Nothing Is Predictable By Adalina Mae


2017 Silver Medal Winner – Readers’ Favorite

Nothing Is Predictable by Adalina Mae
Nothing Is Predictable, Cover











A drama full of emotion and angst, we follow Zara from America to Lebanon and back.  Born to Christian parents in America, Zara see’s the world from both sides of the fence.  Moving back to Lebanon as an infant, Zara lives through abuse and mental cruelty.

Following the effects of an alcoholic father, an abused mother, and pedophilia from neighbors, Zara presses on for the answers to a happy existence.  Struggling her whole life, with childhood memories and abuses, Zara’s journey is anything but smooth.  My reviews of this contemporary novel follow.



Author Adalina Mae crafted an intriguing and insightful story-line in Nothing is Predictable.  Although not my cup of tea, for the right audience this book will be a winner as the author presented an in-depth, insightful look into existence and event results.  The prose, composition, and structure of the story-line are skillful; with easy to follow writing.   Written in the first person, the reader‘s treated to an in-depth look at the world of a strong woman whose life has been one issue after another.  Mae’s pacing of the book was a little slow in spots, it picked back up and rolled on.   As a result, the reader’s allowed entry into the thoughts and life, as it’s led and seen, through Zara’s eyes.  Showing the reader the consequences of childhood events, Mae


Unchained Melody By Cynthia Roberts




Unchained Melody by Cynthia Roberts
Unchained Melody, cover











In the romance, Unchained Melody by author Cynthia Roberts, Pamela Landers, young up and coming attorney has it all.  Wealthy, owns a high-priced condo, drives an expensive car and a career soon headed for partnership;  so, what’s missing?  Ah, elusive love, husband, and children are missing from her life.  Work has been her life up to this point.  On vacation in ski country, she and fate will collide.

Meeting Gavin for the first time minutes before she see’s his car plummet off the snowy roadside cliff, Pamela, immediately knew she had to try to help him.   Sit back, get comfortable, as fate will step in and perhaps unchain Pamela’s heart in the form of handsome, wealthy, and secretive Gavin Templeton.  My romance reviews follow.


Does love at first sight exist?  Ask Pamela and Gavin, as they will have an answer for you.  In Unchained Melody, the author gives the reader the premise of attraction and love at first sight.  Pamela’s character has locked her heart away as


The Beat On Ruby’s Street By Jenna Zark



The Beat On Ruby's Street by Jenna Zark
The Beat On Ruby’s Street, Cover












In The Beat On Ruby’s Street, we find Ruby, a child of the 50’s and the beatnik era.  Ruby lives free and somewhat wild while mom and dad beatniks do their thing.  Ruby’s growing up and finding who she is.  However, accused of stealing, Ruby’s life implodes.

Never fear, Ruby’s strong, determined, and coming of age.  Ruby has dreams of poetry, meeting the famous Jack Kerousac, and becoming a poet.  Challenges will be met, confronted, and conquered.

Come along with Ruby as she grows up on the beat street.  My children’s novel review of The Beat On Ruby’s Street follows.



Author Jenna Zark explores the counter-culture of the beatniks, their philosophy, and lifestyle.  Known as


A Brush With The Beast By Richard Sones


A Brush With The Beast
A Brush With The Beast










In A Brush With The Beast the world as we know it is about to end.  Three people will find their lives turned upside down as the Beast prepares the world for the final fight between good and evil.  Nick Gooseberry, ultra rich and in indescribable pain, finds a group called “The Order” has the answers to his health problems.  As he descends into evil, the world’s sent into chaos.  Fanak’s, a bitter youth, filled with hatred for Israel and America becomes the ultimate terrorist.  Sarah Johnson, poor and unattractive with a drug habit, finds herself framed by her boss.  While in jail she meets a Christian and develops a thirst for the Bible and God.  Survival in the coming world will be hard, and when the Beast finds she’s pregnant, she and her child are in jeopardy.  A new world’s coming and survival of body and soul are at stake.  My book reviews of A Brush With The Beast follows.


Richard Sones gives the reader views from three people, each important in the coming battle.  Nick’s character’s the ultimate rich man;  concerned only with himself, money, and power, power, power.  Fanak’s filled with evil, a need for vengeance, religious extremism, and hatred for the Great Satan.  Sarah’s a lost soul who finds salvation in Jesus.

Although interweaving three characters’ stories into a single plot, Sones scenes transition smoothly and his writing flows well.  The story-line flows naturally and fluidly as Sones takes the reader into a chaotic world ushering in the Antichrist.  Using Bible scripture, Sones highlights the salvation plan and the coming events.  Whether you are religious, believe in the “end of days” or are a non-believer, this book will grab you and not let go.  From each character’s backstory, pagan rituals, the Mark of Beast, the Tribulation, and world domination, I found myself glued to my E-reader. 




Beguile Me Not By Odelia Floris



Beguile Me Not,Cover jpeg
Beguile Me Not, Cover



Author Odelia Floris has penned an emotional roller coaster ride in Beguile Me Not.  Set in 1884 Auckland, New Zealand, Ms. Floris takes you into the wealthy ballrooms and lives of society.  Anna Brown, older than the usual husband hunting miss, finds herself once more in the crowded ballrooms.  However, what she finds on this night will change her perceptions forever.  Fate has stepped in and placed Russian artist Sasha Ivanovsky in her path.

However, Anna knows Sasha is not proper society; a painter, poor, bohemian, handsome, and fascinating.  She finds herself enthralled.  After dancing all night with Sasha, determined to remove him from her mind and heart, Anna tries to forget him.   Anna must find a proper husband, and live the upright society life destined for her.  The life ingrained into she person and which rules her destiny.  However, her behavior has set societies tongues wagging.  Sent to her sister at Gravemore Station by her parents, fate throws another wrench into Anna’s life.

A first-rate historical romance, come along with Anna as life throws unexpected challenges and a sea


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