The Amish Widower By Katie Fisher


The Amish Widower
The Amish Widower










Suzanne Hosteller’s back in small town Charity to investigate the murder of Joseph Eshes.  Leaving her Amish life and faith to work in law enforcement, she never thought she’d be back in Charity.  Life with the Englisch has not been without its trials;  including a Captain jealous because she beat out his kids for her current job.   Suzanne’s investigating the case without a partner and she’s an outsider.  A case without a preliminary investigation and a Sheriff unwilling to help, she will not solve this case quickly or easily.  Then add in the fact, her Aunt Milly has decided to play matchmaker.  Suzanne’s former beau, Gideon Brunstetter, still lives in Charity.  Things are warming up in the small town of Charity.  My romance book review of The Amish Widower follows.


Author Katie Fisher created an awesome Amish romance mystery in The Amish WidowerFisher filled this story with emotion which the reader can feel on every page;  the anguish of a love not fulfilled, the sorrow of a dead wife, and guilt.  As well as, the grief of the missing girls from Charity.  Due to Fisher‘s vivid writing, I could feel Suzanne grief of her missing mother and murdered father.  I could feel Suzanne’s anguish as she questions her place in the world;  she’s neither Amish nor EnglischShe’s torn as she’s once more in her former Amish community.   Yet, so lonely in the Englisch world.  I loved watching Katie Fisher mature Suzanne.  Skillfully Fisher led Suzanne to realize the true reasons she left the Amish and her faith.

Gideon you will love;  he’s a strong man who lost his way.  Gideon’s riddled with guilt he must face and resolve.  But through faith in God and prayer, he found his way back.  He’s ready to help Suzanne any way he can.  Suzanne ask his help in the investigation;  knowing he can open doors unavailable to her as an Englisch.


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