Murder Is A Monkey’s Game by Ruby Loren


Mystery (Madigan Amos Zoo Mysteries Book 3)

Murder Is A Monkey's Game
Murder Is A Monkey’s Game










In author Ruby Loren‘s latest book, Murder Is A Monkey’s Game, Madi and Lowell are in France.  Madie’s helping a zoo improve their habituates and environment for the animals.  Suddenly a paraglider falls from the sky into the Bengal tiger habituate.  Lowell immediately recognizes the victim;  a man from Lowell’s dark and mysterious past.

When two mysterious agents turn up in the village asking lots of questions, things heat up for Lowell and Madi.  As the victims continue to mount, Madi’s in the middle of another murder investigation;  with everyone suspects, including Lowell.  My cozy mystery book reviews of Murder Is A Monkey’s Game follows.


Author Ruby Loren crafted a Madigan Amos cozy mystery which entertains and holds the reader‘s attention.  The romance between Madi and Lowell’s sweet and clean as they continue to form a relationship.  Of course, Madi’s a magnet for murder, and this job is no different. 

With a multitude of suspects and few clues, Madi will have to dig hard to find the who, why, and what, involved in this case. Ruby Loren skillfully concealed the identity of the murderer among a cast of many;  revealing the why and who at the last possible moment.  I was blown away when the murderer’s shown, as well as, the reason for the crimes.  I did not consider this person as the culprit.  As a detective, I would be a bust.

Including the cute, but mischievous monkeys, provided classic moments of animal behavior.  They are first-class monkey rascals who get into many monkey high-jinks;  adding bits of humor and laughter.  Also, Loren included in a sweet dog who provided many laughs at her owner’s expense.



Whisper To Me By Kent Hamilton


Historical Western Romance Novels (The Martin Ranch Saga Book Book 2)

Whisper To Me
Whisper To Me










Set in West Texas in 1868, Eliza and Christopher are deliriously happy running the Martin Ranch.  Married life agrees with both.  The old gang of troublemakers ranch hands are gone and the new ones told Eliza’s the owner and boss;  do what she says, when she says it.

Adam, new on the ranch, has never failed to break a horse; today’s the day he will fail.  Not only does he fail to break the horse, but also loses his bet with Susanna.  Susanna, visiting her Aunt Waverly, came to the ranch for after Eliza’s invisitation.  A veterinarian’s daughter, she has skill with horses, what we call whispering or horse whisperers today; she offers to teach Adam.

Sparks fly between Adam and Susanna.  Unimpressed with her in the beginning, as they work together gentling horses, his admiration for her talent grows.  As they grow closer and closer, will a city girl fall for the cowboy rancher?  Is trouble brewing on the horizon as the troublemakers are still in town? My romance book reviews of Whisper To Me follows.


I found Whisper To Me engaging and enjoyable.  Due to the length of short stories and novella,  authors can not develop the in-depth characterization and plotting as in a novel.  However, Hamilton crafted a short book of 55 pages, filled with action, drama, romance, and a solid complete story-line.


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