Cold Comfort By Trevor Douglas


Bridgette Cash Mystery Thriller Book 1

Cold Comfort
Cold Comfort



Cold Comfort, the first book in the Bridgette Cash Mystery Series, features Bridgette Casseldhorf;  she’s a rookie detective on her first murder investigation.  No one believes Bridgette when she is sure they have a serial killer at large; least of all her crusty opinionated partner.  As a result, will she convince the powers in charge or will they ignore the rookie detective as a killer plies his trade?  My book reviews follow.


Cold Comfort is a fast-paced, nonstop thriller.  The author grabbed me immediately and did not let go until the final page.  He held me in the palm of his hand with descriptive writing, many twists and turns, multi-plotting, and the vividly choreographed scenes.

Each character is fully developed;  from the self-serving Assistant Commissioner to the savvy, intelligent serial killer.   Trevor Douglas‘ writing is fluid and flows smoothly.  His portrayal of the crusty, socially clueless, seasoned detective, Lance Hoffman, is excellent.   With retirement in less than three months, Hoffman has little time for social niceties. Watching Hoffman and Casseldhorf warm up to each other is a thing to behold.  Including the compassionate, understanding, seasoned Chief Inspector, Felix Delray balanced the scales of tension between Hoffman and Casseldhorf. Then, the author added a self-serving obnoxious Assistant Commissioner of the Hartbourne Metropolitan Police, Leo Cunningham.  What a stroke of genius;  this added another layer of controversy and departmental jealousy to the storyline.

Trevor Douglas gave Bridgette a background of a family torn apart by murder and accusation.  He then added in a police conspiracy, which ramped up the plot.  As she slowly learns more and more including the involvement of the police force, she is also on the trail of an intelligent, savvy, and prolific serial killer.  For good measure, he threw in a jurisdictional take over by the FBI.  However,  Bridgette and the team are one step ahead of the Feds.  I had a good laugh when Chief Delray ——-, no that would be a spoiler.  You can only get the scoop by reading Cold Comfort.


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