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Rise Of The Chosen By Anna Kopp




Rise Of The Chosen, Cover
Rise Of The Chosen, Cover




Set in post-apocalyptic Savannah, after a world-wide phenomena, Rise Of The Chosen is an exciting and intriguing roller coaster ride.  When the dead started rising, some wanted to call them zombie.  However, the zombie of fiction mindlessly ate its kill.  Know as The Woken, they are not zombies but just plain mindless super killers of the worst sort.   The second type of undead, the Chosen, are rare.  The Chosen have the super abilities of the Woken, but still have their humanity.  To form a workable society and protect humans, society formed a group called the Watch.  The Watch consist of teams containing 2 humans and 1 Chosen, given the responsible of protecting the living, and beheading the Woken.  Closing off the cities, the Watch guards the humans and keeps peace.  Meanwhile, not all are happy with this arrangement, and covert groups form to fight the Watch and the Chosen.

Watch team mates, human Julian and Chosen David, found themselves teamed with newbie Sam.  Her father was a great fighter in the Watch until his heroic death.  Sam will have decisions to make, some will


Nirvana by J. R. Stewart


The Future Looks Bleak!  Would you like to find out why?  Then read on!


Nirvana is a novel of our possible future.


Author, J. R. Stewart created a different world.  The world of 2030’s is a hard place of barren land; the bees have all died. The “company” Hexagon, controls everything and unless you are one of the few, life is very hard.

Story Line:


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