Cactus Rose by Samantha Harte

A DespeCactus Roserate Woman

A Powerful Strong Man

And Evil Surrounds Them!

Rosie Saladay raced into town in her worn out wagon and worn out horses on a mission. She needs a husband, and she needs him today.  The local gambler, Wesley Morris, is determined to practically steal her land and mysteriously her husband was killed last week.


Everyone believes there is gold on her land, she has something more valuable to history, ancient cliff dwellings; her husband, Abner, swore her to secrecy.


Del Grant riding thru town, drinking and gambling decides to marry Rosie even without “boots under the bed” as they said in the west, a marriage of convenience and protection for Rosie who believes she will be the next one killed for her land.


Rosie, a mill girl, had come west to find her future husband, found he didn’t want a wife, only a housekeeper, so he could research the dwellings and artifacts. She lives a lonely almost destitute existence. I could feel Del’s emotions rolling off of him as he listened to Rosie describe her life.


I could feel Rosie’s desire that her late husband had felt a little something for her, fear of what was to become of her, and her determination to safe guard her husband’s legacy. The author poured emotion throughout this book, as we watched Del and Rosie grow into the people they were


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