The Orchard At The Edge Of Town By Shirlee McCoy

the orchard at the edge of town


What A Hoot!

You Will Love This Novel

I Laughed And Laughed Through This Book!


Story Line:

Aunt Rose’s house in Apple Valley Washington is a hideaway for Apricot Miller.  Apricot is running from a groom that didn’t know what fidelity meant; well maybe not running, when her old truck, King Henry III,  gave up the ghost and died on the side of the road, Apricot pulled her 1940 Schwinn out of the trailer attached to old Henry and pedaled off in her pink wedding gown.


Don’t you just the name for her truck!  What a beginning to this novel.  I could see her wedding gown and all peddling for all she was worth.


So, Apricot was pedaling her way to Apple Valley Washington, which is just the beginning of Apricot’s adventure in Apple Valley Washington. She peddles into an almost arrest for B&E at Aunt Roses empty house, meet her cantankerous neighbor and that handsome Deputy Simon Baylor.


Characters, Plotting And Development:

The cast of characters in Apple Valley never ends, gossips runs rampant, some are just odd, some eccentric, and some just plain crazy, oh the life of a small town.  Author Shirlee McCoy betrayed small town life so well with all its quirks.


Apricot is not what she seems, rather than being a fruit cake in a dingy pink wedding dress, she is a millionaire owner of an herbal company;  Apricot childhood was very unconventional; she was reared by hippies and an Aunt that was an original DIY herbalist.


She craves consistency, peace, quiet, and structure. Something she never had as child.  Guess what, she doesn’t get it in nosy, gossipy, interfering Apple Valley either.  This story was a riot!

Apricot’s life in Apple Valley does not turn out like she thought; handsome Deputy Baylor, his two wonderful girls, a supposed haunted house, kittens that mysteriously appear on her door step, a family that insist on coming to “help” her because they think she needs them, and the idiosyncrasies of small town life has her world turned up side down.


Author Shirlee McCoy has a way with humor, I laughed out loud over the scene in the café with Handsome, the cat that looks like a rat.  I could see that cat in all his glory.  When her family showed up was a riot; it was so hilarious. The book has humor throughout, I chuckled as I read. This was a very enjoyable read.


In truth Apricot does not know what she is looking for in her life, what she thinks she wants is definitely not what she finds or needs. Have you ever been in that situation?  It was wonderful to watch Apricot grow and realize what life had in store for her. Simon has his own set of insecurities.  He carries guilt about his wife’s death from an overdose; Simon feels he should have seen what was happening to her.


Apricot wants security, peace, structure in her life and Simon doesn’t represent any of this to her way of thinking.  Ms. McCoy created a wonderful story of letting go of old dreams, hurts, preconceived ideas, responsibilities, and ideas of what we think we want,  to accept the amazing wonder of what we have and can have with all its flaws.


Simon and Apricots travel a road of awareness to find what is priceless in life and creating a family from the pieces.



This book was a treat to read as the author kept the pace going without lags, she kept the story line interesting, love blooming, interfering families, a little mysterious mugging thrown in for good measure, and the view of small town Americana that was spot on.  I loved this novel.   Everyone should read at least one book a week that is a laugh a minute.  This is a feel good novel.  Kudos Ms. McCoy.


I highly recommend this novel; it is a fantastic story that you should not miss; it’s a laugh a minute.  If you like humor, love, and small town USA, this is the book for you. Get your favorite beverage, take a seat, relax,  and enjoy this book from the talented Ms. McCoy.


I received this book from the publisher and Netgalley in return for an honest review.


Books reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion;  book reviews on line under my name are my opinion.  This on line book review was very easy for me as the book deserves more than my humble keyboard can create.

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