Fairfield Amish Romance By Miller, Vail, Burkholder, Weaver


Fairfield Amish Romance
Fairfield Amish Romance










This collection has four stories of love, romance, faith, the Amish way of life and letting God take control.  A sweet clean Amish romance collection you will love.


In Letting Go, Hannah loves the Amish way of life and God; she’s also very controlling and opinionated about other’s conduct, what should and should not be done, as well as, how it should be done.  She and her sister, Sarah, are always at odds.  Fighting and bickering, Hannah tells Sarah very thing she does wrong, what she should do to improve, and to live the Amish life style.  She’s like a little General when it comes to religion and God.  Will Hannah realize she could catch more flies with honey than vinegar?  Will God open her heart?

Hannah’s attracted to Isaac Roth.  Isaac’s sweet, always laughing, has deep faith, and sees wonder in everything.  But, Isaac has a problem;  he’s slow.   Although slow in speech and thought, Isaac has a pure heart.  He’s different from the other boys and his mother worries if he will ever find someone who can compliment him.  Will Isaac and Hannah form the perfect combination?  Will Hannah realize her mistake in dealing with people, let go, and let God take control?


Rebekah’s Quilt, features Rebekah and Levi. Levi does not want to be a farmer;  he has put off many times telling his father.  Nothing Levi ever does seems to turn out right.  He just wants to feel worthy.  He knows there’s something out there for him.  After an accident between his cows and Rebekah’s family buggy, he just might have what he wants within reach.

Rebekah has a yearning in her heart for missionary work, quilting, and helping others. She wants more; she also wants a family.  Rebekah and her family, on their way to auction off Rebekah’s quilt for Haiti relief, have a collision with Levi’s cows.  Is there someone out there meant just for her;  if so she hasn’t found him yet.  But she might discover what she wants in the middle of a field chasing cows.


The Amish Best Friends By Katie Fisher


A Suspense Romance

The Amish Best Friends
The Amish Best Friends









The lead story shares the same name as the title; The Amish Best Friends.  A wonderful buy with bonus content of 20 stories; for a total of 1708 page.  A great deal for any reader who loves Amish and Christian romances at a surprising low costs of .99.  A clean sweet book suitable for anyone, you will love these stories.  I chose to review the lead story, The Amish Best Friends.


In the lead story,The Amish Best Friends, Hannah Zook teaches school in Orthause, Pennsylvania.  Devout and dedicated to the Amish way of life, when Mennonite Eli Reimer wants to marry her, she’s thrown into a quarry.  For Eli demands she join his church, forsaking her Amish church.

When Ezekiel Miller’s murdered, the Englisch, investigating the murder, send Jacob King and his partner to the Amish community.  Jacob left the Amish after his rumspringa, becoming a law enforcement officer.  Hannah comforts Ezekiel’s wife, Martha, who’s the prime suspect and eventually arrested.  As far as Hannah’s concerned, he has arrested the wrong person.  She decides to start her own investigation with her best friend Abram Wittmer by her side.  My Amish romance book review follows.


I found this story well-written and entertaining.  Fisher created a first class romance suspense mystery.  Her writing is clear, concise, and easy to follow, as well as, containing scenes which transition smoothly.  Fisher keep the mystery and suspense at high peak and did not reveal the murderer until the last possible moment.  With several suspects, I did not guess the correct culprit.


Breaking Amish Tradition By Sandra Becker




Breaking Amish Tradition
Breaking Amish Tradition




Author Sandra Becker’s new box set Breaking Amish Tradition has nine heartwarming books; you meet continuing characters in the various stories.  I love books with continuing themes and characters.  Some of the stories have two to three parts.  Immersing her stories in fundamental Amish traditions, romance, and Amish way of life, Becker’s nine books provide enjoyment and entertainment.

Books 1 and 2 finds Miriam facing her baptism without joy.  Falling in love with an Englisher John, they find trials and tribulations.  In books 3, 4 and 5, you find Sarah, aka Wildflower, born to Joshua and Mary, falling in love with banished Doctor Jacob, during rumspringa.  They must face the heart breaking possibility of Sarah losing one of the things she most loves.

Book 6 will introduce you to the Zook family of brothers and sisters.  Sarah and Aaron have many questions and hesitations before finding happy ever after.  In Book 7, twins Rachel and Abigail Zook must face separation and finding the one they thought they wanted may not be the one God intends to impart to them.

Book 8 introduces Joseph Zook and Rebecca Weidler.  Rebecca is the bane of Joseph’s life as a child.  However, God and nature turn the tables on Joseph.  Zachary Zook’s story revealed in Book 9 is next.  With his rumspringa approaching, he has questions.  Girls annoy him; he is man of the land with tools in hands and the smell of earth in nostrils.  God places Elisabeth in his path.  Elizabeth has questions and trials of her own.  This is their story.


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