Amanda, in debt nor watching him die.  Wiley left home, leaving Amanda a note, asking her not to look for him.

His one request of Harry; well it’s a dilly.  Wiley wants Harry to help him rob a bank.  Fascinated with Bonnie and Clyde, Wiley’s determined to go to jail for the medical care.  Harry reluctantly agrees.  However, when Amanda contacts Harry’s wife, Jean, for help finding Wiley, he’s in a pickle of lies and conspiracies.  Then when Wiley’s “never do well” son, Tony, shows up, things really get complicated.

Emilio Part 2

Amanda and Wiley’s son, Tony, left Oregon just ahead of the law.  Harry finds himself playing detective after Tony tells his tale of woe.  A campus police officer, Tony became involved with a two drug addicts who committed suicide.  Harry will find himself in another pickle as the suicide turns into much more and ends up smack dab next to the bank robbery case; you could say rubbing elbow with the robbery case.  Amanda ask Harry to help prove Tony’s innocent.  Simple you say; not so much.  Suddenly things ramp up as they discover the overdose and suicide may not be as simple as it seems.  Much more’s in play, and simple turns into complicated.

Pirates Of Cayo Pelau Part 3

Harry finally purchased his dream boat.  Hoping to treasure hunt just this side of legal, Harry and friends head out on a sail and treasure hunting.  You ask how can treasure hunting turn dangerous?  Harry and friends stumble upon a slave running ring with inside connections.  A night in jail, a court appearance, and release on bail, do not slow Harry down.  Harry’s determined to free the slaves and bring the criminals to justice.  Yes, he’s in a pickle again.



Murder in the Park By Ivy McAllister


Fran Finch Cozy Mystery Book 1

Murder In The Park
Murder In The Park










Fran, aspiring party planner, acquires her first job planning a birthday party for the ultra rich in the Little Hamptons.  A very lucrative job;  Fran’s hired to plan and execute a birthday party for multi-billionaire, Byron Stratford’s daughter.  Fran’s friend, Emily and nanny to Waverly, recommended her for the job. The Stratford’s also employ, Anna, as a dog walker;  Fran, Emily, and Anna become good friends.

Planning a party any little girl would love’s a joy for Fran.  This is her big break;  everything’s going great from the food to the games. That is until Byron’s murdered during a game of murder in the park. The prime suspect’s Emily;  Fran with Anna’s help must find the real killer and set Emily free.  With a multitude of suspects, all with good motives, Fran might be in over her head with a murder investigation and her first party as a planner.  My cozy mystery book reviews of Murder In The Park follows.


As everyone knows, I love cozy mysteries and love to review them; my reviews are always easy to craft for cozies.  McAllister fed my hunger for cozies with Murder In The Park.  With a variety of suspects, from the B&B owner, a male model, and the ultra rich, McAllister set the stage for a fine murder mystery.  Adding in a police officer who’s single-minded and hard to like, added much to this tale of murder and secrets.  Including dogs and Fran’s cat, Percy, added an extra element to the story.  I love story-lines with animals; after all who doesn’t love dogs and cats.


Haven On The Riverwalk By Eileen Cruz Coleman


Small Town Kisses 1

Haven On The Riverwalk
Haven On The Riverwalk










Maggie’s on the run from her life in New York.  Missing her bus in Soloman’s Island, unsure what she’s going to do, she found a hero in Dustin.  Dustin, the small community of Soloman’s Island, and Dustin’s sister, give Maggie has a second chance at life.  At the speed of lightning, Dustin and Maggie fall for each other.  But Maggie’s past does not stay in the past as it comes back to haunt her.  My romance book reviews of Haven On The Riverwalk follows.


Although a short story of 48 pages, I found Haven On The Riverwalk a satisfying romance filled with danger and mysteryAuthors can not develop in-depth characters or story-lines in a short story as they can in a novel.  Everything, including the ending, in a short story or novella happens quickly without the slow and full development of a novel.  However, Coleman did a good job with premise, structure, and plot with this romance.  I found the plot and mystery intriguing, the suspense held at high peak,


Lady Likes The Lord by Eleanor Meyers



Lady Likes The Lord
Lady Likes The Lord










Maria Kay takes starring role in Lady Likes The Lord.  Known as the good sister, Maria has secrets.  If only the Ton knew the real Maria.  Finally deciding to take a husband, Maria sets her sights on Cole Leverton, Lord Marion; Cole has loved Maria for years.  Now the time is right and she’s ready to break the Kay-Abbey curse.  She refuses to follow her sisters and marry an Abbey, especially Edmund.

Edmund does not want love and refuses to fall under its spell as his brothers did.  However, he will have Maria, she is his and he intents to make her his wife.  But fate has much in store for Maria and Edmund.  Adventure, action, romance, and secrets swirling around Regency London, awaits the reader in Lady Likes The Lord.  My Regency romance book reviews follows.


Set in 1832, Regency England, Meyers latest addition to the Abbey Brothers Series, Lady Likes The Lord, grabbed me immediately.  With Meyers vivid descriptions, I could see the fancy ballrooms and all the Ton dressed to impress. As well as, see the back street taverns including the low life and criminal elements, almost smell the horse-flesh, and felt Edmund’s frustration.  The criminal element Meyers crafted for Lady Likes The Lord, made my skin crawl.  A truly evil man without conscience or a sense of right and wrong.  Filling her tale with emotion, action, and secrets, I read this book straight through as I could not put it down. I was back with old friends from the earlier books, learning the latest in their lives, and loving every minute spent with them.  I love books with recurring characters;  the Kay sisters and the Abbey brothers never fail to entertain.


Murder In The Mansion By Penelope Sotheby


A Daniel Swift Mystery

Murder In The Mansion
Murder In The Mansion










In Murder In The Mansion, we find cheating husband Todd Nelson, on the phone with his lover, Tiffany.  Knowing something’s going on, his wife wealthy Jillian Wilmington Nelson, listens on an extension.  The fight which follows, between Todd and Jillian, leaves her paralyzed and bed ridden after she tumbles down the stairs.  Knowing Todd’s only after her money, she contacts her cousin, Rachel, to come and help her.  Locking herself in her bedroom, changing the locks, refusing Todd admittance, she wants to make him pay for his attempt to kill her.  Rachel takes over the reins of Jillian’s care.  Hiring a nurse, Clare Wharton and maid, Peggy Talbot, they and Rachel care for Jillian.

When Jillian suspiciously dies, the fur hits the fan.  Clare finds herself charged with murder and Daniel Swift, attorney, finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation and trial.  Why did a healthy woman died so suddenly?  She should have lived into old age even though paralyzed. The nurse denies responsibility, yet, strangely some of Jillian’s jewelery’s found in her room.  Will Daniel find the real killer or will he find  Nurse Clare’s the killer?  My mystery book review of Murder In The Mansion follows.


Murder In The Mansion, full of twists and turns, mystery, and varied suspects, will grab your attention immediately.  As you know, mysteries are one of my favorite genre;  this book hit the spot.  Sotheby skillfully leads the reader through this investigation and trial.  Surprises are in store in this fast paced mystery.


The Mystery of Her By Patricia Catacalos


The Zane Brothers Detective Series Book 1

The Mystery Of Her
The Mystery Of Her










There are killers loose in Patricia Catacalos latest novel, the Mystery of Her.  Set in London 1888,  someone’s killing prostitutes in White Chapel and in the wealthy bedrooms of the Ton.  Lady Kiera Everett believes the nurse caring for her father murdered him; a nurse he left a substantial amount in a newly amended will.  Contacting the Zane Brothers Detective Agency, she hires them to investigate her father’s death.  Kiera’s determined to take part in the investigation.  Zachary Zane’s determined she won’t; Kiera determined she will.  Who will win this battle of wills?

During the investigation the Zane’s discover Kiera’s father’s not the only wealthy man to unexpectedly die leaving money to the same nurse.  Things are looking suspiciously like murderDanger, murder, and of course, romance follow Kiera and the Zane brothers. My Victorian Era historical book review of The Mystery of Her follows.


A historical Victorian Era mystery romance novel with mystery, murder of the wealthy, the White Chapel murders, and a variety of characters, make an entertaining intriguing read.  With everyone’s avid interest in Jack The Ripper, Catacalos, vividly and skillfully included these “Ripper like murdersas part of her story-line; the Torso Killer and Leather Apron.  Set in London of 1888, the setting was perfect for inclusion.


Hunting Hour By Margaret Mizushima


A Timber Creek K-9 Mystery

Hunting Hour
Hunting Hour










In Hunting Hour, author Margaret Mizushima, crafted an intriguing intense suspenseful mysteryDeputy Sheriff Mattie Cobb and Robo, her K9 partner, work in a small town Sheriff Department.  In earlier books in the series, Mattie formed a relationship with divorced local vet Cole Walker and his children. Cole does not understand why during the last few months, Mattie pulled away from him and his girls.  Unbeknownst to Cole, Mattie began working with a therapist as she tries to sort out her issues stemming from childhood abuse.  

When Candace Bank’s mother reports her missing, Robo and Mattie begin the search at the school which stretches out to Smoker’s Hill; a hang out for local teens;  where Maggie and Robo find Candace’s body.  Although only 13 years old and in junior high, Candace had several inappropriate relationships with male teens at the high school. Did one of them kill Candace?  When Cole’s younger daughter Sophie disappears, Mattie and Robo are back in search mode. Will Mattie and Robo find Sophie before it too late?  Who is stalking the children of this small town?  My book review of Hunting Hour follows.


While Hunting Hour is a crime thriller, it’s also a testament of the versatility of K9 partners, as well as highlighting mental health and family dynamics.  With many suspects, some with mental health issues, and an officer having mental health issues of her own, Mizushima created a solid suspense tale filled with emotion.  As well as, highlighting issues pertinent to today.


The Amish Best Friends By Katie Fisher


A Suspense Romance

The Amish Best Friends
The Amish Best Friends









The lead story shares the same name as the title; The Amish Best Friends.  A wonderful buy with bonus content of 20 stories; for a total of 1708 page.  A great deal for any reader who loves Amish and Christian romances at a surprising low costs of .99.  A clean sweet book suitable for anyone, you will love these stories.  I chose to review the lead story, The Amish Best Friends.


In the lead story,The Amish Best Friends, Hannah Zook teaches school in Orthause, Pennsylvania.  Devout and dedicated to the Amish way of life, when Mennonite Eli Reimer wants to marry her, she’s thrown into a quarry.  For Eli demands she join his church, forsaking her Amish church.

When Ezekiel Miller’s murdered, the Englisch, investigating the murder, send Jacob King and his partner to the Amish community.  Jacob left the Amish after his rumspringa, becoming a law enforcement officer.  Hannah comforts Ezekiel’s wife, Martha, who’s the prime suspect and eventually arrested.  As far as Hannah’s concerned, he has arrested the wrong person.  She decides to start her own investigation with her best friend Abram Wittmer by her side.  My Amish romance book review follows.


I found this story well-written and entertaining.  Fisher created a first class romance suspense mystery.  Her writing is clear, concise, and easy to follow, as well as, containing scenes which transition smoothly.  Fisher keep the mystery and suspense at high peak and did not reveal the murderer until the last possible moment.  With several suspects, I did not guess the correct culprit.


Guilty Deeds By Dominika Waclawiak


A Caine & Murphy Thriller Book 2

Guilty Deeds
Guilty Deeds










In Guilty Deeds Dominka Waclawiak, created another intense action packed suspense thriller which will grab the reader immediately.  Hold on tight for you are going on a roller coaster ride with Detective Eva Murphy and her partner Detective Larson; along with characters from book 1, Grim Angel.  After the conclusion of Grim Angel and finding the Jerry Killer, Eva’s returning to the LAPD from a months suspension.  Eva’s partner’s anything but thrilled to see her.  For Larson has a bad case of jealousy and insecurity.  When female torso’s begin showing up, mother’s are missing, children appear abused, and husbands which are sitting on the edge of brutality, they must try to work together again.

Eva and Larson must solve these murders quickly; before more bodies appears.  However, this serial killer’s smart; leaving no clues behind to aid in their investigation.  Eva’s running out of time to solve the case as the bodies mount.  Come along with Eva and journey through horror, spirits, and monsters.  My suspense thriller book review of Guilty Deeds follows.


What a great book two Waclawiak crafted in Guilty Deeds.  Filled with twists and turns, suspense, thrills, paranormal elements, and mystery, I could not put this book down.  Although a stand alone read, I would recommend reading book 1 to enhance your reading enjoyment as it gives the insight into the characters and story-line.  Waclawiak kept me on the edge of my seat as she


Out Of the Shadows By Emma Carrie



The Tacket Secret Book 1

Out Of the Shadows
Out Of the Shadows










Detective Victoria Tacket, a driven detective in Golden City, New York and Emily Brelin, a teen on the run from a monster, feature in Out Of The Shadows. Emily’s running from the General, who trained her as an assassin.  When Victoria’s friend, Jen, dies she’s floored;  and to top it off, Jen ask her to take guardianship of Emily.   What does she know about raising and mentoring a kid?  After all, she has issues of her own she can’t face and resolve. She’s not mother material.

Victoria decides to let CPS take the care of her.  Unbeknownst to Victoria, Emily, over-hearing her decision, runs from the conference room where Victoria left her to wait.  The CPS agent, an incompetent piece of work, gives Victoria a letter from Jen;  asking Victoria to take guardianship or let Emily go as she’s safer on the streets where her unanimity’s protected.  Knowing she has already contacted missing persons to place Emily’s photo and information on the street, she races to erase all trace of Emily from the police system.

This begins the story of the relationship between Victoria and Emily. Victoria knows she must find Emily and keep her safe. From what or who, she doesn’t know;  after reading Jen’s letter she knows it must be bad .  The race is on to find Emily and persuade her she wants to take over guardianship, and protect her from the threats on the street of Golden City, New York. My review of Out Of The Shadows follows.



Lady Lands The Lord By Eleanor Meyers


The Abbey Brothers

Lady Lands The Lord
Lady Lands The Lord










In Lady Lands the Lord, Margaret Kay lay deathly ill at school.  Uncle Martin Dawnton, Duke of Wardington, promises if she will live, she may live whatever life she wants.  All the Kay girls are different from the normal society chits.  Margaret, the Dukes favorite of the girls and too much like the Duke and sons, does not fit the restrictive mold of society; after all, she was ruined when found with the footman in her bedroom.  Recovering from cholera, Margaret’s back in town with a to do list;  a scandalous list.  She wants to live life to the beat of her own drummer, without the encumbrance of a husband, and sets out to do so with the help of Lord Roger Abbey.

Roger, professional actor in the theater and unconventional, was the bane of his family existence when he left school for the theater.  Bent on never falling in love or marrying, Roger and fate have a date.  For fate has other things in mind for Roger and Margaret.  A laughter filled romp with a touch of mystery through Regency England, my review of Lady Lands The Lord follows.


Although Lady Lands The Lord is a Regency romance, Meyers also included mystery and subterfuge.  As a result you have all the ingredients for a sweet clean romance with mystery, subterfuge, and intrigue.  The seed of mystery are


The Devil’s Colony By Bill Schweigart


The Fatal Folklore Trilogy

The Devil's Colony
The Devil’s Colony










In The Devil’s Colony, Bill Schweigart, once again brings together his team of monster hunters.  In the New Jersey Pine Barrens, Ben, Lindsay, Erica, Alex, Richard, and Davis face the ultimate evil.  Once more they are all facing monsters and death.

Henry Drexler, Richard’s old partner owns a compound, Välkommen, in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.  Although the name means “welcome”, Välkommen’s anything but welcoming once you get inside.  Drexler takes in everyone, as long as, they are racists, white power neo Nazis’.  Realizing Drexler probably summoned the past monsters they battled, Richard must send in Lindsay and Ben incognito to find as much information as they can.  Between the black uniformed guards, neo Nazis crazies, and Drexler’s sociopath son, they will find information does not come easy.  But when found, it’s terrible and frightening, as monsters resident in the Pine Barren.



Waterkill By Mark J. Donovan












Author Mark J. Donovan’s Waterkill will keep you on the edge of your seat.  Starting in a small Yemeni village, the villagers sudden and unexplained horrific deaths opens this fast paced novel.  Almost everyone died in this new and unknown epidemic;  suddenly and horribly.

When a small plane crashes in Alaska with a mysterious passenger and brief case on board, CEO Dr. Dave Henson and Ron Blackwell of NSurv Inc., are given the task of finding the crashed plane.  As well as, the cause of the deaths in Yemen.  Chatter in the underground networks link the events. They must determine how all the pieces fit together.

Dave’s wife, internationally journalist Dana Cogswell kidnapped in Germany after a strange epidemic in Eberswalde, sets more events in motion;  Germany mirrors the events in Yemen.  Is this the feared pandemic?  Why kidnap Dana?  Who if


Heart On The Line By Karen Witemeyer


Ladies of Harper’s Station Book #2

Heart On The Line
Heart On The Line










In Heart On The Line by author Karen Witemeyer, we find Grace Mallory telegraph operator,  on the run after her father is murdered; she lands in Harper’s Station.  Continuing to work as a telegraph operator, she begins dotting and dashing with Amos Bledsoe. As their friendship grows so do their feelings for each other.  When notified the villain who murdered her father has found her, Grace knows she has to tell the town;  for evil is on the way.  Grace anguishes over the fact they might be in jeopardy. 

Amos is not very handsome and rides a bicycle rather than a horse.  He’s seen as an oddity to the women in his community; he wants Grace to see him as a man worth knowing and possibility loving.  Will he rush to Grace’s side or stay in his quite safe town?  What will Grace see when she first lays eyes on Amos?  My romance book review of Heart On The Line follows.


Heart on the Line, by author Karen Witemeyer, entertains and enthrall the reader from the first pages.  She grabbed me immediately; I could not read fast enough.  A sweet clean romance filled with mystery, grief, love, faith, and strength, the reader finds two romances in this book.

Witemeyer’s characters live in an all woman town, Harper’s Station; the sheriff and goods transporter the only men allowed.  I loved how the town, filled with women, supported and loved each other as family.   What a unique and original job Whitimeyer gave Grace.  Whitimeyer included the inequity of pay and positions for women during this time period. 


Murder In The Development By Penelope Sotheby


A Diane Dimbleby Cozy Mystery

Murder In The Development
Murder In The Development










In Murder In The Development, we find Diane and Albert, amateur detectives and possibly the bane, of Inspector Crothers existence.  Pruning her roses, trying to get the characters for her latest book to coöperate, they receive a call from Crothers asking for help. He’s sending Monique Carstairs for help with her missing husband, Jonathan.

Returning home, Monique finds her house in total disarray, with the words TRAITOR, painted everywhere.  Where is Johnathan and what has he gotten into?  Finding several worthy culprits, Diane’s on the case; action and murder is sure to follow.  My review of cozy mystery, Murder In The Development, follows.


I love cozy mysteries and rarely do I correctly guess who is the murderer.  This book’s no different.  Sotheby crafted a fast-paced book filled with clues, and possible villains.  I found the pacing correct for the length of the book and the characters well-developed.  I loved Albert’s character; he’s a hoot.  Diane and Albert compliment each other.  I enjoyed the snips and snarks they tossed around.  Diane, a motherly caring woman on the surface; far from matronly she has an inquisitive mind and the skill to sort out a mystery.  Including several worthy culprits, and a surprise ending, I found this a good cozy mystery.


Reaching Kylee: Book 1 (A Kellam High Novel 0) By Tamara Hart Heiner




Reaching Kylee By Tamara Hart Heiner
Reaching Kylee, Cover




Author Tamara Hart Heiner crafted a great young adult mystery romance novel in Reaching Kylee.  When Pierce Hudson’s mother died, his world changed forever.  Left without a maternal anchor, Pierce has not resolved the issue of his mother’s death.  His life now seems superficial and inadequate. Hoping to give the family a new start, Pierce’s father moves them to a new area, new house, and new high school.

Pierce finds his next door neighbor scary.  Not just scary, they are crazy, the law comes around often, and their daughter has disappeared.  Solving the mystery of Kylee’s disappearance becomes an all-consuming obsession for Pierce.  Will Pierce ferret out the circumstances surrounding his next door neighbors?  Has Kylee run away or is she dead?


Snowed In With Death By Ruby Loren


A Holly Winter Mystery

Snowed In With Death
Snowed In With Death



In Snowed In With Death, aspiring detective Holly finds herself in Scotland.  As a result of winning a contest, she’s to spend time with seven esteemed detectives at their annual meeting.  After solving a few minor cases, Holly’s excited at the prospect of meeting the greatest detectives in Britain.  She hopes to learn from the cases they solved and their methods.

However, things do not go as planned.  Holly finds herself in the middle a murder mystery as each detective‘s killed.   Will Holly find the killer and solve the case before she meets her violent end?  My book reviews of cozy mystery, Snowed In With Death follows.


Although a cozy murder mystery, I must say I found humor in this story.  With snips, snarks, and quips, the reader sees these, so-called, brilliant detectives, are not as bright as Holly thought. Holly, thinking she’s not as smart as the other detectives, and in awe


The Giant Secret By David Alan Webb



(1899AD): Finding Christopher

The Giant Secret by David Alan Webb
The Giant Secret, Cover











In The Giant Secret (1899 AD) Finding Christopher, the reader’s transported to the Appalachians.  Hans and Ava immigrants to America, seeking a new life, have just buried their second stillborn child.  With spirits low, Ava realizes children are not in her future.  Fate and perhaps a higher being have different ideas.  Come along with Ava and Hans as they discover sometimes, the thing they most desire will be granted, but perhaps. not as they thought.  My review of The Giant Secret (1899) Finding Christopher, follows



This is the first short-story by David Alan Webb I have read.  Firstly, I must state how much I enjoyed this short-story of faith and love.  Without giving away spoilers, I can only say, sometimes the most precious gift comes in different packing than we


Kiss A Bridesmaid by Courtney Hunt


A Novella In The Always a Bridesmaid Series

(Always a Bridesmaid Book 3)

Kiss A Bridesmaid
Kiss A Bridesmaid,cover










In Kiss a Bridesmaid by author Courtney Hunt, we find Abigail Browne, strolling in beautiful Forsyth Park.  Living alone since her Grandmother decided to move into the local senior retirement center, Abigail’s lonely and without a job.  Watching a lovely wedding group prose for photo’s, Abigail notices the dog sitting peacefully with the group.  When the doggie ring bearer takes off after a frisbee, Abigail grabs the leash and ends up muddy and bedraggled.  Recused by wedding caterer, chef, and owner of  The Pie Plate restaurant, Shortie Campbell, Abigail finds herself opening up to him.

Suggesting she apply for a job with his partner, Always a Bridesmaid’s, who provides everything needed for a successful wedding including extra bridesmaids and groomsmen.  Abigail, shy and withdrawn, finds it hard to relate to people, but knows she must find a job or lose her home.

As Abigail and Shortie, work together, in the business, they become closer and closer.  But Abigail has childhood trauma which she must come to terms.  Can these two build more than a business relationship?  My reviews for romance novel,  Kiss A Bridesmaid, follows.


Anonymous By Christine Benedict







Anonymous, cover jpeg
Annonymous, cover











Author Christine Benedict has created a spine tingling mystery thriller in her novel, Anonymous.  Set in 1984, a young couple will come face to face with the evil of humanity, the paranormal, and their own mortality.  Furthermore,  they live to tell the tale.  Do ghost exist?  Ask the real people who know this circa 1875 farmhouse.  Yes, it does exist and Ms. Benedict’s based Anonymous on this house and personal experience with a stalker.  The Monroe Falls Paranormal Society investigated this house and produced a documentary; link can found at bottom of page.

In 1984, Debra and Greg move into a run down circa 1875 farmhouse.  Containing 14 rooms, In need of extensive repairs, and far scarier than Debra could have ever imagined.  Birthed in a family of insanity, abused both mental and physical, Debra fights thoughts of following her mother’s insane path.  Meanwhile, things are happening in this old house; frightening things.  Finding herself alone with her thoughts, she befriends her neighbors.  Julie appears to have it all.  Yes she does, including a mysterious insane stalker.  Between Julie’s  stalker, Julie’s violent husband Kyle,  and a house trying to drive her crazy, Debra is hanging on by


Exodus ’95 By Kfir Luzzatto













Author Kfir Luzzatto created an action packed thriller in his novel Exodus ’95.  Claire Williams befriends an elderly neighbor, Jack Jones, who proposes an unbelievable proposition.  Saying yes to this sweet old man will change Claire’s life forever.  Dan Ze’evi, former Israeli soldier, owns a small failing company.  Approached by a Russian offering a wealth of money for a large part of the company, Dan’s decision will change everything he knows.  Two people brought together on one adventure for which the world is not ready.

On the hunt for the fabled staff of Moses, said to have indescribable power, Dan and Claire, on the run from villains in every corner, form a bond.  Can Claire and Dan finish their mission before Claire’s body gives out and the fanatics and villains win the day?  My reviews for thriller suspense novel, Exodus ’95 follows.


Firstly, I must say what an action packed thrill ride awaits the reader in Exodus ’95Author Kfir Luzzatto grabs the reader immediately, sinks the hook in deep, and never let’s go.  Filled with action around every corner, with twists and turns totally unexpected, this is a spine tingling novel.  Luzzatto created believable characters even though the


I Found You By Lisa Jewell



I Found You, by Lisa Jewell
I Found You, Cover



In I Found You, author Lisa Jewell crafted a complex story-line of intrigue, mystery, guilt, and murder.  Alice Lake finds a amnesiac young man on the beach in Ridinghouse Bay.  Taking him under her wing and into her home, he slowly recovers his memory; revealing a tale of horror.

Meanwhile in London, Lisa Monrose, discovers her husband of three weeks missing.  Alone in a strange country, without friends or money, Lisa contacts the police;  she’s told her husband doesn’t exist.  Realizing she knows little about her husband, Lisa sets out to find him and discover his secrets.

Decades earlier as teenagers, Gray and Kristy, vacationed in Ridinghouse Bay.  They meet a young man whose complex and dark. Much older than Kristy, he takes an unhealthy interest in the young Kristy, leaving Gray with a bad feeling.  Really bad feelings, he can’t shake.

Secrets, mystery, and intrigue abound in this tale;  all will meet in this small coastal town as Jewell reveals the


Secret Dad By Victoria Pinder


Secret Dad bu Victoria Pinder
Secret Dad, Cover










Secret Dad by author Victoria Pinder, book 5 of the House of Morgan series, begins with a crime. The new Morgan on the block has big troubles; someone kidnapped Elizabeth Morgan’s son. Rafe Soliz, the “go to cop”, when the Morgan’s have problems, knocks on Elizabeth door.  What neither Elizabeth or Rafe realize, they know each other, at least physically.  Unknown to Rafe, he’s the father of Elizabeth’s son.  Neither knew the others full name or history as lust took over and Elizabeth ran the “morning after” before Rafe woke.  But fate is a fickle lady, as she places all the pieces in their proper places to bring Elizabeth and Rafe together again.

Rafe’s hired help, not part of the ultra wealthy Morgan clan’s social sphere; now he finds he has a son with a Morgan.  Rafe feels Elizabeth is above his reach.  However, he will do everything in his power to keep her and his son safe from vicious threats, kidnapping, and possibly harm.  Will Elizabeth change Rafe’s prejudice against their different social positions?  Can Rafe save both of the people who mean so much to him?

My reviews for romance novel, Secret Dad, follows.



Victoria Pinders latest novel of the House of Morgan, is a winner.  Although primarily a family saga and romance thriller, Pinder


The Earl’s New Identity By Jasmine Ashford


The Regency Renegades Series – Beauty and Titles)

(CLEAN Historical Romance)

The Earl's New Identity by Jasmine Ashford
The Earl’s New Identity, cover



In the Earl’s New Identity, we find Wesley, Earl of Rippon, ran from his life in Ireland.  Never looking back, Wesley is a rising star in the British Navy; his life is exactly what he wants.  On leave he and his mates stay with Lord Bamber, Third Lieutenant.  Bamber’s the only person on board aware of Wesley’s true identity.  While staying with Bamber, Wesley meets a beautiful young singer on the street, not realizing she’s Lola Montclair;  Bamber’s good friend and a well-known actress.  The attraction is immediate for both.  However, something terrible is happening at the theater.  Three young men have died who had scenes with Lola.

With Lola a suspect in the case, Wesley has decisions to make;  decisions which will affect the rest of his life.  Can Wesley solve the murders?  Can nobility and commoner forge a relationship?  My reviews of mystery romance novel, The Earl’s New Identity, follows.


First let me say, this book’s a relaxing and entertaining read.  Perfect for an afternoon of light reading in your favorite chair. I found Ashford’s characters likeable and the story-line interesting.  However, I could not imagine a person of higher rank


Flightless Bird By Kellie McAllen



Flightless Bird By Kellie McAllen
Flightless Bird, Cover











In Flightless Bird, we find a young girl on the verge of womanhood.  Raised by an abusive alcoholic mother, her father in prison, and an only child, Lexus Wren is lonely, extremely shy, very insecure, dirt poor, and the butt of jokes and demeaning comments in high school.

“She was like a flightless bird, her wings clipped by every cruel word and heartless action…”

Her life’s a nightmare until the day two hunky new students, twins Phoenix and Griffin Easton, transfer to her school.  Lexus can not believe they find her attractive; the odd ball of the school.  Lexus can only think:  how’s this possible? She has never had a boyfriend, and suddenly she has two boys vying for her attention.  She has nothing to recommend her as she’s white trash.  However, Phoenix and Griffin see something in Lexus no one else sees.

Phoenix and Griffin have their own set of problems and issues, the least of which is Lexus.  Both, Phoenix and Griffin, attracted to Lexus, find she has a decidedly unusual affect upon them.  Electricity and sparks flow when Lexus touches either of them. Really, actual sparks.  Drawn to Lexus and they feel protective as well.  However, each young man’s an


The Heart of Darkness By Odelia Floris


The Heart of Darkness, jpeg
The Heart of Darkness, cover











Author Odelia Floris’ The Heart Of Darkness is a first-rate mystery romance set in medieval times.  Set in England in 1430, Sheriff and Knight Sir Richard and poor gentlewoman, Rowena, find themselves at odds.  After her mother’s death, Rowena is at the mercy of her cruel Aunt, Lady Cunningham and cousin Sabrina.  Sabrina, in a cruel display, connived to have Rowena serve as Clerk for Sheriff Richard.  Little does she know, what she has set in motion as Rowena and Richard lock horns.   They shout, antagonize, disagree, and just possibly find romance.

Then, Rowena finds herself in a quarry as she begins to respect Richard and have feelings for him.  However, Richard’s past is murky and he has secrets.  Can Rowena ferret out the cause of Richard’s money woes and help him resolve his past and secrets?

Meanwhile, young girls disappear in neighboring villages.  It is Richard’s responsibility to solve this mystery, stop the evil that is haunting his personal life and resolve his relationship with Rowena.  Life has suddenly become very complicated.  Come along for a roller coaster ride with Rowena and Richard as they fight themselves, killers, and evil.  My reviews for mystery romance novel The Heart Of Darkness follows.



First I must say, this book personifies the fact explicit sex is not a prerequisite for an entertaining novel.  Ms. Floris created an intriguing story filled with emotion, romance, suspense, and mystery. 


Croissants and Corruption By Danielle Collins



A Margot Durand Cozy Mystery

Croissants and Corruption A Margot Durand Cozy Mtery, Croissants
Croissants and Corruption, Cover











Croissants and Corruption takes place in the small town of North Bank, Virginia.   On the shore of the Potomac River, just far enough from the maddening crowds of Washington, D. C., everyone is friendly and feels safe from crime.  Widow Margot Durand owns The Parisian Patisserie, a fine french bakery.

Widow of a police officer, Margot can’t resist a good mystery.  Shortly she finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation.  Receiving a call from her sister who’s at the end of her rope with her daughter Taylor, Margot agrees to take the 19-year-old for the summer.  To say Taylor is not happy getting up at 3:00 AM to work in a bakery is an under statement.

Taylor and Margot find themselves in the middle of a murder almost upon Taylor’s arrival in North Bank.  Their pushy flirty waiter attacks Taylor and then later that night’s stabbed to death.  Suspicious of Taylor’s involvement, Detective Adam Eastwood, a long time friend of Margot’s deceased husband, must determine if Taylor’s guilty of murder.

A lot is going on in North Bank;  the seniors need a new community building and are rising funds, the mayor is running for re-election, money is missing from the seniors funds, and a murder’s committed.  Maybe North Bank is not as quite as the citizens thought.

Come along with Margot, Tyler, and a cast of characters in this entertaining cozy murder mystery.  Grab a seat, get comfortable, my cozy mystery novel review of Croissants and Corruption follows.


Firstly, I must say Croissants and Corruption’s an easy entertaining read suitable for a pleasant afternoon of relaxing reading. Secondly, containing the standard cozy mystery format of strong female character, small friendly town, and a murder, Author D. Collins crafted a first-class cozy mystery.

Margot’s character’s strong and independent, ready to help anyone, and always ready with a box of baked goods.  With an inquisitive mind, Margot’s determination to clear her niece is strong; she won’t let anything stop her, including Detective Eastwood.  Eastwood’s character’s smart, determined, and fair in his judgements and evaluations.  Smart and savvy, Margot manages all the irons she has in the fire with skill, from looking into the missing senior funds to proving Taylor’s innocence.   Collins portrayal of nineteen year old Taylor was classic immature teenager.  Watching her grow by the end of the story was wonderful.

Finally, in concluding my cozy mystery novel review of Croissants and Corruption, I found the pace of the book in line with the length of the story,   Collins writing’s clear, clean, and easy to follow with smooth scene transitions and believable characters.  With a cast of secondary characters, Collins added depth to the story.  Her portrayal of small town USA was spot on.  Furthermore, Collins included twists and turns, which hold the reader’s attention.  Containing no sex, Croissants and Corruption is suitable for anyone who enjoys a solid story-line.


In addition, I would not hesitate to buy this book for my self or a friend.


Additionally, I received this book from Fairfield Publishing and chose to voluntarily review the book with an honest cozy mystery novel review.  Lastly, book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion.  Consequently, all book reviews on-line and on my blog, are my opinions.  In addition, the ARC did not affect my voluntary cozy mystery novel review.

Combustion By Martin J. Smith



Combustion, Cover



In Combustion, Martin J. Smith has crafted a top drawer murder crime mystery novel which pulls the reader into this intriguing story-line.   Lives collide, mysteries solved, and secrets revealed as a fire storm combust in Los Colmas.  Ron Starke followed in his father’s footsteps of law enforcement in the Inland Empire of California, Los Colmas.  A dedicated officer, passed over for promotion to Chief, Ron loves his job.

It is the dry season in California and fires are rampaging.  Meanwhile, the lack of rain has revealed the under water grave of missing Paul Dwyer, wealthy construction magnate.  Dwyer, super wealthy, abusive,


The Alex Cave Series Book 4 Gravity by James M. Corkill



James M. Corkill, Gravity
The Alex Cave Series Book 4 Gravity, Cover












In The Alex Cave Series Book 4 Gravity, hero Alex Cave is back in action. Author James Corkill crafted a first-rate sci-fi mystery suspense which grabs the reader immediately and does not let go.  Something strange has happened in Iceland and the Director of the Nordic Volcanological Center needs Alex on the job. Alex and sidekick, Okana will face danger from all sides; asteroids, greedy villains, gravity gone amuck and girl friends problems.

An ancient machine is active and the destruction of earth is eminent, an asteroid on a collision course with


Buried Memories By Carol J. Post



Buried Memories by Carol Post
Buried Memories, cove











Buried Memories by author Carol J. Post, grabs the reader and hangs on throughout the novel.  With a story filled with tension, grief, suspense, and mystery, Post created a book worthy of the title mystery romance novel along with a clean and wholesome story-line.

Nicki Jackson moved to Cedar Key after the broke up with her fiance.  Although, hoping to find peace, Nicki finds old memories, hurts, and abuse are hard to forget.  Detectives have reopened her mother’s cold case murder, and Nicki finds herself having nightmares and dreams.  Neighbor and friend from her past, Tyler Brant, adds another layer of stress to her already stressed out life.  Tyler, a former soldier with PTSD, has his own problems and nightmares.

Nicki has acquired a stalker bent on destroying her life and anyone close to her.  Can Tyler protect Nicki? 


A Love Transformed By Tracie Peterson



A Love Transformed, Cover









A Love Transformed by Tracie Peterson is a fast paced Christian romance you will not want to miss.  The 3rd in the series, it is a standalone book with a story-line of self-forgiveness and God’s love.



Clara Vesper’s life has never been what she wished.  Her mother, domineering, demanding, and controlling forced her to marry for wealth and position.  Forced into a loveless marriage, Clara finds solace by designing jewelry for her husband’s business and raising her twins.  She and her husband never had a loving relationship and now, he has been murdered.  Surprised to find he has left her without any means of support, Clara, with her two children, decides to return to the only place she ever felt loved;  Montana and the loving arms of her Aunt and Uncle.

Meanwhile, Curtis Billingham, the love of Clara’s life, is recovering from a sapphire mining accident at


Christmas Mystery Of The Heart By Caroline Johnson



Caroline Johnson, Christmas Mystery of the Heart
Christmas Mystery Of The Heart, Cover



Although a short  inspirational mystery romance novel, Christmas Mystery Of The Heart, is a clean, satisfying, and enjoyable readAuthor Caroline Johnson set this romance novel in 1820, Regency England.  Running from an abusive father, Lady Sarah Sayers becomes governess for the hunky Duke of Huntington’s son and daughter.  Taking the name, Sarah Brown, she finds two lovely small children.

Meanwhile, as time passes, Sarah and Oliver, become closer, sharing their love of the children.  However, Oliver has a dilemma.  He seeks Sarah advice to find a solution which will protect his children and his name.  Will they find the solution needed?  Will they overcome their problem of the commoner and the Duke?  Who is the man terrorizing the estate?  Will Sarah find the courage to reveal her sordid history?  Is there a happy ever after for this small troupe?


Tangled in Tinsel By Stacy Eaton



Tangled In Tinsel by Stacy Eaton, cover
Tangled In Tinsel, Cover


STORY LINE TANGLED IN TINSEL (The Celebration Series Book 1):

Tangled in Tinsel, by Stacy Eaton is an exciting intense romance novel.  After a crisis, Casey is running from her past and starting her life over.  With her friend, Brandy’s support, they head up North in her BMW leaving all she knew behind her.  Acquiring a job as the local ER supervisor, Casey is ready to start a new phrase of her life.

Buying a house in need of many repairs, Casey’s next door neighbor, Thad Wagner, fits the handyman bill.  Not only is he handy with repairs, he is handsome, hunky, and seethes sex appeal.  In addition, he carry’s a big gun; Thad is a law enforcement officer.  The intense immediate attraction runs both ways.  She has her very own hero right next door.  However, there is a huge problem, Casey has no intention of becoming involved with a married man who is also the father of a 5-year-old son, Tommy.

However, these two just can not stay away from each other.  Casey does her best to fight her inner desires.  While Thad’s determined to break down those walls.  Come along with Casey, Thad and the town


Fairly Safe By Deborah Ann Davis

Fairly Safe

Deborah Ann Davis’ latest romance mystery novel, Fairly Safe, is based on a legend:  Once upon a time a magical tree existed.  To keep the magic safe, the tree was cut into boards and used to build a Gypsy Kissing Booth.  On your birth date if kissed on these boards, your fate is sealed.  Birthday Kisses Married By Christmas!


First, I must say, Author Deborah Ann Davis’, romance mystery Fairly Safe, is a wonderful romance with mystery and intrigue.  Jacob has never known security or love of family.  A product of the uncaring foster system he has always longed for a family, love, unity, and security.

Through extraordinary circumstances, he acquires a mentor in wealthy William Randall Hatch, III.  William has secrets only a trusted few are privy.   William met his only love at a fair and kissed her on the boards of


The Obsidian Chamber By Preston And Child


51et9yypzjl-_sx329_bo1204203200_ The Obsidian Chamber
The Obsidian Chamber, Cover










Once again, Preston and Child have crafted a first-rate suspense novel.  In The Obsidian Chamber, Pendergast presumably died in the last book and Constance has gone to ground in the chambers beneath the residence on River Dr.  Evil is stalking Constance in the underground chambers; the greatest evil from her nightmares.  When Constance disappears, Proctor, bodyguard, butler, and friend, vaults into action.  With Pendergast dead, her care and protection falls to him and he takes his responsibilities seriously.

Come along with Proctor and Constance on a roller coaster ride of mystery, suspense, and intrigue.  Follow them on a harrowing journey and conclusion.



First I must say, this book is a nonstop action ride filled with mystery, suspense, and emotion.  Preston and


Dead by Dinner By Lillian Dore




dead by dinner
Dead By Dinner, Cover








The setting for Dead By Dinner is England during the 1920’s.  Author Lillian Dore has penned a short sweet cozy mystery involving the upper crust.  Lady Clara Callaway and her maid, Alice Hart, journey to Bramblehead Hall, home of the Rossington-Smythes for a fun weekend with the Rossington-Smythes and friends.  To her surprise, Malcolm Wexley, falls over dead in his supper plate.  Ah, as Sherlock Holmes so apply states:  “Come, Watson or in this case Alice, The Game Is Afoot”!  Ruled murder by the investigating constables, who did it and why?  Wexley, the victim, is not all he appears.

Come along as Lady Clara and Alice become Sherlock Holmes and Watson to solve the murder.




New Dawn By Andrew J. Morgan

New Dawn, cover








Sci-Fi, Suspense

Psychological Thriller

Journey Light Years Through Space




As an introduction to Author Andrew J. Morgan novel, New Dawn, you will meet Jake and the crew of the Athena.  Interplanetary Geologist Jake Brooks, has signed on to the Athena, a Planexus space tug sent to explore planet HD 95521B, aka New Dawn, for possible habitation by humans from Earth.  Earth is over populated and her resources are almost exhausted.  Hence, this planet could be earth’s citizens new home.  Consequently, Jake, the crew, and a surprise addition, ship out on the Athena on a journey which will take 8 months.

Almost immediately Jake realizes something does not feel right on the Athena.  Crew members begin to die.  As a result of the deaths, fear is running rampant.  However, Jake is smart and realizes something awful is happening and someone on board


Casimir Bridge By Darren Beyer


casimir bridge
Casimir Bridge, Cover

A Mystery, Suspense, Techno, Thriller At Its’ Best.  Casimir Bridge is not just for the sci-fi techno audience!  Clear your schedule, take a seat, and get ready for a thrill ride through space.


In Casimir Bridge, Reporter Mandi Nkosil, receives a mind-blowing tip along with documentation from an anonymous informant which will blow the top off AIC.  AIC is one of the largest companies in the world;  the information points to their involvement in a nuclear terror plot.  They are a science and technology giant with many enemies.

Mandi has found herself on the run from killers and evil men who do not want the world to discover the evidence framing AIC was the brain child of Greg Andrews.  The evil goes all the way to the hallowed halls


Win, Love, Or Draw By Crystal Barnes

win love or draw



A Strong Independent Woman And

The Wayward Husband





Author Crystal Barnes takes us on a journey to 1877 Cater Springs, Texas in Win, Love, or Draw (Book 1 Marriage & Mayhem).  Here we find an emotional adventurous love story between Catherine McGarrett and her husband Samuel.

Catherine, aka Cat, has prayed and looked for the return of her absentee husband for almost 6 yrs;  she and her son, Benin, have prayed for him every night.


Indigo Lake By Courtney Pierce

Indigo Lake
Indigo Lake, Cover


The Dushane Sisters And Pogo Are Back

Murder, Mystery, Secrets, Family History

Mobsters, Books, And Memoirs

This Book Has It All:  5 Stars



In Courtney Pierce’s latest book, Indigo Lake, we find the Dushane Sisters on the front lines again.  Yes, they are back again for more snarks, funny quips, and shenanigans. These ladies are the funniest women in the United States.   Of course Pogo, former mobster’s buddy and pampered standard poodle turned service dog, is right in the middle of the action.  You have to love a dog that watches the Meerkat Manor show on television.



Olivia Novak’s novel, The Executrix, is a success which garners an invitation for all three sisters and Pogo, to the Wake With Jo Show in New York.  Danny, always the motor mouth, tells ALL in regards to Pogo’s ownership and reveals Olivia’s real life mobster secret memoir manuscript which contains names and details.  Ms. Pierce’s first book in this series, The Executrix, details how this manuscript came into existence.   Olivia, Lauren, and Danny are living in a whirlwind after this revelation on national television.


MICHAEL’S ANGEL, Book 2 of the Friendship Heirlooms Series by Karen Wiesner

Michael's Angel

They ran from evil, horror, and murder.  They ran until they reached Peaceful;  will evil stalk them again in this quaint little town?  Have they run far enough and fast enough to out run Sam Oligee, evil incarnate?  This book will keep you up long into the night reading!


Michael Fremont’s mother killed herself in front of him, forcing him into the foster care system.  Abused physically and emotionally, his only saving grace is meeting the shy,


The Bloodmoon Curse Cove Spirits Series: Book 2 by Karen Wiesner

Blood moon Curse



Love, Romance, Faith

Gothic Style Suspense, Horror, And Mystery At Its Best




What a story!  You have everything in this book by Author Karen Wiesner from deep faith in God, mystery, murder, terror, horror, suspense, and evil.  It left me gasping for breath; good heavens, what an attention grabbing novel.  What an imagination Ms. Wiesner possesses.



Cain and Amberlyn Lyons are at a cross roads in their life and marriage.  After several miscarriages and loosing a son just before birth, they are floundering in guilt, despair and grief.  Cain’s faith is


The Readaholics and the Gothic Gala: A Book Club Mystery By Laura DiSilverio


The readaholics and the gothic gala


The Readaholics, of Heaven Colorado, are in the thick things again with the Celebration of Gothic Novels.   In anticipation of the event, their latest reading, du Maurier’s Rebecca, has set the atmosphere of Gothic suspense and mystery.  The event includes authors, Gothic backdrops, costume party, and of course, murder most foul.  Who knew how hard authors were to manage and keep in line!   What follows is a first class mystery with intrigue, secrets, resentment, deception, egos, and of course, murder.


Silk Stalkings By Diane Vallere

silk stalkings


Author Diane Vallere’s engaging character, Polyester Monroe, is back in the thick of things in San Ladron.  Her knowledge of fabrics, the design industry, and her knack for ferreting out mysteries and murderers are in top form in this novel.

Poly finds herself in the middle of the annual Miss Tangorli pageant which brings in many visitors and money to San Ladron.  Add in several mysteries and the murder of the pageant founder and you have a


Tinman’s Heart By S. Carman Knight

Timan's Heart



Mystery and Intrigue

Two Hurting Hearts

Can They Beat As One





Maris McKinney is heart-sore after her domineering, controlling, emotionally abusive husband threw her out with only a small day bag of clothes.  She is down but not out as she starts her own business, The Cake Company.

Lucas Kemsley was a renown surgeon until a near death accident took away his occupation.  After his physical injuries and his post-recuperation, his fame and riches seeking girlfriend left him.  Lucas