Lady Lands The Lord By Eleanor Meyers


The Abbey Brothers

Lady Lands The Lord
Lady Lands The Lord










In Lady Lands the Lord, Margaret Kay lay deathly ill at school.  Uncle Martin Dawnton, Duke of Wardington, promises if she will live, she may live whatever life she wants.  All the Kay girls are different from the normal society chits.  Margaret, the Dukes favorite of the girls and too much like the Duke and sons, does not fit the restrictive mold of society; after all, she was ruined when found with the footman in her bedroom.  Recovering from cholera, Margaret’s back in town with a to do list;  a scandalous list.  She wants to live life to the beat of her own drummer, without the encumbrance of a husband, and sets out to do so with the help of Lord Roger Abbey.

Roger, professional actor in the theater and unconventional, was the bane of his family existence when he left school for the theater.  Bent on never falling in love or marrying, Roger and fate have a date.  For fate has other things in mind for Roger and Margaret.  A laughter filled romp with a touch of mystery through Regency England, my review of Lady Lands The Lord follows.


Although Lady Lands The Lord is a Regency romance, Meyers also included mystery and subterfuge.  As a result you have all the ingredients for a sweet clean romance with mystery, subterfuge, and intrigue.  The seed of mystery are


Behind The Scenes By Jen Turano



Behind The Scenes by Jen Turano
Behind The Scenes











Behind The Scenes set in New York high society, is filled with laughter, fun, and mystery.  Permilia Griswold, wall flower of the society set, hides on the fringes of the ballrooms.   Born to a miner who stroke it rich, part of the new wealthy of New York, Permilia is a step out of time with the high society’s gentility.   Thrifty, smart, and awkward, Permilia and her step-mother are ever at odds as Permilia stumbles and humbles her way through society.

During one of her escapades, she hears a murder plot against Asher Rutherford.  Permilia’s determined to save him from himself when he does not take her warning seriously.  While behind the scenes, much more’s going on.  Come along with Permilia, Asher, and company as they ferret out the latest secrets and plots.  My reviews of romance novel, Behind The Scenes, follows.


Not only is Behind The Scenes a fine romance, it has a lot of humor; I laughed repeatedly at the antics of Permilia Griswold.  Seeing high society from her perspective was refreshing.  Permilia’s awkward, uncoordinated, and let’s face it, walks to the beat of a different drummer.  As a result, she and others like her, the ones not as pretty or poised, or like Permilia hear a different drummer, find themselves the wall flowers of the balls.  How hurtful this must have been for the girls who did not have Permilia’s fortitude.  Does this bother Permilia?   Not in the least as she has other dreams and ambitions.


Beguile Me Not By Odelia Floris



Beguile Me Not,Cover jpeg
Beguile Me Not, Cover



Author Odelia Floris has penned an emotional roller coaster ride in Beguile Me Not.  Set in 1884 Auckland, New Zealand, Ms. Floris takes you into the wealthy ballrooms and lives of society.  Anna Brown, older than the usual husband hunting miss, finds herself once more in the crowded ballrooms.  However, what she finds on this night will change her perceptions forever.  Fate has stepped in and placed Russian artist Sasha Ivanovsky in her path.

However, Anna knows Sasha is not proper society; a painter, poor, bohemian, handsome, and fascinating.  She finds herself enthralled.  After dancing all night with Sasha, determined to remove him from her mind and heart, Anna tries to forget him.   Anna must find a proper husband, and live the upright society life destined for her.  The life ingrained into she person and which rules her destiny.  However, her behavior has set societies tongues wagging.  Sent to her sister at Gravemore Station by her parents, fate throws another wrench into Anna’s life.

A first-rate historical romance, come along with Anna as life throws unexpected challenges and a sea


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