The Dowager’s Mail Order Husband By Helen Christian


(The Annville Mail Order Brides Book 1)

The Dowager's Mail Order Husband
The Dowager’s Mail Order Husband










The Dowager’s Mail Order Husband is a heart-wrenching emotional story.  Mary Hedgepeth’s life has been abuse, drudgery, pain, and want.  After the death of her abusive husband, Mary’s thrown out of the big house into a cabin. She is now a widower and a dowager.  Here Mary tries to forge a life for herself.  She has no idea how to farm or grow her food.  She is barely hanging on.

When her husband’s brother, Richard, comes home, she’s frightened but also attracted to this handsome, kind man.  Richard is the opposite of his contemptuous brother.  Richard is a kind godly man who finds in Mary everything he has ever wanted.

Will Richard and Mary be able to overcome the abuse she has suffered?  Can happy ever after exist for Mary?  What does God have in store for Mary and Richard?  Grab a comfortable seat, my Christian historical romance book reviews of The Dowager’s Mail Order Husband follows.


Although a short novella, I found this book satisfying.  Novellas are different from their parent the novel, as they can not explore the depth of emotion and story-line of the more extended novel.  However, Christian filled this book with feeling from the first pages.  I could feel Mary’s desperation and fear as she faced a long winter and then Richard, an unknown element added to her life.  I could feel her want as she came to know the goodness of Richard.


Married To A Marquess By Joyce Alec


Hearts and Ever Afters

Married To A Marquess
Married To A Marquess










Miss Alice Henstridge bowed to her parent’s demands and married a man she had never met.  Shy and insecure, she could do no other than following their dictates.  Married to William Marquess of Worthington, Alice is left alone as soon as the ceremony’s over.  Installing Alice in his country estate, she spent three long years in isolation; never seeing her husband.

Tired of standing in the shadows, she devises a plan to bring down William.  She will go to London during the season, dance and be merry, then ultimately reveal the depravity and wickedness of her husband to all.  Assuming an alias, she knows her husband will not recognize her by sight.  They had never met before the wedding, and he never raised her veil to look at her face.

However, fate has other plans for Alice and William.  Her plan will have results she never expected.  Come along with Alice and William as they travel the rocky road of romance.  My romance book reviews of Married To A Marquess follows.


Joyce Alec created a charming story of abandonment and planned revenge, filling it with vivid descriptions, heartache, romance.  I loved watching Alice grow from insecure and sad to a woman of worth and strength.  Joyce Alec created an intriguing tale of a woman bent on revenge and retribution and a man who is not what he seems.

William’s character shows the world a face of gaiety and fun; almost as if he had never faced the situation he found his life.  Alec created a façade of a man carefree and fancy-free;  attending balls, dancing the night away, and flirting with the women of the Ton.  Is there more to William than meets the eye?  Alice’s plan seems to have the opposite effect she intended as she and William throw words and dance around each other.


A Mountain Christmas Romance By Misty M. Beller


A Mountain Christmas Romance
A Mountain Christmas Romance










Set in the Wyoming Territory of 1867, Matthias Bjork, descendant of Vikings, spends his life searching for his sister.  In between journeys, he stays with a loving German couple;  the Shumeister’s consider him a son.  While out racing across the landscape, Matthias and his horse, Karl,  are felled by the sudden appearance of a woman.

Discovering Opal Boyd, works for the Shumeisters, comes as a surprise to Matthias.  Opal’s happier than she’s ever been; secure and loved with the Shumeisters.  Opal has no interest in men and doesn’t trust them for good reason.  However as she comes to know Matthias, her trust builds.  The road to love for Matthias and Opal is rocky and rough, as Matthias searches for his sister and a threat arises which could be the end of Matthias and Opal.  My romance book review of A Mountain Christmas Romance follow


Misty M. Beller created a romance filled with emotion and a story-line which held my attention from start to finish.  Including hints of mystery, feelings of mistrust, misunderstandings, romance, and a crisis which changes everything, Beller included all the elements needed for a successful romance.

With several plot threads, Misty M. Beller, brought all the threads together to form a solid book.  With well-developed characters, intriguing plot lines, and writing which is easy to follow and read, Beller had no need sex or fluff to fill the pages.  This is a clean sweet romance which will tug at your heart-strings.  Including the abandoned dog, Charmer, adds to the depth of the story;  he’s loving and protective to his pack of humans.














Authors Michael and Ian Lahey‘s  contemporary fiction novel, The 45th Nail, an intensively thought-provoking and emotion filled novel, takes the reader through the emotions and devastation of war.  The authors explore the intimacy of war, as well as, the after-effects.

Sgt. James Savorski never returned home from WW11.  Listed as missing in action on May 25, 1944 at Anzio, his nephew Bob receives a Christmas card post marked Anzio from James in 1987.  Later he receives a beautiful old medallion along with a mysterious message post marked Salerno.

Bob’s determined to find his Uncle; under the pretext of learning more of France, Bob heads off for Italy.  What he will find changes his life and his perceptions forever.  Come along with Bob in an adventure and revelations of a lifetime.  My contemporary fiction book reviews of The 45th Nail follows.


First, let me say, this novel will open the reader’s eyes to war and the continuing consequences which haunt the survivors and victims. The Lahey‘s wove mystery into the story-line as they lead the readers through Italy and a journey of revelations, both good and bad.  The reader does not discover the significance of the 45th nail until the last part of the story which left me surprised


Colors Of Christmas By Olivia Newport


Two Contemporary Stories Celebrate the Hope of Christmas

Colors Of Christmas
Colors Of Christmas









Colors Of Christmas has two contemporary clean Christian stories by author Olivia Newport.


In Colors of Christmas first story, Christmas In Gold, we find Astrid.  At eighty, she has lived a full and sometimes tragic life.  She survived the Nazi’s, a brutal life in war-torn Germany, the loss of two husbands, and raised two children alone.  Now she finds herself in an assisted living facility;  her home sold, recovering from a broken leg, and her precious gold ornaments missing.  Those ornament had survived a long history of war, property, and moves; until this last move to the facility.  Astrid also finds her physical therapist, Carly, bordering on desperation, in need of a friend and hope.  What better time for hope than Christmas;   for God gave the world the greatest hope of all at Christmas time in our Lord and Savior.

In Christmas Blue, we find Angela in need of Christmas spirit.  Deeply depressed and still mourning the death of her best friend and Christmas enthusiast, Carol, Angela finds herself in charge of the town’s Christmas To Remember event.  This is the last thing she wants to do.  With no way to get out of the job, she forges on without enthusiasm.  How can she possibly do the job, Carol was so perfect at performing each year.  Carol always had surprises galore for the crowd and worked all year preparing.  Angela had only eight days to get into the Christmas spirit and make this a Christmas honoring Carol.  When the mysterious Gabe arrives in town, he stirs things up. Will Angela finally recover from her depression and create a Christmas to remember?


Olivia Newport created two stories filled with emotion and faith.  In Christmas In Gold Newport established a strong lead character in Astrid;  a woman who had experienced the worse man can hand out and through her faith in God, survived.  This is not a feel good, Christmas is light and airy, story.  This story’s filled with the emotion of survival under the conditions of war


Sweet Christmas Kisses 4: Loving You At Christmas By Kristen Wallace


Sweet Christmas Kisses 4: Loving You At Christmas
Sweet Christmas Kisses 4: Loving You At Christmas









A collection containing 14 stories complied into a boxed set.  Excerpt from collection:  Usher in the holiday season with 14 heartwarming all-new, stand-alone stories from New York Times, USA Today, national bestselling, and award-winning authors. Sweet Christmas Kisses 4 takes you from the Pocono Mountains to sunny Florida, and as far away as Portugal.

I chose to review the romance story by Kristen Wallace, Loving You At Christmas


Loving You At Christmas, unfortunately, is the last book in the Shellwater Key Tales series.  Former actress and Broadway star Annaliese Matheson features in the finale of this wonderful series.  Annaliese still grieves for her husband Matthew; Annaliese believes she will never love again. Her soul mate’s death left a hole in her soul and heart.  Noticing a handsome, sexy stranger on the beach, Annaliese, begins to wake up from her three-year emotional sleep.

John-Luke “Duke” Evans, famous football star, finds himself raising his four nieces after his sister’s death.  Hot, sexy, and handsome, the women of Shellwater Key pant as he walks by; including the pregnant married ones.  Meeting Annaliese, the attraction is immediate and intense.

Will Duke persuade Annaliese to give him a chance?  Or will Annaliese continue to grieve and mourn; living in the past.  My romance book reviews of Loving You At Christmas follows.


I am sad to say Loving You At Christmas, by author Kristen Wallace, ends our sojourn in Shellwater Key, Florida.  A wonderful series of love and happy ever after, this book‘s a perfect ending for the series.  Kristen Wallace filled this story with intense emotion; grief, attraction, love, and romance.

Although a novella, Wallace, created a solid tale which grabs the reader immediately.  With skillful plotting and well-developed characters, Wallace made this novella feel like a full length novel.  I found the pace perfect for the length of the book and her writing flowed well;  making the book easy to read.  Her scenes transition from scene to scene smoothly and with vivid writing I felt the character’s emotions.  My heart broke for Annaliese;  enduring a childhood no child should and then the death of her anchor and soul mate, Matthew, brought tears to my eyes.  I could feel her resistance as she began to care for Duke and his nieces, as well as, Duke’s sorrow at the passing of his beloved sister.  Annaliese must face her fears of losing the ones she loves;  but can she?

Adding the mama drama with the Queen of Shellwater Key, gave the story an extra element.  What a witch Wallace gave us in these booksWallace also included a lot of humor in Loving You At Christmas.  When Layla called in the big guns, I laughed and laughed. By the way, Noah’s the big guns; Shellwater Keys resident soul searcher, advise giver, and counselor to one and all.  Not only does this story have grief, it has a lot of funny snips and snarks.  If I was not laughing, I found myself crying.  I cried buckets at the end of the story.

Kristen Wallace also included characters from the earlier books.  I love a series with continuing characters;  we get an update on their life and all the town gossip.  Loving You At Christmas, is a wonderful romance perfect for anytime of the year.  I would not hesitate to buy this sweet, clean, romance for myself or a friend.  Although sad to say good-bye to my friends in Shellwater Key, I am sure Wallace has another series up her sleeve.



In addition, I received this book from the author and chose to voluntarily review the book with honest romance book reviews.  Lastly, book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion.  Consequently, all book reviews on-line and on my blog, are my opinions.  Additionally, no on influences my voluntary romance book reviews.





A Beauty For The Scarred Duke By Bridget Barton


A Beauty For The Scarred Duke
A Beauty For The Scarred Duke










Isabella Tate and Elliot Covington, The Duke of Coldwell, have starring roles in author Bridget Barton‘s latest historical Regency novel, A Beauty For the Scarred Duke.  As children,Isabella and her best friend Esme, told stories of the monster who lived in the old mansion.  A monster who lived in the same county they do.

Elliot, The Duke of Coldwell, scarred for life by fire, lived in seclusion for eighteen years;  alone and grieving the ones he loved.  He’s the monster Isabella and Esme spoke of.  Elliott’s a scarred lonely man.  He isolated himself from the world because of his deformity.  His scars run deeper than the physical.

Isabella’s hard-hearted father, The Earl of Upperton, has decided it’s time she marry.  He’s desperately in need of money for his heir, Anthony.  He sells Isabella in marriage.  He has chosen, none other, than the scarred Duke of Coldwell.  Believing Elliot a monster, Isabella’s frighten to death.  Forced into the marriage by her father, Isabella finds Elliot’s face frightful;  on one side would frighten children, and the other, win any woman’s hand in England.  So begins the marriage of Elliot and Isabella.  Will Isabella be able to overlook Elliot’s scars to see the true man inside?  Can Elliot let go of his guilt to live life to the fullest with Isabella?  Can this marriage survive it’s flawed beginnings?  Will love bloom between these two people in need of love and security?  My Regency romance book reviews of A Beauty For The Scarred Duke follows.


A Beauty For The Scarred Duke‘s filled with intense emotion and a touch of mysteryBarton skillfully wove into the story-line how Elliot’s scarred;  holding it close to the chest and revealing details only when necessary.  Barton added a touch of  mystery with the ruined tower.  Through descriptive and skillful writing, I could feel Isabella’s fear of Elliot and her evolving regard.  I could see Elliot’s scars and the burned tower.  As well as, his home and the beautiful grounds in my mind’s eye.

Barton slowly developed the bond between Elliot and Isabella.  She gave them time to know each other and accept what could


Devil Out Of Texas By Roger Raffee


Devil Out Of Texas By Roger Rafee
Devil Out Of Texas, Cover










Author Roger Raffee‘s Devil Out Of Texas, taken from his family history, is an epic story of law, prejudice, and revolution.  With parts of the story true and part from Raffee’s vivid imagination, it’s mostly fiction.  The parts detailing his Grandfather Abe’s telling of the story and his famous friends are true.  For entertainment purposes, Raffee enlarged upon the story told to him in 1973.

Aaron Raffee, Jewish and son of a talented doctor, at a young age decided he would become a Texas Ranger.  Exposed to the Rangers by his Texas Ranger Doctor Father, Aaron’s determined to become the first Jewish Texas Ranger.  At 18 Aaron becomes a Texas Ranger;  so begins a life of law keeping, facing prejudice as a Jew, prejudice for the Mexicans, and finally at all cost seeking justice for all.  Intertwined into the story of Aaron, Rafee‘s grandfather will reveal his part in the Hollywood movie industry.

Come along with Roger Raffee as he detailed his great grandfathers journey and fame through his grandfather.  My historical western book reviews of Devil Out Of Texas follow.


Primarily a historical fiction novel, the reader also finds romance, deep emotion, and a vivid recounting of Aaron’s adventures.  Raffee skillfully wove his story-lines together as he takes us from 1973 to the 1800’s and back again.  Transitioning between time


Storm of Attraction By Lily black


Willowdale Book 1

Storm Of Attraction
Storm Of Attraction










Alexa Wolving, black belt martial arts instructor at night and librarian by day, has a full life without men.  Five years previously, Drew Cosimo, Army Ranger, broke her heart.  Since then, her principle’s simple:  never give men a second chance.  But that trusty rule’s about to be tested.  Drew Casimo, has come back to Willowdale;  opening a karate school in competition with Crouching Tiger.

Angry, determined to ignore Drew, and all he stands for, Alexa will find fate’s her master.  For Alexa has a stalker bent on having her at all costs.  Drew and Alexa are drawn together as the stalker comes closer and closer.   My suspense romance book reviews of Storm Of Attraction follows.


Storm Of Attraction‘s filled with suspense, mystery, emotion, and romance.  A fast paced read, it grabs the reader immediately and does not let go.  Lily Black drew the suspense and mystery out; not revealing the stalker‘s identity until the last possible moment.  What a surprise; I had no idea he was the stalker!  The romance in Storm Of Attraction‘s slow and easy; a sweet romance with heavy kissing, a little grabbing, and intense emotionLilly Black stated: it was given a four on the blush scale. For those of us who do not like descriptive or graphic sex, Storm Of Attraction hits the romance spot.  Black did not rush her characters into a relationship, as Alexa has issues she must resolve. Will she ever forgive Drew?  You will have to read the book to find out.

I loved Alexa’s character; strong, determined, independent, and caring.  As Black developed and matured Alexa, I could feel her confusion, anger, and questioning.  While Drew is uncertain of his feelings, he can not help his attraction to Alexa.  He’s a strong man with morals and principles;  a man of honor who matured and regrets his past actions with Alexa.

With a mixture of romance, suspense, mystery, and martial arts, Storm of Attraction‘s a solid well-written book.  Also, Black included secondary characters which enrich the story-line.  Black‘s characterization and creation of the stalker‘s truly vile; I rooted for him to get his ” just desserts”.  What a sick man Lily Black skillfully crafted.  Black‘s writing’s solid, easy to follow, and her scenes transition smoothly from scene to scene.  With an explosive ending, you will close this book with satisfaction.  A perfect read for a lazy afternoon in your favorite chair with a beverage by your side.


Melody’s Key By Dallas Coryell


Melody's Key by Dallas Coryel
Melody’s Key










Set in England, Melody’s Key Dallas Coryellby , an intense romance novel filled with emotion and longing, fulfills the readers desire for intrigue and romance. Tegan Lockwood is not an ordinary young woman.  She has given up her dreams and aspirations.  As a result, struggling with her family to maintain the family business, Tegan works long hard hours of endless labor while hiding a life altering trauma.  Tegan’s a multi-talented woman sacrificing everything for her family.  It’s an endless struggle to stay solvent.  Much needed resources infuse the family coffers when famous American musician Mason Keane, seeks refuge at the family excursion business.

Mason and Tegan begin a journey of discovery and renewal.  Will Mason open Tegan’s heart to new possibilities?   What impact will the long forgotten love letters in the attic have on Tegan?  Will two scarred leery people find a common ground to happiness?  Can they overcome past crisis’ and issues to grab the happiness offered?  Grab a comfort seat, my romance book reviews of Melody’s Key follows.


Primarily a romance novel, author Dallas Coryell, filled this novel with emotion.  Emotions which grab the reader quickly and do not let go.  Coryell created two deeply scarred lonely people and developed them throughout the story.  I felt their despair and deep need just below the surface of their being.  With pasts which defined each of them, Coryell demonstrates the healing power of love.


The Adventures Of Harry Morgan By Clabe Polk


The Adventures Of Harry Morgan
The Adventures Of Harry Morgan










Adventures of Harry Morgan has 3 stories, all with our main man Harry as the lead character; the stories are interconnecting. The first 2 blend together and the last story features Harry and friends.

Collegial Conspiracy Part 1

In Collegial Conspiracy, we find a retired Harry.  But Harry’s retirement is anything but quite.  When his old friend, Wiley Middleton contacts him with a request, Harry doesn’t know how to say no.  Wiley’s dying from an inoperable brain tumor.  He doesn’t want to leave his wife, Amanda, in debt nor watching him die.  Wiley left home, leaving Amanda a note, asking her not to look for him.

His one request of Harry; well it’s a dilly.  Wiley wants Harry to help him rob a bank.  Fascinated with Bonnie and Clyde, Wiley’s determined to go to jail for the medical care.  Harry reluctantly agrees.  However, when Amanda contacts Harry’s wife, Jean, for help finding Wiley, he’s in a pickle of lies and conspiracies.  Then when Wiley’s “never do well” son, Tony, shows up, things really get complicated.

Emilio Part 2

Amanda and Wiley’s son, Tony, left Oregon just ahead of the law.  Harry finds himself playing detective after Tony tells his tale of woe.  A campus police officer, Tony became involved with a two drug addicts who committed suicide.  Harry will find himself in another pickle as the suicide turns into much more and ends up smack dab next to the bank robbery case; you could say rubbing elbow with the robbery case.  Amanda ask Harry to help prove Tony’s innocent.  Simple you say; not so much.  Suddenly things ramp up as they discover the overdose and suicide may not be as simple as it seems.  Much more’s in play, and simple turns into complicated.

Pirates Of Cayo Pelau Part 3

Harry finally purchased his dream boat.  Hoping to treasure hunt just this side of legal, Harry and friends head out on a sail and treasure hunting.  You ask how can treasure hunting turn dangerous?  Harry and friends stumble upon a slave running ring with inside connections.  A night in jail, a court appearance, and release on bail, do not slow Harry down.  Harry’s determined to free the slaves and bring the criminals to justice.  Yes, he’s in a pickle again.


When I started this book, I thought I would not like the story.  Wow, was I wrong.  In a matter pages, I was hooked and could not read this book fast enough.  Reviews, at times, are hard to write, this book was easy to review.  At times funny, at times sad, and at times filled with snips, snarks, one liners, plenty of action, and the unstoppable Harry.  Harry’s character’s strong, intelligent, and he’s a steadfast friend, who’s loyal and willing to go the extra mile. Although a senior citizen, he’s far from old and feeble.

I laughed and laughed as Wiley told Harry the what, when and how of his plan; and the bumbling robbery was hilarious and sad at the same time. Polk included humor, sadness, intrigue, and serious issues in this book; a combination which made a highly entertaining read.

Selfish and self-centered, Tony blames everyone except the true culprit for his problems.  He has an attitude of entitlement.  Someone’s always out to get him and the world owes him something for all his troubles.  I wanted to give him a good old-fashioned spanking and tell him to grow up.  Clabe Polk crafted a totally unlikable person in Tony.  Just when I thought he might have a few redeeming qualities, he proved me wrong.  I found myself doing a high-five when Amanda stood up to him and gave him what for.

In the third story, the action, snips, and repartee never ends. Harry’s ready to have fun and adventure. Polk grabs the reader’s attention with a fast paced action story-line.  Between the women and men, I don’t know who’s the funniest.  However, the story covers the serious crime of human trafficking.  Some of the characters are despicable and truly unlikable.  Polk skillfully showed age is not a deciding factor in the pursuit of justice.  As well as, showing as long as humans have unsavory greedy characteristics, no occupation will be safe from corruption.

The Adventures of Harry Morgan, a fast paced book filled with emotion, action, intrigue, mystery, and criminal activity, will hold your attention from start to finish.  With well-developed realistic characters and plots which are believable, Polk created a fine mystery crime book.  You will love the “old farts” as one criminal termed them and the unsavory characters you will love to hate. Polk included a variety, from bigots and drug dealers to slave runners in these three stories.

I found Clabe Polk’s writing style flowed well with scenes which transition smoothly from scene to scene; making The Adventures of Harry Morgan easy to read and enjoyable.   Perfect for a lazy afternoon of reading in your favorite chair with a beverage by your side; sit back and enjoy The Adventure Of Harry Morgan.  I would not hesitate to buy this book for myself or a friend.



Additionally, I received this book from the author and chose to voluntarily review the book with honest book reviews.  Lastly, book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion.  Consequently, all book reviews on-line and on my blog, are my opinions.  In addition, no one influences my voluntary book reviews.





His Brother’s Bride By George H. McVey


Mail Order Brides of Sanctuary Book 2

His Brother's Bride
His Brother’s Bride










In His Brother’s Bride by George H. McVey, the reader finds Greg, Glen, and Lyla’s story.  Lyla, with no prospects of marriage in Philadelphia, answers Glen Williams letter for a mail order bride.  As you know from Book 1, The Pastor’s Replacement Bride, the Ladies Aid Society of the church had Pastor Bryce write back east for good Christian women who would like to correspond with upstanding men in Sanctuary, Montana Territory; with matrimony in mind.

Lyla answers Glen’s letter; monies are sent to pay her way west, and off she goes on what she thought would be an adventure.  Lyla thought everything would be wonderful, a fine adventure ending in marriage and love for her and Glen.  Lyla’s outgoing, talkative, and adventurous.  Glen’s beyond shy; cold, rude and closed off, he’s unable to talk comfortably to people, especially women; he would rather be on the farm plowing or with the animals and plants.

When his twin brother, Greg, absent for four years, shows up as the stage comes in, his mother knows there’s going to be trouble.  These two have always tried to out do each other.  Greg’s tired of the cowboy life, he’s ready to start his own ranch, and maybe start a family.  He’s immediately smitten with Lyla when she comes off the stage.  Glen, plowing at the farm, didn’t even bother to come meet the stage to Lyla’s horror.  Taking to her to supper, at his mother insistence, he’s uncommunicative and rude.


The Pastor’s Replacement Bride By George H. McVey



Mail Order Brides of Sanctuary Book 1

The Pastor's Replacement Bride
The Pastor’s Replacement Bride










Pastor Joshua Bryce has a problem in The Pastor’s Replacement Bride.  The deacons of the church want him married and settled.  With Mayor’s Lyman’s daughter determined to become his wife, he needs a suitable bride quickly.  Joshua knows Ernestine Lyman’s totally unsuitable for a pastor’s wife as she’s selfish, without a helper’s heart, and looking for the prestige of his pastoral office.

Meanwhile the churches Ladies Aid Society, led by Myrtle, come to him with a proposal to provide brides for the eligible, up standing, church going bachelors in Sanctuary, Montana Territory.  With brides scarce in the west, and only 2 eligible women in Sanctuary, they suggest sending to church pastors back east for good Christian women to correspond; hoping to  obtain Christian brides.  After prayer and counsel with God, Joshua agrees and adds he will be one of the participating bachelors.

In Chicago, Hattie Long’s an orphan;  raised in a local orphanageIndentured in service to the orphanage and sent to a local brothel as a cook and servant, when she turns twenty-one the orphanage will release her from bondage.  However, the brothel owner, Papa John, has plans to use Hattie in his brothel as soon as she turns twenty-one?.  Unable to find a job, Hattie approaches Pastor Long and his daughter, Haddie, explaining her situation.   She and Haddie share almost the same first name and the same last name; they have a very close relationship of friends and almost sisters.

Haddie corresponded with Joshua as a potential bride; she and Hattie will go west before the nefarious brothel owner, Papa John, can do his worse.  Joshua decides he can not let this young innocent be used in such a way.  With monies Nugget Nate, famous rescuer of indigent and down on their luck women left him, he pays her way west; monies left with instructions he would know when to use it.  However, Haddie, sick with scarlet fever’s unable to make the trip; she sends Hattie on to safety.


Mold and Marriage By Sophie Dawson


Love’s Infestation Series Book 1

Mold And Marriage
Mold And Marriage










When Kyria’s place of employment explodes, she’s caught in the blast.  Seriously injured, Kyria’s physician, Dr. Mark Jenner, finds she touches something deep inside him.  Released after months, Kyria’s instructed to have home aid.  When her weekend aid hates cats, does nothing, and leaves in an hour and a half, she tells the agency she has made other arrangements.  Bad idea Kyria.  A serious, yet hilariously written, crisis occurs bringing Dr. Jenner back into her life.  The reader follows Mark and Kyria through trials, gossip, hurt, a noisy family, mold, and romance as they head towards happily ever after.   My Christian romance book review follows.


This is a sweet clean romance filled with emotion.  Reading about Kyria’s injuries and pain, I could almost feel her suffering.  How wonderful her doctors a devoted Christian who prays for his patients.  Dawson shows how man, medicine, and God work together to heal the sick.


The Vengeful Groom By Misty Shae


The Vengeful Groom
The Vengeful Groom










In The Vengeful Groom we find Thomas Engelberg and Caroline Saget.  Caroline, daughter to Ryan Saget, who ruined many fine men and their businesses with his dishonest business deals.  Having nothing but mean and rude comments for Carolina when he’s not ignoring her, he’s a sad excuse for a father.  Caroline seeks a way out of her torment.  Placing a mail order bride ad, she wants to go west.

Thomas Engelberg father’s one of the men Saget ruined.  Seeking vengeance, he answers Caroline’s mail order bride ad; saying all the things she needs to hear, he can not wait to begin his revenge against Saget by using Caroline.  The proverb states, “He who seeks vengeance must dig two graves one for his enemy & one for himself.”  After marrying Caroline and making her life hell, Thomas will find this proverb true.  Will these two ever come together in love and happiness?  Can Caroline’s love for Thomas and faith in God change Thomas for the better?  Will she ever be able to forgive his horrendous treatment of her?  My romance book review of The Vengeful Groom follows.


Oh my, what a short story Shae created.  Although short stories and novellas can not develop the characters or story-line in the depth of the their parent, the novel, Shae packed this short story with emotion.  I felt so sorry for Caroline I almost cried. Living a life of subjugation, discouragement, and belittling, she thought she had found her knight in shining armor. However, Caroline finds continuation of her earlier life.  Carolina never lost her faith in God’s goodness;  praying for Thomas daily.  Hoping for her happy ever after dream to come true.


Sparklers or Spankings By Stacy Eaton


The Celebration Series Book 7

Sparklers or Spankings
Sparklers or Spankings











Can you guess from the title, which Celebration resident’s the subject of the latest Celebration book, Sparklers or Spankings?  Yes, you guessed it; Harper finally meets her man.  Harper Reed, owner of The Inn and Out Bed and Breakfast, is facing a crisis.  After years of running the inn, making the improvements needed, and proving her specialty services a success, her business is in jeopardy.

Attorney, Mason Tidewater’s, in town on business.  Business which will negatively affect Harper’s bed and breakfast.  When fate steps in, Mason and Harper learn the meaning of immediate attraction.  As things heat up, Mason must make decisions which will affect both their lives.  Will Mason chose wisely?  Are sparklers, or spankings on the horizon?  If Mason plays his cards right, making the right decisions, he might get both.  My reviews for romance novel, Sparklers or Spankings follows.


Firstly, I must say how much I love small town Celebration, residents and atmosphere.  A place where everyone is family; noisy, gossipy, friendly, and caring.  In her latest Celebration book, Eaton features Harper Reid and the slightly kinky Inn and Out Bed


Sunset Fire By Renee Vincent


Vikings of Honor, Book 1

Sunset Fire
Sunset Fire, Covr










In Sunset Fire, Mara, beloved daughter of of Irish King Cathal, finds herself running for her life with Viking Warrior Chieftain Dægan Ræliksen. Considering Vikings murderous villains, Mara fights against her savior. Dægan, watched Mara from the bushes, when marauder Vikings appear, he spirits her away from harm. She has stolen his heart and soul. Through dangers, jealousies, villains, battles, and vengeance, Dægan and Mara run for their lives, growing ever closer. Can these two forge a relationship between pagan and Christian?  Can love flourish?  Will King Cathal demand the return of his daughter and declare war?  My reviews of romance novel, Sunset Fire, follows.


Sunset Fire is an epic romance between the pagan Viking warrior chieftain and the Irish Christian daughter of a king.  With vivid descriptions, Vincent details their journey across land and sea. I could smell the salt in the air and feel the tension between Dægan and Mara. I have never read a book which had as much sexual tension between the


Secret Father By Suz deMello




Secret Father B Suz deMello
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Sweet romance oozes from the pages of Secret Father.  Written by award-winning author Suz deMello, the reader will find a clean romance filled with emotion and character driven.  Linda Travers has loved Dave Madsen since she was fourteen.  Seventeen year old Dave, rescued Linda from a deadly snow storm and won her immediate love.  However, the course of true love did not run smooth, as Dave left town never knowing of shy Linda’s feelings.  Meeting again at college, and after one night of love, Dave’s gone again;  this time to the Amazon jungles.   Unfortunately, he left a little something behind this time.  Nine months later, none the wiser, Dave is a father.

After a career changing injury, Dave’s back in town to recuperate and receive physical therapy, leaving Linda, his newly appointed physical therapist, no option except tell Dave about his son.  A son who looks exactly like Dave does not go unnoticed in the small gossipy town of Renegade Ridge, California.


Refuge of the Heart by Ruth Logan Herne

Book Review

This is a wonderful story of courage, survival, the undefeated human spirit, terror, relationships, faith in God and redeeming love.  I loved this story and couldn’t read it fast refuge of the heartenough. Author Ruth Logan Herne did a wonderful job of instilling emotion into this story; I could feel Lena’s emotions; the cultural differences, the language, having to start her education over here, I thank God I live in America.  Lena, the main character of this story has suffered as no human being should have to suffer, and came to America with the help of the Catholic Church for a new life. Grozny, Chechnya was a battleground of fighting and evil men with evil intentions.

Lena and her 5-year-old sister, Anna, live in an apartment skirting a crime-ridden neighbor but a good school for Anna.  Mitchell Sanderson is the county DA up for re-election.  God has plans in store for Mitch, Lena, and Anna; God orchestras a


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