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Author Christine Benedict has created a spine tingling mystery thriller in her novel, Anonymous.  Set in 1984, a young couple will come face to face with the evil of humanity, the paranormal, and their own mortality.  Furthermore,  they live to tell the tale.  Do ghost exist?  Ask the real people who know this circa 1875 farmhouse.  Yes, it does exist and Ms. Benedict’s based Anonymous on this house and personal experience with a stalker.  The Monroe Falls Paranormal Society investigated this house and produced a documentary; link can found at bottom of page.

In 1984, Debra and Greg move into a run down circa 1875 farmhouse.  Containing 14 rooms, In need of extensive repairs, and far scarier than Debra could have ever imagined.  Birthed in a family of insanity, abused both mental and physical, Debra fights thoughts of following her mother’s insane path.  Meanwhile, things are happening in this old house; frightening things.  Finding herself alone with her thoughts, she befriends her neighbors.  Julie appears to have it all.  Yes she does, including a mysterious insane stalker.  Between Julie’s  stalker, Julie’s violent husband Kyle,  and a house trying to drive her crazy, Debra is hanging on by a thread.  Subsequently, things appear and disappear, floors creak, footsteps heard, and much more.  However, sometimes, we find people are scarier than ghost.

Grab your favorite beverage, take seat, grab this book, and always leave all the lights on .  A fast paced insane ride.  Come along with Debra and company as they experience life at its best and worst.  My mystery thriller novel review follows.



Before anything else, I must say how much I enjoyed this mystery thriller novel.  With a story-line taken from anywhere USA, Anonymous swept me into the world of Debra and Greg.  A world in which Greg will support and love Debra through thick and thin, sane or insane.

The writing style of Ms. Benedict is clear, clean and easy to read.  She infused this story with emotion; from the scariest elements to Debra’s mental anguish, the reader can feel it all.  The hair on my arms raised at times during my journey through this book.  Everyone loves to be frightened whether by ghost stories, scary movies, or books.  Ms. Benedict added all the correct elements to her story to entertain and frighten.  However, the thought of an insane stalker following your every move is beyond scary.  Filled with mystery, thrills, and drama, I read this book straight through.

Author Christine Benedict added twists and turns in this book which will keep you glued to the pages.  I thought I had ferreted out the answers.  However, I found the plot twisted from my conclusions.

In conclusion of my mystery thriller novel review, I found Anonymous a fun, scary, and entertaining book with a fast pace, good character development and solid story-line.  Additionally, I loved the strength of character Debra gained by the end of the book.  You realize by the last page, the house, stalkers, abusive neighbors, nor insanity will never conquer Debra.



Finally, I did not hesitate to give Anonymous 5 well deserved stars.  A fast paced roller coaster ride of mystery, chills, and thrills, Anonymous will provide entertainment at its best.  Due to subject matter, I recommend this book for young adults and adults.

Finally Please Note:

Additionally, I voluntarily read an Advance Reader Copy of this book/novel.  I voluntarily chose to review the book with an honest mystery thriller novel review.  Hence, book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion.  Consequently all book reviews on-line and on my blog, are my opinion.






“The story was inspired by my 100-year-old farmhouse, where the neighbors say it’s haunted. All the letters in the novel are actual letters from the man who stalked me. It’s been twenty-plus years and he remains anonymous to this day.”
Christine Benedict, author of Anonymous



Anonymous, Cover
Anonymous, Cover


  • 1.  Winner of the 2016 Wishing Shelves Book Bronze Award
  • 2.  Winner of the 2015 Clue Award (Chanticleer Reviews)
  • 3.  Winner of the 2015 Eric Hoffer Book Award
  • 4.  Nominated for the 2015 First Horizon Book Award
  • 5.  Nominated for the 2015 IAN Book Of The Year
  • 6.  Nominated for the 2015 Next Generation Indie Book Award




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