Shattered Lies By S. J. Francis


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Shattered Lies



Family Dynamics

Revelations of Long Hidden Secrets

Lies and Heartache




What A Story!  Author S. J. Francis has created a story-line that will grab you from the first few sentences to the last.  Widowed veterinarian Kate Thayer Logan, heir and granddaughter to grand dame Katherine Beauregard Thayer IV, of Magnolia Lane Farm, makes a decision to explore the mansions attic; a decision that will shatter this family and others, reveal long-held secrets, and cause Kate to question everything she has ever believed.


What she uncovers starts a cycle of destruction that will shatter families, reveal hidden bigotry and prejudices in the deep south of Mississippi, and reveal the cracks in the families structure, morality, and character.


Come and join the journey with Kate as she unravels all the hidden secrets which reveal no one in her life is who she believed.  Follow her on a voyage of discovery, revelation, hate, prejudice, and finally forgiveness.




S. J. Francis’ characters were superbly developed.  Some of them you will love, others you will absolutely hate.


Author Francis character development revealed characters you will loath;  hatred, prejudice, selfishness, guile, bigotry, subterfuge, the need to control, and supreme confident to hide all the secrets instigated 30 years ago.


Emotion rolled through me reading this book.  I despise any form of prejudice and hatred to another whether because of race, creed, or color.  S. J. Francis skillfully developed all the emotions and beliefs existing in the deep south at one time.  I could feel the emotion waffling off the pages.


The characters you love will appeal to the other side of your emotions.  You could feel the characters emotions as their come to terms with the meaning of family.  Kate begins to unravel the real family story, find answers, and begin a  search that will bring final conclusion to the history created and propagated through the years, as well as, come to terms with what her families members now mean to her and each other.


The plot and pacing was great.  The novel never lagged or stalled as S. J. Francis created a tale with many motives and emotions into a great story. I could not put this novel down.  It is roller coaster ride of emotion.  It was a very good portrayal of race relations in America at that time.


Author Francis has the ability to infuse you with the emotions of the characters as he brings you into the story-line.  I felt I was there as the revelations were revealed and the story raced forward like a run away train. Francis had many threads to bring together, lies, and motives;  Francis did this skillfully weaving a book you will find emotional and intriguing.




I highly recommend this novel.  S. J. Francis début novel will appeal to anyone who loves a solid well-developed novel with fascinating characters and an intriguing story-line.  This novel is one you will read again and again.


I received this book from Readingalley in return for an honest book review.


Books reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion;  book reviews on line under my name and on my blog are my opinion.



Excerpt from Shattered Lies Provided by Author S. J. Francis

“She knew that bigotry existed, but she had never experienced it quite like this before…  Kate couldn’t say anything for a moment. She was just too astonished. “Wh—what? Excuse me? What you did you say?”  The other boy with brown hair spoke, “Sorry, miss.” He giggled too. “You have to excuse my friend. He’s a little drunk.”

“How old are you two?”They didn’t look older than eighteen, and had acne breakouts on their cheeks, but she knew better than anyone that looks could be deceiving.  “We’re old enough,” the rude one said.

Sam returned just as the rude one spoke again and pointed, “Hey look, it’s the Jolly Giant Nigger.”  Kate shot to her feet so that she was between Sam and them.  A porter was with Sam. “Is there a problem, miss?”   “Yes,” she said without facing him. “We’d like to change our seat.”

“Of course, Sam asked too. We have another place for you over here, if you both come with me.”

Kate moved to leave. The two young men said nothing, which was a good thing. She swore she could feel her blood boiling in her veins. If they said one more thing…

Sam stood aside to let her exit and then she heard the young man. “Goodbye now, Uncle Tom.” Giggling. “Enjoy your meal, Uncle Tom, so nice to see you.” More giggling. “Dumb nigg—”

He didn’t have a chance to finish. Kate snatched the water glass from the table, threw the water at him, slammed the empty glass down hard on the table directly in front of him, and glared into his eyes. “You disgust me! It’s people like you who have turned this world into shit!”







Bio Provided by S. J. Francis

Author Badge (Small)S. J. Francis was born to be a writer, but not until high school did writing take over. Always ready to take on any writing project when assigned one as a child, Francis wasn’t aware, yet that it was a love for writing burning within the soul that welcomed the projects. It all started with the publication of one short story that had been rejected so many times, that Francis lost count that the writing bug awakened.  S. J. Francis is a long time freelance writer, a University Lecturer, bibliophile, and most recently, a novelist.  Writing keeps Francis sane even when life around isn’t. An active voice for causes that involve animals, and military veterans, Francis is never at a loss to help others, especially the underdog, and cat, and other writers.
With over three hundred publication credits, Francis writes for many publications, as well as regularly contributing to local newspapers. Francis’ background also encompasses working as a television producer. When not writing Francis can be found reading a good book, or spending time in the outdoors.  As in all the stories Francis writes, in the end, good or bad, it’s all about family.



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