Sherwood Mail Order Brides By Emily Woods


Sherwood Mail Order Brides
Sherwood Mail Order Brides










In Sherwood Mail Order Brides, Emily Woods created a collection of four mail order brides venturing to the West for security and love.

Millie’s Texas Cowboy

Jay Wilson advertised for a mail order bride.  A strong cowboy, a little shy and uncertain, Jay met Millie Tacker when she arrived from back East.   Millie’s left New York, where the men only wanted a beautiful woman on their arm, escaping an overly demanding employer, and clients who treated her like a servant;  she’s looking for a better life, security, and love.  However, as they say, there’s a worm in apple in the form of Frank Harris.  Will he steal Millie away from when Jay disappears without a word?


Sheriff for three months in the town of Sherwood, James “Jim” Brooks, is thinking he’s ready to retire from the life of law enforcement and all it entails. A former Texas Ranger, he has seen the worse man offers.  Lonely, Jim began contemplating settling down with a mail order bride.  Alice Sims came to Sherwood as the mail order bride for James; they married the same day.  Alice is a strong, determined woman who does not hold back and does not mind speaking her mind.  James has always been in control.  A rocky road looms ahead for these two strong independent people;  they find marriage a complicated business.  As well as, a past evil which comes gunning for James.



Western Song By Leigh Podgorski


Western Song
Western Song










In Western Song, Weston Beaudurant’s friend and employee, Cody, seemed a simple man; a rodeo clown with simple needs.  However, after his death, Weston finds there’s more to Cody than he imagined.  Wynona Vasquez, friend and attorney, meets with Weston, his sister Olive, and her husband, Jeb, after the funeral.  They are in for a big surprise.  Cody has a mail order bride from Thailand coming in on the evening train.  No one knew Cody was thinking of marrying nor that he had saved a large amount of money.  Weston finds himself meeting Cody’s fiancée, Song Phan-Rang at the train station.

A sadder sight no one has ever seen.  Water logged and dripping, Song stands waiting for a fiancé who will never show. Weston will find a very determined woman in Song’s small body.  Determined to live in Cody’s small cold cabin, she will not take no for an answer.  For Song came to America for freedom from cages which surrounded her in Thailand; wanting more from life than Thailand would allow.   So begins the journey of Song and Weston as they forge ahead with life.  Song wants freedom, Weston wants to run his ranch and bull ride; but fate has much in store for these two.  As well as, a small town in turmoil and controversy.

One an American by birth, the other wants to be an American by choice.  Will fate bring together two very different people from diverse backgrounds?  An epic drama of conflicts, prejudices, and love.  My contemporary romance book review of Western Song follows.


First let me say, my poor skills as a writer and reviewer will not do this heart grabbing, powerful epic, justice.  From the first pages I immediately knew this book would tear out my heart.  At times so sad I cried, others so frustrated with Weston I wanted to scream, I couldn’t put this book down.  Leigh Podgorski created a fast paced tale with many levels and layers, which leaves the reader awed and begging for more. 

Filled with yearnings for freedom from prejudice, poverty, and oppression, along with an epic love story, Leigh Podgorski grabs the reader and does not let go. Then add in the guilt Weston carries, the unsung love of another, the drama of the controversy taking over this small town, and the fight to survive, gives you have a story the reader will not quickly forget.


Gabe’s Pledge By Linda Hubalek


Grooms with Honor Book 3

Gabe's Pledge
Gabe’s Pledge










Gabe’s Pledge is the story of Iva Mae Paulson and Gabriel Shepard.  Iva has loved Gabe for years; she’s waited for him to propose.  On New Years Eve 1886, Iva announces she will sign up with a mail order bride agency;  for she intends to be a bride in 1887.  She loves teaching in Clear Creek, but wants a family and home of her own.  Hoping to push Gabe into proposing, will her plan backfire?

Gabe Shepard, shy and prodding, just can’t bring himself to propose to Iva.  After she kisses him on New Year Eve, he felt a wonderful tinge.  But can he overcome his issues to make her his wife?  Hubalek takes readers back to small town Clear Creek.  Filled with laughter, family help or was it hindrance, a strong woman, and maybe a groom of honor, Hubalek takes us on another wonderful journey in the West.


Welcome back to Clear Creek, Kansas and the people we have come to know and love;  Pastor and Kaitlyn Reagan, their six sons, the Paulson’s, Shepard’s, and all the other wonderful residents of Clear Creek.  A small town, close-knit, ready to help each other in any way they can, and where faith in God’s the backbone of the community.  Linda Hubalek skillfully filled Clear Creek with a variety of characters with different personalities and dreams. I love this series; Hubalek included characters from earlier books, allowing her readers to catch up with their lives.  I am always impatient for the next book in this series; wondering who’s the next couple united in love and faith.


His Brother’s Bride By George H. McVey


Mail Order Brides of Sanctuary Book 2

His Brother's Bride
His Brother’s Bride










In His Brother’s Bride by George H. McVey, the reader finds Greg, Glen, and Lyla’s story.  Lyla, with no prospects of marriage in Philadelphia, answers Glen Williams letter for a mail order bride.  As you know from Book 1, The Pastor’s Replacement Bride, the Ladies Aid Society of the church had Pastor Bryce write back east for good Christian women who would like to correspond with upstanding men in Sanctuary, Montana Territory; with matrimony in mind.

Lyla answers Glen’s letter; monies are sent to pay her way west, and off she goes on what she thought would be an adventure.  Lyla thought everything would be wonderful, a fine adventure ending in marriage and love for her and Glen.  Lyla’s outgoing, talkative, and adventurous.  Glen’s beyond shy; cold, rude and closed off, he’s unable to talk comfortably to people, especially women; he would rather be on the farm plowing or with the animals and plants.

When his twin brother, Greg, absent for four years, shows up as the stage comes in, his mother knows there’s going to be trouble.  These two have always tried to out do each other.  Greg’s tired of the cowboy life, he’s ready to start his own ranch, and maybe start a family.  He’s immediately smitten with Lyla when she comes off the stage.  Glen, plowing at the farm, didn’t even bother to come meet the stage to Lyla’s horror.  Taking to her to supper, at his mother insistence, he’s uncommunicative and rude.


Bride Brigade: Rachel By Caroline Clemmons



Bride Brigade: Rachel
Bride Brigade Rachel











Bride Brigade Rachel is the fifth book in the continuing story of the mail-order brides of Tarnation, Texas. Rachel Ross falsely imprisoned in Virginia for embezzlement has spent three years in despair. After release from prison, all except her brother turned their back on her. Rachel takes a drastic step. Answering an ad for mail-order brides, Rachel along with a group of perspective brides heads west.

As a result, Rachel meets Zane Davis owner of the local freight company. In Tarnation, Rachel will face the chance for a life long love, if she can reveal to Zane her past. However, Rachel will have another crisis in her life, which threaten to upend her new future.

Grab your favorite beverage, relax in your favorite chair, and follow Rachel and Zane to the path of true


The Vengeful Groom By Misty Shae


The Vengeful Groom
The Vengeful Groom










In The Vengeful Groom we find Thomas Engelberg and Caroline Saget.  Caroline, daughter to Ryan Saget, who ruined many fine men and their businesses with his dishonest business deals.  Having nothing but mean and rude comments for Carolina when he’s not ignoring her, he’s a sad excuse for a father.  Caroline seeks a way out of her torment.  Placing a mail order bride ad, she wants to go west.

Thomas Engelberg father’s one of the men Saget ruined.  Seeking vengeance, he answers Caroline’s mail order bride ad; saying all the things she needs to hear, he can not wait to begin his revenge against Saget by using Caroline.  The proverb states, “He who seeks vengeance must dig two graves one for his enemy & one for himself.”  After marrying Caroline and making her life hell, Thomas will find this proverb true.  Will these two ever come together in love and happiness?  Can Caroline’s love for Thomas and faith in God change Thomas for the better?  Will she ever be able to forgive his horrendous treatment of her?  My romance book review of The Vengeful Groom follows.


Oh my, what a short story Shae created.  Although short stories and novellas can not develop the characters or story-line in the depth of the their parent, the novel, Shae packed this short story with emotion.  I felt so sorry for Caroline I almost cried. Living a life of subjugation, discouragement, and belittling, she thought she had found her knight in shining armor. However, Caroline finds continuation of her earlier life.  Carolina never lost her faith in God’s goodness;  praying for Thomas daily.  Hoping for her happy ever after dream to come true.


The Wrong Bride By Emma Harper


A Western Historical Mail Order Bride Romance (Mail Order Brides Go West Book 4)

The Wrong Bride
The Wrong Bride









The Wrong Bride contains a collection of 15 bonus western romance stories and the lead story, The Wrong Bride.  A fantastic deal for readers; a total of 16 mail order bride stories with a total page count of 1095, for the price of one.  I chose to review the lead story The Wrong Bride.


In The Wrong Bride, Bethany finds herself pregnant and unwed.  She has her friend, Carol, answer a mail order bride advertisement from a man out west, correspond, and agree to marry Cody Bowles in her name.  Cody has a house ready and impatiently waits for his bride.  When her lover and father of her child proposes, Bethany ask Carol to break the news to Cody; she will not be coming to marry him.

Carol unattached after recently breaking up with her fiancé, does not have the heart to write Cody the bad news.  She wants a husband and family to love and if Bethany doesn’t want Cody, she does.  She decides to take Bethany’s place and marry Cody; using Bethany’s name she arrives to find Cody very sick.

Nursing Cody, Carol has an immediate attraction to this large handsome man; Carol finds she can’t tell him she’s not Bethany.  What is she going to do?  Can she stand in front of God, in his house of worship, and marry Cody under another


Tricked To Marry By Emma Harper


A Western Historical Mail Order Bride Romance (Mail Order Brides Go West Book 3)

Tricked To Marry
Tricked To Marry









Tricked To Marry by author Emma Harper has Tricked To Marry and 15 other wonderful stories.  What a buy, 16 stories for the price of one.  I chose to review Tricked To Marry and The Sheriff’s Broken Bride.  All stories have a sweet clean romance set in the west.


In Tricked To Marry, we find Caroline, school teacher, in a small town in the west.  Coming from the East for a new life in the west, she loves her job and the town.  Desiring a husband and family, men are scarce and few are available.  At twenty-two she’s given up on finding a husband, much less love, when fate steps in taking the form of Winona.  Winona, friend, landlord, and confidant’s determined to find Caroline a husband; even if she has to tell a few lies and use subterfuge by answering a mail order bride ad.  One candidate, Kenneth, appears on the horizon and Winona’s determined to get him for Caroline. My review romance book review of Tricked To Marry follows.


In Tricked To Marry, we find, unbeknownst to Winona and Caroline, each have the same man in mind for Caroline’s future husband. Harper gave Winona a matchmaker personality which she used for Caroline’s benefit.  Winona unaware Caroline’s already has her heart on the same man as Winona wrote, does all she can to get them together. I found it hilarious Carolina had met Winona’s candidate already and attraction followed on both sides.


Marriage by Proxy By Emma Harper


A Western Historical Mail Order Bride Romance

(Petticoats and Pistols Series Book 4)

Marriage By Proxy
Marriage By Proxy










Marriage By Proxy, set in the old west’s, a clean mail order bride story. As a bonus, the author Emma Harper, included 15 other stories in this book for a total of 873 pages.  At steal at .99.  Pepper Martin lives in Tall Grass, Georgia.  The south has not been the same since the war and Tall Grass has changed even more since her father’s death.  Finding an ad from Quaid McDaniels, seeking a wife;  Pepper heads to Wyoming, married by proxy in Georgia.

Quaid has not told Pepper his whole story and quite a surprise is waiting for her at Quaid’s ranch.  Quaid’s father, crippled in a riding accident, is rude, hateful, and as mean as a rattle snake as he lays in his own waste and refuses help.  Can Pepper change the hateful old man into a pussy cat?  Will love come to Quaid and his new mail order bride?  My reviews for romance book, Marriage by Proxy, follows.


Firstly let me say I chose to review the first story in this bundle.  I enjoyed the story-line, finding it original and the characters


Miss Hopeful Mail Order Bride By Laura Fletcher



Miss Hopeful Mail Order Bride
Miss Hopeful Mail Order Bride, cover











Set in Texas, Miss Hopeful Mail Order Bride is an emotional story of love and sacrifice.  Sandra Birmingham, living in Rhode Island and the last child left home, despairs of ever becoming a bride.  Living with a drunkard father, Sandra places her name in the mail order bride catalogue.  Her friend Helen, already living in Texas as a bride, urges Sandra to accept the offer coming in the mail from Samuel James Edgerton.  Samuel, divorced father of Betsy, seeks a wife to care for ill Betsy.  He has no intention of caring for Sandra.  Sandra and Samuel agree to marry for Betsy.  However, fate has something much


The Rogues Bride By Lynn Winchester



Dry Bayou Brides Book 4

The Rogue's Bride by Lynn Winchester
The Rogue’s Bride, cover



Author Lynn Winchester’s novel, The Rogue’s Bride, takes the reader back to the west and the town of Dry Bayou.  Aimee Prentice, on the run from her life in Alabama, comes to Dry Bayou as a mail-order bride.  Gaston Mosier, harboring a deep dark mistake from his youth, decided he would send for a mail-order bride and to a small degree get on with his life.  He wanted a bride who would be quite, biddable, unassuming, and have his children; everything Aimee is not.  Upon meeting, Gaston appears cold and mean;  Aimee gives the impression dull-wittiness, as well as, a fire cracker with a short fuse.  But evil is also lurking in Dry Bayou.  Is it waiting for Aimee?

Can these two come to term with their past, and forge a lasting relationship? Gaston needs forgiveness, if only to himself and Aimee need protection;  will the misunderstandings, misconceptions, and secrets continue to color everything they do?  My reviews for romance novel, The Rogues Bride, follows.


Author Lynn Winchester out did herself with the characters of Gaston and Aimee.  Gaston, as a lot of us do, carries guilt,


Saving Her Reputation By Annie Boone

Saving her Reputation



The Rich Girl Loses Everything

Western Adventure As A Mail Order Bride




Addison Haley is a privileged rich young woman in Baltimore.  At least she was until the police arrested her father for embezzlement.  Addison, her mother, and young brother Benjamin, are forced to move into her Grandmother’s home.  Her mother has retreated into her own world, Addison has lost everything including her reputation, and her Grandmother is going to send Benjamin to England for schooling.  Addison sees no alternative;  she must go west as a mail order bride.

What she finds waiting in Derby, Kansas is a nightmare; a disgusting foul bridegroom going by the


Blind Mail Order Bride For The Rebellious Cowboy By Emma Morgan

a blind mail order bride for the rebellious cowboy


Strong powerful cowboy characters, strong independent women!


A Blind Bride for the Rebellious Cowboy:  Benson Creek Mail Order Brides by Emma Morgan is a story of love.


Ms. Morgan has taken a secondary character in the other books and made him the focus of this story.

Story Line:

Tim Benson has ordered a mail order bride, Rebecca; his future bride is blind. Ms. Morgan instilled in Tim


Mae’s Choice By Kate Cambridge




Mae's choice 2


Could You Be A Mail Order Bride?


A Woman’s Search for Freedom And


The Choices She Made




This is the story of a young woman, Mae, searching for freedom to become who she’s meant to be and the man, Paul, she goes West to marry as a mail-order bride.  Knowing she will never meet a man in the East who will allow her to be her own person, she is off to the West and a mail-order marriage.  Afraid and


Mail-Order Marriage by Tracie Peterson, Mary Davis, Denise Hunter, Judith Miller, and DiAnn Mills Tracie Peterson, Mary Davis, Denise Hunter, Judith Miller, and DiAnn Mills Tracie Peterson, Mary Davis, Denise Hunter, Judith Miller, and DiAnn Mills

Mail-order marriage


Would You Become Mail-Order Bride?

If you answered yes, this book is for you.  You will meet 5 different couples that were wedded as mail order brides.


Mail-Order Marriage by Tracie Peterson, Mary Davis, Denise Hunter, Judith Miller, and DiAnn Mills Tracie Peterson, Mary Davis, Denise Hunter, Judith Miller, and DiAnn Mills Tracie Peterson, Mary Davis, Denise Hunter, Judith Miller, and DiAnn Mills is a treasure cove of reading enjoyment.


Characters, Plotting and Development:

This book has 5 novels of marriages contracted thru the mail to form solid, loving marriages.  To say all is


A Deaf Mail Order Bride for the Reluctant Rancher: Benson Creek Mail Order Brides by Emma Morgan

a eaf mail order bride forthe reluctant rancher

Book Review

She was physically deaf, He was emotionally blind to a wonderful woman!


This is another of Author Emma Morgan’s wonderful books about strong women with disabilities and their search for love in the Wild West.

Story Line:

In this story Sally Tidwell, a deaf young woman, is on her way to Benson Creek as a mail order bride. She’s tired of everyone treating her defective when they find she is deaf. Ms. Morgan created a character in Sally that is a hard worker, pretty, a good cook and home provider.

Ms. Morgan added drama to the story as Jeb has no idea his future bride is deaf. Jeb is expecting a whole bride not one that as he puts it “is as deaf as a tree; he is floored when he realizes Sally is deaf. Jeb is stuck on her disability.



Mail Order Bride – The Crippled Mail Order Bride Promised to his Brother: by Indiana Wake and Belle Fifer

Book Review

Ann Montgomery is a beautiful young woman wounded in spirit. She has a crippled leg and The Crippled Brideeveryone she knows makes fun, pities her, or looks down on her disability. She wants a husband and family; at her friend Jolene’s urging she applies for a husband with Mary Hawkins mail order bride agency. What follows is a journey west where love is waiting.

Anna finds herself with two suitors but only one holds her heart. Anna prays for guidance from her Heavenly Father, and God handles bringing things to the proper end. For a short story the authors, Ms. Wake and Fifer, did a good job creating a love and happiness for Anna, I wish it have been fleshed out more, but I think in the coming books, we will find the stories will connect and complete a cohesive book. The bonus chapter at the end of the book was  enlightening


Alone and Expecting: (Soldier’s Widow Mail Order Brides Book 3) by Susan Leigh Carlton

Book Review

Author Susan Leigh Carlton has written another winner series; this is book 3 of the widow series. From the Alone and Expectingopening prologue that described the infamous battle of Gettysburg where we as a country lost so many of our fine young men on both side to the last page I was hooked.  I cried over all those lost lives and the lives that would be changed forever forward from this awful war; men, women, child forever changed some for good, some for worse in desperate times.

Cindy Britton is widowed after this awful battle, left pregnant and with a son, Titus a little over 2 years old.

Whit Goodson, a rancher, survived the war to only have Apache burn out his ranch; he became the best trail boss in the west and his life continued. He signs on with Tom Cannon to drive cattle to Montana, and stays on as foreman of Tom’s ranch. Whit wants a home, wife and children; mail order brides were frequent out west due to the shortage of women and


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