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Reunited By Danger
Reunited By Danger










Police Officer Amber Kingston and Detective Caleb Lyons feature in author Carol J. Post new mystery, suspense, romance Reunited By Danger.  Amber receives face book posts from her old friend, Ramona, begging her to come to the ten-year class reunion.  Ramona says she has cancer and wishes to connect with the old group of six at the reunion.

Amber, a girl headed for no good in high school, ran with a bad crowd.  Six of them who grouped together for drinking and fun.  When one of the six is murdered at the reunion, Amber finds a one line message near him.  Each of them have mysteriously received cryptic messages from someone seeking vengeance for a past deed they feel the six are responsible.

Detective Caleb Lyons, ran with the good crowd in school; always top grades, helping others, and a Christian to boot.  These two must now work together on this case.  Amber and Caleb, find her friends murdered one by one, as they receive messages of retaliation for the past.  Caleb with his own demons, tries to get Amber to open up to him and tell all she knows?  Will they solve this mystery?  Can a relationship, possibly love, bloom between Amber and Caleb as they become closer and closer?  My mystery suspense romance book reviews of Reunited By Danger follows.


Reunited In Danger grabbed me from the beginning of the book and did not let go until the last page.  A fast paced tale of vengeance, murder, and secrets, author Carol J. Post crafted a first class story filled with mystery and suspense.  I could relate to their immature behavior, as we all were immature in our teen years of high school.  Post highlights the repercussions of immature behavior with the resulting damage and repercussions which occur.

I found the suspense and mystery addictive as I became involved in the story-line. Then, I found myself asking:  who’s going to be next and what happened on that night long ago?  Post kept the identity of the murderer and secrets close to her chest and did not reveal either until absolutely necessary to the story-line.  What event set the murderer on a trail of vengeance?  Wondering if Amber’s involved and praying not, I impatiently clicked my E reader screen, reading this book straight through as I had to know the answers.


Murder In The Mansion By Penelope Sotheby


A Daniel Swift Mystery

Murder In The Mansion
Murder In The Mansion










In Murder In The Mansion, we find cheating husband Todd Nelson, on the phone with his lover, Tiffany.  Knowing something’s going on, his wife wealthy Jillian Wilmington Nelson, listens on an extension.  The fight which follows, between Todd and Jillian, leaves her paralyzed and bed ridden after she tumbles down the stairs.  Knowing Todd’s only after her money, she contacts her cousin, Rachel, to come and help her.  Locking herself in her bedroom, changing the locks, refusing Todd admittance, she wants to make him pay for his attempt to kill her.  Rachel takes over the reins of Jillian’s care.  Hiring a nurse, Clare Wharton and maid, Peggy Talbot, they and Rachel care for Jillian.

When Jillian suspiciously dies, the fur hits the fan.  Clare finds herself charged with murder and Daniel Swift, attorney, finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation and trial.  Why did a healthy woman died so suddenly?  She should have lived into old age even though paralyzed. The nurse denies responsibility, yet, strangely some of Jillian’s jewelery’s found in her room.  Will Daniel find the real killer or will he find  Nurse Clare’s the killer?  My mystery book review of Murder In The Mansion follows.


Murder In The Mansion, full of twists and turns, mystery, and varied suspects, will grab your attention immediately.  As you know, mysteries are one of my favorite genre;  this book hit the spot.  Sotheby skillfully leads the reader through this investigation and trial.  Surprises are in store in this fast paced mystery.


The Amish Best Friends By Katie Fisher


A Suspense Romance

The Amish Best Friends
The Amish Best Friends









The lead story shares the same name as the title; The Amish Best Friends.  A wonderful buy with bonus content of 20 stories; for a total of 1708 page.  A great deal for any reader who loves Amish and Christian romances at a surprising low costs of .99.  A clean sweet book suitable for anyone, you will love these stories.  I chose to review the lead story, The Amish Best Friends.


In the lead story,The Amish Best Friends, Hannah Zook teaches school in Orthause, Pennsylvania.  Devout and dedicated to the Amish way of life, when Mennonite Eli Reimer wants to marry her, she’s thrown into a quarry.  For Eli demands she join his church, forsaking her Amish church.

When Ezekiel Miller’s murdered, the Englisch, investigating the murder, send Jacob King and his partner to the Amish community.  Jacob left the Amish after his rumspringa, becoming a law enforcement officer.  Hannah comforts Ezekiel’s wife, Martha, who’s the prime suspect and eventually arrested.  As far as Hannah’s concerned, he has arrested the wrong person.  She decides to start her own investigation with her best friend Abram Wittmer by her side.  My Amish romance book review follows.


I found this story well-written and entertaining.  Fisher created a first class romance suspense mystery.  Her writing is clear, concise, and easy to follow, as well as, containing scenes which transition smoothly.  Fisher keep the mystery and suspense at high peak and did not reveal the murderer until the last possible moment.  With several suspects, I did not guess the correct culprit.


Smugglers & Scones By Morgan C. Talbot



Smugglers & Scones
Smugglers & Scones










In Smuggles & Scones, Pippa Winterbourne operates Moorehaven Bed and Breakfast.  Formerly owned by well-own internationally famous mystery author, A. Raymond Moore;  he left the house with instructions which included, the Bed and Breakfast guests must be authorsAuthors come to the B&B to rest, play games, eat, plot, and write.  By the way, they are as zany as the residents.

The towns full of quirky characters; which makes the authors feel right at home.  Secrets abound in this small town;  secret clubs, quaint residents, mysterious treasures, gossips, and nosiness.  From the Glaze and Gossip Club, the mysterious speakeasy once under the local tavern, the police chief ready for a coronary, boat wrecks, mobsters, smugglers, mysterious women, and murder, this town is perfect for the latest batch of authors.

The zaniness begins when a boat wrecks on the rocks and Pippa with her bunny slippers pull to safety handsome pilot Lake.  He has no memory of the wreck, the large lump on his head, or the dead man on the boat.  Pippa takes the responsibility of caring for Lake; which is a pleasure for her, she’s attracted to Lake.

Come along with Pippa and company as they find a murderer, possibly finds love, and solves a mystery.  My book review of Smugglers & Scones follows.


I loved the residents in Smuggles & Scones; zany, quirky, noisy, and ready at the drop of a hat to help each other.  Talbot has a finger on the pulse of small town America.  The authors fit right in as they cause all kinds of problems for Pippa and the town.  When I started the book, I found myself thinking: this one is not for me.  Boy was I wrong;  as I finished the first chapter, I was enthralled with the Pippa and the rest of the crew.


Death Unmasked By Rick Sulik



51e1xuqdrxl-_sx331_bo1204203200_, Death Unmasked
Death Unmasked











In Death Unmasked, a romance mystery novel, you will find an intense reincarnation crime story.   Author Rick Sulik grabs your attention with an action packed story-line.  In an earlier time period,  Emil and the love of his life cross paths with an evil that out lives time.  Reincarnated many times before, Emil is now Sean Jamison, detective with the Houston Police Department.  Sean has searched all his present life for his lost love, finally she’s within his grasp.  Meanwhile the evil has followed them to this life and will do its best to kill that love as it is killing many others.

Murders are happening, horrible murders.  The Homicide Division is on the case and activates The Think Tank.  Is this murderer a psychopath who is supernatural?   A coat from long ago, a framed creed, evil incarnate, and a love that withstands time; come along for the ride of a lifetime.  My romance mystery novel review follows below.



First I must say, as I started this book, I did not think it would be my cup of tea.  Filled with flowery prose


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