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With thousands of bloggers online, DIY, and Instant Pot sites available, we are proud you have chosen us as your blog of choice. I promise to give an unbiased, honest opinion of each selection and provide “tried and true” recipes.

Within These Pages Are Reviews For Clean, Sweet, Or Inspirational Romances. As Well As Other Genres Which Do Not Contain Erotica, Explicit, Graphic, Or Descriptive Sex.


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Do you love to read?

Do you like finding the best children, non-fiction, or fiction by relying on the honest opinion of a reliable blogger?

Are you looking for opinions and recommendations for your favorite genre?

Do you read romance and non-romance book reviews to find your next favorite novel or author?

Do you like tours, promos, and giveaways?

Do you make DIY products for your home and personal use?

Do you own an Instant Pot and need “tried and true” recipe recommendations?

If you answered yes to any or all the above, you have found the perfect place to meet all your needs whether you are looking for a clean romance, crime, psychological thrillers, mystery, memoir, other genres, a recipe for your next DIY project or a reliable Instant Pot recipe.




You will find my opinion of mysteries, crime, suspense, physiological thrillers, westerns, contemporary, historical, Christian and other genres with and without romance, blog tours, promos, giveaways, and author interviews. My star rating system is 1-4, leaving 5 for the exceptional quality book and novel.  I will also post DIY recipes and “tried and true” recipes for the Instant Pot.


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After prayer and contemplation, as of August 2016, I will no longer post my opinion of sexually explicit novels. Also, I have commitments I feel I must honor through August 2016. Prior obligations of sexually explicit material will stay on my blog until further notice; I will not remove them at this time. 

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Reviews are dependent on the author’s opinion. Consequently, all opinions online and on my blog, are my opinions. Furthermore, no one influences my voluntary opinions.  All photo’s on this site are public domain or permission to use was given. None of the  DIY and Instant Pot recipes have been approved, evaluated, or tester by the FDA, any government agency, or scientific organization; use at your own risk.

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