Far From True By Linwood Barclay

Far from True

Powerful Novel

Murder, Who Did It?

Don’t Pass This Book Up

This is the second book in the Promise Falls Trilogy by Linwood Barclay and the first of his books I have read and reviewed.  Mr. Barclay caught me up quickly with the back story.


Suspense Level:

I found I couldn’t wait to finish this book so I could read the first book of the trilogy.  Mr. Barclay created a lot of action, secrets, mystery, alternate life styles, crime, evil deeds, and a strange attacker with the number 23 on his clothing.  He keeps you guessing throughout the book as he introduces new situations into the story.  Mr. Barclay weaves an engrossing story that will hold your interest throughout the book.


Tone Of Story Set in First Chapter:

He set the tone of the story in the first chapter with the devastating fall of the drive-in-movie screen falling on a packed parking lot, and a mysterious phone call. You realize immediately something is going on in this town; something dark and seamy.  He set the hook in deep and you are not released until the last page; he then leaves you panting for the next book.


Flow Of Story:

This book flowed seamlessly to a surprising end.  He paced this story well as we look under the façade of Promise Falls. Mr. Barclay set his series in small town USA which he filled with interesting characters, many of who have secrets; secrets they don’t want revealed and will do anything to keep them from the light of day. He also set the scenario for the next book which I found myself wanting to read right away; unfortunately we will have to wait for publication.


Characters, Plotting and Pacing:

The characters are well-developed with some that are very likable and others you love to hate. I absolutely detested Randall Finley and University Security Chief Clive Duncomb; it will surprise me if you do not feel the same way..  Mr. Bayclay skillfully filled these two characters with obnoxious traits, criminal behavior, offensive personalities, and incompetence.

Mr. Barclay reveals the underbelly of small town life with all it quirks, seamy life, low employment rate, desperate people, alternate life styles, and crime.  I found this town very believable, and this crime thriller very enjoyable and I feel you will as well.


I recommend this book for a mature audience that loves a solid crime, mystery, and thriller novel.


I received this book from the publisher and Netgalley in return for an honest book review.


Book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion;  all book reviews on line under my name and on my blog. are my opinion.



Linwood Barclay is the #1 international bestselling author of eleven critically acclaimed novels, including No Safe House, A Tap on the Window, Trust Your Eyes, which has been optioned for film, and No Time for Goodbye. Visit him online: www.linwoodbarclay.com, www.Facebook/linwoodbarclay, and on Twitter @linwood_barclay.

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