Silver City Seductions By Laura Fletcher



A Western Cowboy Mail Order Bride Romance; Book 1

Silver City Seductions by Laura Fletcher
Silver City Seductions, Cover











Silver City Seductions is a sweet romance straight out of the old west.  Victoria Nolan is alone in the world since the death of her parents.  Working as a waitress, barely making ends meet, Victoria’s rooked into an unsavory situation by an evil man.  Upon realizing the hotel he has brought her to is a brothel, Victoria runs hard and long.  Her last stop is Silver City.

Silver City is a small town and Sam Flynn’s home.  Sam and his three ranch hands have run through a multitude of housekeepers.  Victoria seems the answer to his prayers. Not only is Victoria an excellent housekeeper and cook, but the attraction between Sam and Victoria also grows daily.

But evil is still stalking Victoria?  Will Sam be able to protect Victoria?  When Sam learns the truth, will he forgive Victoria?  Come along and have a seat, my western romance book reviews of Silver City Seduction follows.



Firstly, let me say Silver City Seductions is a relaxing easy read for a lazy afternoon.  A short novella, the author, could not explore the depth and character development of the novella’s parent, the novel, due to the short length of novellas.   However, Fletcher did a good job of including everything needed to craft a solid story.  Secondly, Fletcher created a strong woman in Victoria.  Women, of necessity, had to be strong in the west to survive, Victoria is such a woman.

Furthermore, in Sam, Fletcher created a knight in shining armor.  Yes, he has his issues. However, he is ever ready to protect and care for Victoria.  I found the plot progressed smoothly without starts and stops; it did not lag or bog down.  Containing one love scene, which takes place after marriage, I found the scene inoffensive; it was not erotica or graphic sex, but a loving scene between two people in love.


Music Of Her Heart By Sophie Dawson


Christian Historical Fiction

(Stones Creek Ladies of Sanctuary House) Book 2

Music Of Her Heart
Music Of Her Heart










In Music Of Her Heart, the reader finds Red Dickerson’s staying in a line-shack on Hawk’s Wing Ranch.  After the break up of his engagement to Laura, he needed to review his life and think.  The boss gave him orders to also look out for the King Gang.  An evil group terrorizing the countryside, kidnapping women, stealing, and killing, they live like animals.

When Red finds a frightened and soaked Gema Volkovichna running in the icy rain, she reveals her escape from of the King Gang.  As ice turns to snow, trapped in the line-shack for three days, Red takes care of Gema.  Even though he knows he has sealed their fate by caring for Gema alone, Red takes his responsibility seriously.  Marriage will be the only option open to Red and Gema.  Forced into marriage, will Gema and Red come to care for one another?   Will love grow and bloom? My romance book reviews of Music Of Her Heart follows.


Sophie Dawson, once again, created a lovely romance for her readers.  Continuing with the Sanctuary House series, Red Dickerson and Gema Volkovichna feature in Music Of Her Heart.  Of course, we meet all our old friends from earlier books, catching up on their lives along with possible romances for future books.

I did not like Red in the earlier books.  However, Dawson matured and broadened his character in Music Of Her Heart, creating a knight in shining armor I found Red dependable, capable, respectful, and striving to do the right thing.  He’s a good man who finally meets the woman God created for him.

Imagine marrying a man because you spent innocent days and nights in his care.  Gema found herself in this position and quickly married to Red.  Social rules of this time forced marriages if a man and woman spent time alone.  Even though married too beautiful young Gema, Red’s thinks he too old for her.  He felt she could not possibly want an “old zeezer” of thirty-four.  Dawson crafted a lovely woman in Gema who’s determined to get her man.  Limited English skills, do not stop Gemma from having her way with Red.  Dawson did not rush Red and Gemma into love.  Instead, she slowly developed their feelings for each other.  Also, Gema has hidden talents which Dawson revealed in a timely manner.  After you read the book, you will understand the meaning of the title.


Loving You At Christmas By Kristen Wallace

Loving You At Christmas
Loving You At Christmas









Loving You At Christmas, unfortunately, is the last book in the Shellwater Key Tales series.  Former actress and Broadway star Annaliese Matheson feature in the finale of this excellent series.  Annaliese still grieves for her husband Matthew; Annaliese believes she will never love again. Her soul mate’s death left a hole in her soul and heart.  Noticing a handsome, sexy stranger on the beach, Annaliese begins to wake up from her three-year emotional sleep.

John-Luke “Duke” Evans, famous football star, finds himself raising his four nieces after his sister’s death.  Hot, sexy, and handsome, the women of Shellwater Key pant as he walks by; including the pregnant, married ones.  Meeting Annaliese, the attraction is immediate and intense.

Will Duke persuade Annaliese to give him a chance?  Or will Annaliese continue to grieve and mourn; living in the past.  My romance book reviews of Loving You At Christmas follows.


I am sad to say Loving You At Christmas, by author Kristen Wallace, ends our sojourn in Shellwater Key, Florida.  An excellent series of love and happily ever after, this book‘s a perfect ending for the series.  Kristen Wallace filled this story with intense emotion; grief, attraction, love, and romance.

Although a novella, Wallace, created a substantial tale which grabs the reader immediately.  With skillful plotting and well-developed characters, Wallace made this novella feel like a full-length novel.  I found the pace perfect for the length of the book and her writing flowed well;  making the book easy to read.  Her scenes transition from scene to scene smoothly and with vivid writing, I felt the character’s emotions.  My heart broke for Annaliese;  enduring a childhood, no child should and then the death of her anchor and soul mate, Matthew, brought tears to my eyes.  I could feel her resistance as she began to care for Duke and his nieces, as well as, Duke’s sorrow at the passing of his beloved sister.  Annaliese must face her fears of losing the ones she loves, but can she?


Saved By Love By Emily Woods


Triple Range Ranch Western Romance Book 5

Saved By Love
Saved By Love










In Saved By Love, Georgina’s filled with grief, guilt, and regret.  Carrying a secret, no one knows at Triple Range, Georgina’s ready to end it all.  Saved by Wyatt, Georgina finds a new lease on life as she makes friends with old enemies and reconsiders her life.  However, she fears Wyatt will turn away if he learns of her terrible deeds.  Meanwhile, Wyatt has secrets of his own.  Will Georgina understand when she learns of his past and his deception?

Wyatt overhears Georgina secret and is determined to solve her problem.  With God‘s guidance, Wyatt and Georgina have a chance for happy ever after. My romance book reviews of Saved By Love follows.


Saved By Love‘s a sweet, clean, western, romance.  Book five in the Triple Range Western Romance series, we find Wyatt and Georgina’s story;  both characters appear in earlier editions.  Emily Woods faced issues head-on in this book considered taboo in this period.  With Wyatt and Georgina having secrets which they have not revealed, this story grabs the reader immediately.

Woods begins this book with a despondent Georgina at the end of her rope;  she has lost all hope. However, rescued by Wyatt from a watery grave gives her a second chance at life.  I loved watching Woods slowly mature Georgina in her relationships with Wyatt, Cole, Amanda and their neighbors.  However, watching Georgina come to faith and belief in the Lord as her Savior was the highlight of this story.

As a result of Woods vivid writing, I could feel Georgina’s despair, fear, and unworthiness of God‘s love.  Woods skillfully and slowly brought Georgina to the knowledge of God‘s love and forgiveness by using Wyatt, Amanda, and the other Christian ladies testimony.  The backbone of this story’s God’s all-compassing love, as well as, his ability and desire to forgive anything we have done.  Georgina discovers no sin is too great for forgiveness.

Wyatt’s known as Preacher on the Triple Range because of his great love for God.  He’s a strong man who’s unafraid to state his belief in his Creator.  Wyatt’s confusion is palpable.  However, he’s ready to follow God‘s direction as he waits for God to show His plans for his life.  As a result, he’s will go the last mile to insure Georgina’s happiness.


Saved By Love is a testament to God‘s love for his creation;  which is skillfully presented by Emily Woods.  Woods included a touching romance, an intriguing plot, and our favorite characters from earlier books.  I love books with continuing characters I have come to know and love.  Emily Woods’ writing flows well, and her scenes transition smoothly from scene to scene.  I found the characters well-developed and pacing in line with the length of the book.  Emily Woods skillfully presented the salvation plan and smoothly integrated it into the story.  Woods masterfully highlights God‘s great love, His ability to heal all emotional wounds and to use us to fulfill his plans.  Saved By Love‘s a clean romance between two people with secrets in their past;  one knowing God’s love, the other in desperate need of his saving grace.  I would not hesitate to buy this book for myself or a friend.



Additionally, I borrowed this book from Kindle Unlimited and received a copy from the author and Fairfield Publishing.  I chose to review the book with honest romance book reviews voluntarily.  Lastly, book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion.  Consequently, all book reviews online and on my blog, are my opinions.  Also, ARC’s do not influences my voluntary romance books review.










Diamonds For Christmas By Holly Blair


A Juniper Falls Holiday Romance

Diamonds For Christmas
Diamonds For Christmas










Ruby Parkers meddling Aunt Muriel and her sister are setting Ruby up with eligible bachelors.  However, each one has been a dud.  With Ruby alone after breaking her engagement to Declan Rossi a year ago, they have decided enough is enough;  they want her settled and married.

Little do they know, Declan is back in town and planning to stay.  He and Ruby decide to have a fake engagement to get Ruby’s family off her back and his family off his.  In steps fate, and things heat up for Declan and Ruby.  Will this fake engagement turn into the real thing?   My romance book reviews of Diamonds For Christmas follows.


Diamonds For Christmas is a second chance sweet romance.  A short read of seventy-seven pages, the reader finds a cute, sincere, abiding, love story.  Ruby has ghosts she must face and lay to rest before she can commit to Declan again.  However, fear has her in its grip.  Meanwhile, Declan is determined Ruby will not get away again.

Holly Blair created a light, cute, sweet, romance which can be read at any time of the year.  A second chance at love, with the same person, does not come often.  However, Ruby and Declan have a chance to grab love and happiness;  if Ruby can conquer her fears.  Bringing the story to an end with a crisis creates an opportunity for Ruby to face her fears head-on.  Set in the small town of Jupiter Falls, I liked the small town feel of the story, as well as, Aunt Muriel’s determination.  Blair’s scenes transitioned smoothly, and her writing flowed well.  As a result, Diamonds For Christmas is an easy book to read.


Second Chances For Trampled Hearts By Shoshanna Gabriel


Sweet Inspirational Cowboy Romance

Second Chances For Trampled Hearts
Second Chances For Trampled Heart










In Miami, Allie has a dream of owning her own diner.  Bill’s Uncle Fred owned a diner;  after his death, Bill inherited the diner and closed it down.  Deciding to reopen the diner on a 50/50 partnership, he will fund all the repairs and renovations, and the partner will handle the day-to-day operation.  Allie and Bill email back and forth;  becoming close friends and a partnership’s formed.

Allie invested every cent she had in the partnership.  With rent due, she heads across the country to Bear Creek Saddle, Idaho and Bill.  However, she’s arriving almost out of gas, down to her last few pennies, and two weeks early.   To say their first meeting did not go well would be an understatement.  Allie can not afford to back out of the deal at this point, but upon seeing the run down nasty diner, sparks fly between Bill and Allie.

God has a plan for these two broken people.  With faith, love, and God on their side, Allie and Bill could have something beautiful.  Will they grab on and not let go?  My inspirational romance book reviews of Second Chances For Trampled Hearts follows.


Shoshanna Gabriel created a firecracker of a story in Second Chances For Trampled Hearts.  The sparks fly around Bill and Allie as they square off. Sparks of attraction, disappointment, and anger.  I loved Bill’s characters; his dry humor was so much like my son-in-law.  Allie’s always primed and ready to explode at the drop of a hat.  What a feisty woman!  When she goes off on Bill, which she did over and over, I laughed and giggled.  My husband would never stand still for what Allie dished out to Bill.

Each had their own point of view.  Allie did not hesitate telling Bill what she thought;  she had a  dream of what the diner could become.  Each had strong opinions, and they butted heads often.  Bill’s determined to have his way while Allie’s determined to bring him around to her way of thinking;  making the reader wonder if a compromise is in their vocabulary.  I loved watching them spar and dance around each other.  Also, I loved that Shoshanna Gabriel gave Bill and Allie morals and standards.  It was terrific to find they would go no further than kissing unless united in marriage.


At The Stroke Of Midnight By Kate Palmer


(A Fairly Western Tale Book 1)

At The Stroke Of Midnight
At The Stroke Of Midnight, Cover


“Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”.



At The Stroke of Midnight, by author Kate Palmer‘s a sweet clean romance with a happy ever after ending and a fairy tale quality.

Ella Fairfax father’s will stipulated she must complete her master’s degree before her 25th birthday or lose her inheritance of Diamond Hallow Ranch.  Ella Fairfax is running out time.  Step-mother Lucinda seems to always place stumbling blocks in front of Ella’s college degree.  Also, Lucinda has leased Diamond Hallow with an option to buy to the Woodland Homes Foundation and head COO Jonas Stone Duke, Jr.

Ella always believes the best of everyone;  including scheming Lucinda.  Head of the Woodland Homes Foundation, Jonas, seeking refuge from his notoriety has taken resident at Diamond Hallow.  He and Ella have a bang-up beginning, neither telling the other who they are.  Ella must keep her presence secret from step-mother Lucinda to finish her degree without interference;  Stone is seeking relief from his notoriety


Married To A Marquess By Joyce Alec


Hearts and Ever Afters

Married To A Marquess
Married To A Marquess










Miss Alice Henstridge bowed to her parent’s demands and married a man she had never met.  Shy and insecure, she could do no other than following their dictates.  Married to William Marquess of Worthington, Alice is left alone as soon as the ceremony’s over.  Installing Alice in his country estate, she spent three long years in isolation; never seeing her husband.

Tired of standing in the shadows, she devises a plan to bring down William.  She will go to London during the season, dance and be merry, then ultimately reveal the depravity and wickedness of her husband to all.  Assuming an alias, she knows her husband will not recognize her by sight.  They had never met before the wedding, and he never raised her veil to look at her face.

However, fate has other plans for Alice and William.  Her plan will have results she never expected.  Come along with Alice and William as they travel the rocky road of romance.  My romance book reviews of Married To A Marquess follows.


Joyce Alec created a charming story of abandonment and planned revenge, filling it with vivid descriptions, heartache, romance.  I loved watching Alice grow from insecure and sad to a woman of worth and strength.  Joyce Alec created an intriguing tale of a woman bent on revenge and retribution and a man who is not what he seems.

William’s character shows the world a face of gaiety and fun; almost as if he had never faced the situation he found his life.  Alec created a façade of a man carefree and fancy-free;  attending balls, dancing the night away, and flirting with the women of the Ton.  Is there more to William than meets the eye?  Alice’s plan seems to have the opposite effect she intended as she and William throw words and dance around each other.


A Mother’s Faith By Madison Grace


A Mother's Faith
A Mother’s Faith









A Mother’s Faith has the main story and 19 more bonus stories; plus Amazon Number 1 Seller “A Run-Away Bride”.  What a deal for lovers of romance.  I chose to review A Mother’s Faith.


Bridget Johnson’s mother-in-law, Harriet Johnson, hates her because she’s Irish;  never a good word to say to her or the children.  When her husband’s killed in the line of duty as Sheriff, she’s alone and desperate.  Mrs. Johnson threw her and the children out of her mansion, leaving them almost destitute and sleeping in barns.  Knowing this is only a temporary solution, Bridget answers a mail order bride ad and heads west to Wyoming and Hank Dawson;   who’s seeking someone to help on his farm and pull their weight.

However, prejudice exist everywhere;  in the West the Indians are the recipients of everyone hatred.  Hank has nothing good to say about the Indians, making Bridget wonder if she will ever escape prejudice.  As they face a crisis, will Hank and Bridget’s marriage survive?  My romance book review of A Mother’s Faith follows.


Madison Grace‘s A Mother’s Faith is a story of second chances, prejudice, faith, and family.  Giving Bridget a nurturing personality, faith, and determination, Grace created exactly what Hank needs in his life.  Hank’s a stand-offish man, who seems to stand apart from Bridgett and the children.  However, Bridgett’s determined to forge a family unite.


A Mountain Christmas Romance By Misty M. Beller


A Mountain Christmas Romance
A Mountain Christmas Romance










Set in the Wyoming Territory of 1867, Matthias Bjork, descendant of Vikings, spends his life searching for his sister.  In between journeys, he stays with a loving German couple;  the Shumeister’s consider him a son.  While out racing across the landscape, Matthias and his horse, Karl,  are felled by the sudden appearance of a woman.

Discovering Opal Boyd, works for the Shumeisters, comes as a surprise to Matthias.  Opal’s happier than she’s ever been; secure and loved with the Shumeisters.  Opal has no interest in men and doesn’t trust them for good reason.  However as she comes to know Matthias, her trust builds.  The road to love for Matthias and Opal is rocky and rough, as Matthias searches for his sister and a threat arises which could be the end of Matthias and Opal.  My romance book review of A Mountain Christmas Romance follow


Misty M. Beller created a romance filled with emotion and a story-line which held my attention from start to finish.  Including hints of mystery, feelings of mistrust, misunderstandings, romance, and a crisis which changes everything, Beller included all the elements needed for a successful romance.

With several plot threads, Misty M. Beller, brought all the threads together to form a solid book.  With well-developed characters, intriguing plot lines, and writing which is easy to follow and read, Beller had no need sex or fluff to fill the pages.  This is a clean sweet romance which will tug at your heart-strings.  Including the abandoned dog, Charmer, adds to the depth of the story;  he’s loving and protective to his pack of humans.


A Wolfish Dilemma By Kate Palmer


A Sweet Romance (A Fairly Western Tale Book 2)

A Wolfish Dilemma
A Wolfish Dilemma










Ruby Riding meets a handsome strong man, Rolf Lowell, on the way to her granny.  Ruby Riding’s attracted and feels a tingle.  What is it about this man?  Is there more to him than meets the eye?  As Ruby Riding’s granny lay dying, she warned Ruby not to sell her land to the stranger;  he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  When Cliff Duke, representing Duke Agricultural Land Trust comes calling, Ruby gives him short riff;  stating her grandmother had changed her mind about selling the land.  Cliff tries to explain the Trust is not buying the land, but Ruby can only hear her granny saying:  don’t sell to the stranger, he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

However, Cliff has her grandmother’s signature on the dotted line and he’s going to shadow her for three months.  Cliff tries to figure out Ruby’s book-keeping system of sales, producers, and buyers.  However, like Ruby, her systems very different and imaginative.  Ruby’s a free spirit, full of life and happiness; no time schedules, no restrictions, playing games with the employees at work. Cliff’s determined to take Ruby in hand and change her ways.  Cliff’s a buttoned down, hard-working, organized person, who likes schedules and organization.  Ruby thinks he needs to relax and enjoy life.

A different take on Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, Kate Palmer created a wonderful romance.  However, Cliff and Ruby are bound to butt heads.  What will be the outcome between Cliff, Ruby, and Rolf?  Who’s foe and who’s friend?  My romance book reviews of A Wolfish Dilemma follows.



Love’s Prayer By Melissa Storm


Love's Prayer
Love’s Prayer










Ben Davis’ life is never the same after his brother killed himself.  He sets all his dreams and ambitions aside to care for his mother.  At twenty-six,  he’s a delivery boy and stocker for the local grocery.  Far from what he had planned for his life, Ben’s depressed and considering suicide.  However, his alcoholic mother depends on him and in a small way so does Maisie, the manager of the grocery.  Sending a prayer to God, he sets in motion events destined by God.  Ben’s not sure he believes in God, however, God believes in him.

Summer Smith, new college graduate, has no idea what she wants to do with her life. When her Aunt offers her a two month job in her floral shop while she’s on a cruise, Summer jumps at the chance.  She has two months of free room and board, as well as, time to decide the course of her life.

God has a plan and sets it in motion for Ben and Summer.  Two people in desperate need, will they find love, hope, and renewal of life.  My romance book reviews of Love’s Prayer follows.


Love’s Prayer by author Melissa Storm‘s an intense story of alcoholism, depression, desperation, indecision, and faith.  It is also a story of God’s guidance and love for us.  Ben Davis is a sad man considering suicide;  filled with feelings of guilt, unworthiness, and depression.  Alone with a depressed alcoholic mother and in a dead-in job, he gave us his dreams to care his mother.   Ben faces many ugly facts as we journey through this book.  His prayer to God will bring a tear to your eye;  unsure how to talk to God, he stumbles through his request.  God hears every prayer, whether the prayer‘s by an articulate person or a novice.

Summer’s a woman filled with indecision;  without direction for her life and afraid any decision she makes will be wrong.  These two are perfect for each other.  Storm filled this book with deep emotion which makes it hard to read at times.  Healing comes with faith and friends who believe in them.  Melissa Storm faced, head-on, subjects which are hard to talk and read about.  She showed how we fall into the trap of depression and indecision, yet, there is always hope with help from friends and God.   Summer’s appearance in Sweet Grove sparked a desire for renewal in Ben.


The Governess Who Stole My Heart By Hanna Hamilton


A Historical Regency Romance Novel

The Governess Who Stole My Heart
The Governess Who Stole My Heart











Left at altar by, Simon the Duke of Lennox brother, Susan Wilton continues teaching school in her village;  hiding her anger, shame, and grief deep inside.  She’s not afraid of being a spinster. Her mom wonders if she will ever marry.  Daniel, a childhood friend home from the navy, begins to court Susan.  Then Susan receives a wonderful offer to teach the Duke’s daughter and care for the motherless child.  A sad lonely little girl, who’s ignored by her father, Susan can not say no.

As the Duke and Susan work together, they become closer and closer.  Daniel increases his suite.  With two men vying for her hand, things take a turn, who will she choose?  My historical romance book reviews follows.


Author Hanna Hamilton created a historical novel filled with twists and turns and the dynamics of relationships.  Hamilton skillfully wove romance in this story-line.  Susan sees problems with a sea Captain whose home little, always at a different port.  Hamilton showed her worry and hesitation in forming such a marriage.  Daniel’s character’s a gentleman, with manners, and morals.  John, the Duke of Lennox, is a sad man who has grieved the loss of his wife in child-birth for years;  blaming the child.  I felt so sorry for both, John and his daughter, Elizabeth.  John, for all he’s missing in his misplaced blame and Elizabeth in the loss of a close relationship with her father.  Hanna Hamilton added in family dynamics in John’s relationship with his brother, Simon.  Also, he’s far different from others of the ton;  he works hard on the estate and cares little for social position.  I loved watching him open up and let go of his grief.

Susan’s a strong woman, who refuses to make decisions on the spur of the moment.  She’s torn between two good men;  each with much to offer and each having draw backs.  She was reluctant to give either man an answer.  A teacher and nurturer at heart, she takes Elizabeth into her heart.   It’s wonderful to watch Elizabeth bloom under Susan’s tutelage and care.  Susan’s character’s not a saint; she has issues just as all of us do.  Issues she must face and resolve.


An Uncivilized Romance By Elliee Atkinson



An Uncivilized Romance
An Uncivilized Romance










Sarah Engels had known only love and caring until she married Jason.  Courting her with care and love, Jason’s true colors surfaced shortly after their marriage.  The abuse which followed unending and unceasing, peaked one fateful day.  Jason refuses to have children and blames Sarah when she becomes pregnant.  He’s determined to rid Sarah of the unborn baby.  How far will he go?

Michael Collins, aka, Mike lives in the high mountains, mourning his beloved wife, Rachel.  He’s become a hermit; avoiding the towns including his own brother.  Knowing he must resupply his supplies, he reluctantly heads to town.  Mike finds a gravely injured woman.   Seriously injured and near death, this gravely injured woman comes to mean more to Mike than he ever thought possible.  After all, his heart belongs to Rachel.   Fate has stepped in and has much in store for Mike and Sarah.  Will she and her unborn baby survive her injuries and infection?  Will love bloom between these two?  Does Jason discover his abused wife’s alive?  My romance book reviews of An Uncivilized Romance follows.


What a story author Elliee Atkinson created in book two of the Family Of Love Series.  Author Elliee Atkinson faced the horror of physical and mental abuse head on.  With vivid writing, the reader feels Sarah’s desperation and pain as she’s abused by Jason.  I could feel her fear and disgust of him;  she can’t understand how he fooled her so well.  Elliee Atkinson skillfully displayed each emotion in her writing.  As Atkinson matured Sarah’s characters, I could see her growing and becoming more independent and secure;  opening up to the opportunity for a good loving man in her life.


Mice And Marriage By Sophie Dawson

Contemporary Christian Romance

(Love’s Infestation Book 3)

Mice And Marriage
Mice And Marriage










Noelle Copeland, divorced mother of two young boys, helps her brother around the church he pastors.  As well as, has her hands full raising two rambunctious boys alone.  Doing church duty, setting up tables for the latest event, a mouse scares her to death.  Doing a dance on the table and screaming, Turner Metcalf, comes to her rescue.  Noelle’s determined another man will never break her heart again.  However, from this meeting comes a closeness Noelle had vowed would not happen.  Between the mysterious Turner, mice aplenty and her two sons, Noelle’s life has suddenly heated up.  My inspirational romance book review of Mice And Marriage follows.


Mice And Marriage by author Sophie Dawson‘s, a sweet clean romance, holds the reader‘s attention from the first pages.  Dawson included mystery in her plot lines which will intrigue the reader.  She had several plot threads to bring together for a successful finale of this book.  With clear prose, well-developed characters, and skillful plotting,  Sophie Dawson, created a solid romance novelDawson held the mystery of Turner close to her chest;  she did not reveal the nature of Turner’s business trips until the last possible moment.  Her scenes transitioned smoothly and her writing flowed well from scene to scene making Mice And Marriage easy to read.

Dawson created wonderful character’s for Mice And Marriage.  You will love Noelle and Turner;  they compliment each other so well. Including the Noelle’s boys and a cast of secondary characters enriched the story.  The boys are typical youngsters fill of energy and life, as well as, well-behaved.  Noelle’s active in her brother’s church and raises them in the Christian faith.


Betty’s Blessing By Jo Huddleston


A sweet romance story of unbidden love, set in 1956

(California Bound Book 2)

Betty's Blessing
Betty’s Blessing










Betty and Mary Ann are in town for Donna’s wedding.  You will remember Donna and Tommy from Donna’s Detour Book 1.  Greg Turner came as Tommy’s best man.  Betty has an aversion to every thing about Greg;  throwing snarks and snipping at every turn.  Greg, however, finds himself attracted to the beautiful woman.  He can’t understand what she has against him.  Will circumstances change and allow these two to find happy ever after?  My review of Betty’s Blessing follows.


Once again author Jo Huddleston created a well-written, clean, sweet, romance, in Betty’s BlessingHuddleston‘s created quite a character in Betty;  funny, snarky, and opinionated.  She’s doesn’t mind stating her opinion.  However, Betty’s immature when it comes to relationships;  always expecting the worse. I wanted to shake her and tell her to grow up;  I became very impatient with her.

You will love Greg;  a man who had searched for something in his life; has he finally found it?  He’s ready for a permanent relationship, however, he’s mystified by Betty at times.  Then a two crisis’ occurs;  will Betty resolve her issues, opening her eyes and seeing the truth?


Sweet Christmas Kisses 4: Loving You At Christmas By Kristen Wallace


Sweet Christmas Kisses 4: Loving You At Christmas
Sweet Christmas Kisses 4: Loving You At Christmas









A collection containing 14 stories complied into a boxed set.  Excerpt from collection:  Usher in the holiday season with 14 heartwarming all-new, stand-alone stories from New York Times, USA Today, national bestselling, and award-winning authors. Sweet Christmas Kisses 4 takes you from the Pocono Mountains to sunny Florida, and as far away as Portugal.

I chose to review the romance story by Kristen Wallace, Loving You At Christmas


Loving You At Christmas, unfortunately, is the last book in the Shellwater Key Tales series.  Former actress and Broadway star Annaliese Matheson features in the finale of this wonderful series.  Annaliese still grieves for her husband Matthew; Annaliese believes she will never love again. Her soul mate’s death left a hole in her soul and heart.  Noticing a handsome, sexy stranger on the beach, Annaliese, begins to wake up from her three-year emotional sleep.

John-Luke “Duke” Evans, famous football star, finds himself raising his four nieces after his sister’s death.  Hot, sexy, and handsome, the women of Shellwater Key pant as he walks by; including the pregnant married ones.  Meeting Annaliese, the attraction is immediate and intense.

Will Duke persuade Annaliese to give him a chance?  Or will Annaliese continue to grieve and mourn; living in the past.  My romance book reviews of Loving You At Christmas follows.


I am sad to say Loving You At Christmas, by author Kristen Wallace, ends our sojourn in Shellwater Key, Florida.  A wonderful series of love and happy ever after, this book‘s a perfect ending for the series.  Kristen Wallace filled this story with intense emotion; grief, attraction, love, and romance.

Although a novella, Wallace, created a solid tale which grabs the reader immediately.  With skillful plotting and well-developed characters, Wallace made this novella feel like a full length novel.  I found the pace perfect for the length of the book and her writing flowed well;  making the book easy to read.  Her scenes transition from scene to scene smoothly and with vivid writing I felt the character’s emotions.  My heart broke for Annaliese;  enduring a childhood no child should and then the death of her anchor and soul mate, Matthew, brought tears to my eyes.  I could feel her resistance as she began to care for Duke and his nieces, as well as, Duke’s sorrow at the passing of his beloved sister.  Annaliese must face her fears of losing the ones she loves;  but can she?

Adding the mama drama with the Queen of Shellwater Key, gave the story an extra element.  What a witch Wallace gave us in these booksWallace also included a lot of humor in Loving You At Christmas.  When Layla called in the big guns, I laughed and laughed. By the way, Noah’s the big guns; Shellwater Keys resident soul searcher, advise giver, and counselor to one and all.  Not only does this story have grief, it has a lot of funny snips and snarks.  If I was not laughing, I found myself crying.  I cried buckets at the end of the story.

Kristen Wallace also included characters from the earlier books.  I love a series with continuing characters;  we get an update on their life and all the town gossip.  Loving You At Christmas, is a wonderful romance perfect for anytime of the year.  I would not hesitate to buy this sweet, clean, romance for myself or a friend.  Although sad to say good-bye to my friends in Shellwater Key, I am sure Wallace has another series up her sleeve.



In addition, I received this book from the author and chose to voluntarily review the book with honest romance book reviews.  Lastly, book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion.  Consequently, all book reviews on-line and on my blog, are my opinions.  Additionally, no on influences my voluntary romance book reviews.





Sweet Christmas Kisses 4: The Gift Of Yesterday By Milou Koenings


Green Pines Romance

Sweet Christmas Kisses 4; The Gift Of Yesterday
Sweet Christmas Kisses 4; The Gift Of Yesterday







A collection of 14 stories complied into a boxed set.  Excerpt from collection:  Usher in the holiday season with 14 heartwarming all-new, stand-alone stories from New York Times, USA Today, national bestselling, and award-winning authors. Sweet Christmas Kisses 4 takes you from the Pocono Mountains to sunny Florida, and as far away as Portugal.

I chose to review the romance story by Milou Koenings, The Gift Of Yesterday.


When Bailey Ames’ Aunt Muriel became ill, she returned from France where she schooled and studied;  Bailey put her dreams on hold to cared for her aunt.  After her Aunt Muriel’s death, it’s time for Bailey to spread her wings and live her dream.  Bailey, alone in the world, returns to Green Pines, the place of her teenage years and past happy times to open a pastry shop.

Joe Hudson has loved Bailey since a teenager.  Never able to  forget her, he dates, but his dates are always temporary.  With Bailey’s return, he finally sees a chance at happiness.  However, Bailey has relationship issues which force Joe to take a stand for love.  Will love win out in this sweet romance?  My contemporary romance book reviews of The Gift Of Yesterday follows.


Milou Koenings created a sweet clean romance which will touch the reader‘s heartKoenings placed her characters in the small town of Green Pines;  with all the closeness and protectiveness of each other you find in small communities. I love the atmosphere of small towns; from the gossips to the caring.

Koenings‘ tale of love never forgotten, held my interest from start to finish.  Joe’s character will bring out you’re rooting spirit; a fine, steady, determined, good man, who never forgot his first and only love.  His wealth has had no influence on his character, morals, or sense of community.  His determination to win Bailey is wonderful.  With issues of loss and losing the ones she has loved, Bailey, must face her hang ups head-on and make decisions which will impact her life. 


Sherwood Mail Order Brides By Emily Woods


Sherwood Mail Order Brides
Sherwood Mail Order Brides










In Sherwood Mail Order Brides, Emily Woods created a collection of four mail order brides venturing to the West for security and love.

Millie’s Texas Cowboy

Jay Wilson advertised for a mail order bride.  A strong cowboy, a little shy and uncertain, Jay met Millie Tacker when she arrived from back East.   Millie’s left New York, where the men only wanted a beautiful woman on their arm, escaping an overly demanding employer, and clients who treated her like a servant;  she’s looking for a better life, security, and love.  However, as they say, there’s a worm in apple in the form of Frank Harris.  Will he steal Millie away from when Jay disappears without a word?


Sheriff for three months in the town of Sherwood, James “Jim” Brooks, is thinking he’s ready to retire from the life of law enforcement and all it entails. A former Texas Ranger, he has seen the worse man offers.  Lonely, Jim began contemplating settling down with a mail order bride.  Alice Sims came to Sherwood as the mail order bride for James; they married the same day.  Alice is a strong, determined woman who does not hold back and does not mind speaking her mind.  James has always been in control.  A rocky road looms ahead for these two strong independent people;  they find marriage a complicated business.  As well as, a past evil which comes gunning for James.



Addison Falls in Love By Audra Bell


A Short Romance Story

(The Love Series Book 1)

Addison Falls In Love
Addison Falls In Love










After Addison’s boyfriend turned out to be a cheater, she has been in a dating slump; staying away the dating scene and all the emotional turmoil it entails.  Roommate and friend Clare’s determined to drag Addison back into the world of dating, even if it’s kicking and screaming.  Clare has someone in mind for Addison who would make her the perfect boyfriend and possibly love interest.

Through subterfuge, Clare begins her matchmaking, then sits back and watches as the game begins.  My romance book reviews of Addison Falls In Love follows.


Although an author can not develop a book with the depth of its parent, the novel, Audra Bell skillfully wove an interesting and entertaining story.  I could feel Addison’s dejection, as well as, her budding interest in Michael.  However, diving back into the dating game can be stressful for all concerned.  Addison and Michael had past relationships which did not end well and were leery of involvement. However, with conveniently missed trips and no shows by Clare, Addison and Michael find themselves together more and more.  I guessed Clare had a hand in all the convenient meetings.  Does Clare have a budding career as a matchmaker?  Perhaps, we will have to wait and see.


Love Among the Lilacs By Jenna Victoria


Love Among The Liliacs
Love Among The Lilacs



Mollie Wright’s life has been rough and tough;  from living on the street with her drunkard mother and never do well half-brother to dumpster diving for food.  Finally, everything’s falling into place.  She’s worked hard at bookkeeping to buy her first home, Lilac Cottage, from sisters, Genevieve and Alma.  Hiding from her past, she starts a new life in Lilac Cottage.

When a legal snafu puts her ownership of Lilac Cottage at risk, Mollie comes out fighting.  With pro bono attorney services of Emily Rogers, known as the “Shark” in her heyday, things warm up in Grady Cove.  The sister’s nephew, Sean Grady’s, determined to oust Mollie from her home.  Mollie’s determined not to go.  Come along on a fun-filled romp as Mollie and Sean match wits in this match of ownership and romance.  My contemporary inspirational romance book reviews follows.


Jenna Victoria created two vastly different people in Mollie and Sean.  You know the saying:  “Opposites attract”?  Mollie and Sean feel an instant attraction both try to ignore.  Mollie’s a strong character;  looking for the American dream of security, love, family, and a home.  Creating a small town atmosphere with welcoming neighbors, typical small town attitudes of caring, and  a variety of personalities, Victoria, crafted wonderful secondary characters who enriched the story line.

With past relationship issues, strict work ethics, and principles, Sean’s character will make you laugh, as well as, bring sadness. Giving Sean a battle he’s loosing on all fronts, Victoria then added a crisis or two;  a mysterious time limited codicil, a theft, a never do well, heart breaking accusations, life changing realizations, and a few surprises.

Victoria had more than a few plot lines in Love Among The Lilacs, which she skillfully wove together to form a solid romance bookJenna Victoria‘s scenes transitioned smoothly throughout the book providing an easy to follow multi layered story.  With a satisfying and sigh worthy ending, I closed this book, looking forward to more from author Jenna Victoria.

I found Jenna Victoria‘s writing clear and easy to follow with well-developed characters.  The plot has several layers which grab and hold the reader‘s attention in this short fast paced romance.   Suitable for anyone who enjoys a sweet clean romance, Love Among Lilacs‘ is perfect for a lazy afternoon read.  I would not hesitate to buy this book for myself or a friend.


As a romance book reviews bloggers and reviewer, I am supposed to tell you what I did not like about Love Among The Lilacs, however, I can honestly say, I found no negatives.


Additionally, I borrowed this book from kindle unlimited and received this book from the author.  I chose to voluntarily review the book with honest contemporary inspirational romance book reviews.  Lastly, book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion.  Consequently, all book reviews on-line and on my blog, are my opinions.  In addition, no one influences my voluntary contemporary inspirational romance book reviews.





Roadtrip to Redemption By Laurie Larsen


Pawleys Island Paradise Book 1

Roadtrip To Redemption
Roadtrip To Redemption










Leslie Malone just received her finalized divorce papers which divide her former life into bits and pieces. Her teaching position’s in summer recess and her daughters in Paris.  Now summer looms lonely and long ahead of her.  She decides to take a road trip to the beach in South Carolina.  A place she loved as a child.  Driving from Pennsylvania to Pawley Island, Leslie hopes to find peace;  she prays for God‘s protection and guidance.  Leslie’s faith in God, will lead her on an awesome journey through Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, to her final destination in South Carolina.  A journey of enlightenment, peace, and discovery.

Hank Harrison’s a quite man who has carried a heavy burden;  for years he has withheld forgiveness.  Unable to forgive his son for deeds which cost Hank everything, he’s ask God‘s help.  Meeting Leslie, Hanks knows God has answered his prayers with her appearance in his life.

Neither of these two are looking for a relationship.  However, God has set in motion a divine plan of redemption.  All they need do is listen and follow God’s message.  My inspirational romance book review of Roadtrip To Redemption follows.


In book 1 of the Pawleys Island Paradise series, Roadtrip To Redemption, Laurie Larsen created a story of two hurting people who need to heal.  Creating characters who suffered deep emotional trauma, Larsen fully developed each to their full potential. Through this powerful story of middle age love, forgiveness for past crimes, and renewal of spirit, Larson shows how the mighty hand of God will enrich our lives if we allow him to complete his work without interference.


The Leftover By Brooke Williams


The Leftover
The Leftover










Megan Malone’s a quite homebody.  She never did well with people, preferring to stay in her house, work at her home business, and let the world go by.  Her sister, Molly, persuades Megan to take her place on the new local reality television show, The Leftover.  A show similar to Survivor, Megan knows she has no skills to offer.

Cane’s the medic for the show.  Once a contestant on Accept This Dandelion, he’s trying to heal a broken heart.  He thought they had fallen in love, however, in the last episode, his wonderful world collapsed as his love ran off with the producer/host of the show.  He hopes time from his job, new surrounding, and people, help heal his hurting heart.

Megan, sweet, quite, shy, and a loner, meets her crush from Accept This Dandelion;  while Cane finds a shy young women who will not meet his eyes.  With all the different personalities, will Cane find his heart healing?  Will Megan find a way to come out of her shell and take part?  Let the fun begin as the contestants vie for position of the last person left standing.  My romance book reviews of The Leftover by Brooke Williams follows.


Author Brooke Williams, created an entertaining book in The Leftover.  Having read other books with this story-line, I thought I would not care to read another book with the same old theme.  However, I’m thrilled to say, I loved this book.  Including a variety of personalities, scheming in the background, back stabbing galore, conniving, some good people, some really obnoxious,  arrogant selfish ones, and then to round out the contestants, sweet shy Megan.  Developing each of her characters to their full potential, I found myself hating Andrew;  he’s arrogant, egotistical, and a bully.  What a character Brooke Williams crafted in Andrew.  I wanted to “tell him off” during most of the book.  Other characters you will love;  as each proves they are good people and better friends.


Haven On The Riverwalk By Eileen Cruz Coleman


Small Town Kisses 1

Haven On The Riverwalk
Haven On The Riverwalk










Maggie’s on the run from her life in New York.  Missing her bus in Soloman’s Island, unsure what she’s going to do, she found a hero in Dustin.  Dustin, the small community of Soloman’s Island, and Dustin’s sister, give Maggie has a second chance at life.  At the speed of lightning, Dustin and Maggie fall for each other.  But Maggie’s past does not stay in the past as it comes back to haunt her.  My romance book reviews of Haven On The Riverwalk follows.


Although a short story of 48 pages, I found Haven On The Riverwalk a satisfying romance filled with danger and mysteryAuthors can not develop in-depth characters or story-lines in a short story as they can in a novel.  Everything, including the ending, in a short story or novella happens quickly without the slow and full development of a novel.  However, Coleman did a good job with premise, structure, and plot with this romance.  I found the plot and mystery intriguing, the suspense held at high peak,


Lady Likes The Lord by Eleanor Meyers



Lady Likes The Lord
Lady Likes The Lord










Maria Kay takes starring role in Lady Likes The Lord.  Known as the good sister, Maria has secrets.  If only the Ton knew the real Maria.  Finally deciding to take a husband, Maria sets her sights on Cole Leverton, Lord Marion; Cole has loved Maria for years.  Now the time is right and she’s ready to break the Kay-Abbey curse.  She refuses to follow her sisters and marry an Abbey, especially Edmund.

Edmund does not want love and refuses to fall under its spell as his brothers did.  However, he will have Maria, she is his and he intents to make her his wife.  But fate has much in store for Maria and Edmund.  Adventure, action, romance, and secrets swirling around Regency London, awaits the reader in Lady Likes The Lord.  My Regency romance book reviews follows.


Set in 1832, Regency England, Meyers latest addition to the Abbey Brothers Series, Lady Likes The Lord, grabbed me immediately.  With Meyers vivid descriptions, I could see the fancy ballrooms and all the Ton dressed to impress. As well as, see the back street taverns including the low life and criminal elements, almost smell the horse-flesh, and felt Edmund’s frustration.  The criminal element Meyers crafted for Lady Likes The Lord, made my skin crawl.  A truly evil man without conscience or a sense of right and wrong.  Filling her tale with emotion, action, and secrets, I read this book straight through as I could not put it down. I was back with old friends from the earlier books, learning the latest in their lives, and loving every minute spent with them.  I love books with recurring characters;  the Kay sisters and the Abbey brothers never fail to entertain.


To Know Her Calling By Heather Earles


To Know Her Calling
To Know Her Calling










In To Know Her Calling, Louise meets a masked stranger at the skating rink.  Many skaters are wearing beautiful scarfs, which two beautiful employees helped her put on;  explaining she could buy the scarf or turn it in at the end of her night.  Having fun, trying to skate after years, and of course falling, a masked stranger comes to her rescue; giving her pointers and the scarf to keep.  Raul, the masked man, could not keep his eyes off the beautiful woman he helped on the skating floor.  The attraction’s mutual.  She ask him to come dancing with her and her brothers the next night.  Things are moving fast;  is romance within God’s will for Louise and Raul?

Louise, a woman of faith and prayer, works hard, living a normal American life; family, church, friends, and teaching dance.  Raul’s a mystery covered by a scarf;  which she eventually persuades him to remove.  She sees a handsome foreigner with a scar running down his face. What is it about this man that attracts her so?  He owns the skating rink, but what’s his story?  Spending more and more time together the attraction grows into much more.  Raul has secrets; secrets, which when revealed, may cause Louise to run the other way.  My Christian romance book reviews follows.


To Know Her Calling is filled with emotion, faith, family dynamics, and secrets. The faith Raul and Louise have is awe-inspiring as each are Christians and faithful to God’s commands.  A clean sweet romance, Earles crafted a wonderful romance which will keep you reading to the last page.  Filled with family dynamics and obligations, she shows two close-knit faith based families who worship God and pray for guidance daily.


The Pastor’s Replacement Bride By George H. McVey



Mail Order Brides of Sanctuary Book 1

The Pastor's Replacement Bride
The Pastor’s Replacement Bride










Pastor Joshua Bryce has a problem in The Pastor’s Replacement Bride.  The deacons of the church want him married and settled.  With Mayor’s Lyman’s daughter determined to become his wife, he needs a suitable bride quickly.  Joshua knows Ernestine Lyman’s totally unsuitable for a pastor’s wife as she’s selfish, without a helper’s heart, and looking for the prestige of his pastoral office.

Meanwhile the churches Ladies Aid Society, led by Myrtle, come to him with a proposal to provide brides for the eligible, up standing, church going bachelors in Sanctuary, Montana Territory.  With brides scarce in the west, and only 2 eligible women in Sanctuary, they suggest sending to church pastors back east for good Christian women to correspond; hoping to  obtain Christian brides.  After prayer and counsel with God, Joshua agrees and adds he will be one of the participating bachelors.

In Chicago, Hattie Long’s an orphan;  raised in a local orphanageIndentured in service to the orphanage and sent to a local brothel as a cook and servant, when she turns twenty-one the orphanage will release her from bondage.  However, the brothel owner, Papa John, has plans to use Hattie in his brothel as soon as she turns twenty-one?.  Unable to find a job, Hattie approaches Pastor Long and his daughter, Haddie, explaining her situation.   She and Haddie share almost the same first name and the same last name; they have a very close relationship of friends and almost sisters.

Haddie corresponded with Joshua as a potential bride; she and Hattie will go west before the nefarious brothel owner, Papa John, can do his worse.  Joshua decides he can not let this young innocent be used in such a way.  With monies Nugget Nate, famous rescuer of indigent and down on their luck women left him, he pays her way west; monies left with instructions he would know when to use it.  However, Haddie, sick with scarlet fever’s unable to make the trip; she sends Hattie on to safety.


Slow Burn In The Wilderness By Renee Hart


Alaska Adventure Romance (Volume 7)

Slow Burn In The Wilderness
Slow Burn In The Wilderness










Alaska’s on fire in Slow Burn In The Wilderness.  Trevor, a smoke jumper from Boise, arrives as the rookie in camp where he finds Jo the crew chief’s not a man, but definitely a female.  A female who affects him as one never has.  However, Trevor has secrets.  He left Boise under a cloud he does not want to talk about.

Josie, has never had a fellow crew member affect her as Trevor.  Her heart beats faster when he’s around.  But they have a job to do, one that’s dangerous and deadly.  Josie’s worried about the fire, bears, her twin brother who’s on the team, and her smoke jumper father who taught her all she knows;  she tried to ignore the fact he’s older and slower working the fires.  She has her hands full with just the fires.  She doesn’t need a romantic interest to gum up the works even more.  Also, Josie’s unsettled about this new comer, can he fit in with this top-notch crew of fire fighting smoke jumpers?  What is Trevor hiding?  So much more’s happening in this book than fighting fires; relationships, family dynamics, and secrets.  My romance book review of Slow Burn In The Wilderness follows.


A sweet romance set in Alaska, Slow Burn In The Wilderness describes the danger smoke jumpers face everyday as these tight-knit men and women work to contain deadly fires.  A serious job in which attention can not waver. One mistake or miscalculation can cost life’s.

I loved the way Hart danced Trevor and Jo around each other; each denying the attraction they felt from their first meeting.  Hart


Donna’s Detour By Jo Huddleston







Get Your Kiss On Route 66








In Donna’s Detour, Jo Huddleston crafted a sweet and clean romance fiction novel.  Donna Turner and two friends head to California; leaving Alabama behind for the big city lights.  However, when Donna runs out of money, fate steps in.  Donna’s left in Needles, California to find a job, earn money, and continue her trip.  Finding a God sent protector in the boss of the local café, Donna hires on as a waitress.  Meanwhile, she saves her money to proceed to California.

When Tommy walks into the café on a hot dusty day, Donna’s heart uplifts.  Donna measures all men by Tommy.  He is Godly, handsome, sweet, and all manner of wonderful traits.  Will Tommy remember his best friends sister?  What were the chances Tommy would walk into the dinner in Needles?   What will be Tommy’s reaction if Donna reveals her feelings?  Will they forge a deeper emotional relationship?  What does God have in store for Donna and Tommy?

Grab your favorite beverage and have a seat; my romance novel review of Donna’s Detour follows.



First let me state, what a relaxing fun read I found in Donna’s Detour.  Written with young adults and adults in mind, this book is clean and sweet.  I found Donna and Tommy’s faith touching and enriching.  This Christian romance will warm your heart.

Author Jo Huddleston crafted a smooth well-written book.  The story-line moved gracefully from chapter to chapter as we came to know Tommy and Donna.  Furthermore, the character development proceeded throughout the story-line as we find Tommy and Donna have great faith in God and his guidance for their lives.  The story-line has just the right amount of religious elements for believability without pushing the reader.  As a result, you need not be religious to enjoy this novel.


Without A Hitch Boxed Set By Kent Hamilton



Without A Hitch Box Set, Cover, jpeg
Without A Hitch Box Set



Without a Hitch Book 1

Fatal attraction To Love Book 2

Piece of Cake Book 3






In Without A Hitch Boxed Set, author Kent Hamilton creates a continuing romance novel, which follows the meeting, romance, and marriage of Kari and John. Inseminated with her deceased husbands sperm, widowed Kari owns an up and coming bakery. Her cupcakes are a work of art.

As a result of catering a function for John’s mother, they meet. Things do not go well in their first meeting. John says things about Kari’s cupcakes, which hurt an emotional Kari deeply. Seeing this crying and hurting woman wounded by his words, John makes amends. Finding himself attracted to this beautiful woman, John begins his pursuit of Kari.

Kari and John find their emotions deeply involved. But, all does not go smoothly for John and Kari. Does love occur in a week? How will Kari tell John about her baby? Stalked by a demented woman, John’s life


Bride Brigade: Rachel By Caroline Clemmons



Bride Brigade: Rachel
Bride Brigade Rachel











Bride Brigade Rachel is the fifth book in the continuing story of the mail-order brides of Tarnation, Texas. Rachel Ross falsely imprisoned in Virginia for embezzlement has spent three years in despair. After release from prison, all except her brother turned their back on her. Rachel takes a drastic step. Answering an ad for mail-order brides, Rachel along with a group of perspective brides heads west.

As a result, Rachel meets Zane Davis owner of the local freight company. In Tarnation, Rachel will face the chance for a life long love, if she can reveal to Zane her past. However, Rachel will have another crisis in her life, which threaten to upend her new future.

Grab your favorite beverage, relax in your favorite chair, and follow Rachel and Zane to the path of true


Long Journey Home By Caroline Johnson


Rocky Brook Cowboys Book 1

Long Journey Home
Long Journey Home










In Long Journey Home, Holly raised on the Rocky Brook Ranch, finds herself headed back home; without a job and little money left in the bank.  Never wanting the ranch life of dirt, manure, and hard work, she made her mark in the big city.  When her company merges with another, she lost her job.  Looking for work for six months, Holly has no choice except return to Rocky Brook and her family.

Upon her arrival, Spence, a nuisance from her childhood, meets her at the car. However, he’s matured and turned into a handsome man she does not recognize. Her sister reveals his identity to Holly.  From here Holly’s thrown into further disarray; for she feels immediate attraction.  However, Holly does not want to live on a ranch, the city life’s for her.

Holly finds she can not tell her father why she’s back; although she does tell her sisters and mother.  She’s afraid he will consider her a failure and she’ll see disappointment on his face.  How will Holly tell her father about her situation?  Will love bloom between Spence and Holly?  Will Spence convince Holly he will give her the life she wants on the ranch along with his love?  My romance book review of Long Journey Home follows


Long Journey Home’s a sweet contemporary romance filled with angst and family dynamics.  None us want to let down our parent, Johnson shows how unnecessary our worries.  As Holly found in Long Journey Home, parents love unconditionally even when we think they’re disappointed.


The Amish Best Friends By Katie Fisher


A Suspense Romance

The Amish Best Friends
The Amish Best Friends









The lead story shares the same name as the title; The Amish Best Friends.  A wonderful buy with bonus content of 20 stories; for a total of 1708 page.  A great deal for any reader who loves Amish and Christian romances at a surprising low costs of .99.  A clean sweet book suitable for anyone, you will love these stories.  I chose to review the lead story, The Amish Best Friends.


In the lead story,The Amish Best Friends, Hannah Zook teaches school in Orthause, Pennsylvania.  Devout and dedicated to the Amish way of life, when Mennonite Eli Reimer wants to marry her, she’s thrown into a quarry.  For Eli demands she join his church, forsaking her Amish church.

When Ezekiel Miller’s murdered, the Englisch, investigating the murder, send Jacob King and his partner to the Amish community.  Jacob left the Amish after his rumspringa, becoming a law enforcement officer.  Hannah comforts Ezekiel’s wife, Martha, who’s the prime suspect and eventually arrested.  As far as Hannah’s concerned, he has arrested the wrong person.  She decides to start her own investigation with her best friend Abram Wittmer by her side.  My Amish romance book review follows.


I found this story well-written and entertaining.  Fisher created a first class romance suspense mystery.  Her writing is clear, concise, and easy to follow, as well as, containing scenes which transition smoothly.  Fisher keep the mystery and suspense at high peak and did not reveal the murderer until the last possible moment.  With several suspects, I did not guess the correct culprit.


Love One Summer In Bath By Richmond,Blackwood,Thorne,and others


A Regency Romance Summer Collection From:


Love One Summer In Bath
Love One Summer In Bath









This is a collection of Regency romances titled Love One Summer In Bath.  I chose to review Isabella Thorne and Gemma Blackwood contributions.



In Love One Summer In Bath containing story, Hope For Charity, the reader’s treated to a short regency romance story set in Bath.  Lady Charity Abernathy’s looking for a husband.  However, Charity wants to marry for love and not social position.  Naive and young, she believes all the gossip she hears. Lord Wentwell, object of the latest gossip, reputation is one of a rake and rogue.  Upon meeting, Lord Wentwell, Neville Collington, Charity gives him the cold shoulder.  However fate has a different course in store for Charity.  Lord Wentwell’s reputation is not what it seems.  Come along with Charity as she discovers all gossip’s not true and love could be waiting in the wings.  My romance book review of Hope For Charity follows.


I found Hope For Charity a sweet clean romance.  Although Charity’s character is a naïve young woman, she knows she wants to marry for loveSocial position mean little to her.  She has a caring heart which differs from most of the ton.  Neville’s allowed his reputation to flourish which will cause him a great deal of problems with Charity.  Furthermore, including the Neville’s brother, added an extra ingredient to the story;  as a result, allowing Charity to see a side of Neville the gossips did not.  We know today, the brother was a victim of PTSD.  Charity comes to see the true Neville rather than his soiled reputation.


A Christmas Surprise By Emily Murdoch


A Regency Romance

A Christmas Surprise
A Christmas Surprise










A Christmas Surprise by author Emily Murdoch, finds the reader back in Regency England.  Lord Robert, Viscount of Marchwood is holding his annual Christmas Ball in Scotland.  Sending invitation to all the ton élite, Marchwood’s presenting his 18 year-old daughter, Audrey, to society.  Raised by the widowed Viscount, Audrey formed an unusual closeness to the servants, including her father’s valet, Thomas.  As well as, a close bond with her father, who adores her.

With rumors flying of the empty Marchwood coffers, it makes for an interesting party.  Leaving Audrey in charge of the ball, she decides on a masquerade, where she meets a handsome, tall, attractive gentleman.  With his identity masked, Audrey has no idea, who has stolen her heart.  How will Audrey discover her masked love‘s name?  Who can he be?  With the coffers empty, who will win Audrey’s hand and love?  Will her father approve of the unknown gentlemen?   My reviews for romance novelChristmas Surprise, follows.


A Christmas Surprise by author Emily Murdoch, takes place in the cold winter of Scotland.  Making it hard for the guest to travel


Emerald Glory By Renee Vincent


 (Vikings of Honor, Book 2)

Emerald Glory
Emerald Glory










Emerald Glory, the story of Breandán Mac Liam and Mara, daugther of Callan, the King of Connacht, follows these two thru war-torn land towards love.  The reader will remember Mara and Breandán from Sunset Fire by Vincent.  Book 2 finds a widowed Mara seven years later raising a son.  Mara’s raising her son alone, and watched over by Tait her deceased husbands best friend.  Breandán’s given the task of returning Mara to the King. 

Breandán loved Mara from the first time he saw her.  Knowing he’s beneath her social class, he loves her from afar.  Married to a Northman (Viking) and widowed, Mara’s summoned home to her dying king and father.   Breandán jumps at the chance to bring Mara home.  Come follow with Breandán and Mara in this wonderful love story.  My reviews for romance novel, Emerald Glory, follows.


Emerald Fire continues the epic story of Mara, who finds all’s not lost when Dægan died.  Seven years after his death, Breandán comes to escort Mara home to her dying father.  Creating a story filled with conflict, long-held secrets, conspiracies, and, of course romance, Jenkins continued her tale of Viking honor.  Breandán is the perfect knight in shining amour, kind, compassionate, giving, and honorable. Mara knew he had declared his love 7 years earlier, however, she wondered could that love have survived this long time.  As the saying goes, “true love is timeless”.  


Favorite Coffee Favorite Mistake By Victoria Pinder


Marshall Family Saga Book 2

Favorite Coffee Favorite Mistake
Favorite Coffee Favorite Mistake











In Favorite Coffee Favorite Mistake, the reader finds two lovers torn apart years ago.  Sandra Marshall and Wyatt meet again on-board Penny’s wedding cruise.  Sandra, as wedding planner, must see all goes well;  hoping to transition from former wedding shop owner to wedding planner as a result of her supervision and planning.  Wyatt, along with his small daughter, are on-board for the wedding.  Both mothers, of the bride and groom, I would graciously describe as mothers from hell.

After Wyatt left Sandra, his high school love, he married and had a daughter.  However, there is much more to this story.  Sandra and Wyatt not only have to see the wedding goes off without disruption, but resolve issues from the past.  My reviews for romance novel, Favorite Coffee Favorite Mistake, follows.



Favorite Coffee Favorite Mistake by Victoria Pinder, takes the reader on a wedding cruise filled with vengeful mothers, a very much in love wedding couple, friends galore, and high school lovers with issues to resolve.  I found the plot fast paced and steady


A Harvest Passion By Emily Murdoch


A Regency Romance

A Harvest Passion
A Harvest Passion










A Harvest Of Passion, by author Emily Murdoch takes place in the small town of Sandercombe, England; where love is trying, without a lot of cooperation, to bloom between our hero and heroine.  Leo Tyndale’s, back in England after a 5 yr absence in India, the newly appointed school teacher.  English society’s far different from India.  Leo longs for the ease of Indian society. Noisy and gossipy, the small town of Sandercome is rife with discontent.

Meeting Miss Hestia Royce on his first Sunday in church, Leo’s unprepared for his welcome.  Leaving town to marry, Hestia returned, as his students stated, not. Gossip and censor run rampant in small town Sandercombe.  Hestia’s exiled to a lonely  existence.

Leo and Hestia embark on a journey filled with misconceptions, misunderstandings, and mind-blowing attraction.  Will Hestia ever open her heart to Leo?  Can she show Leo the source of the scandal which surrounds her?  My reviews for romance novel, A Harvest Passion, follows.



The Giant Secret By David Alan Webb



(1899AD): Finding Christopher

The Giant Secret by David Alan Webb
The Giant Secret, Cover











In The Giant Secret (1899 AD) Finding Christopher, the reader’s transported to the Appalachians.  Hans and Ava immigrants to America, seeking a new life, have just buried their second stillborn child.  With spirits low, Ava realizes children are not in her future.  Fate and perhaps a higher being have different ideas.  Come along with Ava and Hans as they discover sometimes, the thing they most desire will be granted, but perhaps. not as they thought.  My review of The Giant Secret (1899) Finding Christopher, follows



This is the first short-story by David Alan Webb I have read.  Firstly, I must state how much I enjoyed this short-story of faith and love.  Without giving away spoilers, I can only say, sometimes the most precious gift comes in different packing than we


Wildfire By Emma Harper



A Western Historical Mail Order Bride Romance

Petticoats and Pistols Series Book 2

Wildfire, Cover











In Wildfire by author Emma Harper, the reader finds a sweet western romance which includes bonus content of 15 other stories.   In the first story, Wildfire, we find Clara Southerby.  Clara’s looking for adventure, not marriage to a cruel old man, Sheldon Niles.  Niles doesn’t want Clara for herself, but as a brood mare he can control and use for his unseemly desires.  Thinking he can force marriage upon Clara, she foils him by running to the western states.  As a result, Niles not to be made a fool, sends his henchmen after her.

At the end of her journey, the first person Clara meets is handsome Captain Jason Halerow.  He’s the darling of all the ladies.  Meanwhile, telling a small lie to get the job she needs, Clara’s lie will come back to haunt her. Clara, no simpering miss, hired as ranch foreman for the Holmes Ranch, finds her niche.  Independent, fierce, and strong, will Clara and Jason manage to forge a relationship?  Will Niles henchmen tear Clara’s from her new happy life?  My reviews for romance novel, Wildfire, follows.

Please note:  Each story in this bundle  is a sweet, clean, wholesome, romance with a happy ever after ending.




The Beginning Of Forever By Seven Steps



The Beginning Of Forever by Seven Steps
The Beginning Of Forever











The Beginning of Forever takes place at the high school prom.  Sophia Johnson, refuses to let her cousin Quincey miss his senior prom when his date’s incapacitated.  Schooled at a private religious school and overly sheltered by her devout mother, Sophia’s excited to finally be at a dance even though her mother has no idea she is attending.

When she meets Josiah Walker, captain of the football team, she’s instantly smitten.  He’s handsome, polite, and interesting, with a sad air about him. Where is his date?  What happened to her and why is he so sad?  My reviews of romance novel, The Beginning Of Forever, follows.


The Beginning Of Forever’s a short story/novella of about 22 printed pages.  Due to the length of short stories/novella, authors are unable to develop the story-line, plot, or characters, to the degree authors of full novels can.  However, I found this book a good beginning for a series of short stories/novellas.  I found the story-line interesting with a touch of mystery added to spice up things.  This is a clean sweet story with the beginnings of a romance between two young


Abbey’s Tale By Katherine McDermott


Abbey's Tale by Katherine McDermott
Abbey’s Tale, Cover










In Abbey’s Tale, author Katherine McDermott created a clean sweet romance.  Set in a small fishing village, the community’s tight-knit.  Jeremy McKetcheon, an Irish immigrant, is the light-keeper for the local lighthouse.  Horribly disfigured on one side of his face during the civil war, Jeremy has what we know today as PTSD.  With nightly nightmares and flash backs of the battles, Jeremy hides on the island with his lighthouse duties and wood craving.

Abigail Morrison, aka Abbey, blind from birth lives in the main village with her father who is postmaster.  Abby lives through the wood cravings her father brings from the lighthouse keeper.  Beautiful pieces which expand Abbey’s world.  Pestering her father to meet the carver who so lovingly creates the pieces, journey across the water just before a storm.  As fate would have it, their boat capsizes and Jeremy does his best to save them.  Neither of them knew how a simple trip and an act of rescue would change their lives.   My reviews for romance novel, Abbey’s Tale, follows.



Firstly, let me say, how much I enjoyed this book.  In Abbey’s Tale we find two needy people who come together to save each other.  Jeremy saved Abby from the sea, and Abbey saved him from himself.  Secondly, I loved the fact McDermott gave both of her characters such wonderful personalities and morals.

Jeremy’s guilt ridden and Abbey’s alone in a dark world;  will these two forge a relationship built on caring?  Seen as a recluse in the beginning of book, by the end, Jeremy comes out of his shell and faces the world.  Abbey’s small world of the village, expands as she grows more confident.   Seen by the world as disabled, Jeremy sees only the woman he loves and Abbey sees the man she loves and who holds her heart.


Finding You At Christmas by Kristin Wallace



Kristin Wallace, Finding You At Christmas
Finding You At Christmas




Finding You At Christmas is a clean sweet inspirational romance novel by Kristin Wallace.  Set in Shellwater Key Florida, just before Christmas, Janie Worthy, is oh so worthy.  Janie is the sister everyone wants.  Hard working, responsible, ready at a moments notice to step in, and always the one called on to head the latest project.  She is so worthy.  However, Janie wants a life.  At the wrong end of 39, she wants a man to call her own, a family and the happy ever after everyone else has.

At 17 years old Janie stepped in as the mother of the family and helped her father, the local Reverend.   Meanwhile, her life has passed her by.  Deciding to grab life by the horns, Janie heads out on a blind date orchestrated by her older sister.  Fate steps in and the rest is history.

When her car gives up the ghost, Janie is standing on the side of road when around the corner comes Bikerguy.  Handsome, gorgeous and mannerly, Bikerguy AKA Caleb Montgomery, lights a flame deep


The Wedding Day By Sharon Kleve


the wedding day



A Reluctant Bride

A More Than Eager Groom




Cora Henley is an excellent employee at Weddings by Abby Blackwell, as well as one of her best friends.  Abby and Hunter are tying the knot in an all-out elaborate story book wedding.  Cora’s instructed to pick up Hunter’s brother Kane at the airport.  For Kane, who has been hurt in the past, it is love at first sight; for Cora, not so much.  Yes, she’s attracted to hunky, handsome, good-natured Kane, but she has hurt and rejection in her past and she must now protect her heart.

Come along with Cora and Kane for the ride towards the love of a lifetime.



This is a wonderfully sweet love story of two people meant for each other and who deserve to find that love together.  Author Sharon Kleve created a sweet lovely story for Cora and Kane in which she included three wonderful pets.  The inclusion of the Jethro, the rescued dog, was brilliant as he added much to the story and highlighted the character of Kane.


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