Wildfire By Emma Harper



A Western Historical Mail Order Bride Romance

Petticoats and Pistols Series Book 2

Wildfire, Cover











In Wildfire by author Emma Harper, the reader finds a sweet western romance which includes bonus content of 15 other stories.   In the first story, Wildfire, we find Clara Southerby.  Clara’s looking for adventure, not marriage to a cruel old man, Sheldon Niles.  Niles doesn’t want Clara for herself, but as a brood mare he can control and use for his unseemly desires.  Thinking he can force marriage upon Clara, she foils him by running to the western states.  As a result, Niles not to be made a fool, sends his henchmen after her.

At the end of her journey, the first person Clara meets is handsome Captain Jason Halerow.  He’s the darling of all the ladies.  Meanwhile, telling a small lie to get the job she needs, Clara’s lie will come back to haunt her. Clara, no simpering miss, hired as ranch foreman for the Holmes Ranch, finds her niche.  Independent, fierce, and strong, will Clara and Jason manage to forge a relationship?  Will Niles henchmen tear Clara’s from her new happy life?  My reviews for romance novel, Wildfire, follows.

Please note:  Each story in this bundle  is a sweet, clean, wholesome, romance with a happy ever after ending.




The Rogues Bride By Lynn Winchester



Dry Bayou Brides Book 4

The Rogue's Bride by Lynn Winchester
The Rogue’s Bride, cover



Author Lynn Winchester’s novel, The Rogue’s Bride, takes the reader back to the west and the town of Dry Bayou.  Aimee Prentice, on the run from her life in Alabama, comes to Dry Bayou as a mail-order bride.  Gaston Mosier, harboring a deep dark mistake from his youth, decided he would send for a mail-order bride and to a small degree get on with his life.  He wanted a bride who would be quite, biddable, unassuming, and have his children; everything Aimee is not.  Upon meeting, Gaston appears cold and mean;  Aimee gives the impression dull-wittiness, as well as, a fire cracker with a short fuse.  But evil is also lurking in Dry Bayou.  Is it waiting for Aimee?

Can these two come to term with their past, and forge a lasting relationship? Gaston needs forgiveness, if only to himself and Aimee need protection;  will the misunderstandings, misconceptions, and secrets continue to color everything they do?  My reviews for romance novel, The Rogues Bride, follows.


Author Lynn Winchester out did herself with the characters of Gaston and Aimee.  Gaston, as a lot of us do, carries guilt,


Elof’s Mission By Linda Hubalek



Elof's Mission by Linda Hubalek
Elof’s Mission, Cover











In Elof’s Mission, we are back in Morgan’s Crossing.  Author Linda Hubalek’s story begins at the cemetery as Elof Lundahl’s placing an iron cross on Nolan’s father-in-laws grave.  If you have followed the Grooms With Honor Series, you will remember Nolan from Nolan’s Vow. If not, Hubalek gives enough background in her stories to bring you up to speed.  Hearing a wagon coming, he finds Swedish immigrant Linnea Meyer, her son Jamie, and Linnea’s husband’s body. Although the landlord came with Linnea to the cemetery, far from kind, he insist she vacate her home before nightfall.

Linnea a mail order bride of eight days, finds herself with a dead husband, a five-year old stepson, and no place to go.  Elof, compassionate and with a good heart, offers to help her and Jamie.  Elof, recently retired from the Army, is ready to settle down with a wife and family.  What he didn’t count on was Linnea and Jamie.  Traveling with Linnea and Jamie opens Elof to a new world of love, romance, and fatherhood.

Come along with Linnea, Jamie, Elof, and the town of Sweetwater Springs, as romance, once again, is on the horizon.  My reviews for western romance novel, Elof’s Mission, follows.



To begin my reviews for romance novel  Elof’s Missions, I must say how much I enjoy the Honorable Grooms Series.  Author


The Shepherd’s Daughter By Lynn Winchester



(Dry Bayou Brides Book 1)

Jackson d’Lynne Writing As Lynn Winchester

The Shepherd’s Daughter,Cover



The Shepherd’s Daughter’s, a clean sweet romance, takes place in 1800’s Dry Bayou, Texas.  Willem Ducharme aka Billy and Raychelle, aka Ray, have been friends since they were small children.  Ray’s family came to Texas to manage the Ducharme sheep enterprise. Thick as thieves, they are seldom apart.  As time passes, Ray realizes her feelings turn into adult love for her best friend.  Then her world falls apart. The Ducharmes have ordered Billy a bride from back East.

The picture of perfection, Rebecca DuCastille’s is everything Ray’s not.  Beautiful, poised, charming, Rebecca is a lady while Ray is the shepherd’s daughter.  Wild haired, hard-working, an unladylike tomboy, and opinionated, Ray’s determined she will not go down gently;  she will fight for Billy’s love.  How far is Ray willing to go to get Billy to choose her for his wife?  Will Rebecca win Billy’s heart or will perfect Rebecca win the day?  Is romance in the air?   My reviews for western romance novel The Shepherd’s Daughter follows.



Author Jackson d’Lynne writing as Lynn Winchester crafted a sweet clean story filled with emotion and believable realistic characters. I could feel Ray’s insecurity and sadness, as well as, her wonder when she realized her feelings for Billy.  Winchester’s story-telling talent invest the reader in the characters and story-line.  As Billy and Ray come to realize their


Win, Love, Or Draw By Crystal Barnes

win love or draw



A Strong Independent Woman And

The Wayward Husband





Author Crystal Barnes takes us on a journey to 1877 Cater Springs, Texas in Win, Love, or Draw (Book 1 Marriage & Mayhem).  Here we find an emotional adventurous love story between Catherine McGarrett and her husband Samuel.

Catherine, aka Cat, has prayed and looked for the return of her absentee husband for almost 6 yrs;  she and her son, Benin, have prayed for him every night.


Signed, Sealed, & Delighted By Crystal Barnes



Christian Romance At Its Best

From A Talented Author



Author Crystal Barnes has done it again!  She has created a sweet lovely Christian western romance that will grab your heart and make you feel good.  Originally released as “Lets Make A Deal”, it has been improved and expanded for your reading pleasure.  This novella is the introduction of the Marriage & Mayhem Series;  you will see these characters again in the first book titled “Win, Love, or Draw”.

Sarah Asher is no shrinking violet.  She is a strong woman with opinions of her own;  to


Love, Stock, and Barrel By Crystal L. Barnes

love, stock and barrell


Head-Strong Woman On The Run


Poor Cowboy With A Passel of Family Responsibility


Mysteries And Questions


This is the second book in the series, Marriage and Mayhem;  it is a stand alone book and you do not have to read the first book to enjoy Love, Stock, And Barrel.  This is a lovely clean Christian western romance.  Ms. Barnes hooked me from the first page to the end of the story.  Author Crystal Barnes has the art of story telling fine tuned.




In this novel, Dinah (D. J.) Lexington, a skilled gun smith,  is on the run from an uncaring father and a


Mae’s Choice By Kate Cambridge




Mae's choice 2


Could You Be A Mail Order Bride?


A Woman’s Search for Freedom And


The Choices She Made




This is the story of a young woman, Mae, searching for freedom to become who she’s meant to be and the man, Paul, she goes West to marry as a mail-order bride.  Knowing she will never meet a man in the East who will allow her to be her own person, she is off to the West and a mail-order marriage.  Afraid and


The Wren (Wings of West): Book One by Kristy McCaffrey

the wren




A Young Woman Thought Dead

A Man Carrying Guilt For Not Saving Her





Texas:  May, 1877

Molly Hart was dead.  She died along with her parents in an attack on the family’s ranch 10 years ago. The only thing wrong with that statement:   Molly wasn’t dead and she wasn’t buried along beside her parents.  She was alive and standing in front of Matthew Ryan on her run down family ranch.


Matthew had worked for Molly’s father and had carried guilt that shadowed all aspects of his life because


Hope Makes A Decision By Annie Boone

Hope Makes A Decision


Annie Boone’s  Book #2 of The Parson’s Daughters Series

An Independent Woman Meets

Her Match In Man And God




Story Line:

Annie Boone has penned the second novel in The Parson’s Daughters Series.  In this novel, you will find Hope determined to start her own business and spread her wings.


She wants to be an independent business woman.  She doesn’t have time for a man or love.  At least that


The Lassoed by Marriage Romance Collection by Bell, Breidenbach, Carter, Connealy, Jepson, Lillard, Welborn, Y’Barbo, Zedik

the lassoed by marrige romance collection


How did you marry?


Whether you married for love or other reasons, read on to find 9 stories of marriage before love.

This is a wonderful collection of romance.



Character, Plotting And Development:

This collection of nine stories are unique in that the romance does not start until after the marriage takes place.  Each is penned by a talented author and you will spend wonderful hours immersing  yourself in this clean romance collection.

Each is a unique story of love after marriage and the problems that each must solve to reach a solid firm foundation for their marriage. The authors had the plot, pacing and development of the characters spot on.  This book will leave you wanting more.



The Substitute Bride by Angela Bell

This story is a different take on the story book “The Ugly Duckling”, and


Orphan Train Romance Series: 4 Books in One by Zoe Matthews



Ready Made Families

Desperate Children


This book actually contains 5 stories that are sweet romances, each story is related; it is better to read them in this one book as the minor and major characters appear in subsequent booksZoe Matthews writing talent is evident in this book.


The Unexpected Family: Amanda and Craig

Widowed Amanda and bachelor Craig each want to adopt a child from the train; they will find the love of a lifetime, as Craig has loved Amanda for years.


Give Me a Texas Outlaw and Give Me A Cowboy: by Jodi Thomas, Linda Broday, Miranda Phyliss, Dewanna Pace

give me a texas outlaw adn give me a cowboy

Two Books For the Price Of One

Strong Cowboys, Strong Women, Strong Love! 

Great Authors



The Touch of An Outlaw by Jodi Thomas

First is a story of an outlaw; Michael Hughes and a young woman pregnant and unwed, Cozette Camanez; both have never known love. Fate has a forever love in their future as these two find the love of a lifetime.


The Rancher and the Renegade (The Three Goddesses Series Book 2) by Jackson D’Lynne

the rancher and the renegade


Time Travel Western Romance

Humorous, You Will Laugh And Laugh

Awful Evil Villains And A Hunky Cowboy

This is the second book in The Three Goddesses series. Perez Cantana, the incorporeal spirit imprisoned in a pocket watch by three sister Goddesses until he completes three missions, is back in action for mission number two.


It can be read as a stand-alone book.  I did feel I would have understood the circumstances a little better had I read the first book, which I plan to do. It did not take away from my enjoyment of the book.


Sergeant Marisol Sanchez is a DEA Agent under cover as things go wrong on her mission and she sent to


The Gem (The Malloy Family) by Beth Williamson

Book Review

This book is part of a series; it can be read as a stand alone.

Miss Charlotte Marie Chastain, better known as Charlie, is not your ordinary frock wearing, every hair in the gemplace female.  Miss Charlie is just a little odd and a  tomboy of the first order; she does everything she can to not appear weak, dependent or female, wears pants, hunts, and swears like no-bodies business. Charlie has a hidden trauma that has cast shadows over her life and made her what she has become.  Elijah (Eli) Sylvester, better known as Fixit around the fort because he can fix anything is considered slow, dim, a throwaway by most except Charlie. Eli spent his whole life being bullied.  Eli is not slow nor dimwitted, he is actually very smart though shy, and he is Charlies best friend.   Eli has loved Charlie for years; Charlie is clueless.  That is, until she walks in on Eli naked.  Wowzer, that was an eye opener for Charlie, both physically and mentally.  Watching Charlie blooms from an unaware, emotionally stunted, awkward teenager in a 25 yr old body was amazing.  Growing pains are hard in the teenage years, but for a 25 yr old this was especially hard; the trauma Charlie hides has stunted her emotional and


Gambling on the Outlaw, A Nevada Bounty Novel by Margaret Madigan

gamblingonthe outlaw2


A Band Of Misfit Women


A Good Man Framed


A Villain Most Foul


Beth Caldwell is the widow of a gambling man; she was always at his side except for the day he died. Widowed, serving as a lowly paid midwife, Beth Caldwell has problems of major proportions.


She lives on her small ranch with a cast of women misfits, the neighboring very rich rancher, Clay Dearborn, wants to marry her for her land and doesn’t want the misfits; a gambling friend is holding a $5,000.00 marker of her husbands and wants his money, and to just finish off a really bad day, she finds a


Into The Land Of Darkness By Kristy McCaffrey

Book Review

Ethan Barstow and  Kate Kinsella are looking for the same man, Ethan’s brother Charley, in this action into the land of shadowspacked western romance authored by Kristy McCaffrey.  They are under several misconceptions.


Kate’s looking for Charley Barstow to return him to his pregnant fiancé, Agnes. Kate mistakenly thinks Ethan is a killer and outlaw per Charley’s drunken ramblings. Ethan is looking for his brother Charley to mend fences and make peace. From conversations in town, Ethan thinks Kate is Charley’s fiancé.


They decide to continue the hunt together after an action packed rescue of Kate by Ethan.  This story features two very strong people who believe the worse of each other, but know in their hearts it can’t be true.


Author Kristy McCaffrey gives us raging river crossings, outlaws as Kate stated “the most inept outlaws ever”, mysterious appearances of  Joe the Indian,  a wolf called Bart is there when needed, attacks by Indian children, good and evil spirits, and attraction between two main characters that grows day by day until there is nothing to do but give in.


Kristy McCaffrey kept the story moving with a good plot, and sub-characters and lots of action.  The story has more than a touch of the paranormal that was very enjoyable and added flavor to the plot, as well as the mystery.  I


Sarah’s Heart and Passion by Ginger Simpson

Sarah's Heart and Passion





Western romance full of emotion



Author Ginger Simpson has crafted a western romance full of emotion.  Get out the hankies because this one is a tearjerker.



On the Santa Fe Trail, Sarah awakes to a nightmare. Indians have attacked the wagon train on which she is traveling from Independence to California.  Sarah was running from a forced marriage after her parent’s death. Everyone on the wagon train is dead except for Sarah and another traveler Molly. Sarah will become much stronger than she ever thought possible.  Sarah does her best to treat Molly’s injuries, but Molly does not survive.  Sarah dresses as a man and heads out, leaving a wounded Indian Gray Wolf, on the side of trail.  Later she is rescued by Gray Wolf.  This is the beginning of an emotionally story-line.

Come join them for a journey of discovery, love, desperation, prejudice and surprises.



The Author Ginger Simpson’s character development and descriptive writing was intense.  The author sets a scene of graphic horror.  The opening of the story was very powerful for me, as I could see the devastation, as she stumbles around the wagon train; Ginger Simpson’s writing was very vivid .  Sarah meets many mishaps: hunger, heat, stampeding basin, an injured Indian, and snakebite.


Montana Man by DeAnn Smallwood

Montana Man





Ben spent 4 yrs in Yuma Prison; aptly name “Hell Hole”. Those years turned him from a boy to a very bitter man, imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit.


He had received treatment within those walls no one should have to endure. His one driving need is to prove himself innocent & seek revenge. After release he is near death on the banks on the river. Wisteria is a spinster caring for her widowed brother’s child, Robin.


Wisteria’s brother sent for her under devious means then left her alone with the baby in near poverty. Baby Robin just made me want to smile. Author DeAnn Smallwood created a wonderful character in Baby Robin; she brought a wonderful element to this story. Wisteria finds Ben, sick, fevered, and unconscious, nurses him back to


Unconquerable Callie by DeAnn Smallwood

Book Review

This is a wonderful western with Callie as the heroine. Her spinster Aunt Bertha, who late in life has Unconquerable Callierecently married, raised Callie. The new husband has a nephew, who needs a wife. Aunt Bertha thinks Callie needs a husband.


Callie is a woman out of step with the time; she is smart, stubborn, independent, and determined. She refused to fit the mold of the day, so she runs away to find her dream, a bakery in South Pass Wyoming.


Woven thru this story are the realities of crossing to the west on a wagon train; this is the story of one of those crossings. Only strong men and women survived the trip, Callie is one of those women. Callie grows into a strong woman who has a smart mind that earned the respect of her fellow travelers.


Her opinions were respected and sought out. The way west was harsh, Callie became a woman who met each challenge as well as any man as she faces, raging rivers, heat, unforgiving terrain, disease, and Indians, earning the respect and love of the Seth, the wagon captain.


What a character in Callie, author DeAnn Smallwood created. I chuckled as I read some of Callie’s antics in dealing as a woman in a mans world. I thought I would howl when Seth was oh so


Heart of the Hawk by Justine Davis

This book is a historical western romance with a paranormal twist, very well done by the Author Justine Heart of the HawkDavis.  Josh Hawk is a well-known gun fighter, the last of a long line of Hawks.


According to his grandfather a mysterious book will appear to the last Hawk when needed. This book is a history of the Hawk bloodline and prophesies the Hawk bloodline will never end. After the victim’s widow, Kate, rescues him from hanging proving her husband was not unarmed when he attacked Josh, the book suddenly appears in his saddlebag.


The widow, Kate, greatly abused by her husband, is left alone to run their general store. Josh feeling guilty decides to stay and help her. Between the book and his growing attraction


Undercover Bride by Margaret Brownley

Undercover Bride

This is the 2nd book in a series and occurs after the Civil War. Can be read as a stand-alone.


Maggie Thomas is a Pinkerton Detective Agent under orders to either prove or disprove Garrett Thomas, father to Elise and Toby, is the Whistle Stop Bandit, while appearing as a delicate, charming, unassuming, ladylike mail-order bride Garrett ordered.


This is a little hard to carry out for out spoken, opinionated, independent


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