Secrets Come Home By Samantha Price


(Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries Book 1)

Secrets Come Home
Secrets Come Home










Ettie Smith inherited a house when her friend Agatha died.  During repairs, a body’s discovered under the house.  A body which has been there many years.  When identified, the man is Agatha’s ex-fiance.  The police name Agatha as the murderer.  Ettie’s determined to clear her friend’s name.  Her old friend, Detective Crowley, has retired and the new detective doesn’t care for Ettie nosing into his investigation.  What Ettie finds surprises the Amish Community;  to everyone’s dismay secrets and crimes come to light.  My mystery book reviews of Secrets Come Home follows.


In Secrets Come Home, Samantha Price created an Amish mystery filled with secrets, lies, and crime.  Secrets never stay hidden, and the lies needed to sustain the secrets have a way of coming undone;  as Ettie stated:  secrets come home.

“Oh! What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”

The plot filled with twists and turns kept me on the edge of my seat as Price took me on a journey of discovery, pain, murder, and grief.  The twists and turns just kept coming in this book.  I would think Ettie had found the murderer and Price would introduce another plot twist.  Samantha Price brought the multi-plots threads together skillfully.  As a result, creating an intriguing mystery.

With a cast of suspects and reasons to kill Horace, Price held the who, what, why, and when, close to her chest.  As a result, Price crafted a tantalizing mystery.  I found the pacing perfect and Price‘s prose descriptive.  I love reading Amish stories as they give me insight into the Amish way of life.  Also, I have found Amish stories are clean without swear words or sex. That said, Price faced head-on a part of life which affects a lot of teens.  As well as, the consequences which result.   In Secrets Come Home, I discovered Amish communities have crime the same as the rest of us.  I also thought the Amish community in this book did not seem as strict as some Amish;  this enabled me to better relate to the characters.


Literally Murder By Eryn Scott


A Pepper Brooks Cozy Mystery Book 2

Literally Murder
Literally Murder










Pepper and Liv are in the last year of college;  each is looking forward to the future, but sad they will part.   Alec has been to law enforcement training and just returned.  Things are a little different between Pepper and Alec; they can’t seem to connect as they did before he left and frustration’s setting in.

When Pepper finds a student face down in the creek, Alec insists she stay out of the case.  Of course, Pepper does her best, but everyone keeps bringing her clues.  What’s she to do?  She fields the clues to Alex and his father.  However, when two more girls turn up dead, Pepper’s has a hard time setting on the sidelines.  Then when Liv’s life’s in harm’s way, Pepper is off and running.  My book review of Literally Murder follows.


Eryn Scott‘s writing keeps getting better and better.  Scott sank the hook in early and held me on the line until the final page.  Filling Literally Murder with intrigue, mystery, suspense, and quotes from Hemingway.  With a quick quote for any given situation, Pepper’s deep in classes on Hemingway with Professor Evensworth.

Scott kept the mystery and suspense at high peak and did not reveal the killer until the last possible moment.  To say I was surprised would be an understatement.  I never considered this person.  Scott matured Pepper in this book;  she’s not as ready to accuse after what happened in book 1.  However, she has quite a cast of suspects to choose from until they each come up with an alibi.


Halloween is Murder By Carolyn Arnold


(McKinley Mysteries Book 11)

Halloween Is Murder
Halloween Is Murder










In Halloween Is Murder, Sean and Sara McKinley, wishing to support charities for children, have set up a Halloween house.  Getting a television interview by Chloe Parson, they did not expect Chloe to turn up dead the same day.  Owner’s of Pay It Forward Investigations, Sara has a “feeling” Chloe has been the victim of murder.  After heartfelt pleas to investigate, Sara persuades Sean to take the case;  they set off to find if murder‘s the cause. 

The police are still investigating the case;  which means Sean and Sara must be careful proceeding.  Through twists and turns, the McKinley’s, dare I say,  tiptoe through their investigation.  What will they find?  Was Chloe murdered?  If so, who did it, friend or foe?  My book review of Halloween Is Murder follows.


Once again author Carolyn Arnold created a fantastic murder mystery.  Filled with twists and turns, well-developed character, and an intriguing story-line, this book holds the reader‘s attention.  I love Sean and Sara.  Arnold filled Sean with love for Sara.  He’s willing to do almost anything to make her happy.  Sara’s a determined, strong woman;  yet, she has issues of insecurity.  With hunches, feelings, and intuition, she makes a great investigator and partner for Sean.  She uses her talents, and he uses methodical investigation and reason;  he wants evidence in his cases, she goes by her gut.  They compliment each other;  they each have a technique of crime solving. 


Driven To Death By Elleby Harper


Driven To Death
Driven To Death










In Driven To Death, Bex Wynter’s life in New York had gone off the rails.  Losing her soul mate in an auto crash, almost destroyed her.  Needing to recoup and start in a new place, she accepts a position at the London Met.  Her first case will almost do her in when she finds herself heading up a new team investigating an auto crash.  Was it murder or an accident?  She and her team must ferret out the facts and determine the true cause of the death of two young people.  One an ordinary rebellious teenager, the other the son of a wealthy man in high places of government.  Evie Butterworth, watched as Bon’s car mowed down and killed her daughter, Clara.  Called a Saint because she immediately tried to save the driver, Evie’s seen by millions on YouTube.

Come along with Bex as she and her team learn there’s more to the story than first appeared.  My mystery suspense book review of Driven To Death follows


In Driven To Death, author Elleby Harper created a novel filled with mystery, suspense, and police proceduralHarper hooked me from the first pages of her book.  As she skillfully build the suspense and mystery, I could not read fast enough to satisfy my need to know.  With a multi-layered plot and well-developed characters of varying personalities, this book is a first- rate crime story.

Elleby Harper created differing outlooks, manner of dress, personalities, and investigative techniques, for Bex’s team members.  I found Quinn a riot;  I didn’t know whether to hate him or love him.  Jealous of the American placed in a position he thought he should have received, his snarks and snips at Bex will make you laugh and then, make you want to shake him.  I loved the nerdy personality of Reuben, a former real estate salesman, who suddenly finds himself a trainee DC on the Youth Crimes Team under command of Bex.  The wrinkled seasoned warrior Eli, and stylish Idris, round out the team.


Melody’s Key By Dallas Coryell


Melody's Key by Dallas Coryel
Melody’s Key










Set in England, Melody’s Key Dallas Coryellby , an intense romance novel filled with emotion and longing, fulfills the readers desire for intrigue and romance. Tegan Lockwood is not an ordinary young woman.  She has given up her dreams and aspirations.  As a result, struggling with her family to maintain the family business, Tegan works long hard hours of endless labor while hiding a life altering trauma.  Tegan’s a multi-talented woman sacrificing everything for her family.  It’s an endless struggle to stay solvent.  Much needed resources infuse the family coffers when famous American musician Mason Keane, seeks refuge at the family excursion business.

Mason and Tegan begin a journey of discovery and renewal.  Will Mason open Tegan’s heart to new possibilities?   What impact will the long forgotten love letters in the attic have on Tegan?  Will two scarred leery people find a common ground to happiness?  Can they overcome past crisis’ and issues to grab the happiness offered?  Grab a comfort seat, my romance book reviews of Melody’s Key follows.


Primarily a romance novel, author Dallas Coryell, filled this novel with emotion.  Emotions which grab the reader quickly and do not let go.  Coryell created two deeply scarred lonely people and developed them throughout the story.  I felt their despair and deep need just below the surface of their being.  With pasts which defined each of them, Coryell demonstrates the healing power of love.


The Eye of Nefertiti By Maria Luisa Lang


A Pharaoh’s Cat Novel

The Eye Of Nefertiti
The Eye Of Nefertiti










Wrappa-Hamen, a talking upright walking cat with human abilities, has the starring role in The Eye Of Nefertiti.  Also featuring High Priest Gato-Hamen, Elena ordinary female, and baby Alexander.  Although a standalone read, The Eye Of Nefertiti continues the story of these extraordinary people, a cat with personality, and a flying time-traveling magic boat;  yes, you read correctly, magic boat.

Receiving an invitation to Bath, England, Elena and Alexander leave by plane.  Wrappa-Hamen and the High Priest will travel by magic boat.  However, things do not go quite as planned.  Including ending up at Stonehenge in ancient England and finding Queen Nefertiti living eternally.  Then add in traveling to ancient Egypt and meeting Seth, demon god.  My book review of The Eye of Nefertiti follows.


With vivid writing, Lang takes the reader on an action packed ride, full of twist and turns, adventure, time-travel, and laughter.  Narrated by the cat, Wrappa-Hamen, who possesses a wicked sense of humor, The Eye Of Nefertiti’s a fun read from start to finish.  I laughed and laughed at Wrappa-Hamen’s dialogue, observations, and conversations.  A cat with heart, an awkward uncoordinated High Priest, a re-incarnated Pharaoh in baby Alexander, and Elena normal human, are just a few of the characters the reader finds in this fantasy comedy.


Last Word By Robin Mahle


(A Kate Reid Novel Book 7)

Last Word
Last Word










In Last Word, Book 7 of the Kate Reid series by author Robin Mahle, the reader finds Kate applying to the BAU.  She’s also involved in a high-profile murder case.  Women, murdered by an unknown assailant, are found with a cloth note in their mouth.  On the cloth written with lipstick, they see the word, Whore.  Kate finds Congressman Grant Copeland, the only link between the victims. Kate and the team must stop this killer before the bodies mount.  Dealing with a high-profile member of Congress, a cop in charge of the investigation who’s probably on the take and dirty, while waiting to hear from her application to the BAU, Kate has her hands full in this exciting book.  My book review of Last Word follows.


I must say, the Last Word by author Robin Mahle‘s an action-packed roller coaster ride of excitement.  I was on the edge of my sit from the first page to the last.  Filling this book with many twists and turns, intrigue, action, and suspense, Last Word’s a great addition to the Kate Reid series. Just when I thought I had it all worked out another plot line appeared.  Mahle had many threads to bring together in Last Word, which she did with skill while keeping the suspense at high peak and the story flowing smoothly.

With a variety of characters, Robin Mahle developed to their full potential;  you’ll not be disappointed in Last Word.  I found Mahle‘s detailing of the FBI, profilers, and agents exciting and informative.  A profile does not suddenly appear in thirty minutes as it does on television.  It takes time to create an accurate profile of the suspect, long hours, a lot of investigation, and hard work.  Mahle gave us a fascinating look inside the FBI;  as well as, the territorial disrupts between agencies.


Sub-Sahara By Ethan Arkwright












A team excavating an ancient well, finds themselves in the middle of a super-storm.  When it’s all over, what they see boggles the imagination.  The sands of the Sahara moved, revealing a silver pyramid giving off an energy signal.  The race’s on to acquire this new and mysterious source of energy.

James Cavil and his team of elite private soldiers, given the mission to get there first and acquire this source for humanity, finds this easier said than done.  Forces are in place to stop them.  My military thriller book review of Sub-Sahara follows.


Ethan Arkwright crafted a fast paced roller coaster ride filled with twists and turns in Sub-Sahara.  Who is friend, who is foe? Arkwright had me guessing throughout the book.  If you are looking for romance, this book’s not for you.


The Devil’s Colony By Bill Schweigart


The Fatal Folklore Trilogy

The Devil's Colony
The Devil’s Colony










In The Devil’s Colony, Bill Schweigart, once again brings together his team of monster hunters.  In the New Jersey Pine Barrens, Ben, Lindsay, Erica, Alex, Richard, and Davis face the ultimate evil.  Once more they are all facing monsters and death.

Henry Drexler, Richard’s old partner owns a compound, Välkommen, in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.  Although the name means “welcome”, Välkommen’s anything but welcoming once you get inside.  Drexler takes in everyone, as long as, they are racists, white power neo Nazis’.  Realizing Drexler probably summoned the past monsters they battled, Richard must send in Lindsay and Ben incognito to find as much information as they can.  Between the black uniformed guards, neo Nazis crazies, and Drexler’s sociopath son, they will find information does not come easy.  But when found, it’s terrible and frightening, as monsters resident in the Pine Barren.



The Reader By M. K. Harkins



The Reader, Cover jpeg
The Reader, Cover










Story line The Reader:

Author M. K. Harkins, created an exciting paranormal romance thriller in her book, The Reader.  A young girl finds herself on the shore dodging bullets.  Without memory of her identity or past, two uncommonly handsome young men, Archer and Devon, come to her rescue.  Told her name’s Ann, Archer and Devon claim to be friends.  However, somethings feels off!  Still, they whisk her off to North Bend, Washington as bullets fly around them.

Upon arriving in North Bend and presented with an impossible tale, she doesn’t know what to think.  For in North Bend a compound of superior humans, live, love, work, and claim they are mind readers.  Humans who have secretly inhabited the earth for thousands of years side by side with normal humans.  Ann comes to believe this impossible tale, her part in this community, and the part she will play in destiny.  Long awaited by the Readers and others, Ann has a major role in the future.  However, evil is stalking humans, these superior beings, and Ann.  Plans are in place;  Ann, Archer, and Devon will have to come to terms with their place in history.

Come along with Ann, Archer, and Devon as they come to understand their place in the past, present and future.  Grab your favorite beverage, have a seat, and enjoy this wonderfully intriguing tale. My paranormal romance thriller novel review of The Reader follows.


Characters, Plotting, and Development:

Firstly, let me say, Author M. K. Harkins, grabs the reader from the first sentences in this paranormal romance novel.  She started her story with a bang and grabbed me right away.  The intrigue and mystery will grab your imagination and not let go.  Secondly,


Exodus ’95 By Kfir Luzzatto













Author Kfir Luzzatto created an action packed thriller in his novel Exodus ’95.  Claire Williams befriends an elderly neighbor, Jack Jones, who proposes an unbelievable proposition.  Saying yes to this sweet old man will change Claire’s life forever.  Dan Ze’evi, former Israeli soldier, owns a small failing company.  Approached by a Russian offering a wealth of money for a large part of the company, Dan’s decision will change everything he knows.  Two people brought together on one adventure for which the world is not ready.

On the hunt for the fabled staff of Moses, said to have indescribable power, Dan and Claire, on the run from villains in every corner, form a bond.  Can Claire and Dan finish their mission before Claire’s body gives out and the fanatics and villains win the day?  My reviews for thriller suspense novel, Exodus ’95 follows.


Firstly, I must say what an action packed thrill ride awaits the reader in Exodus ’95Author Kfir Luzzatto grabs the reader immediately, sinks the hook in deep, and never let’s go.  Filled with action around every corner, with twists and turns totally unexpected, this is a spine tingling novel.  Luzzatto created believable characters even though the


Engadine Aerie By Bluette Matthey


A Hardy Durkin Travel Mysteries series (Hardy Durkin Travel Mystery Book 5)

Engadine Aerie by Bluette Matthey
Engadine Aerie, cover



In Engadine Aerie, Hardy Durkin is in Switzerland helping his friend, Abbey, with a new skiing business adventure.  Everything seems normal until Hardy and Princess Maryam find a murdered body on the ski trail.  With attempts on his life, Isis, and terrorist on his trail, Hardy’s in for a rip-roaring time.  Add in the beautiful falcons and scenery, well you guessed it, Hardy’s solving another case.


From the start of Engadine Aerie, the reader’s enmeshed in the beauty and history of Europe, past and present.  With great attention to detail, Matthey, gives insight to the past and present politics, as well as, wonderful history lessons on the Knights Templar.  The action begins almost immediately and continues to roll to the end of the novel.  With twists and turns, plots and sub plots,


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