Slow Burn In The Wilderness By Renee Hart


Alaska Adventure Romance (Volume 7)

Slow Burn In The Wilderness
Slow Burn In The Wilderness










Alaska’s on fire in Slow Burn In The Wilderness.  Trevor, a smoke jumper from Boise, arrives as the rookie in camp where he finds Jo the crew chief’s not a man, but definitely a female.  A female who affects him as one never has.  However, Trevor has secrets.  He left Boise under a cloud he does not want to talk about.

Josie, has never had a fellow crew member affect her as Trevor.  Her heart beats faster when he’s around.  But they have a job to do, one that’s dangerous and deadly.  Josie’s worried about the fire, bears, her twin brother who’s on the team, and her smoke jumper father who taught her all she knows;  she tried to ignore the fact he’s older and slower working the fires.  She has her hands full with just the fires.  She doesn’t need a romantic interest to gum up the works even more.  Also, Josie’s unsettled about this new comer, can he fit in with this top-notch crew of fire fighting smoke jumpers?  What is Trevor hiding?  So much more’s happening in this book than fighting fires; relationships, family dynamics, and secrets.  My romance book review of Slow Burn In The Wilderness follows.


A sweet romance set in Alaska, Slow Burn In The Wilderness describes the danger smoke jumpers face everyday as these tight-knit men and women work to contain deadly fires.  A serious job in which attention can not waver. One mistake or miscalculation can cost life’s.

I loved the way Hart danced Trevor and Jo around each other; each denying the attraction they felt from their first meeting.  Hart


The Wrong Bride By Emma Harper


A Western Historical Mail Order Bride Romance (Mail Order Brides Go West Book 4)

The Wrong Bride
The Wrong Bride









The Wrong Bride contains a collection of 15 bonus western romance stories and the lead story, The Wrong Bride.  A fantastic deal for readers; a total of 16 mail order bride stories with a total page count of 1095, for the price of one.  I chose to review the lead story The Wrong Bride.


In The Wrong Bride, Bethany finds herself pregnant and unwed.  She has her friend, Carol, answer a mail order bride advertisement from a man out west, correspond, and agree to marry Cody Bowles in her name.  Cody has a house ready and impatiently waits for his bride.  When her lover and father of her child proposes, Bethany ask Carol to break the news to Cody; she will not be coming to marry him.

Carol unattached after recently breaking up with her fiancé, does not have the heart to write Cody the bad news.  She wants a husband and family to love and if Bethany doesn’t want Cody, she does.  She decides to take Bethany’s place and marry Cody; using Bethany’s name she arrives to find Cody very sick.

Nursing Cody, Carol has an immediate attraction to this large handsome man; Carol finds she can’t tell him she’s not Bethany.  What is she going to do?  Can she stand in front of God, in his house of worship, and marry Cody under another


Billionaire Publisher: Secretary (Alpha Billionaire Romance Series Book One) Sofia Madrigal

Billionaire Publisher



The Handsome Rich CEO

And His New Secretary

Let The Fun Begin!



Sebastian Reed has been appointed CEO of Reed Publishing by his father.  He is handsome, rich, well-known, has an active social life, and many women in his life.  However he has a problem; his father’s long time secretary, Marie, is retiring.  Sebastian must find and hire a new secretary to facilitate his running


Conflicted on 5th Avenue By Abbie St. Claire

Conflicted on 5th avenue



Handsome Talented Doctor

Beautiful Next Door Neighbor

Love And Romance on 5th Avenue





Author Abbie St. Claire has created an emotional novel of need, insecurities, and love. Widower Dr. Ian Briggs is raising his son, Oliver, trying to deal with his wife’s death, and has a thriving surgical career.  He will do anything for his small son including moving from Los Angeles, California to Dallas, Texas to insure


Complicated on 5th Avenue by Abbie St. Clare

complicated on 5th avenue


How Does Life Become So Complicated

Love, Crisis, And Tragedy

Come Join This Roller-coaster Ride Of Emotion

In The Continuing Story of Ian and Chelsie




Author Abbie St. Claire continues the story of Ian and Chelsie in book 2. This is not a standalone book, you must read book 1 to fully enjoy Complicated on 5th Avenue.


What a story!  Ian and Chelsie are trying to commit to their love, share their lives, and knit two children together in acceptance of their commitment.  Oliver is standing off from Chelsie, Ian is feeling insecure of


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