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Sweet Christmas Kisses 3
Sweet Christmas Kisses 3








Sweet Christmas Kisses 3 has 17 sweet romantic stories perfect for any time of the year;  written by talented authors with the ability to enmesh the reader into the story-line.  I had the privilege of reviewing four of these sweet clean romances.  My romance novel review of those 4 selections follows below.



SWEET CHRISTMAS KISSES 3 On Christmas Eve By Mona Risk: 

Author Mona Risk crafted a tender story of mistakes and second chances as we follow Tiffany Ramsay, medical resident, and Dr. Matthew Alonso.  Fate has thrown them together for another chance at lasting love.  Can Matthew overcome Mona’s insecurities and misconceptions?  Will Mona reach out with both hands for a forever love?


SWEET CHRISTMAS KISSES 3 Christmas Holly By Christine Bush:

Author Christine Bush has a wonderful talent with words and humor.  In Christmas Holly, we find Holly McDonald out of her element on Clayton Island.  Holly must face her fears and insecurities to find family is not made by blood.  Holly finds her sister, Aggie, has left her a mess when ask to house sit. Not only is the house on the beach, has numerous pets, and her next door neighbor is a hunky handsome grieving widower and father of triples.  Come along with Christine and Sam as they laugh and love on Clayton Island. Will these two conquer grief and insecurities to find happy ever after?


CHRISTMAS  KISSES 3 Mistletoe And Sage By Lyn Cote:

Author Lyn Cote created small town USA and placed Deputy Sage Deitz, widowed with a small son, in the middle of mischief, vandalism, and small town politics.  Sage and hunky Deputy Garrett Connolly must solve the latest vandalism on the multi-million dollar construction site.

Will Garrett’s past keep them from finding a link to love and security?


CHRISTMAS KISSES 3  A Merry Little Christmas By Denise Devine:

Denise Devine crafted a tender tale of a mother with two children, accused of knowing her ex-husband was a crook and where he hid the stolen money.  Enter our hero, Anthony Lewis.  Merry Connor’s and her two child are barely making it.  They live in a run down house, have a 10-year-old car, few possessions and little money.  Anthony rooked into investigating and purchasing the deed to Merry’s house by his obnoxious brother-in-law finds a family in need.  Can Merry and Anthony survive the revelations to come?




In concluding my romance novel review of Sweet Christmas Kisses 3, I found the story-lines and characters believable.  Furthermore, the pacing of each story was correct for its length and did not lag or blog down. Each story had a moral along with love and acceptance.  These were wonderful love stories which prove explicit nor graphic sex is a requirement for satisfying and enjoyable entertainment.  Each story was well-written, well-developed, and easy to read.  Sweet stories perfect for any time of the year.

Therefore, I do not hesitate to recommend this bundle to anyone that enjoys sweet clean romances with good story-lines and moral values.

Final Note:  I received this book from the author and voluntarily chose to review the novel with an honest romance novel reviewBook reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion.  Consequently all book reviews on-line and on my blog, are my opinion.  This romance novel review was not influenced by the ARC.



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