Murder at the Art Gallery By Eleanor Kittering

A Mandy and Roger Cozy Mystery – Book 1

Murder At The Art Gallery
Murder At The Art Gallery










You want to know how NYPD Detective Roger Fahey became a cat?   Well, I’m going to tell you.  After the mob had him killed, his guardian angel gave him several options.  After much thought, Roger decided going back as a cat for fifteen years seemed the best solution. His guardian angel, Colin, assured him the time would go fast;  then he would get his wings and move on.  It’s that or go to the netherworld/purgatory for fifty-eight years or stay at the waiting station fifty-eight years;  not a hard decision, 58 vs 15.  Colin, of course, drops a few bomb shells on Roger after he had made his decision to go back as a cat.  Regardless, a cat it is.

Guess what, Colin has already picked out his owner!  He’s going to be the pampered house cat of Mandy Cummings. When Mandy’s husband died suddenly, Fluffy, her beloved cat, became her world.  After Fluffy died, she had a hole in her heart for seven years.  Then, Mandy’s talked into getting a another cat by her friend, Jill.   Roger and Mandy bond and life’s good again for both.  That is, until her friend, David Towsky, is found dead. The police say it’s suicide;  Mandy thinks murder.   Mandy, her friend Jill, along with Roger the cat, decide to investigate the case;  learning more than she ever wanted to know.  Will Mandy and the gang find David’s killer or will they become the next victims?  My mystery book review of Murder At The Art Gallery follows.


Author Eleanor Kittering created a fun-filled wonderful story in Murder At The Art Gallery.  I laughed through the prologue of Roger and his guardian angel.  Roger’s a wonderful character as a human and a cat.  When he jumped the vagrant and other funny episodes Kittering created, I cheered for him.  What a cat!  I found Mandy a strong young woman with a strong sense of justice.   Along with her friends and Roger the cat, they join forces to solve David’s murder;  as amateur investigators, they did a great job.  Their sleuthing bore results they did not expect.


Oliver and Jumpy The Cat Series By Werner Stejskal

Stories 55-62: Bedtime stories for children in illustrated picture book with short stories for early readers. (Oliver and Jumpy, the cat series) Ages 1-8 and older children



Oliver and Jumpy, cover










Author, Werner Stejskal created an entertaining teaching tool in the latest Oliver and Jumpy The Cat Series Stories 55-62 picture book.  I reviewed three stories, each teaching a different lesson, any child will enjoy Oliver and Jumpy’s continued adventures.  The balance of the stories follow after the same excellent composition but geared for older children.

Story 55:  Flood: A big storm has come and everyone must take shelter in the tree house.  Crowding into the tree house, there’s no room to spare.  Saved by helping each other and cooperating together, Stejskal teaches the valuable lesson of coöperation and getting along.

Story 56:  Lazy Squirrel:  Winter is coming and Squirly’s stash of nuts for winter disappeared.  Oliver discovers Lazy, the squirrel, is taking them.  To teach Lazy a lesson, Oliver and Jumpy remove the nuts


No Cats Allowed By Miranda James

no cats allowed

What Do You Like?

If You Like Murder Mysteries, This One Is For You!

It Was Murder; Murder Most Foul!  But To A Richly Deserving Victim!

No Cats Allowed By Miranda James Opens The Office Doors!

Diesel, a beautiful Maine Coon cat, is back on the job at the university library with his owner Charlie, along with a cast of characters.  Author Miranda James infused this book with awesome characters and opens


Be Careful What You Kiss For By Jane Lynne Daniels

Be careful what you kiss for


“The Do Over”  Do You Really Want It?

Paranormal Romance, One of the Best


Author Jane Daniels has crafted a story on the premise that many of us have wished for at some point in our life, get “the do over”, to do things differently than we did the first time.


However we never think about the circumstances or repercussions of the “do over”.  Do we really want a “do over”,  I think you should ask Tensley for her opinion.


Story Line:

Tensley’s ,( a business woman),  love life just never seems to jell, it started in high school with her first love


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