At Bobby Trivette’s Grave By Donna D. Vitucci


At Bobby Trivette's Grave
At Bobby Trivette’s Grave










A profound, intense novel, At Bobby Trivette’s Grave, follows two families through guilt and grief.  Teenage Dru’s in love with Bobby Trivette.  Both from families with issues, they follow the usual pattern of teenagers growing up and falling in love in a small town.  However, their story takes a massive detour of grief and guilt when Bobby’s killed in an auto accident.   Dru’s grief will cause both families to take a look at their lives and the reason for how they lived, as well as, face their despair and guilt.

My contemporary fiction book reviews of At Bobby Trivette’s Grave follows.


I am not sure where to start with this review.  Firstly, let me say, author Donna D. Vitucci‘s, a talented author, however, At Bobby Trivette’s Grave was not the book for me.  That said, I must also commend the author for a well-written and well-developed bookVitucci created a deeply emotional story-line as she dove into the life of two families in small-town Paris, Kentucky.  Secrets abound, along with regrets, and lives wasted.  One action by each changed the entire structure of their lives.

In At Bobby Trivette’s Grave, Donna Vitucci demonstrated the futilely of carrying guilt and the destruction it causes.  For me, the pace was a little slow for the first half of the book.  However, it picked up in the middle.  Vitucci gave detailed emotional background on the characters and developed them skillfully.  Even though this book was not for me, I much appreciate the skillful refreshing writing, creative original story-line, an in-depth look into small-town Paris’ families.  For the right audience, this book will be a winner.


Forgive Me by Jennifer Youngblood and Sandra Poole

Second Chance Book 1

Forgive Me
Forgive Me










Delia has everything any woman could want.  She has wealth, a prominent place in society, and a loving fire-breathing lawyer husband.  However, Delia is far from happy.  Pulling herself out of the muck and mire of her deprived and impoverished white trash past, Delia finds her demons have caught up with her.  You can only run so long, and Delia is at the end of the course when her daughter Sybil and her granddaughter, Mattie, move to her old hometown.  A place Delia has tried to bury and erase.

Sybil, unknowingly, has stepped into a powder keg of rage, mystery, and secrets, along with romance in small-town Tick Ridge.  My mystery romance book reviews of Forgive Me follow.


Forgive Me is a story full of dysfunctional family dynamicsJennifer Youngblood and Sandra Poole filled this story with shame, guilt, betrayal, secrets, and mystery.  This story is a roller coaster ride of emotion from the first pages.  I felt I had been rung-out by the time I finished this awesome book.  Facing a past which she had tried to put behind her is devastating for Delia.  For Sybil facing what her life has become and standing up for herself is just as traumatic.

Delia and Sybil discover redemption is not easy to find nor are second chances.  Delia has it all;  wealth, a loving husband, and social position, yet her past haunts her daily with all its trauma and devastation.  Following Delia through this story is emotionally draining.  It’s a rocky journey loaded with insecurities and pitfalls which added tension and intrigue to the storyline.  Youngblood and Poole slowly revealed the secrets Delia held for decades.  As a result, Delia’s past had me in tears.  Sybil thought she had it all when she married the love of her life.  As the year’s pass, she found she’s just barely treading water and sinking fast.   Although not an easy journey, Sybil slowly gains insight into her life.


Secrets Come Home By Samantha Price


(Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries Book 1)

Secrets Come Home
Secrets Come Home










Ettie Smith inherited a house when her friend Agatha died.  During repairs, a body’s discovered under the house.  A body which has been there many years.  When identified, the man is Agatha’s ex-fiance.  The police name Agatha as the murderer.  Ettie’s determined to clear her friend’s name.  Her old friend, Detective Crowley, has retired and the new detective doesn’t care for Ettie nosing into his investigation.  What Ettie finds surprises the Amish Community;  to everyone’s dismay secrets and crimes come to light.  My mystery book reviews of Secrets Come Home follows.


In Secrets Come Home, Samantha Price created an Amish mystery filled with secrets, lies, and crime.  Secrets never stay hidden, and the lies needed to sustain the secrets have a way of coming undone;  as Ettie stated:  secrets come home.

“Oh! What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”

The plot filled with twists and turns kept me on the edge of my seat as Price took me on a journey of discovery, pain, murder, and grief.  The twists and turns just kept coming in this book.  I would think Ettie had found the murderer and Price would introduce another plot twist.  Samantha Price brought the multi-plots threads together skillfully.  As a result, creating an intriguing mystery.

With a cast of suspects and reasons to kill Horace, Price held the who, what, why, and when, close to her chest.  As a result, Price crafted a tantalizing mystery.  I found the pacing perfect and Price‘s prose descriptive.  I love reading Amish stories as they give me insight into the Amish way of life.  Also, I have found Amish stories are clean without swear words or sex. That said, Price faced head-on a part of life which affects a lot of teens.  As well as, the consequences which result.   In Secrets Come Home, I discovered Amish communities have crime the same as the rest of us.  I also thought the Amish community in this book did not seem as strict as some Amish;  this enabled me to better relate to the characters.


Something Of A Spark By Monique McDonell


A Jewel Sisters Romance Kindle Edition










In Something Of A Spark, Sapphire Smith’s a working girl.  She works three jobs and lives a modest lifestyle.  However, Saffy has a huge secret.  One of the 4 Jewel Sisters of Caudal Bay, Sapphire/Saffy is a millionaire songwriter.  Her family thinks she’s a PA for Nashville recording Artist Ryan Storm, but she also writes all his songs;  yes, this is a huge secret.   Home for a visit Saffy’s world is about to turn on a dime.  When she wrecks her car avoiding a young child, handsome, hot Fireman Campbell’s on the scene. Cam, a former attorney, loves Caudal Bay’s small-town feel, the people’s values, and above all, he values honesty.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive”

As Saffy and Cam’s relationship grows, Saffy realizes she has a problem.  Will Saffy’s lies stop this romance in its tracks and endanger her relationships with her family?  My romance book review of A Spark of Something follows.


Monique McDonell‘s A Spark Of Something is an intense romance filled with secrets, indecision, and insecurity, as well as, humor.  Sapphire, aka Saffy, Smith’s family is zany, wacky, close-knit, and loving.  One of the Jewell Sisters, all named for gems, Saffy has an over-protective mother, three sisters differing in personalities, and a steadfast father.  McDonell filled this lovely story with powerful family dynamics.

Secrets will not stay secret forever as Saffy finds in Something Of A Spark.  They have a way of biting you in the behind.  Ryan, a Nashville country singing artist, is Saffy’s most faithful and best friend.  He tried to persuade her to reveal to her family their association.  However, Saffy’s insecurities overcame common sense.


Preacher Man By Laurie Larson




Preacher Man
Preacher Man










Regan Samuels and Josh Gregory have starring roles in awarding winning author Laurie Larsen‘s Preacher Man;  a sweet clean inspirational romanceRegan’s divorced after fifteen years of marriage, raising a hormonal teenager, and doing her best to build a new life for them from the scraps left of her former life.  Befuddled by how it happened, her best friend Liz, talks her into participating in a charity date auction.  Humiliation does not begin to describe how Regan felt as she awkwardly stood on the stage waiting for a bidder.  Unfortunately, the only bidder pays $50.00 for a date with Regan.

Josh Gregory’s the only bidder for the date with Regan.  After arranging the details, Josh shows up on motorcycle of all things.  At her age, Regan’s far from ready to climb on this death machine.  But, climb on she does.  Josh and Regan hit it off;  then he drops a bomb shell.  He’s a Christian and a Minister.  Regan does not attend church nor feel close to God;  oh, she believes God exist, but has not accepted him nor his care and love for her.

Two polar opposites attracted from the first date, Josh and Amber slowly advance.  Josh is looking for a wife;  a partner in life and his ministry.  Regan’s still dealing with the impact of the divorce, has many insecurities, and knows she is not worthy;  she’s just not suitable for a Minister.  For she has secrets she’s hiding which will greatly impact any relationship she and Josh form.  But, God has plans for these two opposites; come and enjoy my review of Preacher Man, as God places his hand on two lives.  My inspirational romance book reviews of Preacher Man follows.


Laurie Larsen created an intensely emotional book, as well as, filling the story-line with laughter.  From the first page I was hooked as Larsen sent a frightened, insecure, and awkward Regan out on the auction stage.  What a funny scene she created in the beginning of the story.  The conversations Regan has with herself are hilarious as well as, heart breaking.  At times I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, or do both at the same time.

Larsen‘s writing is vivid, crisp, fresh, and clear, as she leads us through this wonderful love story; a love story with many layers.  She had no need of fluff or sex to full the pages;  the story-line held me enthralled as I become involved in the characters lives.  Larsen‘s characters are well-developed and full-bodied with pacing which never slowed.


Lady Likes The Lord by Eleanor Meyers



Lady Likes The Lord
Lady Likes The Lord










Maria Kay takes starring role in Lady Likes The Lord.  Known as the good sister, Maria has secrets.  If only the Ton knew the real Maria.  Finally deciding to take a husband, Maria sets her sights on Cole Leverton, Lord Marion; Cole has loved Maria for years.  Now the time is right and she’s ready to break the Kay-Abbey curse.  She refuses to follow her sisters and marry an Abbey, especially Edmund.

Edmund does not want love and refuses to fall under its spell as his brothers did.  However, he will have Maria, she is his and he intents to make her his wife.  But fate has much in store for Maria and Edmund.  Adventure, action, romance, and secrets swirling around Regency London, awaits the reader in Lady Likes The Lord.  My Regency romance book reviews follows.


Set in 1832, Regency England, Meyers latest addition to the Abbey Brothers Series, Lady Likes The Lord, grabbed me immediately.  With Meyers vivid descriptions, I could see the fancy ballrooms and all the Ton dressed to impress. As well as, see the back street taverns including the low life and criminal elements, almost smell the horse-flesh, and felt Edmund’s frustration.  The criminal element Meyers crafted for Lady Likes The Lord, made my skin crawl.  A truly evil man without conscience or a sense of right and wrong.  Filling her tale with emotion, action, and secrets, I read this book straight through as I could not put it down. I was back with old friends from the earlier books, learning the latest in their lives, and loving every minute spent with them.  I love books with recurring characters;  the Kay sisters and the Abbey brothers never fail to entertain.


The Steps By Iveta Redliha



The Steps
The Steps










The Steps, begins with a prologue in which a boy, ease-dropping hears his name and the word surrogacy.  Raised in an orphanage and determined to find his mother, he hears just enough to know he must find out more.  Fast forward to a grown man, Lucas, who can seem cold and menacing in an instance. He is on a mission; one which will either be successful or lead to destruction.

Reyna inherited Bradbury Mansion, in need of much repair, holds secrets which will affect many lives.  Unaware her mother purchased the mansion just before her suspicious death, Reyna needs to decide what to do with this falling down master piece.   Arriving to see her inheritance, Reyna quietly contemplates the grounds and mansion when a stranger suddenly appears.   Lucas introduces himself to Reyna as a neighbor;  she felt shivers run over her at the look in his eyes and his attitude.  Who is this man who keeps popping up when least expected?  How and why did her mother buy this mansion?  Leonora, Reyna’s mother, held dark secrets for many years which when revealed will change everything.  My review suspense thriller book review of The Steps follows.


Originally written in Latvian and translated to English, The Steps, grabs the reader immediately.   I found a few language issues, however, they did not affect my enjoyment of the book.  A fast paced thrill ride of secrets, lies, and a dark dank


Sparklers or Spankings By Stacy Eaton


The Celebration Series Book 7

Sparklers or Spankings
Sparklers or Spankings











Can you guess from the title, which Celebration resident’s the subject of the latest Celebration book, Sparklers or Spankings?  Yes, you guessed it; Harper finally meets her man.  Harper Reed, owner of The Inn and Out Bed and Breakfast, is facing a crisis.  After years of running the inn, making the improvements needed, and proving her specialty services a success, her business is in jeopardy.

Attorney, Mason Tidewater’s, in town on business.  Business which will negatively affect Harper’s bed and breakfast.  When fate steps in, Mason and Harper learn the meaning of immediate attraction.  As things heat up, Mason must make decisions which will affect both their lives.  Will Mason chose wisely?  Are sparklers, or spankings on the horizon?  If Mason plays his cards right, making the right decisions, he might get both.  My reviews for romance novel, Sparklers or Spankings follows.


Firstly, I must say how much I love small town Celebration, residents and atmosphere.  A place where everyone is family; noisy, gossipy, friendly, and caring.  In her latest Celebration book, Eaton features Harper Reid and the slightly kinky Inn and Out Bed


The Rogues Bride By Lynn Winchester



Dry Bayou Brides Book 4

The Rogue's Bride by Lynn Winchester
The Rogue’s Bride, cover



Author Lynn Winchester’s novel, The Rogue’s Bride, takes the reader back to the west and the town of Dry Bayou.  Aimee Prentice, on the run from her life in Alabama, comes to Dry Bayou as a mail-order bride.  Gaston Mosier, harboring a deep dark mistake from his youth, decided he would send for a mail-order bride and to a small degree get on with his life.  He wanted a bride who would be quite, biddable, unassuming, and have his children; everything Aimee is not.  Upon meeting, Gaston appears cold and mean;  Aimee gives the impression dull-wittiness, as well as, a fire cracker with a short fuse.  But evil is also lurking in Dry Bayou.  Is it waiting for Aimee?

Can these two come to term with their past, and forge a lasting relationship? Gaston needs forgiveness, if only to himself and Aimee need protection;  will the misunderstandings, misconceptions, and secrets continue to color everything they do?  My reviews for romance novel, The Rogues Bride, follows.


Author Lynn Winchester out did herself with the characters of Gaston and Aimee.  Gaston, as a lot of us do, carries guilt,


The Heart of Darkness By Odelia Floris


The Heart of Darkness, jpeg
The Heart of Darkness, cover











Author Odelia Floris’ The Heart Of Darkness is a first-rate mystery romance set in medieval times.  Set in England in 1430, Sheriff and Knight Sir Richard and poor gentlewoman, Rowena, find themselves at odds.  After her mother’s death, Rowena is at the mercy of her cruel Aunt, Lady Cunningham and cousin Sabrina.  Sabrina, in a cruel display, connived to have Rowena serve as Clerk for Sheriff Richard.  Little does she know, what she has set in motion as Rowena and Richard lock horns.   They shout, antagonize, disagree, and just possibly find romance.

Then, Rowena finds herself in a quarry as she begins to respect Richard and have feelings for him.  However, Richard’s past is murky and he has secrets.  Can Rowena ferret out the cause of Richard’s money woes and help him resolve his past and secrets?

Meanwhile, young girls disappear in neighboring villages.  It is Richard’s responsibility to solve this mystery, stop the evil that is haunting his personal life and resolve his relationship with Rowena.  Life has suddenly become very complicated.  Come along for a roller coaster ride with Rowena and Richard as they fight themselves, killers, and evil.  My reviews for mystery romance novel The Heart Of Darkness follows.



First I must say, this book personifies the fact explicit sex is not a prerequisite for an entertaining novel.  Ms. Floris created an intriguing story filled with emotion, romance, suspense, and mystery. 


Some Other Time By Charlotte Symonds



Some Other Time By Charlotte Symonds
Some Other Time, Cover, author Charlotte Symonds









In Some Other Time by Charlotte Symonds, the reader meets 3 ordinary people. People, who through a common event, find their lives changed forever.  Madison single mother, left as an empty nester when her daughter goes to college, receives a letter when opened will tear her world apart.  Asher, newly divorced, has decided to change his life and find fulfillment and love which have been missing from life for years.  Will his plan come to fruition?  Bryant has life by the tail; a beautiful lover he loves, he’s loved in return, a best friend who’s also his partner, and a successful career.  Then fate turns the tables on him and changes his wonderful life.

What do all 3 have in common and how does it relate?  As each tell their story, secrets and events are revealed.  Grab a seat and a beverage, my contemporary fiction novel review of Some Other Time follows.



First, let me say, if you have not read Charlotte Symonds books, you are missing a tremendous treat.  Each one’s filled with drama and deep human emotion.  Some Other Time’s no different!  Grab the tissue box as you begin this wonderfully crafted contemporary fiction. Few authors grab me and almost wrench my heart from my chest, as Ms. Symonds does; with a box of tissues and a pot of tea, I always read her books straight through.

That said, I must say, what a heart breaking emotional story-lines revealed as each character tells their story;  this is an


Seducing Susannah By E. E. Burke



The Bride Train Book 4

Seducing Susannah, cover jpeg
Seducing Susannah by E. E. Burke












In Seducing Susannah, author E. E. Burke continues her story of the train brides.  Widow Susannah Braddock hasn’t found a husband, and Ross Hardt is still the bane of her existence.  Susannah and the last 2 future brides live in the boarding house, working almost as slaves for the owner, in exchange for room and board.  Needless to say Susannah’s son, Danny, at seven is a barrel of energy; never still and always into something.  After his last mishap Susannah ’s told to leave.  Needing a job and a place to stay, she doesn’t know what they will do.  Coming to her rescue, Ross offers a job and a room.  Ross has an ulterior motive.  He needs a wife to inherit his father’s ranch and he sees Susannah as a prime candidate.

Susannah has secrets; secrets which can ruin her carefully constructed life.  Secrets she can not  tell for fear of losing what she cherishes most.  Determined to win Susannah, become a father to Danny, and go home to Texas, Ross proceeded to court


Combustion By Martin J. Smith



Combustion, Cover



In Combustion, Martin J. Smith has crafted a top drawer murder crime mystery novel which pulls the reader into this intriguing story-line.   Lives collide, mysteries solved, and secrets revealed as a fire storm combust in Los Colmas.  Ron Starke followed in his father’s footsteps of law enforcement in the Inland Empire of California, Los Colmas.  A dedicated officer, passed over for promotion to Chief, Ron loves his job.

It is the dry season in California and fires are rampaging.  Meanwhile, the lack of rain has revealed the under water grave of missing Paul Dwyer, wealthy construction magnate.  Dwyer, super wealthy, abusive,


The Forgiving Bride By Emma Kingsly



The Forgiving Bride, cover


The Forgiving Bride by author Emma Kingsly is a short sweet romance novella.  Ms. Kingsly’s heroine and mail order bride, Sarah Woods, is a young widow running for her life and what she hopes is security and safety.  Simon Stone hopes to find a companion, peace, and a helpmate.  Can you run from your past or will the past follow?  Can forgiveness come to these two or will they botch this second chance for happiness?



After the death of her no good husband, Sarah Wood is alone in the world with a small child, Ally.  When visited by his low down criminal cohort, Sarah must decide the course of her life.  As a result of his threats, she answers the advert placed by Simon Stone for a mail order bride.  Although, Sarah is a Godly woman, she has insecurities which will follow her to Wyoming.

Meanwhile, Simon Stone decides it is time to go on with life and find a wife.  Simon has secrets from his


Jilted By Varina Denman


Jilted, Cover





Book 3 of Mended Hearts Series

Jilted is the third book in the Mended Hearts Series by Author Varina Denman.  Prepare yourself for a soul wrenching finale, an in-depth look under the facade of small town U.S.A., and a look into depression and its aftermath.




Jilted is Lynda Turner’s story.  She has spent her adult life in depression and deep dark mental depression.  Nothing ever seemed to last for her.  As a result, Lynda always sees her glass half empty rather than half full with a crack down the side of the glass. 

In addition, her parents are dead and her beloved high school sweetheart jilted her.  Her husband ran off leaving her in a dark depression without a way out, her married high school sweetheart chased her for years telling lies about her, and her church in Trapp ask her to leave the congregation.

Through all this her daughter has found the love of her life, Dodd.  Simultaneously, Lynda has fought depression, prejudice, gossip, narrow-mindedness, and evil intent.  Into all this turmoil comes Clyde Fenton, ex-con, falsely accused of rape and imprisoned for 20 years. 

With Gods mercy and grace Clyde has faced his own demons and revelations;  his story’s detailed in the previous books in this series.   Finally, Clyde has set his sights on a forever love and he’s determined to show Lynda the man he “can be“;  if she will accept him with all his faults and issues, as he accepts hers.


Helm Abomination By Gryffyn Phoenix


Helm Abomination



The World of Helm Filled With Wondrous Creatures

Verity Is Back In Action In Book 2





Helm: a world so different from the human world.   In Helm Abomination, you will find handsome hunky male fairies and the new Veil-Seer is the female in this all male world.  What more could a girl want!  Get ready for a look into author Gryffyn Phoenix’s world of Helm; full of secrets, mysteries, evil, riddles, and half-truths.


Verity as the new veil-seer has new responsibilities and a ripening desire for Haydn; Haydn is the Leader of Helm.  Teenage hormones are raging as Verity and Haydn fight against the attraction and Verity learns to battle in this strange world as the veil-seer.


Kiss Of The Virgin Queen By Sharon Buchbinder

kiss of the virgin queen

Author Sharon Buchbinder has continued her wonderful tale of werewolves and jinnis.  This one will take you back in history to King Solomon as she builds on her story-line in present time and incorporates history.  Intriguing and action packed, relax with a cold drink and enjoy this wonderful story.



Eliana Solomon, agent with Homeland Security, is back in the thick of things in this action packed book created by author Sharon Buchbinder.  Called to Summertown, West Virginia to investigate the disappearance of 3 werewolf boys and 3 eighteen year old sisters, Eliana finds she must once again face the jinni, their danger to humanity, and their evil natures. Calling her team together, she is forced to ask for the help from attractive Dr. Arta Shahani, Psychiatrist and jinni expert and the man who left her to die in the desert on their last mission together.


Kiss Of The Silver Wolf by Sharon Buchbinder

kiss of the silver wolf


Author Sharon Buchbinder sets the stage for Kiss Of The Silver Wolf with murder at a mine shaft in Eden, Kentucky.  Homeland Security is in charge of the operation and something goes very wrong resulting in a death.  At this point, I realized this was not the average werewolf story I had read in the past. Ms. Buchbinder has set the stage for an action packed werewolf romance.

Zachariah Abingdon and the wolf pack are on their monthly run; this time it is a run for their lives to escape certain death.  These two scenes set the stage for author Buchbinder’s story-line.


The Readaholics and the Gothic Gala: A Book Club Mystery By Laura DiSilverio


The readaholics and the gothic gala


The Readaholics, of Heaven Colorado, are in the thick things again with the Celebration of Gothic Novels.   In anticipation of the event, their latest reading, du Maurier’s Rebecca, has set the atmosphere of Gothic suspense and mystery.  The event includes authors, Gothic backdrops, costume party, and of course, murder most foul.  Who knew how hard authors were to manage and keep in line!   What follows is a first class mystery with intrigue, secrets, resentment, deception, egos, and of course, murder.


Silk Stalkings By Diane Vallere

silk stalkings


Author Diane Vallere’s engaging character, Polyester Monroe, is back in the thick of things in San Ladron.  Her knowledge of fabrics, the design industry, and her knack for ferreting out mysteries and murderers are in top form in this novel.

Poly finds herself in the middle of the annual Miss Tangorli pageant which brings in many visitors and money to San Ladron.  Add in several mysteries and the murder of the pageant founder and you have a


The House On Windridge By Tracie Peterson & Bonus Story: Lucy’s Quilt By Joyce Livingston

the house on windridge

It is always a pleasure and a privilege to read and review books by Tracie Peterson. This story will bring your emotions to the surface as the characters face grief, loss, and new beginnings all with Gods help.

This book has two excellent books; The House on Windridge by Tracie Peterson and as a bonus, Lucy’s Quilt by Joyce Livingston another talented author.



Gus Gussop had the world by the tail; a ranch doing well; a large ranch house, a wife he adored, and a baby on the way. Then fate stepped in and took his wife during childbirth. The anchor of Gus’ world was gone. Gus has no idea what to do with a child and no desire to try.   He sends his baby daughter, Jessica, to his wife’s Aunt Harriet Nelson to raise; unknowingly sending Jessica to a woman who loves appearance,


Shattered Lies By S. J. Francis



General Fiction Official Selection in the 2015 New Apple Book Awards

Semi-finalist in the 2015 Authorsdb Book Cover contest


Shattered Lies



Family Dynamics

Revelations of Long Hidden Secrets

Lies and Heartache






What a story we find in Shattered LiesAuthor S. J. Francis has created a story-line which will grab you from the first few sentences to the last.  Widowed veterinarian Kate Thayer Logan, heir and granddaughter to grand dame Katherine Beauregard Thayer IV, of Magnolia Lane Farm, makes a decision to explore the mansions attic; a decision which will shatter this family and others, reveal long-held secrets, and cause Kate to question everything she has ever believed.


Far From True By Linwood Barclay

Far from True

Powerful Novel

Murder, Who Did It?

Don’t Pass This Book Up

This is the second book in the Promise Falls Trilogy by Linwood Barclay and the first of his books I have read and reviewed.  Mr. Barclay caught me up quickly with the back story.


Suspense Level:

I found I couldn’t wait to finish this book so I could read the first book of the trilogy.  Mr. Barclay created a lot of action, secrets, mystery, alternate life styles, crime, evil deeds, and a strange attacker with the number 23 on his clothing.  He keeps you guessing throughout the book as he introduces new situations


Island Secrets (The Island Escape Series Book 1) By R. T. Wolfe

Island Secrets



Peaceful Island Life

Treasure, Love,

Abuse And Murder

This Novel Has It All!



Zoe Clearwater lives in a small gulf community on beautiful Ibis Island off Florida’s coast; she had a perfect life.  A family that was loving and close; 2 sisters, Raine and Willow, a brother Seth, a thriving diving business and a gift shop.  Then her brother, Seth, diving alone disappears.  Her world changed.  She held


Never Too Late by Jo Barney

Never too late

Is It Ever Too Late To Live Life?

This Is A Must Read Book.

All I can say is wow! This was an emotional roller-coaster ride. For me it was a story of guilt, giving up, disillusionment, unhappiness, and settling for second best or maybe even fifth or sixth best.

But the real story beneath all the emotion, is it is never too late to begin again.  The author, Jo Barney, is talented and it shows in this book.

Edith is in her sixties, she was born in the time period that demanded marriage if one committed the unpardonable and became pregnant; their lives became a study of settling, making do, just existing,


The Visitant: A Venetian Ghost Story by Megan Chance

Book Review

Elena Spira, after a scandal, has been banished to Venice to nurse Samuel Farber, who has been injured. She arrives in Venice in 1884 to find the palazzo is derelict, covered in mold, mildew, soot, windowed boarThe visitantded and on the inside total disrepair, ruin everywhere. I could see the ruin and feel Ms Spira’s despair from the author, Megan Chance, descriptions. Megan Chance did a wonderful job setting the scene for the meeting between Samuel Farber and Elena. Samuel used laudanum liberally for the pain of his injuries. Elena immediately takes the situation in hand.


Promises Kept by Scarlett Dunn

promises kept

Big Strong Cowboy

Needy Woman

Victoria works in a boarding house in St Louis, Missouri as the cook.   She arrived with two small boys in tow claiming they were her brothers. That was not exactly the truth; she took the boys with her when she left a saloon in Abilene two years ago to save them from the orphanage.


She needs a husband to help her care for the boys, provide a home, and a father figure. The boys keep asking for a Pa. She won’t consider a cowboy, as one had almost raped her; she had nothing but bad trouble with cowboys.


She advertises for a husband out west and travels to Promise, Wyoming to farmer Chet Barlow; he was the only that did not make reference to her wifely duties. The writers were very explicit in what they expected whether they married her or not.


Before leaving St Louis for Promise she served dinner to huge handsome cowboy, Colt McBride, from Wyoming in town checking on an inheritance left from his uncle.


Secondhand Bride by Nancy Warren

Book Review

Ashley Carnarvon has always been the poor relation of the very rich Carnarvon family.  She lives with her unwed mother, Melody Carnarvon, on the largess of the Carnarvons; living on Secondhand Bridehand-me-downs and a home provided by the Carnarvons.  Her life is aimless partying with her friend and lover of ten years, Eric Von Hoffendam, working enough for spending money, and living on the outside of the ultra rich, never invited inside their world to their parties or tables.  Suddenly Eric proposes and somehow she’s engaged to a very rich aimless young man. She felt something was a little off;  his parents, Grace and Charles, welcomed Ashley and her mother with open arms and can’t seem to get them married fast enough. The Carnarvons loan Ashley a  used “Evanageline Wedding Dress” worth thousands of dollars.  It seems cursed as the seamstress cursed the dress after Evanageline criticized her work; Cousin Ted’s bride never got to wear it, as Ted chose an older woman


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