The Silence of the Snakes by Ruby Loren


The Silence Of The Snakes
The Silence Of The Snakes










Well, Madi’s back in the thick of things again.  Working as an zoo animal welfare and breeding consultant, she’s at Snidely Safari and Wildlife Park.  As always, Madi seems to attract trouble, and this tale is no different. Something odd is going on at the Safari and Wildlife Park and Madie’s determined to find out what!

When a woman’s found dead with a cleaver in her head, her ex-boyfriend George Ashdown missing from the scene, and leaving his green mamba Mr. Limey, Madi has her hands full.  With the odd behavior occurring at the Park, Madie wonders what’s going on.  Of course, who should appear in this action packed tale but tall, dark, and handsome Lowell, private detective; who we met in Book 1.

Will Madi and Lowell uncover the killer, find who’s stealing from Dracondia Manor, home of the Snidelys and a huge variety of venomous snakes on public exhibition?  While at the same time, discover why the priceless Snidely Serpentine Emerald’s cursed, ferret out the reasons for the employee’s odd irrational behavior, and save the day?   My cozy mystery book reviews of The Silence Of The Snakes follows.


Author Ruby Loren’s latest book in the Madigan Amos Mystery Series, The Silence of the Snakes, begins with a bang and continues at a fast pace.  With employee’s suddenly going crazy, thievery in Dracondia Manor, and murder in the Safari and Wildlife Park, there’s no lack of action in The Silence Of The Snakes.  Add in saving the crazed lion keeper, a sick mamba snake, the handsome Lowell, a touch of jealousy on Madi’s part, and many other “not to be missed” elements, Madi’s in full detective mode.


Melody’s Key By Dallas Coryell


Melody's Key by Dallas Coryel
Melody’s Key










Set in England, Melody’s Key Dallas Coryellby , an intense romance novel filled with emotion and longing, fulfills the readers desire for intrigue and romance. Tegan Lockwood is not an ordinary young woman.  She has given up her dreams and aspirations.  As a result, struggling with her family to maintain the family business, Tegan works long hard hours of endless labor while hiding a life altering trauma.  Tegan’s a multi-talented woman sacrificing everything for her family.  It’s an endless struggle to stay solvent.  Much needed resources infuse the family coffers when famous American musician Mason Keane, seeks refuge at the family excursion business.

Mason and Tegan begin a journey of discovery and renewal.  Will Mason open Tegan’s heart to new possibilities?   What impact will the long forgotten love letters in the attic have on Tegan?  Will two scarred leery people find a common ground to happiness?  Can they overcome past crisis’ and issues to grab the happiness offered?  Grab a comfort seat, my romance book reviews of Melody’s Key follows.


Primarily a romance novel, author Dallas Coryell, filled this novel with emotion.  Emotions which grab the reader quickly and do not let go.  Coryell created two deeply scarred lonely people and developed them throughout the story.  I felt their despair and deep need just below the surface of their being.  With pasts which defined each of them, Coryell demonstrates the healing power of love.


The Adventures Of Harry Morgan By Clabe Polk


The Adventures Of Harry Morgan
The Adventures Of Harry Morgan










Adventures of Harry Morgan has 3 stories, all with our main man Harry as the lead character; the stories are interconnecting. The first 2 blend together and the last story features Harry and friends.

Collegial Conspiracy Part 1

In Collegial Conspiracy, we find a retired Harry.  But Harry’s retirement is anything but quite.  When his old friend, Wiley Middleton contacts him with a request, Harry doesn’t know how to say no.  Wiley’s dying from an inoperable brain tumor.  He doesn’t want to leave his wife, Amanda, in debt nor watching him die.  Wiley left home, leaving Amanda a note, asking her not to look for him.

His one request of Harry; well it’s a dilly.  Wiley wants Harry to help him rob a bank.  Fascinated with Bonnie and Clyde, Wiley’s determined to go to jail for the medical care.  Harry reluctantly agrees.  However, when Amanda contacts Harry’s wife, Jean, for help finding Wiley, he’s in a pickle of lies and conspiracies.  Then when Wiley’s “never do well” son, Tony, shows up, things really get complicated.

Emilio Part 2

Amanda and Wiley’s son, Tony, left Oregon just ahead of the law.  Harry finds himself playing detective after Tony tells his tale of woe.  A campus police officer, Tony became involved with a two drug addicts who committed suicide.  Harry will find himself in another pickle as the suicide turns into much more and ends up smack dab next to the bank robbery case; you could say rubbing elbow with the robbery case.  Amanda ask Harry to help prove Tony’s innocent.  Simple you say; not so much.  Suddenly things ramp up as they discover the overdose and suicide may not be as simple as it seems.  Much more’s in play, and simple turns into complicated.

Pirates Of Cayo Pelau Part 3

Harry finally purchased his dream boat.  Hoping to treasure hunt just this side of legal, Harry and friends head out on a sail and treasure hunting.  You ask how can treasure hunting turn dangerous?  Harry and friends stumble upon a slave running ring with inside connections.  A night in jail, a court appearance, and release on bail, do not slow Harry down.  Harry’s determined to free the slaves and bring the criminals to justice.  Yes, he’s in a pickle again.


When I started this book, I thought I would not like the story.  Wow, was I wrong.  In a matter pages, I was hooked and could not read this book fast enough.  Reviews, at times, are hard to write, this book was easy to review.  At times funny, at times sad, and at times filled with snips, snarks, one liners, plenty of action, and the unstoppable Harry.  Harry’s character’s strong, intelligent, and he’s a steadfast friend, who’s loyal and willing to go the extra mile. Although a senior citizen, he’s far from old and feeble.

I laughed and laughed as Wiley told Harry the what, when and how of his plan; and the bumbling robbery was hilarious and sad at the same time. Polk included humor, sadness, intrigue, and serious issues in this book; a combination which made a highly entertaining read.

Selfish and self-centered, Tony blames everyone except the true culprit for his problems.  He has an attitude of entitlement.  Someone’s always out to get him and the world owes him something for all his troubles.  I wanted to give him a good old-fashioned spanking and tell him to grow up.  Clabe Polk crafted a totally unlikable person in Tony.  Just when I thought he might have a few redeeming qualities, he proved me wrong.  I found myself doing a high-five when Amanda stood up to him and gave him what for.

In the third story, the action, snips, and repartee never ends. Harry’s ready to have fun and adventure. Polk grabs the reader’s attention with a fast paced action story-line.  Between the women and men, I don’t know who’s the funniest.  However, the story covers the serious crime of human trafficking.  Some of the characters are despicable and truly unlikable.  Polk skillfully showed age is not a deciding factor in the pursuit of justice.  As well as, showing as long as humans have unsavory greedy characteristics, no occupation will be safe from corruption.

The Adventures of Harry Morgan, a fast paced book filled with emotion, action, intrigue, mystery, and criminal activity, will hold your attention from start to finish.  With well-developed realistic characters and plots which are believable, Polk created a fine mystery crime book.  You will love the “old farts” as one criminal termed them and the unsavory characters you will love to hate. Polk included a variety, from bigots and drug dealers to slave runners in these three stories.

I found Clabe Polk’s writing style flowed well with scenes which transition smoothly from scene to scene; making The Adventures of Harry Morgan easy to read and enjoyable.   Perfect for a lazy afternoon of reading in your favorite chair with a beverage by your side; sit back and enjoy The Adventure Of Harry Morgan.  I would not hesitate to buy this book for myself or a friend.



Additionally, I received this book from the author and chose to voluntarily review the book with honest book reviews.  Lastly, book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion.  Consequently, all book reviews on-line and on my blog, are my opinions.  In addition, no one influences my voluntary book reviews.





Love At Long Last By Emily Woods


Triple Range Ranch Western Romance Book 3

Love At Long Last
Love At Long Last










Valerie Hillcrest, raised by wealthy parents, expected to marry a man thirty years her senior, loves her oldest friend.  Unable to abide her father’s decision, she’s sets off to find the love of her life, Thomas Wellington.  Valerie hired a private detective who discovers Thomas’ location. Thomas ran from his wealthy family when sixteen.  Unable to follows his fathers desire for him to take over the family business, Thomas left for the free life in the West.   Thomas, working on the Triple Range ranch for the last five years, can not believe his eyes when Valerie descends from a wagon; announcing to all she’s his fiancee.

Ah, “the tangled web we weave when first we practice to decease”.  Thomas realizes his lies are about to catch-up with him.  Will Valerie persuade Thomas to go back East?  How will she fit in on this working ranch in her costly clothes, precise proper English, and manners?  Will attraction and love bloom between Thomas and Valerie?   My romance book reviews of Love At Long Last follows.


In Love At Long Last, Thomas’ carefully constructed life was imploding around him. Woods crafted Thomas’ dismay at the turn of events with skill.  Woods crafted this book with skillful and clean clear writing which made it an easy read.  A continuation of the Triple Range series, this book will hold the readers attention from the first pages.  I love books with recurring characters as they allow us to catch up with their lives.  I enjoyed revisiting the Triple Range again.


Last Word By Robin Mahle


(A Kate Reid Novel Book 7)

Last Word
Last Word










In Last Word, Book 7 of the Kate Reid series by author Robin Mahle, the reader finds Kate applying to the BAU.  She’s also involved in a high-profile murder case.  Women, murdered by an unknown assailant, are found with a cloth note in their mouth.  On the cloth written in lipstick they find the word Whore.  Kate finds Congressman Grant Copeland the only link between the victims. Kate and the team must stop this killer before the bodies mount.  Dealing with a high-profile congressman, a cop in charge of the investigation who’s probably on the take and dirty, while waiting to hear from her application to the BAU, Kate has her hands full in this exciting book.  My book review of Last Word follows.


I must say, Last Word by author Robin Mahle’s an action packed roller coaster ride of excitement.  I was on the edge of my sit from the first page to the last.  Filling this book with many twists and turns, intrigue, action, and suspense, Last Word’s a great addition to the Kate Reid series. Just when I thought I had it all worked out another plot line appeared.  Mahle had many threads to bring together in Last Word.  Which she did with skill while keeping the suspense at high peak and the story flowing smoothly.

With a variety of characters, Mahle developed to their full potential, you’ll not be disappointed in Last Word.  I found Mahle’s detailing of the FBI, profilers, and agents interesting and informative.  Needless to say, a profile does not suddenly appear in thirty minutes as it does on television.  It takes time to create an accurate profile of the suspect, long hours, a lot of investigation, and hard work.  Mahle gave us a fascinating look inside the FBI, as well as, the territorial disrupts between agencies.


Cowboy Charade Rodeo Knights By Barbara McMahon


Cowboy Charade Rodeo Knights
Cowboy Charade Rodeo Knights











In Cowboy Charade Rodeo Knights by author Barbara McMahon, we find Susannah Davis and Toby Palmer, joining forces to find the drug smugglers using the rodeo as a source of transportation.  Susannah’s an accomplished barrel racer trying to make the finals in Las Vegas.  She works hard, making a promise to herself to would never again become involved with a rodeo cowboy;  rodeo cowboys lead to heart ache.

Toby Palmer and his partner, Kyle, are winning and placing high in the rodeo standings;  saving for a ranch they have their eyes set on the big money in the rodeo finals in Las Vegas.  When Kyle’s in a wreck, cocaine’s found in the door panel of his truck.    Susannah and Toby join forces to find the culprits.  Not only has Kyle’s truck been used as transportation, Susannah’s truck also has drugs stashed in the door.

Calling in Jessie Knight, private investigator and past rodeo companion, to ferret out the villain or villains and prove Kyle innocence, Toby and Susannah decide to play a couple.  Susannah has trust issues and Toby has no plans for a woman in his life.  But fate has different ideas for these two. Come join in the race to find the culprits and the journey to love.   My romance book reviews for Cowboy Charade Rodeo Knights follows.



A Christmas Surprise By Emily Murdoch


A Regency Romance

A Christmas Surprise
A Christmas Surprise










A Christmas Surprise by author Emily Murdoch, finds the reader back in Regency England.  Lord Robert, Viscount of Marchwood is holding his annual Christmas Ball in Scotland.  Sending invitation to all the ton élite, Marchwood’s presenting his 18 year-old daughter, Audrey, to society.  Raised by the widowed Viscount, Audrey formed an unusual closeness to the servants, including her father’s valet, Thomas.  As well as, a close bond with her father, who adores her.

With rumors flying of the empty Marchwood coffers, it makes for an interesting party.  Leaving Audrey in charge of the ball, she decides on a masquerade, where she meets a handsome, tall, attractive gentleman.  With his identity masked, Audrey has no idea, who has stolen her heart.  How will Audrey discover her masked love‘s name?  Who can he be?  With the coffers empty, who will win Audrey’s hand and love?  Will her father approve of the unknown gentlemen?   My reviews for romance novelChristmas Surprise, follows.


A Christmas Surprise by author Emily Murdoch, takes place in the cold winter of Scotland.  Making it hard for the guest to travel


When Leaves Fall By C. A. King


This Book’s Recommended In The Hamilton Spectator, A Major Newspaper, On June 10th, 2017!

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A Different Point of View Story Book 1

When Leaves Fall
When Leaves Fall



A short read of 56 pages, When Leaves Fall, is an intense read.  Ralph wakes in a place he does recognize. His vision’s cloudy and he’s disoriented.   Ralph realizes he’s in a poorly constructed shack, and of all things, he’s chained allowing him limited movement. He can vaguely remember his family and he knows they will search for him when they realize what has happened.  For love is a two-way street;  he loves them and they love him.

As days pass, Ralph’s beaten, he’s hungry, cold, in pain, and begins to doubt his memories.  My reviews of contemporary book, When Leaves Fall, follows.


Do not let the page count of this short book fool you.  Although short in pages, it’s packed with emotion from the first page to the last page; it packs a huge punch and will leave you emotionally spent.  My tears started almost immediately as I read of the abuse Ralph endured from his unknown assailant.  I quickly became emotionally involved in the story-line.  For such a short story, King skillfully packed as much emotion and story into the 56 pages as a lot of writers can produce in a full novel.  It takes skill to produce an intelligent, well-developed, and well-paced story in 56 pages; King managed this feat well.


The 11.05 Murders, The Inspector Sheehan Mysteries Volume 2 By Brian O’Hare




The 11.05 Murders, The Inspector Sheehan Mysteries Volume 2
The 11.05 Murders The Inspector Sheehan Mysteries Volume 2, Cover












Author Brian O’Hare created a spine tingling intriguing police crime mystery drama in The 11.05 Murders, The Inspector Sheehan Mysteries Volume 2.  A horrendous rape 12 years earlier at Queen’s University, a photograph and article found on a victim’s computer, 3 murders, all at 11.05 p.m.; how does past and present fit together?

WDS Detective Sergeant Denise Stewart, newest addition to the Strandtown Police’s Serious Crimes Unit, and fellow officers must unravel the mysteries.  Stewart, fresh from a another station where she uncovered corruption and endured persecution and harassment, works under Chief Inspector Jim Sheehan to solve these murders. A close net unit, Stewart fits in after a few false starts.

Denise’s stalked by an unknown stalker, Tom Allen’s almost killed by an unknown assailant, and as the murders continue the suspects not only increase, but place the officers lives in peril.  Come along with Inspector Sheehan, and the unit as they solve the latest murders piecing together the past and present.  My police crime mystery novel review of The 11.05 Murders, The Inspector Sheehan Mysteries Volume 2 follows.


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