The Earl’s New Identity By Jasmine Ashford


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The Earl's New Identity by Jasmine Ashford
The Earl’s New Identity, cover



In the Earl’s New Identity, we find Wesley, Earl of Rippon, ran from his life in Ireland.  Never looking back, Wesley is a rising star in the British Navy; his life is exactly what he wants.  On leave he and his mates stay with Lord Bamber, Third Lieutenant.  Bamber’s the only person on board aware of Wesley’s true identity.  While staying with Bamber, Wesley meets a beautiful young singer on the street, not realizing she’s Lola Montclair;  Bamber’s good friend and a well-known actress.  The attraction is immediate for both.  However, something terrible is happening at the theater.  Three young men have died who had scenes with Lola.

With Lola a suspect in the case, Wesley has decisions to make;  decisions which will affect the rest of his life.  Can Wesley solve the murders?  Can nobility and commoner forge a relationship?  My reviews of mystery romance novel, The Earl’s New Identity, follows.


First let me say, this book’s a relaxing and entertaining read.  Perfect for an afternoon of light reading in your favorite chair. I found Ashford’s characters likeable and the story-line interesting.  However, I could not imagine a person of higher rank navy inviting the lower ranks to his home.  However, as this is the British navy, this may very well be proper in this time period.

I particularly enjoyed seeing Ashford’s portrayal of Lola.  Rather than a person of low moral character, Ashford portrays Lola with morals and kindness.  Bamber, rather than a stuff shirt, serves with men who care for him on a personal level.  Wesley, the hero of the story although brave and smart, has unresolved issued from his former life.   Each character’s an individual with their own hopes, concerns, and place in life.  Furthermore, I found the romance sweet, clean, and refreshing.  Ashford left several avenues open for future books in this series.

In concluding my reviews of romance novel, The Earl’s New Identity, I found a fast paced short novella, filled with likeable characters and writing which was clean and clear. The mystery of the murderer’s identity’s revealed in a timely manner without Ashford giving away the culprit too early. Although novella’s, due to their nature can not develop the characters, or plots in the depth of a novel, Ashford included everything needed for an entertaining read.



Additional, I recommend this book to young adults and adults.

Finally, please note:

I am not obliged to post a review for this book, and I am doing so on my own and at a voluntary basis with an honest reviews for mystery romance novel, The Earl’s New Identity.  Furthermore, book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book/novel review author’s opinion.  Consequently, all book/novel reviews on-line and on my blog, are my opinions.  Furthermore, no one influenced my voluntary reviews for mystery romance novel, The Earl’s New Identity.



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