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In Combustion, Martin J. Smith has crafted a top drawer murder crime mystery novel which pulls the reader into this intriguing story-line.   Lives collide, mysteries solved, and secrets revealed as a fire storm combust in Los Colmas.  Ron Starke followed in his father’s footsteps of law enforcement in the Inland Empire of California, Los Colmas.  A dedicated officer, passed over for promotion to Chief, Ron loves his job.

It is the dry season in California and fires are rampaging.  Meanwhile, the lack of rain has revealed the under water grave of missing Paul Dwyer, wealthy construction magnate.  Dwyer, super wealthy, abusive, obnoxious, and conceited, has met a very bad end.  As a result, Ron Starke will find a long list of suspects including the grieving widow, Shelby.  Ron will find secrets and mysteries abounds in this investigation.  With a new Chief of Police on duty, Ron has his hands full ferreting out the murderer.

Come along for a first-rate journey through mystery, secrets, and murder in sunny California.  My crime/mystery novel review follows.



First I must say, this book is a thrill ride from beginning to end.  Author Martin J. Smith begins on a high note and ends the story on an even higher one.  The plots just keep coming in this full-bodied story-line.  As a result, you will find mystery and deep dark secrets.

Secondly, Author Martin J. Smith’s character development was first-rate as we follow all the suspects.  Each had reason to want Dwyer dead, including his wife and teenage daughter.  Smith shows two sides of Dwyer,  the abusive conceited wealthy “must have my way” man;  the other, the benefactor of charities and community.  Smith aptly portrayed each person having a good and bad side to their personality.  Furthermore, his characterization of Ron was realistic as he depicts him with faults and issues along with his investigative skills.

Also, Mr. Smith masterfully crafted the ending of Combustion;  a killer revelation which left me saying, “wow, that I did not expect”!   Do not cheat and read the ending first, do yourself a favor and savor every page until the combustive end.

Finally, in concluding the mystery novel review of Combustion, I found this book expertly written with an intriguing story-line which will hold the reader’s attention.  The pace of the book was fast with a clear writing style.  As a result, Mr. Smith did not need to resort to fluff to fill the pages of his story.



In addition, I did not hesitate to give this book 5 stars.  It will appeal to anyone that enjoys a solid well-written murder mystery.


Additionally,  I received this book from the author and Netgalley in return for a voluntary honest mystery novel reviewBook reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion;  consequently, book reviews on line  and on my blog, are my opinion.  Furthermore, the free ARC did not affect my voluntary mystery novel review.



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