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A Love Transformed by Tracie Peterson is a fast paced Christian romance you will not want to miss.  The 3rd in the series, it is a standalone book with a story-line of self-forgiveness and God’s love.



Clara Vesper’s life has never been what she wished.  Her mother, domineering, demanding, and controlling forced her to marry for wealth and position.  Forced into a loveless marriage, Clara finds solace by designing jewelry for her husband’s business and raising her twins.  She and her husband never had a loving relationship and now, he has been murdered.  Surprised to find he has left her without any means of support, Clara, with her two children, decides to return to the only place she ever felt loved;  Montana and the loving arms of her Aunt and Uncle.

Meanwhile, Curtis Billingham, the love of Clara’s life, is recovering from a sapphire mining accident at Clara’s Aunt and Uncle’s sheep ranch.  Curtis has led a shameful life before turning to God and Clara has made mistakes of her own.

Can these two find common ground again, forgiveness, and with the love of God move forward?  Will outside forces in the form of her husband’s brother and her mother pull them apart?

Come on a journey of discovery and enlightenment as Curtis and Clara journey with God to find the many answers they seek.  My Christian romance fiction review of A Love Transformed follows.



Author Tracie Peterson has crafted another excellent story in her Christian romance A Love Transformed.  First I need to state, this is the first of the sapphire series I have read, however I found I did not need to the read the previous novels as this is a standalone.

Furthermore, I found the character development up to Ms. Peterson’s usual standards.  Each character grew throughout the story-line.  It is worthy to note, Ms. Peterson smoothly and gracefully threads the love of God and Christian values throughout the story without pushing or preaching.  Therefore, this story will appeal to non-Christians as well as Christians.

Also, the plot was intriguing as Ms. Peterson included mystery into the story-line.  As a result, I found myself hooked from the first page and rapidly read to find all the answers to the mystery and secrets.  Ms. Peterson did not immediately allow Clara and Curtis to find happiness, rather, she realistically allowed them to live life at a normal pace with normal revelation time frames.  Sometimes, as humans, we find it harder to forgive ourselves than we do others.  Ms. Peterson has applied this concept to this story-line.

The pace of, A Love Transformed, was steady and Ms. Peterson’s writing style was clear, clean, and refreshing. I found the length of the book and the pace were correct for the story-line without fluff to increase the page count.  Furthermore, a good book does not have to contain sex to intrigue and capture the reader’s imagination.

In concluding the review of Christian romance, A Love Transformed, I found this an enjoyable book with a well-developed story-line and characters.  Also, the pace was correct for the length of the book.  This is a clean romance high-lighting Christians values, forgiveness, and the love of God for each of us.



In conclusion, I loved this book and do not hesitate to give it 5 well deserved stars.  I found the story-line intriguing and the writing style was clear and the romance clean. I look forward to the next book in the series.

Final Note:  I received this book from the Netgalley and chose to review the novel with an honest romance novel reviewBook reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion.  Consequently all book reviews on line and on my blog, are my opinion.  This Christian romance novel review was not influenced by the ARC.



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Tracie Peterson is the best-selling, award-winning author of over 100 books.  Her work in historical romance garnered her the Best Western Romance Author of 2013 by True West Magazine. Also she was given the Life Time Achievement Award from American Christian Fiction Writers in 2011 and the Career Achievement Award in 2007 from Romantic Times, as well as multiple best book awards. 

Also, Tracie has been married to Jim for over 35 years and enjoys working with him on historical research for each of her books.  They make their home in the mountains of Montana and have three grown children and three grandchildren. They also have an adopted family in Africa that has given them another seven grandchildren – two of whom were named for Tracie and Jim.
The most important thing about writing for Tracie is – this is her ministry.  It is her deepest desire is to share the Gospel with a dying world and to bring glory to God in her work.  She works with each storyline to include the message of salvation and Biblical application for daily obstacles. Throughout her career she has been blessed to see how God has used the books for His glory to change lives.  Tracie works to make each book meet her required 3 E’s.  The books need to Entertain, Educate and Encourage – all to the glory of God.
Summing up what she does, Tracie said, “I get to do something I dearly love – tell stories, travel to meet wonderful and interesting people and see new places, work with my husband and serve God.  Who could ask for anything more?”




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