His Brother’s Bride By George H. McVey


Mail Order Brides of Sanctuary Book 2

His Brother's Bride
His Brother’s Bride










In His Brother’s Bride by George H. McVey, the reader finds Greg, Glen, and Lyla’s story.  Lyla, with no prospects of marriage in Philadelphia, answers Glen Williams letter for a mail order bride.  As you know from Book 1, The Pastor’s Replacement Bride, the Ladies Aid Society of the church had Pastor Bryce write back east for good Christian women who would like to correspond with upstanding men in Sanctuary, Montana Territory; with matrimony in mind.

Lyla answers Glen’s letter; monies are sent to pay her way west, and off she goes on what she thought would be an adventure.  Lyla thought everything would be wonderful, a fine adventure ending in marriage and love for her and Glen.  Lyla’s outgoing, talkative, and adventurous.  Glen’s beyond shy; cold, rude and closed off, he’s unable to talk comfortably to people, especially women; he would rather be on the farm plowing or with the animals and plants.

When his twin brother, Greg, absent for four years, shows up as the stage comes in, his mother knows there’s going to be trouble.  These two have always tried to out do each other.  Greg’s tired of the cowboy life, he’s ready to start his own ranch, and maybe start a family.  He’s immediately smitten with Lyla when she comes off the stage.  Glen, plowing at the farm, didn’t even bother to come meet the stage to Lyla’s horror.  Taking to her to supper, at his mother insistence, he’s uncommunicative and rude.


Long Journey Home By Caroline Johnson


Rocky Brook Cowboys Book 1

Long Journey Home
Long Journey Home










In Long Journey Home, Holly raised on the Rocky Brook Ranch, finds herself headed back home; without a job and little money left in the bank.  Never wanting the ranch life of dirt, manure, and hard work, she made her mark in the big city.  When her company merges with another, she lost her job.  Looking for work for six months, Holly has no choice except return to Rocky Brook and her family.

Upon her arrival, Spence, a nuisance from her childhood, meets her at the car. However, he’s matured and turned into a handsome man she does not recognize. Her sister reveals his identity to Holly.  From here Holly’s thrown into further disarray; for she feels immediate attraction.  However, Holly does not want to live on a ranch, the city life’s for her.

Holly finds she can not tell her father why she’s back; although she does tell her sisters and mother.  She’s afraid he will consider her a failure and she’ll see disappointment on his face.  How will Holly tell her father about her situation?  Will love bloom between Spence and Holly?  Will Spence convince Holly he will give her the life she wants on the ranch along with his love?  My romance book review of Long Journey Home follows


Long Journey Home’s a sweet contemporary romance filled with angst and family dynamics.  None us want to let down our parent, Johnson shows how unnecessary our worries.  As Holly found in Long Journey Home, parents love unconditionally even when we think they’re disappointed.


Love Touched Hearts By Richmond, Thorne, Keats, Healey, Austen


A Regency Romance Valentine’s Day Collection

Regency Romance Collections Book 2

Love Touched Hearts
Love Touched Hearts









Love Touched Hearts, a 5 books/novellas collection from various authors; I chose to review the contribution by Isabella Thorne.



In Love Touched Hearts containing Valentine’s Duel by author Isabella Thorne, the reader finds Miss Mary Highland and her family.  Mary’s tanned skin color and dark hair, far different from her sisters fair skin and blonde hair, sets her apart.  Mary’s in love with her brother’s best friend, Captain Vincent Darten.  Just back from the war, he cut a large swathe through society.  Never mind the fact he’s engaged to another, Mary’s heart belongs to Darten.

Helen, her bluestocking sister, dropped a valentine, which Mary picked up and threw in a drawer long with the accompanying note/poem containing strange numbers.  Why would Helen receive this strange lace valentine? Then of all things, Darten kissed Mary.  Still on a high from his kiss, her father tells Mary, she’s to wed the Baron of Millersmit.  What did it all mean?  How could she marry another when she loved Darten?  What was Helen hiding?  A lot’s happening in this household.  My romance review of Love Touched Hearts, Valentine Duel follows.



In Love Touched Heart, Valentine Duel, Thorne crafted a Regency romance with many threads.  Bringing all the threads together to a successful conclusion, the reader closes the book satisfied.  Presenting Helen as the bluestocking of the family, Thorne


The Executrix By Courtney Pierce


Three SistersFinal EXECUTRIX Book Cover

Mystery, Laughter, and Snarkiness


Family Dynamics

A Poodle Named Pogo, Criminals, And Mobsters

You Don’t Want To Miss This One

It Is A Winner! 5 Stars



Olivia Novak’s life was perfect;  a successful romance author, a loving husband, a beautiful home.  Yes, Olivia’s life was perfect until the day her husband was killed in a hit and run auto accident.  Her obsession in finding the driver has over-shadowed her life. Her career is going strong but she is dissatisfied;  she wants to write a serious novel, one her mother would appreciate.



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