Mail Order Bride – The Crippled Mail Order Bride Promised to his Brother: by Indiana Wake and Belle Fifer

Book Review

Ann Montgomery is a beautiful young woman wounded in spirit. She has a crippled leg and The Crippled Brideeveryone she knows makes fun, pities her, or looks down on her disability. She wants a husband and family; at her friend Jolene’s urging she applies for a husband with Mary Hawkins mail order bride agency. What follows is a journey west where love is waiting.

Anna finds herself with two suitors but only one holds her heart. Anna prays for guidance from her Heavenly Father, and God handles bringing things to the proper end. For a short story the authors, Ms. Wake and Fifer, did a good job creating a love and happiness for Anna, I wish it have been fleshed out more, but I think in the coming books, we will find the stories will connect and complete a cohesive book. The bonus chapter at the end of the book was  enlightening about what the authors have planned for Anna and Jolene.

I found this book a light easy read, a sweet clean romance, and a great way to spend a few hours of my time. This book is a short novella but not the end of the story as the characters are in the next book.  I enjoyed the story and look forward the next book, which is Jolene’s story.

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This book is free on Kindle Unlimited; if you wish to purchase, I have placed a link to Amazon on the side bar.


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