What The Heart Can Hold By Charlotte Symonds


What the heart can hold
What The Heart Can Hold, Cover

The heart can bear a tremendous amount of pain and still hold an abundance of happiness. as you experience more of life’s intense pleasures and extreme depths of despair you will learn just what the heart can hold.”




Every well written book should invoke intense emotion in the reader.   Author Charlotte Symonds has penned such a book in What The Heart Can Hold.  This is an intense emotional love story filled with drama, humor, loneliness, love, the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.  What The Heart Can Hold is presented in the first person view of the main two characters in alternating chapters.  As a result, the reader is given insight into the main characters thoughts and feelings.   Good girl Marissa and worldly Hans meet and the attraction is immediate.  Marissa, a virgin, had almost given up on finding Mr. Right.  Upon meeting Hans, she realizes this is something special.

What follows is a whirlwind romance with a surprise gripping ending which will remain with you long after you finish the book.  Come along with Marissa, Hans and friends as they explore their emotions and find life waiting in the wings.



First of all, I must say, author Charlotte Symonds masterfully developed the plot and pace in this book.  I found I could not read this book fast enough to satisfy my thirst for the next development.  The pace was smooth and seamless as Ms. Symonds wove the threads of her story together.  As a result, I experienced a marathon of emotions reading this story;  I laughed, sighed, cried, and then sighed some more.  Ms. Symonds knows how to grab the reader and enmesh them into the story-line.   Consequently, I hated to say goodbye to the characters in this story; I came to feel they were good friends.

In addition, this is a deeply romantic, emotional, love story.  The characters are likeable and believable with all the frailties, hurts, and faults we possess as humans with hearts that can hurt, break, heal, and love.

Most noteworthy, was the fact Ms. Symonds did not have to sale this story with sex;  the story-line and her talent for development of the story was all that was necessary to craft a winning story-line.  Furthermore, the love scenes in this story were extremely well done without having to rely on explicit or graphic sexual descriptions to convey the love and respect felt.    As a result, the love scenes were tasteful and touching.  I could feel the intense emotion and love involved in each well written scene.

In concluding the review of What The Heart Can Hold, I found it a well-written solid book which showcases Ms. Symonds’ talent as a writer.   Most of all, I did not see the ending coming, consequently it was quite a surprise.  My thoughts as I read the last word was:  Oh my, what a heart wrenching story of love and life!




In conclusion, I do not hesitate to recommend What The Heart Can Hold to anyone that loves a solid well-written book.  Hence, this book will remain in their thoughts long after they have read the last word.

Furthermore, I have always loved books that invoke intense emotion in the reader and this is one of those wonderful books.  As a result of the author’s talent, I will reread this book again and again;  it will have a place of honor on my favorites shelf.

I received this book from the author in return for an honest book review.   Book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion;  in addition, book reviews on line under my name and on my blog are my opinion.




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