Caged: A Psychological Thriller By Onaiza Khan



Winner of the story peak contest, this is the brand new psychological thriller from India’s upcoming author Onaiza Khan




Caged by Khan
Caged, Cover











Author Onaiza Khan’s novel Caged  billed as a psychological thriller novel, is without question more.  Kidnapped by her new husband and kept locked in her room for three months, she begins to lose touch with reality.   She remembers abuse, hurting, and hearing another person screams of terror and pain.

What is real and what is not?  There is more to her story than appears on the surface.



Although not my cup of tea, I can without hesitation state the author developed the characters, varied story-lines, and for a new author the writing was well-done.  I did not find the editing problems mentioned in other reviews.  Also, the pace of story was in line with the length of the novel.

With a variety of characters, an original story-line and the correct audience, Caged will be a hit.  Nothing is as it seems in the beginning of the story.  The author keeps the reader guessing about who


I See You By Clare Mackintosh




I See You By Clare Mackintosh
I See You, Cover




I See You is an intense psychological thriller.  Zoe is an ordinary divorced mother of two, working everyday, daily riding the tube to and from work, and with a live in boyfriend.  However Zoe’s life takes a u-turn into a nightmare as she’s stalked by a psychological killer.  Seeing her face in an ad for, Zoe’s life will never be the same again.  Other women’s photo’s begin appearing in the same ad, then rapes, attacks, and murder occur.

One police officer believes her story, and follows through. Can the police keep Zoe safe?  Who is stalking these women and why?  What is  Who is behind this evil?

Grab a seat, my psychological mystery thriller novel review of I See You follows.



First, let me say, this novel made me consider the manner in which I conduct myself during my daily


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