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Regency Romance The Music of Love By Isabella Thorne



(4-in-1 Boxed Set): The Amelia Atherton Collection

(The Amelia Atherton Sweet and Wholesome Regency Romance Series)

Regency Romance The Music of Love
Regency Romance The Music of Love



In this boxed set, we find Lady Amelia Atherton, the darling of the ton and Commander Samuel Beresford, Royal Navy, butting heads and hearts.  After dancing with the Commander, Amelia’s intrigued, but knows he’s beneath her.  She, the darling of the ton, a diamond of the first water, can have any man she wants.

However, when Samuel’s brother’s poisoned, and Amelia father’s killed, her world comes apart.  No longer the darling of the ton, but the next bit of gossip and ward of her odious Uncle, the new Duke.  She’s convinced her father was murdered, Samuel’s convinced someone’s trying to kill his brother.  Can these two join forces, discover the mysterious circumstances surrounding the misadventures and come out with hearts still free and intact?  My romance book reviews follow.


This boxed set is played out in four separate tales bundled together.  I like reading from one drama to the next without having to wait for the upcoming release.  With fast-paced plotting and an intriguing storyline, Thorne enthralls the reader immediately.  I found the pace smooth and steady as each drama progresses smoothly without interruption or feeling


Two Hearts One Stone By Josephine Blake



A Valentine’s Novella












Josephine Blake‘s, novella Two Hearts One Stone, is a fast-paced romance during the Valentine Season in Churchgrove.  Henry Moscow’s the town grouch, never a smile’s seen on his face;  he’s always seen with a frown of disapproval.  Churchgrove’s decorated for Valentines Day.  With pink everywhere, Henry feels sick to stomach; what an absolute waste of time!  After all, Henry doesn’t believe in love or Valentine’s Day romance.  Even his beautiful daughter, Giselle cannot change his mind about Valentines Day.

When the annual courtship auction begins, Giselle enters the festivities.  Henry sees a line of young women, waiting for the men to bid.  All are young except for the last woman in line, Miss Hadisham.  A middle-aged conservatively dressed widow, Emily Hadisham, owner of the only dress shop in town.  She stands in the mist of the town beauties.  When no one bids for her, Henry can not allow her the humiliation; he immediately offered $50.00 for the pleasure of her company at dinner.

As a result, an adventure begins for Henry and Miss Hadisham.  Come with them, as Miss Hadisham melts Henry’s hard heart and his outlook on life.  My romance book reviews of Two Hearts One Stone follows.


Although a short novella of 62 pages, Josephine Blake included everything needed to entertain the reader.  A light, quick relaxing read, I enjoyed watching Henry and Miss Havisham’s romance unfold.  Novellas by their nature do not give the author time to develop the characters or plot as their parent, the novel.  However, Blake did an excellent job of constructing the romance and bringing it to a successful conclusion.

With characters which were believable, plotting in line with the length of the book and a credible premise, I read Two Hearts, One Stone straight through.  The pace of the story, consistent throughout the book, did not bog down or lag.


Eden’s Gate By Charles Roberts


Eden's Gate
Eden’s Gate










Married to southern tobacco plantation and slave owner Lionel Hawthorne, Lavinia Williams comes to love her slave family. Left by her husband to run the tobacco plantation Lavinia cares for her slave family and farms. When Lavinia discovers blue-eyed slave Henny, she sees Lionel’s betrayal.

Born into an abolitionist family, Lavinia slowly realizes the cruelty and injustice of slavery. The line between love and hate’s small as Lionel’s betrayals mount through the years. However, can she betray the man she loves to give her slave family their greatest wish? My book reviews of Eden’s Gate follows.



Where do I start with this book review?  I hope my less than skillful reviews of Eden’s Gate create a desire to know more. Eden’s Gate is an epic drama of life in 1853 Southern Virginia, the industry which drove the economy, and the infancy of the abolition movement. Following Lionel Hawthorne and his wife Lavinia, author Charles Roberts skillfully shows the life of slavery. Far from the romantic notion of balls, gentle manners, and soft days of plenty, Roberts digs under the false idealism.  As a result, Charles Roberts shows the reality of slavery and the desire for freedom.


The Dowager’s Mail Order Husband By Helen Christian


(The Annville Mail Order Brides Book 1)

The Dowager's Mail Order Husband
The Dowager’s Mail Order Husband










The Dowager’s Mail Order Husband is a heart-wrenching emotional story.  Mary Hedgepeth’s life has been abuse, drudgery, pain, and want.  After the death of her abusive husband, Mary’s thrown out of the big house into a cabin. She is now a widower and a dowager.  Here Mary tries to forge a life for herself.  She has no idea how to farm or grow her food.  She is barely hanging on.

When her husband’s brother, Richard, comes home, she’s frightened but also attracted to this handsome, kind man.  Richard is the opposite of his contemptuous brother.  Richard is a kind godly man who finds in Mary everything he has ever wanted.

Will Richard and Mary be able to overcome the abuse she has suffered?  Can happy ever after exist for Mary?  What does God have in store for Mary and Richard?  Grab a comfortable seat, my Christian historical romance book reviews of The Dowager’s Mail Order Husband follows.


Although a short novella, I found this book satisfying.  Novellas are different from their parent the novel, as they can not explore the depth of emotion and story-line of the more extended novel.  However, Christian filled this book with feeling from the first pages.  I could feel Mary’s desperation and fear as she faced a long winter and then Richard, an unknown element added to her life.  I could feel her want as she came to know the goodness of Richard.


Devil Out Of Texas By Roger Raffee


Devil Out Of Texas By Roger Rafee
Devil Out Of Texas, Cover










Author Roger Raffee‘s Devil Out Of Texas, taken from his family history, is an epic story of law, prejudice, and revolution.  With parts of the story true and part from Raffee’s vivid imagination, it’s mostly fiction.  The parts detailing his Grandfather Abe’s telling of the story and his famous friends are true.  For entertainment purposes, Raffee enlarged upon the story told to him in 1973.

Aaron Raffee, Jewish and son of a talented doctor, at a young age decided he would become a Texas Ranger.  Exposed to the Rangers by his Texas Ranger Doctor Father, Aaron’s determined to become the first Jewish Texas Ranger.  At 18 Aaron becomes a Texas Ranger;  so begins a life of law keeping, facing prejudice as a Jew, prejudice for the Mexicans, and finally at all cost seeking justice for all.  Intertwined into the story of Aaron, Rafee‘s grandfather will reveal his part in the Hollywood movie industry.

Come along with Roger Raffee as he detailed his great grandfathers journey and fame through his grandfather.  My historical western book reviews of Devil Out Of Texas follow.


Primarily a historical fiction novel, the reader also finds romance, deep emotion, and a vivid recounting of Aaron’s adventures.  Raffee skillfully wove his story-lines together as he takes us from 1973 to the 1800’s and back again.  Transitioning between time


Love’s Chance By Emily Murdoch


Love's Chance
Love’s Chance










Katherine, aka Kitty, Morrison’s life went to Hades in the last three years.  Running off at sixteen with Mr. Ernest Gilman, life did not proceed as she thought it would.  Now considered a fallen woman, prostitution’s her only option.  Working day and night, finally, a man comes into her life who knows someone in Sweet Grove.  Sweet Grove, where her sister Elizabeth purchased land;  how ironic, that Thomas Bryant and Katherine, searching for the same thing, will team up as man and wife in a marriage of convenience.  Traveling from Nacogdoches to Sweet Grove, Texas will they become a united couple?

Sweet Grove represents forgiveness, second chances, and security.  Thomas, however, has an agenda of his own; alienated from his family and ashamed of his behavior, Thomas has his own insecurities.  Will these two find what they need?  Can love bloom or will love once again be a let down for Kitty?  Will Sweet Groves occupants welcome them or turn them away in horror?  My romance book reviews of Love’s Chance follows.


The Sweet Grove Series by author Emily Murdoch grabs the reader immediately as Murdoch penned an emotional heart grabbing tale of second chances, forgiveness, and love.  How sad the only option open for a fallen woman in 1841 is to prostitute herself for survival.  I felt Kitty’s desperation and sorrow in the house of prostitution.  While Thomas feels shame for his past and the things he did to his family; each emotion’s pungent.  Murdoch‘s descriptive writing’s vivid; I could see the people, the smell the odors, and feel the emotions of Thomas and Kitty.


Ruined And Redeemed By Bree Wolf


The Earl’s Fallen Wife

Love’s Second Chance Series Book 5

Ruined And Redeemed
Ruined And Redeemed










Lady Charlotte Frampton and Viscount Sebastian Campbell, future Earl of Weston, have starring roles in author Bree Wolf‘s Ruined and Redeemed.  Charlotte had everything a young girl could want;  loving parents and a bright future.  However, one disastrous night ruined any chance she had at happiness and changed Charlotte into a monstrous imitation of herself;  doing awful deeds she never expected herself capable.  After heinous events, Charlotte changes her name to Lotte and becomes a companion to Lord Ashwood’s sister.

Sebastian Campbell returning from a tour of the continent, finds his sister wed to a monster;  given in marriage for greed and social position, his father will pay for what he has done.  Angry and undone, Sebastian travels to Lord Ashwood’s;  where he meets Charlotte/Lotte.  Sebastian decides to hurt his father in the worse way possible.  He knows marrying Lottie will reap the repercussions against his father he so desires.  As a lowly companion, with no social standing or breeding, he hopes this will be the death of his father.

But life never runs as smoothly as we plan and Sebastian finds his vengeance must take a back seat to protecting his sister, Victoria, from the monster his father wed her.  Lotte’s past is not as far in the past as she would wish;  it comes to haunt her once again.  Can a marriage beginning under such circumstances stand a chance?  Will adversity bring them closer together or tear them further apart.  My historical Regency romance book reviews of Ruined And Redeemed follows.


Author Bree Wolf created an intensely emotional book in Ruined and Redeemed.  I don’t think I have ever felt so sorry for anyone as I did Charlotte.  From Wolf‘s vivid writing, I felt Charlotte’s guilt, pain, fear, and absolute devastationWolf‘s insightful story-line revealed the harm emotional and physical trauma can cause to our mental health; resulting in the person becoming someone they do not recognize as them-self.  As Bree Wolf developed Charlotte’s character, I found myself in tears.  How could anyone live through all Charlotte survived and ever be the same again?  As Wolf brought Charlotte from the abyss she had lived in for three years, she is like the Phoenix rising from the ashes; maturing her from a soul shattered replica of living to a woman of value.  Will Charlotte find redemption?


Maggie Elizabeth Harrington By D. J. Swykert


Maggie Elizabeth Harrington by D J. Skwykert
Maggie Elizabeth Harrington










Maggie Elizabeth Harrington is a deep tale of growing up, facing life’s questions, and protecting what you love.  Maggie, growing up in a cooper mining town with her silent father and grandmother, questions her life. Facing the death of 4 young wolves slaughtered for bounty, Maggie’s decisions change her life.  Maggie makes choices which will affect more than herself.  The young man she loves will embark on Maggie’s mission to save the wolves.  Grab a comfortable seat, my historical romance book reviews of Maggie Elizabeth Harrington by D. J. Swykert follows.


Primarily a historical fiction novel, Maggie Elizabeth Harrington, has a pungent story of loneliness, growing up, questioning the status quo, environmental and moral issues. D. J. Dwykert grabs the reader with historical facts and environmental insights.  As many of the same prejudices about wolves/animals exist today, Dwykert’s plotting highlights the plight of the wolves and the attitudes of then and now.  Consequently, Maggie would be described as an animal rights activist today.

Maggie also faces the prejudice of looking above her station for love in a time period filled with class distinction.  As well as, questioning the teachings or lack of teachings of the church; Maggie’s full of questions.  Dwykert filled Maggie Elizabeth Harrington with well-rounded characters, and pacing which holds the readers attention.


Souls Reborn By Renee Vincent


Vikings of Honor, Book 3

Souls Reborn
Souls Reborn










Leif Dæganssen, archeologist, finds a mysterious ancient chest  buried outside his house.  Leif tried for years to prove his ancestors landed on this island long ago.  This chest will help prove his theory;  he feels it called him to the island and the purchase of his land.

Lorraine dreams of a Viking warrior for as long as she can remember.  Nightly dreams and visions of him haunt her.  Always fascinated with Ireland, Lorraine receives the offer of a trip to Ireland from her best friend Patrick O’Rouke.  While vacationing, she meets Leif Dæganssen, who happens to look almost exactly like the Viking warrior of her dreams.  Having odd moments of spacing out, seeing her Viking and conversing with him during these episodes, she wonders if she’s going crazy;  it almost feels as if she is seeing her long ago past life.

Raine, as her friends call her, finds herself drawn closer and closer to Leif.  However, the oddest things seem to pop out of her mouth when she’s with him;  making her wonder where they came from.  If she told Leif what’s happening to her, will he think she’s crazy?  Will fate and the universe bring two lovers back together?  Is the old adage “true love never dies” really true?  The road ahead of Leif and Raine will be rocky and rough.  Will their love conquer all or will they be torn apart once again?  My romance book reviews of Souls Reborn follows.


Book three in the Vikings of Honor, Souls Reborn, another epic story told skillfully by Renee Vincent, will keep you turning the pages.  With an intriguing story line, Vincent grabbed my attention from the first pages.  A standalone read, I would suggest


The Mystery of Her By Patricia Catacalos


The Zane Brothers Detective Series Book 1

The Mystery Of Her
The Mystery Of Her










There are killers loose in Patricia Catacalos latest novel, the Mystery of Her.  Set in London 1888,  someone’s killing prostitutes in White Chapel and in the wealthy bedrooms of the Ton.  Lady Kiera Everett believes the nurse caring for her father murdered him; a nurse he left a substantial amount in a newly amended will.  Contacting the Zane Brothers Detective Agency, she hires them to investigate her father’s death.  Kiera’s determined to take part in the investigation.  Zachary Zane’s determined she won’t; Kiera determined she will.  Who will win this battle of wills?

During the investigation the Zane’s discover Kiera’s father’s not the only wealthy man to unexpectedly die leaving money to the same nurse.  Things are looking suspiciously like murderDanger, murder, and of course, romance follow Kiera and the Zane brothers. My Victorian Era historical book review of The Mystery of Her follows.


A historical Victorian Era mystery romance novel with mystery, murder of the wealthy, the White Chapel murders, and a variety of characters, make an entertaining intriguing read.  With everyone’s avid interest in Jack The Ripper, Catacalos, vividly and skillfully included these “Ripper like murdersas part of her story-line; the Torso Killer and Leather Apron.  Set in London of 1888, the setting was perfect for inclusion.


Whisper To Me By Kent Hamilton


Historical Western Romance Novels (The Martin Ranch Saga Book Book 2)

Whisper To Me
Whisper To Me










Set in West Texas in 1868, Eliza and Christopher are deliriously happy running the Martin Ranch.  Married life agrees with both.  The old gang of troublemakers ranch hands are gone and the new ones told Eliza’s the owner and boss;  do what she says, when she says it.

Adam, new on the ranch, has never failed to break a horse; today’s the day he will fail.  Not only does he fail to break the horse, but also loses his bet with Susanna.  Susanna, visiting her Aunt Waverly, came to the ranch for after Eliza’s invisitation.  A veterinarian’s daughter, she has skill with horses, what we call whispering or horse whisperers today; she offers to teach Adam.

Sparks fly between Adam and Susanna.  Unimpressed with her in the beginning, as they work together gentling horses, his admiration for her talent grows.  As they grow closer and closer, will a city girl fall for the cowboy rancher?  Is trouble brewing on the horizon as the troublemakers are still in town? My romance book reviews of Whisper To Me follows.


I found Whisper To Me engaging and enjoyable.  Due to the length of short stories and novella,  authors can not develop the in-depth characterization and plotting as in a novel.  However, Hamilton crafted a short book of 55 pages, filled with action, drama, romance, and a solid complete story-line.


Emerald Glory By Renee Vincent


 (Vikings of Honor, Book 2)

Emerald Glory
Emerald Glory










Emerald Glory, the story of Breandán Mac Liam and Mara, daugther of Callan, the King of Connacht, follows these two thru war-torn land towards love.  The reader will remember Mara and Breandán from Sunset Fire by Vincent.  Book 2 finds a widowed Mara seven years later raising a son.  Mara’s raising her son alone, and watched over by Tait her deceased husbands best friend.  Breandán’s given the task of returning Mara to the King. 

Breandán loved Mara from the first time he saw her.  Knowing he’s beneath her social class, he loves her from afar.  Married to a Northman (Viking) and widowed, Mara’s summoned home to her dying king and father.   Breandán jumps at the chance to bring Mara home.  Come follow with Breandán and Mara in this wonderful love story.  My reviews for romance novel, Emerald Glory, follows.


Emerald Fire continues the epic story of Mara, who finds all’s not lost when Dægan died.  Seven years after his death, Breandán comes to escort Mara home to her dying father.  Creating a story filled with conflict, long-held secrets, conspiracies, and, of course romance, Jenkins continued her tale of Viking honor.  Breandán is the perfect knight in shining amour, kind, compassionate, giving, and honorable. Mara knew he had declared his love 7 years earlier, however, she wondered could that love have survived this long time.  As the saying goes, “true love is timeless”.  


A Governess For The Brooding Duke By Bridget Barton



A Historical Regency Romance Book

A Governess For The Brooding Duke
A Governess For The Brooding Duke











In A Governess For The Brooding Duke by author Bridget Barton, we find gently born and raised Georgette Darrington.  Georgette’s world has turned up side down on the death of her father, a man who never cared for her.  Left with nothing, not even a roof over her head and with no marriage prospects due to her penniless state, she must find employment immediately.  Applying for a Governess position, Georgette finds herself in the employment of the Duke of Draycott, Hamilton Whitehall.  Nothings as it seems at first glance;  for the two small twins girls are mistreated and bullied by the nursemaid, mistreated by housekeeper, and ignored by their Uncle.  Sad and lonely, they latch onto Georgette.

Spending her days with the small girls, Georgette comes to love them dearly and knows she must find a way to show the Duke the error of his ways.  He must take control of his household, and care for these two precious children.  As refined, once wealthy, Georgette, struggles to find a place for herself as a lowly governess, contend with the spiteful scheming of the nurse and housekeeper; she learns the tragic love story of the children’s parents and the Duke’s part in the drama.

Can Georgette bring this family back together?  Will the Duke realize what he is missing with his nieces?  Does love


Sunset Fire By Renee Vincent


Vikings of Honor, Book 1

Sunset Fire
Sunset Fire, Covr










In Sunset Fire, Mara, beloved daughter of of Irish King Cathal, finds herself running for her life with Viking Warrior Chieftain Dægan Ræliksen. Considering Vikings murderous villains, Mara fights against her savior. Dægan, watched Mara from the bushes, when marauder Vikings appear, he spirits her away from harm. She has stolen his heart and soul. Through dangers, jealousies, villains, battles, and vengeance, Dægan and Mara run for their lives, growing ever closer. Can these two forge a relationship between pagan and Christian?  Can love flourish?  Will King Cathal demand the return of his daughter and declare war?  My reviews of romance novel, Sunset Fire, follows.


Sunset Fire is an epic romance between the pagan Viking warrior chieftain and the Irish Christian daughter of a king.  With vivid descriptions, Vincent details their journey across land and sea. I could smell the salt in the air and feel the tension between Dægan and Mara. I have never read a book which had as much sexual tension between the


Lord Of Pleasure By Erica Ridley


Lord Of Pleasure By Erica Ridley
Lord Of Pleasure,Cover










In Lord Of Pleasure, the reader finds a lively romp through Regency England.  Mousy good girl Camellia Grenville barely opens her mouth and sits in the corners; she guards her reputation to make sure her two sisters, Dahlia and Bryony, find suitable matches. Considered on the shelf, a wallflower, an old maid, Camellia’s the dutiful daughter.  Her one glory is music where she excels; privately Camellia has dreams.  Unwilling to go meekly along with her parents decision for her life, Camellia finds herself at a notorious masked ball dressed to kill.  Ready for some fun in her life, she gets more than she expected.

Lord Wainwright, reputedly a hell-rake, hedonist, debaucher of women, suddenly finds himself betting he can change his reputation. He has 40 days to succeed and stay out of the papers.  However, fate places a delectable masked young woman in his path.  Staying respectable will be very hard to do.  Will fate allow Wainwright and Camellia to forge a relationship that could destroy all she holds dear.  Is a love match possible between the debaucher and the good girl?  My reviews of romance novel, Lord of Pleasure, follows.


Lord of Pleasure is fine romp in the ballrooms and parlors of Regency England.  Combining two very different people together was an artistic stroke by Ridley.  Or were they really, deep inside, so very different?  I loved how well the sisters related and


Miss Hopeful Mail Order Bride By Laura Fletcher



Miss Hopeful Mail Order Bride
Miss Hopeful Mail Order Bride, cover











Set in Texas, Miss Hopeful Mail Order Bride is an emotional story of love and sacrifice.  Sandra Birmingham, living in Rhode Island and the last child left home, despairs of ever becoming a bride.  Living with a drunkard father, Sandra places her name in the mail order bride catalogue.  Her friend Helen, already living in Texas as a bride, urges Sandra to accept the offer coming in the mail from Samuel James Edgerton.  Samuel, divorced father of Betsy, seeks a wife to care for ill Betsy.  He has no intention of caring for Sandra.  Sandra and Samuel agree to marry for Betsy.  However, fate has something much


Angus Trust By Linda Hubalek



Angus Trust, Grooms of Honor By Linda Hubalek
Angus Trust, Cover



Angus Trust is book 1 in the Grooms of Honor Series.  Having followed Nolan and Elof in earlier books as they found their happy ever after, Hubalek takes us back to Clear Creek.  Angus is the eldest of Pastor and Kaitlyn Reagan’s sons.  Raised in Clear Creek, Kansas along with five other brothers, he was the only one to take up with the railroad train depot manager; where he developed a love of trains and the rails. He has been a railroad detective for many years following after his love of anything railroad.  After years of detective work for the railroad, he’s beginning to wish for a stationary home with a wife and family.

Daisy Clancy, raised in Clear Creek by her grandparents, owners of the local café, found herself side by side with Angus until the day he left Clear Creek for adventure on the railroad.  Daisy left Clear Creek to get an education and work after Angus left.  To say Angus and Daisy grew up together would be an understatement; they also fell in puppy love; or was it?

Fate has placed Angus and Daisy on the same railroad train headed to Clear Creek when a robbery occurs.  Finding themselves alone at the side of the tracks will memories of old loves return?  My reviews of romance novel, Angus Trust, follows.



Firstly, let me say what a wonderful cast of characters Hubalek’s imagination created for the Grooms of Honor Series.  As I began reading Angus Trust, I felt I was returning to a beloved town filled with my friends, with everyone waiting to tell me the latest gossip and goings-on.  A close-knit town, the Reagan family, although not of blood relation except two of the six, are examples of family love and unconditional support found in Clear Creek.  Clear Creek’s a place of community, love, and support.  I wondered how many of these small towns dotted the prairie and west.


Winning The Indecisive Duke By Jessie Bennett



The Fairbank Series

Winning The Indecisive Duke, Cover











Winning The Indecisive Duke, by author Jessie Bennett, a character driven story of family dynamics, love, and romance, will hold your attention;  providing hours of entertainment.  Jonah Boothe and Elizabeth Huntington engaged from the cradle, cemented families, lands, and friendship.  Both have been the best of friends their entire life.  So close, they are almost brother and sister; each feels they can not marry.  Their love is a love of siblings not romantic love of the heart.

Add in a twisted sister, Alexandra, rejected by the man she was to wed, a new arrival in the area, Daniel Forsley Duke of Athlone, and you have all the ingredients for a first-rate regency romance.  With two sisters vying for the Dukes regard, old jealousies, insecurities, and hatred will rise;  the Duke’s indecision in choosing his bride, plays one against the other.  Both sisters beautiful and poised, come from a good family;  making it hard for him to choose between them.

Who will win the Dukes hand in marriage?  Will Elizabeth and Jonah break the family contract to find their true loves?  Will Elizabeth’s sister, Alexandra, ruin any chance Elizabeth has to find happiness?  My reviews for romance novel, Winning The Indecisive Duke, follows.



Foremost, a regency romance, Bennett included suspense in her latest book.   The story-line is an intense drama between


Beguile Me Not By Odelia Floris



Beguile Me Not,Cover jpeg
Beguile Me Not, Cover



Author Odelia Floris has penned an emotional roller coaster ride in Beguile Me Not.  Set in 1884 Auckland, New Zealand, Ms. Floris takes you into the wealthy ballrooms and lives of society.  Anna Brown, older than the usual husband hunting miss, finds herself once more in the crowded ballrooms.  However, what she finds on this night will change her perceptions forever.  Fate has stepped in and placed Russian artist Sasha Ivanovsky in her path.

However, Anna knows Sasha is not proper society; a painter, poor, bohemian, handsome, and fascinating.  She finds herself enthralled.  After dancing all night with Sasha, determined to remove him from her mind and heart, Anna tries to forget him.   Anna must find a proper husband, and live the upright society life destined for her.  The life ingrained into she person and which rules her destiny.  However, her behavior has set societies tongues wagging.  Sent to her sister at Gravemore Station by her parents, fate throws another wrench into Anna’s life.

A first-rate historical romance, come along with Anna as life throws unexpected challenges and a sea


The Heart of Darkness By Odelia Floris


The Heart of Darkness, jpeg
The Heart of Darkness, cover











Author Odelia Floris’ The Heart Of Darkness is a first-rate mystery romance set in medieval times.  Set in England in 1430, Sheriff and Knight Sir Richard and poor gentlewoman, Rowena, find themselves at odds.  After her mother’s death, Rowena is at the mercy of her cruel Aunt, Lady Cunningham and cousin Sabrina.  Sabrina, in a cruel display, connived to have Rowena serve as Clerk for Sheriff Richard.  Little does she know, what she has set in motion as Rowena and Richard lock horns.   They shout, antagonize, disagree, and just possibly find romance.

Then, Rowena finds herself in a quarry as she begins to respect Richard and have feelings for him.  However, Richard’s past is murky and he has secrets.  Can Rowena ferret out the cause of Richard’s money woes and help him resolve his past and secrets?

Meanwhile, young girls disappear in neighboring villages.  It is Richard’s responsibility to solve this mystery, stop the evil that is haunting his personal life and resolve his relationship with Rowena.  Life has suddenly become very complicated.  Come along for a roller coaster ride with Rowena and Richard as they fight themselves, killers, and evil.  My reviews for mystery romance novel The Heart Of Darkness follows.



First I must say, this book personifies the fact explicit sex is not a prerequisite for an entertaining novel.  Ms. Floris created an intriguing story filled with emotion, romance, suspense, and mystery. 


Abbey’s Tale By Katherine McDermott


Abbey's Tale by Katherine McDermott
Abbey’s Tale, Cover










In Abbey’s Tale, author Katherine McDermott created a clean sweet romance.  Set in a small fishing village, the community’s tight-knit.  Jeremy McKetcheon, an Irish immigrant, is the light-keeper for the local lighthouse.  Horribly disfigured on one side of his face during the civil war, Jeremy has what we know today as PTSD.  With nightly nightmares and flash backs of the battles, Jeremy hides on the island with his lighthouse duties and wood craving.

Abigail Morrison, aka Abbey, blind from birth lives in the main village with her father who is postmaster.  Abby lives through the wood cravings her father brings from the lighthouse keeper.  Beautiful pieces which expand Abbey’s world.  Pestering her father to meet the carver who so lovingly creates the pieces, journey across the water just before a storm.  As fate would have it, their boat capsizes and Jeremy does his best to save them.  Neither of them knew how a simple trip and an act of rescue would change their lives.   My reviews for romance novel, Abbey’s Tale, follows.



Firstly, let me say, how much I enjoyed this book.  In Abbey’s Tale we find two needy people who come together to save each other.  Jeremy saved Abby from the sea, and Abbey saved him from himself.  Secondly, I loved the fact McDermott gave both of her characters such wonderful personalities and morals.

Jeremy’s guilt ridden and Abbey’s alone in a dark world;  will these two forge a relationship built on caring?  Seen as a recluse in the beginning of book, by the end, Jeremy comes out of his shell and faces the world.  Abbey’s small world of the village, expands as she grows more confident.   Seen by the world as disabled, Jeremy sees only the woman he loves and Abbey sees the man she loves and who holds her heart.


Romancing The Rogue By Erica Ridley



Gothic Historical Romance (Volume 2)

Romancing The Rogue, jpeg
Romancing The Rogue by Erica Ridley











Author Erica Ridley crafted a first class regency gothic historical novel in Romancing The Rogue.  Rebecca Bond’s orphaned and sent to Castle Keyvnor, Bocka Morrow, Cornwall, England.   Her Uncle, the Lord of Castle Keyvnor, promptly forgets she exists.  As a result, living in seclusion, taking over the books for the estate, leaving notes for the servants and estate manager, Rebecca’s lonely existence become the norm for her.  Seen as a shadow or ghost, Rebecca’s placed in an awful situation.  Upon the death of the old Lord, Rebecca finds a new Lord in charge of the castle and estate.  Told by the new Lord she must marry within three months and leave the castle, Rebecca’s left at sixes and nines.

Threatening to find a husband for her, Rebecca can not let him choose her husband.  Rebecca’s determined to find a good man even though she has always loved Daniel Goodenham, Lord North-Barrows.  Even after the direct cut from Daniel, she


Coming Soon: Book Release and Review: Romancing The Rogue













Romancing the Rogue Synopsis

When the new earl inherits, poor relation Miss Rebecca Bond must wed immediately or be out on her ear. The only man she’s ever loved is summoned to hear the will—but he already rejected her so soundly that they haven’t spoken in years. Yet who better than a rakish Viscount to teach her how to snare a gentleman who appreciates her charms?

Daniel Goodenham, Lord North-Barrows, regrets nothing more than the lost friendship with the one woman who treated him like a man, not a title. Fate has given him the perfect pretext to win her forgiveness—even if it means having to matchmake her to someone else. But now that she’s back in his life, he’ll do anything to convince her to choose him instead…

Romancing the Rogue is a standalone gothic novella that first appeared in the Vexed anthology as part of the Haunting of Castle Keyvnor multi-author series.

Release Date: Publisher: Length: Genre:

ISBN: 978-1943794010 (ebook) ISBN: 978-1943794027 (mmpb)

March 2017
150 pages (30,000 words) Historical Romance

MSRP: $2.99 MSRP: $6.99



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A Michaelmas Wager by Emily Murdoch



A Regency Romance

A Michaelmas Wager By Emily Murdoch
A Michaelmas Wager, cover











Rufus Lovell and Juliana Honeyfield feature in author Emily Murdoch’s regency romance novel, A Michaelmas Wager, along with Juliana’s best friend and cousin Audrey.  Rufus came into his father’s wealth after the death of his waster brother.  Falling in with a group of rowdy lazy drunkards from power and wealth, Rufus finds himself the center of their latest escapade.  This wager will not turn out as the group thinks; at the center of the wager stands Miss Juliana Honeyfield.  At the latest party in Hyde Park, waging Rufus will not marry the first woman to drink from the punch by Michaelmas, the rowdy bunch waits for the recipient of Rufus’ suit.  Juliana’s the innocent dupe in their game as she fills her cup from the punch bowl.

So begins a match of hearts, misunderstandings, and deception, as Rufus with Juliana unaware of the


The Viscount’s Christmas Temptation By Erica Ridley















The Viscount’s Christmas Temptation’s a clean sweet romance between two independent strong people.  Lady Amelia Pembroke manages things, from her brother’s household to persuading Viscount Benedict Sheffield his annual Christmas party must go on.  For Amelia has decided to choose her future husband from the attendees using Debrett’s Peerage. She sets out to manage Lord Benedict Sheffield the way she manages everything, like a tiny general in charge of Her Majesties troops.

After lightning and subsequent fire destroy the ballroom, Sheffield’s determined to forgo the Christmas party for much-needed rest and relaxation.  Amelia’s determined to manage him into changing his mind for









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Today a new promo started on my blog.  Please click on the Blog Tour tab above or the link provided at bottom of this page, to check out this wonderful book entitled Yellow Hair by Author Andrew Joyce.  Mr. Joyce has given us an in-depth look into the book and how his research was accomplished.  Don’t miss this opportunity to delve into the author’s mind.


I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Mr. Joyce for taking time out of his busy schedule to provide us with this look into the creation of Yellow Hair.


Please feel free to drop BY Mr. Joyce’s blog;  drop a few lines letting him know how much we appreciated his appearance.


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Dead by Dinner By Lillian Dore




dead by dinner
Dead By Dinner, Cover








The setting for Dead By Dinner is England during the 1920’s.  Author Lillian Dore has penned a short sweet cozy mystery involving the upper crust.  Lady Clara Callaway and her maid, Alice Hart, journey to Bramblehead Hall, home of the Rossington-Smythes for a fun weekend with the Rossington-Smythes and friends.  To her surprise, Malcolm Wexley, falls over dead in his supper plate.  Ah, as Sherlock Holmes so apply states:  “Come, Watson or in this case Alice, The Game Is Afoot”!  Ruled murder by the investigating constables, who did it and why?  Wexley, the victim, is not all he appears.

Come along as Lady Clara and Alice become Sherlock Holmes and Watson to solve the murder.




Magruder’s Curiosity Cabinet A Novel by H.P. Wood

Magrudgers Curiosity Cab



Coney Island

The English Teen, The Freaks

And The Plague


HOW DO I START THIS REVIEW?  I am almost at a loss;  can I do this novel justice?  When I started this novel I did not think I would be able to finish it;  by the time I had read chapter one I knew this book had huge possibilities.  By the time I was half through chapter two, I was engrossed in this fascinating book.  WHAT A STORY, KUDOS MS. WOOD, KUDOS!



Kitty Hayward’s life has taken an unexpected turn. She is in America fresh off a South African ship, her mother is ill, she is sent by the doctor for medicine.  When she returns, Kitty is turned out of the hotel;  she returns to threats and denials of knowing of


Caught by Lolita London

Caught by Lolita London


The Young Handsome Doctor

A Radical New Medical Treatment

And The Beautiful Thief



A hot young doctor in the Victorian Era with a radical new treatment for women’s hysteria.  Can you see where this is going?  Read on for a Victorian romp!


Dr. Thomas Winterbourne has a radical new therapy for women’s hysteria.   The only problem with the therapy,  it leaves Doctor Winterbourne in a state of arousal.  Ashamed, Dr. Winterbourne finds relief at the local brothel with Maggie Green;  he lets slip that he is looking for a new maid.  Maggie contacts Andy


The Cowboy’s Bride Collection: 9 Historical Romances From on Old West Ranches




By Susan Davis Paige, Vickie McDonough, Susanne Dietze, Nancy J. Farrier, Miralee Ferrel, Davalynn Spender, Becca Whitham, Jaime Jo Wright.




This is a wonderful collection of western romance stories of strength, love, romance, adversity, and faith in God.  Each author is talented in story-crafting, plotting, and development.  These stories are so well written and developed, if you did not know you were reading 9 different authors, you would think one author wrote the stories contained in this book.  The authors are in harmony with each other in regard to writing style


The Lassoed by Marriage Romance Collection by Bell, Breidenbach, Carter, Connealy, Jepson, Lillard, Welborn, Y’Barbo, Zedik

the lassoed by marrige romance collection


How did you marry?


Whether you married for love or other reasons, read on to find 9 stories of marriage before love.

This is a wonderful collection of romance.



Character, Plotting And Development:

This collection of nine stories are unique in that the romance does not start until after the marriage takes place.  Each is penned by a talented author and you will spend wonderful hours immersing  yourself in this clean romance collection.

Each is a unique story of love after marriage and the problems that each must solve to reach a solid firm foundation for their marriage. The authors had the plot, pacing and development of the characters spot on.  This book will leave you wanting more.



The Substitute Bride by Angela Bell

This story is a different take on the story book “The Ugly Duckling”, and


War Baby by Lizzie Lane

war babyCould you survive War?

This book although fiction, demonstrates what our families had to do to survive in World War 2.
War Baby is an enlightening novel of family, love and community!

Story Line:

This is a story of war, family, pooling community resources and love. In 1941 in England, twins Mary and Ruby Sweet with their father Stan, run a bakery in a small English town.

Mary and Ruby also work for the Ministry teaching housewives how to make


Healing Montana Sky by Debra Holland

Healing montana sky

Heart-Wrenching Story


Healing Montana Sky is an emotional roller coaster


This is the heart-wrenching story of two families from totally different backgrounds and social standings thrown into desperate circumstances by the death of their spouses. 

Through perseverance, patience, and love those families will form a new family unit made of love from forces beyond their control.


Emotions roll through this book from beginning to end. I felt sorrow, amazement at the resilience of the human spirit, and admiration. Ms. Holland’s talent as an author shines through. I could feel the sorrow


The Sweetest Rain (Flowers of Eden) Book 1 by Myra Johnson

The Sweetest Rain

Emotional Novel On Every Level!


The Sweetest Rain by Myra Johnson is a clean novel of love and families with and without family values. 

This novel is set in Eden Arkansas during a time period of great poverty and desperation. 


Story Line:

The country had survived the First World War, the stock market crash of 1929,  and now Arkansas’s tenant farmers were faced with the worst drought in its history.  Two families are featured and inter-meshed in this book; one is rich and entitled, the other poor, desperate, and giving.


The author created a story of love, lies, expectations, and secrets as the Senior Heath rules from his mansion. We watch as unrestricted power, prejudice, and inequity in the hands of the Heath patriarch ruins not only his family but others.


His son Michael will be the saving grace of the family with his gentle caring soul and artistic nature; he battles PTSD, depression, the physical effect of mustard gas, and a father that wants him to be something he is not.


Orphan Train Romance Series: 4 Books in One by Zoe Matthews



Ready Made Families

Desperate Children


This book actually contains 5 stories that are sweet romances, each story is related; it is better to read them in this one book as the minor and major characters appear in subsequent booksZoe Matthews writing talent is evident in this book.


The Unexpected Family: Amanda and Craig

Widowed Amanda and bachelor Craig each want to adopt a child from the train; they will find the love of a lifetime, as Craig has loved Amanda for years.


Pioneer Brides-Mail Order Bride by Indiana Wake and Belle Fiffer

mail order brides

Romance in the West!  Strong Sexy Cowboys, Need I say more?


This is a four box set of western romances about strong men and even stronger women that settled the west.

The women came to find the love of a lifetime. Each is a short novella that is very enjoyable. I love Ms. Wake’s and Fiffer’s writing style.



The Rival Bride Book 1

This is the first story in this four box set. Kristine is a young woman with a gambling father that has practically sold her to Robert Miller, a rancher and widower still in love with his dead wife, as a bride.

In exchange he will pay her fathers debts and enable her 2 sisters, Courtney and Patricia, to stay in finishing school. This novella is full of sorrow, jealousy, insecurity, sadness, and finally joy in the morning.

Ms. Wake and Fiffer filled this story with emotion and she added an adversary, Abby, for Robert’s affections. Though short this story was very enjoyable as we watch Kristine grow and Robert find he has a jewel in Kristine; they find their happy ever after.

Had the story been longer Ms. Wake and Fiffer could have fleshed out the story of the rivalry for Robert’s affections; this was still a short enjoyable read.



Letters of Love Book 2

Courtney, Kristine’s seventeen-year-old sister, is the star of this story. Court is in love for the first of her life; Curly, Abby’s ranch hand, has been writing love letters to her. She and


Tennessee Waltz by Tana Mae Simmons

Tennessee Walt

Sweet love story set in the Tennesse mountains.   A strong man, a woman finds her worth!

Tennessee Waltz is a wonderful book of love, family, and acceptance!

(The Homespun Hearts Series Book 1)


In 1898, Sarah Channing is a very rich young woman; she is also very plain and has never been allowed to forget that she will never find a husband without the inducement of her father’s money.


New York City society is self-serving and shallow; Sarah doesn’t fit into their mold of beauty and money.  She wants a child; she must have a husband. She accepts Stephen’s proposal only to gain a family; he is


Alone and Expecting: (Soldier’s Widow Mail Order Brides Book 3) by Susan Leigh Carlton

Book Review

Author Susan Leigh Carlton has written another winner series; this is book 3 of the widow series. From the Alone and Expectingopening prologue that described the infamous battle of Gettysburg where we as a country lost so many of our fine young men on both side to the last page I was hooked.  I cried over all those lost lives and the lives that would be changed forever forward from this awful war; men, women, child forever changed some for good, some for worse in desperate times.

Cindy Britton is widowed after this awful battle, left pregnant and with a son, Titus a little over 2 years old.

Whit Goodson, a rancher, survived the war to only have Apache burn out his ranch; he became the best trail boss in the west and his life continued. He signs on with Tom Cannon to drive cattle to Montana, and stays on as foreman of Tom’s ranch. Whit wants a home, wife and children; mail order brides were frequent out west due to the shortage of women and


The Visitant: A Venetian Ghost Story by Megan Chance

Book Review

Elena Spira, after a scandal, has been banished to Venice to nurse Samuel Farber, who has been injured. She arrives in Venice in 1884 to find the palazzo is derelict, covered in mold, mildew, soot, windowed boarThe visitantded and on the inside total disrepair, ruin everywhere. I could see the ruin and feel Ms Spira’s despair from the author, Megan Chance, descriptions. Megan Chance did a wonderful job setting the scene for the meeting between Samuel Farber and Elena. Samuel used laudanum liberally for the pain of his injuries. Elena immediately takes the situation in hand.


Wedding Matilda by Heather Hiestand

An UnwWedding Matildaed Mother

A Proper Gentleman

A Mystery To Solve


This is book six of the Redcake series; it can read as a stand alone. The Redcake Tea Shop employs Ewan Hales, which is under Matilda Redcake’s control.  Ewan is a hard worker and proud of his employment as he is in line to manage the new enterprise to open shortly.


When sub-quality flour is discovered, Ewan and Matilda work together to discover if the tainted flour sold to Redcakes was sabotage or a mistake. He and Matilda slowly realize an attraction is growing. Meanwhile Ewan discovers he is the heir to the Earl of Fitzgerald, which will disrupt his life but also improve it in others. He now could address Matilda.


Matilda is an unwed mother.  After one indiscretion, her lover refuses to marry her, and then returns to persuade her marriage was possible.  Matilda refused and proceeded to raise her son alone. Matilda’s chances are ruined as far as marriage due to birthing her son out-of-wedlock.  Her two-year son is kidnapped and her life is falling apart. Ewan,along with her family, wants to help her find him.

Characters, Plotting,  And Development:

The plots keep coming in this book. Author Heather Hiestand kept my interest from the


Bright Morning Star: Western Historical Romance Series (Western Wives Book 4) by Janet Biery

Bright Morning Star

Powerful Emotions

Powerful Story

Will Be Your Favorite Author

The journey west continues in the latest installment of Western Wives books by Janet Biery.   This story is told from Claire’s point of view. Claire is young, spoiled, vain, and immature as she starts this journey, it is our privilege to watch Claire grow into a mature adult by the time her journey ends.


All of Ms. Biery’s stories are full of emotion and this story is no exception. You will feel every emotion available before the end of the book, from envy, sadness, joy, and even the urge to smack Claire.


This was a hard journey for everyone with endless perils and dangers whether it was from inexperience or


A Radical Arrangement by Jane Ashford

a radical arrangement


How Do Like Romance Wrapped In Mystery


Romance, Mystery, All Wrapped In One Love Story


Jane Ashford, as author of this book, has created another wonderful Regency Romance.  She is a seasoned writer with many books to her credit.


Margaret Mayfield is a typical gentle young woman of her day; repressed, timid, naive, totally controlled by her overbearing mother and father, totally unaware of what was happening outside her narrow world of parties, teas, and socials.  Her life is ruled by the standards of the day.


Sir Justin Keigley is the opposite of Margaret. He promotes progressive legislature and improvements for


Nine Buck’s Row by Jennifer Wilde writing as T. E. Huff

Nine Buck row


Jack The Ripper

Victorian London’s East Side

Evil, Mystery, Adventure, and Love


Author Jennifer Wilde has created this story in London’s east side which in the reign of Queen Victoria was a hell hole, during the day it was relatively safe.  At night evil reigned supreme, from young bucks looking for fun to the new evil of the murderer called the Ripper.


The Ripper kills silently, efficiently and very brutally.  Ms. Wilde’s descriptions of the east side were so vivid I could see each street and the activities taking place; I could see the trash and offal, I could almost smell the odors.


The heroine of the story is Susannah; she lives in the east side with her Aunt Marietta until her Aunt is violently killed.  Susannah moves in with Margaret, a distant cousin of Marietta’s; our hero Nicholas Craig, who is wealthy, sullen, cold, distant, and has a strange occupation of creating statistics lives temporarily with his Aunt Margaret until he completes his book of statistics.


Aunt Margaret also has a strange boarder, Mr. Lord, in her attic.  The stage is set for this murder mystery.  The Ripper is running a muck in London’s East Side and Susannah is trying to solve the mystery of her guardian, Ms. Margaret’s house on Nine Buck Row, and fighting her attraction to Nicholas; attraction which runs both ways.



Beauty and the Rake (The Rookery Rogues #3)by Erica Monroe


beauty and the rake

This is the third book of the Rookery Rogues, but can be read as a stand alone.

Beauty and The Rake is the first of this series I have read.  Author Erica Monroe has created a wonderful take on the old fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast.  This is a different type of Victorian novel as it does not involve nobles nor people of quality.  I found this very refreshing.


Abigail and Inspector Michael Strickland are definitely not from the noble class. Abigail Vautille lives in impoverishment in the poorest area of Whitechapel. Life is an exhausting business in the


Silk and Scars by Cassandra Dean

Book Review

This story begins in London and Devon in 1845. Gwen is employed by Lord Beecham in the London law Silk and Scars by Cassandra Deanfirm that handles legal matter for the Edward, Duke of Sowrith. She mistakenly mixes a personal letter in with correspondence to Edward.


Thus begins the writing friendship of Gwen and Edward. The letters flow back and forth for over a year.  In these letters each show their fears.  Edward reveals he is physically scarred and for this reason he rarely leaves Devon , where is he accepted. Gwen reveals her fear for the health and well- being of her parents and how she longs for home.


Author Cassandra Deans descriptions were so vivid I could easily see the scene described; whether it was the tors and moors described by Edward or setting the scene of reading Gwen’s and Edward’s letters.


Edward demands Lord Beecham and his scribe Gwen come to Devon immediately, after Gwen wrote of an incident occurring at the firm. Edward and Gwen would finally


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