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The Doctor’s Love By Faith Crawford


A Mail Order Bride Romance

The Doctor's Love
The Doctor’s Love










When Felicity Shepherd’s sister and brother-in-law are killed in an accident, she and her sister’s child, Rosa, are left destitute.  Seeing no other way of support for her and Rose, she answers a mail order bride advertisement from Doctor Andrew Rivers in Montana.

However when she arrives, she finds Doctor Rivers’ sister advertised for a bride, and Andrew wants no part of it.   A kind man, he offers her a position as his housekeeper.  Felicity is stricken with Andrew’s kind heart and ways.  With Felicity keeping house for him and coming closer, he still did not want a wife, but she still wants a husband.  Enter stage right, the young law clerk Victor Godwin.  Victor wants a wife and begins to court Felicity.  Will Rivers see the competition squiring Felicity about town and have a change of heart?  Has he waited too late to realize his interest in the beguiling Felicity?  My romance book reviews of The Doctor’s Love follows.


The Doctor’s Love is a short, sweet romance which is an excellent read.  Faith Crawford created a kind man in Andrew Rivers, but one who is also blind to what he needs and really wants.  As she developed his character, it is fantastic to see him realize what he gave up in haste.

I found Felicity’s desperation to marry one of an immature young woman who had always been taken care off by her sister and brother-in-law.  Felicity matures by leaps and bound in this sweet clean romance.  She goes from a frightened young woman to a mature one who learns the value of her worth and earning a living.  I loved watching her grow into an independent person.  Including Rosa was a great stroke by Crawford, she is a beautiful child.  Who


Love’s Cure By Emily Murdoch


First Street Church Romances: Love’s Cure

Love's Cure
Love’s Cure










Love’s Cure is the fourth book in the Sweet Grove Beginnings series.  Featuring Doctor Gerald Anderson and Mariana Bryant, Emily Murdoch enlarges the town with a doctor and explores Mariana’s blindness.  Geralds run from or driven out of every town he set up practice since losing a patient in a terrible mill accident.  Sweet Grove could be the place of solitude, peace, and new beginnings he needs.

Mariana Bryant blinded by an incompetent doctor at the age of four has no love for doctors.  Upon meeting Doctor Gerald Anderson, her opinion does not change.  Determined to ignore him, she gives him the cold shoulder.  However, God has other plans for these two as they struggle with secrets and inadequacy.  My romance book reviews of Love’s Cure follows.


Sweet Grove, Texas, a small community populated by Bryants, features in each story in this series .  However, adding a doctor, to the population is the beginning of growth.  Each of the Bryant’s are building a life in Sweet Grove. The brother’s stories are in earlier books in this series, and each is a standalone read.  However, to increase your enjoyment, I would suggest reading the entire series.

Mariana, twin to Pastor Thomas Bryant, craves independence, as well as, wishing everyone would not hover over her.  She is fiercely independent, strong, and her ability to move in her surrounding impressive.  With her hatred and slanted view of doctors, Gerald Anderson has a long road ahead to change her mind.  Two souls destined to come together, they have faith in God.  However, they can not understand the workings of God in their individual situations;  they have suffered much in life.  Mariana wants a family but sees no way that will happen.  Gerald wants only peace in Sweet Grove until he sees Mariana and realizes he wants it all;   Mariana, a family, and his practice.


Love, Stock, and Barrel By Crystal L. Barnes








Love, Stock, And Barrel



Head-Strong Woman On The Run

Poor Cowboy With A Passel of Family Responsibility

Mysteries And Questions





This is the second book in the series, Marriage and Mayhem;  it is a stand-alone novel;  you do not have to read the first book to enjoy Love, Stock, And Barrel.  This is a lovely clean Christian western romance.  I was hooked me from the first page to the end of the tale.  She has the art of storytelling fine-tuned.


In this novel, Dinah (D. J.) Lexington, a skilled gun smith,  is on the run from an uncaring father and a philandering fiance. (There is a story behind using her initials for her name).  After finding her mother’s diary, she knows where she is going;  West, Young Woman, Go West!  she travels West dressed as a boy.

She finds unanswered questions and mysteries in her mother’s diary and is on a mission to find Pete Atkins in Crystal Falls, Texas.  For reasons unknown to Dinah, before her death, her mother hired a private detective to find Pete.  To add to the mystery, her mother’s maiden name was Atkins. Why was her mother looking for Pete Atkins? 


The Wrong Bride By Natalie Dean and Eveline Hart


Brides And Twins Book 3

The Wrong Bride
The Wrong Bride










Will Henry see the love and happiness his twin, Z, has found with his mail-order bride, Bonnie?  Will decides to court one Bonnie’s sister.  But fate steps in and Will is faced with a life-changing decision when the wrong bride flys out of the stagecoach.  Kasia, sent by her mother to take his intended place, is heartbroken.  Will’s dumbfounded and Bonnie’s amazed at the tale Kasia tells. Kasia has a secret she reveals which changes everything.  My western romance book reviews of The Wrong Bride follows.


The Wrong Bride is an excellent story of Will Henry and the bride he did not expect. Will Henry lost his fiancée and his heart never healed. However seeing the happiness of his twin, Z and his Polish wife Bonnie, Will decides to court one of Bonnie’s sister. Bonnie’s thinks Elzbieta would be perfect for Will; so begins a letter courtship between Will and Elzbieta. Expecting Elzbieta to arrive ready to marry, Will is dumbfounded when another woman gets off the stagecoach; Kasia is in Bonnie’s arms crying up a storm.


Inspired Heart by Caroline Johnson


Clean Mail Order Bride Western Romance




A short light read Inspired Heart’s a sweet western romance by author Carolina Johnson.  Rebecca’s a young widow left with nothing except two gold twenty dollars pieces, a watch, and her wedding band.  Left to rely on her landlady’s kind heart, Rebecca can’t find work.  Placing an ad in the Matrimony Times as a mail order bride, Rebecca receives a proposal from Ryan Wilder in Texas.  After an attack from her landlady’s nephew, Rebecca takes the little she owns and heads to Ryan in Texas.

When bandits attach the stage-coach outside Ryan’s hometown, Rebecca loses her memory.  What follows is an adventure of a lifetime for Rebecca. What will happen to Rebecca with this newest disaster?


Silver City Seductions By Laura Fletcher



A Western Cowboy Mail Order Bride Romance; Book 1

Silver City Seductions by Laura Fletcher
Silver City Seductions, Cover











Silver City Seductions is a sweet romance straight out of the old west.  Victoria Nolan is alone in the world since the death of her parents.  Working as a waitress, barely making ends meet, Victoria’s rooked into an unsavory situation by an evil man.  Upon realizing the hotel he has brought her to is a brothel, Victoria runs hard and long.  Her last stop is Silver City.

Silver City is a small town and Sam Flynn’s home.  Sam and his three ranch hands have run through a multitude of housekeepers.  Victoria seems the answer to his prayers. Not only is Victoria an excellent housekeeper and cook, but the attraction between Sam and Victoria also grows daily.

But evil is still stalking Victoria?  Will Sam be able to protect Victoria?  When Sam learns the truth, will he forgive Victoria?  Come along and have a seat, my western romance book reviews of Silver City Seduction follows.



Firstly, let me say Silver City Seductions is a relaxing easy read for a lazy afternoon.  A short novella, the author, could not explore the depth and character development of the novella’s parent, the novel, due to the short length of novellas.   However, Fletcher did a good job of including everything needed to craft a solid story.  Secondly, Fletcher created a strong woman in Victoria.  Women, of necessity, had to be strong in the west to survive, Victoria is such a woman.

Furthermore, in Sam, Fletcher created a knight in shining armor.  Yes, he has his issues. However, he is ever ready to protect and care for Victoria.  I found the plot progressed smoothly without starts and stops; it did not lag or bog down.  Containing one love scene, which takes place after marriage, I found the scene inoffensive; it was not erotica or graphic sex, but a loving scene between two people in love.


Music Of Her Heart By Sophie Dawson


Christian Historical Fiction

(Stones Creek Ladies of Sanctuary House) Book 2

Music Of Her Heart
Music Of Her Heart










In Music Of Her Heart, the reader finds Red Dickerson’s staying in a line-shack on Hawk’s Wing Ranch.  After the break up of his engagement to Laura, he needed to review his life and think.  The boss gave him orders to also look out for the King Gang.  An evil group terrorizing the countryside, kidnapping women, stealing, and killing, they live like animals.

When Red finds a frightened and soaked Gema Volkovichna running in the icy rain, she reveals her escape from of the King Gang.  As ice turns to snow, trapped in the line-shack for three days, Red takes care of Gema.  Even though he knows he has sealed their fate by caring for Gema alone, Red takes his responsibility seriously.  Marriage will be the only option open to Red and Gema.  Forced into marriage, will Gema and Red come to care for one another?   Will love grow and bloom? My romance book reviews of Music Of Her Heart follows.


Sophie Dawson, once again, created a lovely romance for her readers.  Continuing with the Sanctuary House series, Red Dickerson and Gema Volkovichna feature in Music Of Her Heart.  Of course, we meet all our old friends from earlier books, catching up on their lives along with possible romances for future books.

I did not like Red in the earlier books.  However, Dawson matured and broadened his character in Music Of Her Heart, creating a knight in shining armor I found Red dependable, capable, respectful, and striving to do the right thing.  He’s a good man who finally meets the woman God created for him.

Imagine marrying a man because you spent innocent days and nights in his care.  Gema found herself in this position and quickly married to Red.  Social rules of this time forced marriages if a man and woman spent time alone.  Even though married too beautiful young Gema, Red’s thinks he too old for her.  He felt she could not possibly want an “old zeezer” of thirty-four.  Dawson crafted a lovely woman in Gema who’s determined to get her man.  Limited English skills, do not stop Gemma from having her way with Red.  Dawson did not rush Red and Gemma into love.  Instead, she slowly developed their feelings for each other.  Also, Gema has hidden talents which Dawson revealed in a timely manner.  After you read the book, you will understand the meaning of the title.


At The Stroke Of Midnight By Kate Palmer


(A Fairly Western Tale Book 1)

At The Stroke Of Midnight
At The Stroke Of Midnight, Cover


“Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”.



At The Stroke of Midnight, by author Kate Palmer‘s a sweet clean romance with a happy ever after ending and a fairy tale quality.

Ella Fairfax father’s will stipulated she must complete her master’s degree before her 25th birthday or lose her inheritance of Diamond Hallow Ranch.  Ella Fairfax is running out time.  Step-mother Lucinda seems to always place stumbling blocks in front of Ella’s college degree.  Also, Lucinda has leased Diamond Hallow with an option to buy to the Woodland Homes Foundation and head COO Jonas Stone Duke, Jr.

Ella always believes the best of everyone;  including scheming Lucinda.  Head of the Woodland Homes Foundation, Jonas, seeking refuge from his notoriety has taken resident at Diamond Hallow.  He and Ella have a bang-up beginning, neither telling the other who they are.  Ella must keep her presence secret from step-mother Lucinda to finish her degree without interference;  Stone is seeking relief from his notoriety


A Mother’s Faith By Madison Grace


A Mother's Faith
A Mother’s Faith









A Mother’s Faith has the main story and 19 more bonus stories; plus Amazon Number 1 Seller “A Run-Away Bride”.  What a deal for lovers of romance.  I chose to review A Mother’s Faith.


Bridget Johnson’s mother-in-law, Harriet Johnson, hates her because she’s Irish;  never a good word to say to her or the children.  When her husband’s killed in the line of duty as Sheriff, she’s alone and desperate.  Mrs. Johnson threw her and the children out of her mansion, leaving them almost destitute and sleeping in barns.  Knowing this is only a temporary solution, Bridget answers a mail order bride ad and heads west to Wyoming and Hank Dawson;   who’s seeking someone to help on his farm and pull their weight.

However, prejudice exist everywhere;  in the West the Indians are the recipients of everyone hatred.  Hank has nothing good to say about the Indians, making Bridget wonder if she will ever escape prejudice.  As they face a crisis, will Hank and Bridget’s marriage survive?  My romance book review of A Mother’s Faith follows.


Madison Grace‘s A Mother’s Faith is a story of second chances, prejudice, faith, and family.  Giving Bridget a nurturing personality, faith, and determination, Grace created exactly what Hank needs in his life.  Hank’s a stand-offish man, who seems to stand apart from Bridgett and the children.  However, Bridgett’s determined to forge a family unite.


A Mountain Christmas Romance By Misty M. Beller


A Mountain Christmas Romance
A Mountain Christmas Romance










Set in the Wyoming Territory of 1867, Matthias Bjork, descendant of Vikings, spends his life searching for his sister.  In between journeys, he stays with a loving German couple;  the Shumeister’s consider him a son.  While out racing across the landscape, Matthias and his horse, Karl,  are felled by the sudden appearance of a woman.

Discovering Opal Boyd, works for the Shumeisters, comes as a surprise to Matthias.  Opal’s happier than she’s ever been; secure and loved with the Shumeisters.  Opal has no interest in men and doesn’t trust them for good reason.  However as she comes to know Matthias, her trust builds.  The road to love for Matthias and Opal is rocky and rough, as Matthias searches for his sister and a threat arises which could be the end of Matthias and Opal.  My romance book review of A Mountain Christmas Romance follow


Misty M. Beller created a romance filled with emotion and a story-line which held my attention from start to finish.  Including hints of mystery, feelings of mistrust, misunderstandings, romance, and a crisis which changes everything, Beller included all the elements needed for a successful romance.

With several plot threads, Misty M. Beller, brought all the threads together to form a solid book.  With well-developed characters, intriguing plot lines, and writing which is easy to follow and read, Beller had no need sex or fluff to fill the pages.  This is a clean sweet romance which will tug at your heart-strings.  Including the abandoned dog, Charmer, adds to the depth of the story;  he’s loving and protective to his pack of humans.


A Wolfish Dilemma By Kate Palmer


A Sweet Romance (A Fairly Western Tale Book 2)

A Wolfish Dilemma
A Wolfish Dilemma










Ruby Riding meets a handsome strong man, Rolf Lowell, on the way to her granny.  Ruby Riding’s attracted and feels a tingle.  What is it about this man?  Is there more to him than meets the eye?  As Ruby Riding’s granny lay dying, she warned Ruby not to sell her land to the stranger;  he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  When Cliff Duke, representing Duke Agricultural Land Trust comes calling, Ruby gives him short riff;  stating her grandmother had changed her mind about selling the land.  Cliff tries to explain the Trust is not buying the land, but Ruby can only hear her granny saying:  don’t sell to the stranger, he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

However, Cliff has her grandmother’s signature on the dotted line and he’s going to shadow her for three months.  Cliff tries to figure out Ruby’s book-keeping system of sales, producers, and buyers.  However, like Ruby, her systems very different and imaginative.  Ruby’s a free spirit, full of life and happiness; no time schedules, no restrictions, playing games with the employees at work. Cliff’s determined to take Ruby in hand and change her ways.  Cliff’s a buttoned down, hard-working, organized person, who likes schedules and organization.  Ruby thinks he needs to relax and enjoy life.

A different take on Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, Kate Palmer created a wonderful romance.  However, Cliff and Ruby are bound to butt heads.  What will be the outcome between Cliff, Ruby, and Rolf?  Who’s foe and who’s friend?  My romance book reviews of A Wolfish Dilemma follows.



An Uncivilized Romance By Elliee Atkinson



An Uncivilized Romance
An Uncivilized Romance










Sarah Engels had known only love and caring until she married Jason.  Courting her with care and love, Jason’s true colors surfaced shortly after their marriage.  The abuse which followed unending and unceasing, peaked one fateful day.  Jason refuses to have children and blames Sarah when she becomes pregnant.  He’s determined to rid Sarah of the unborn baby.  How far will he go?

Michael Collins, aka, Mike lives in the high mountains, mourning his beloved wife, Rachel.  He’s become a hermit; avoiding the towns including his own brother.  Knowing he must resupply his supplies, he reluctantly heads to town.  Mike finds a gravely injured woman.   Seriously injured and near death, this gravely injured woman comes to mean more to Mike than he ever thought possible.  After all, his heart belongs to Rachel.   Fate has stepped in and has much in store for Mike and Sarah.  Will she and her unborn baby survive her injuries and infection?  Will love bloom between these two?  Does Jason discover his abused wife’s alive?  My romance book reviews of An Uncivilized Romance follows.


What a story author Elliee Atkinson created in book two of the Family Of Love Series.  Author Elliee Atkinson faced the horror of physical and mental abuse head on.  With vivid writing, the reader feels Sarah’s desperation and pain as she’s abused by Jason.  I could feel her fear and disgust of him;  she can’t understand how he fooled her so well.  Elliee Atkinson skillfully displayed each emotion in her writing.  As Atkinson matured Sarah’s characters, I could see her growing and becoming more independent and secure;  opening up to the opportunity for a good loving man in her life.


Devil Out Of Texas By Roger Raffee


Devil Out Of Texas By Roger Rafee
Devil Out Of Texas, Cover










Author Roger Raffee‘s Devil Out Of Texas, taken from his family history, is an epic story of law, prejudice, and revolution.  With parts of the story true and part from Raffee’s vivid imagination, it’s mostly fiction.  The parts detailing his Grandfather Abe’s telling of the story and his famous friends are true.  For entertainment purposes, Raffee enlarged upon the story told to him in 1973.

Aaron Raffee, Jewish and son of a talented doctor, at a young age decided he would become a Texas Ranger.  Exposed to the Rangers by his Texas Ranger Doctor Father, Aaron’s determined to become the first Jewish Texas Ranger.  At 18 Aaron becomes a Texas Ranger;  so begins a life of law keeping, facing prejudice as a Jew, prejudice for the Mexicans, and finally at all cost seeking justice for all.  Intertwined into the story of Aaron, Rafee‘s grandfather will reveal his part in the Hollywood movie industry.

Come along with Roger Raffee as he detailed his great grandfathers journey and fame through his grandfather.  My historical western book reviews of Devil Out Of Texas follow.


Primarily a historical fiction novel, the reader also finds romance, deep emotion, and a vivid recounting of Aaron’s adventures.  Raffee skillfully wove his story-lines together as he takes us from 1973 to the 1800’s and back again.  Transitioning between time


Sherwood Mail Order Brides By Emily Woods


Sherwood Mail Order Brides
Sherwood Mail Order Brides










In Sherwood Mail Order Brides, Emily Woods created a collection of four mail order brides venturing to the West for security and love.

Millie’s Texas Cowboy

Jay Wilson advertised for a mail order bride.  A strong cowboy, a little shy and uncertain, Jay met Millie Tacker when she arrived from back East.   Millie’s left New York, where the men only wanted a beautiful woman on their arm, escaping an overly demanding employer, and clients who treated her like a servant;  she’s looking for a better life, security, and love.  However, as they say, there’s a worm in apple in the form of Frank Harris.  Will he steal Millie away from when Jay disappears without a word?


Sheriff for three months in the town of Sherwood, James “Jim” Brooks, is thinking he’s ready to retire from the life of law enforcement and all it entails. A former Texas Ranger, he has seen the worse man offers.  Lonely, Jim began contemplating settling down with a mail order bride.  Alice Sims came to Sherwood as the mail order bride for James; they married the same day.  Alice is a strong, determined woman who does not hold back and does not mind speaking her mind.  James has always been in control.  A rocky road looms ahead for these two strong independent people;  they find marriage a complicated business.  As well as, a past evil which comes gunning for James.



Western Song By Leigh Podgorski


Western Song
Western Song










In Western Song, Weston Beaudurant’s friend and employee, Cody, seemed a simple man; a rodeo clown with simple needs.  However, after his death, Weston finds there’s more to Cody than he imagined.  Wynona Vasquez, friend and attorney, meets with Weston, his sister Olive, and her husband, Jeb, after the funeral.  They are in for a big surprise.  Cody has a mail order bride from Thailand coming in on the evening train.  No one knew Cody was thinking of marrying nor that he had saved a large amount of money.  Weston finds himself meeting Cody’s fiancée, Song Phan-Rang at the train station.

A sadder sight no one has ever seen.  Water logged and dripping, Song stands waiting for a fiancé who will never show. Weston will find a very determined woman in Song’s small body.  Determined to live in Cody’s small cold cabin, she will not take no for an answer.  For Song came to America for freedom from cages which surrounded her in Thailand; wanting more from life than Thailand would allow.   So begins the journey of Song and Weston as they forge ahead with life.  Song wants freedom, Weston wants to run his ranch and bull ride; but fate has much in store for these two.  As well as, a small town in turmoil and controversy.

One an American by birth, the other wants to be an American by choice.  Will fate bring together two very different people from diverse backgrounds?  An epic drama of conflicts, prejudices, and love.  My contemporary romance book review of Western Song follows.


First let me say, my poor skills as a writer and reviewer will not do this heart grabbing, powerful epic, justice.  From the first pages I immediately knew this book would tear out my heart.  At times so sad I cried, others so frustrated with Weston I wanted to scream, I couldn’t put this book down.  Leigh Podgorski created a fast paced tale with many levels and layers, which leaves the reader awed and begging for more. 

Filled with yearnings for freedom from prejudice, poverty, and oppression, along with an epic love story, Leigh Podgorski grabs the reader and does not let go. Then add in the guilt Weston carries, the unsung love of another, the drama of the controversy taking over this small town, and the fight to survive, gives you have a story the reader will not quickly forget.


Gabe’s Pledge By Linda Hubalek


Grooms with Honor Book 3

Gabe's Pledge
Gabe’s Pledge










Gabe’s Pledge is the story of Iva Mae Paulson and Gabriel Shepard.  Iva has loved Gabe for years; she’s waited for him to propose.  On New Years Eve 1886, Iva announces she will sign up with a mail order bride agency;  for she intends to be a bride in 1887.  She loves teaching in Clear Creek, but wants a family and home of her own.  Hoping to push Gabe into proposing, will her plan backfire?

Gabe Shepard, shy and prodding, just can’t bring himself to propose to Iva.  After she kisses him on New Year Eve, he felt a wonderful tinge.  But can he overcome his issues to make her his wife?  Hubalek takes readers back to small town Clear Creek.  Filled with laughter, family help or was it hindrance, a strong woman, and maybe a groom of honor, Hubalek takes us on another wonderful journey in the West.


Welcome back to Clear Creek, Kansas and the people we have come to know and love;  Pastor and Kaitlyn Reagan, their six sons, the Paulson’s, Shepard’s, and all the other wonderful residents of Clear Creek.  A small town, close-knit, ready to help each other in any way they can, and where faith in God’s the backbone of the community.  Linda Hubalek skillfully filled Clear Creek with a variety of characters with different personalities and dreams. I love this series; Hubalek included characters from earlier books, allowing her readers to catch up with their lives.  I am always impatient for the next book in this series; wondering who’s the next couple united in love and faith.


Love At Long Last By Emily Woods


Triple Range Ranch Western Romance Book 3

Love At Long Last
Love At Long Last










Valerie Hillcrest, raised by wealthy parents, expected to marry a man thirty years her senior, loves her oldest friend.  Unable to abide her father’s decision, she’s sets off to find the love of her life, Thomas Wellington.  Valerie hired a private detective who discovers Thomas’ location. Thomas ran from his wealthy family when sixteen.  Unable to follows his fathers desire for him to take over the family business, Thomas left for the free life in the West.   Thomas, working on the Triple Range ranch for the last five years, can not believe his eyes when Valerie descends from a wagon; announcing to all she’s his fiancee.

Ah, “the tangled web we weave when first we practice to decease”.  Thomas realizes his lies are about to catch-up with him.  Will Valerie persuade Thomas to go back East?  How will she fit in on this working ranch in her costly clothes, precise proper English, and manners?  Will attraction and love bloom between Thomas and Valerie?   My romance book reviews of Love At Long Last follows.


In Love At Long Last, Thomas’ carefully constructed life was imploding around him. Woods crafted Thomas’ dismay at the turn of events with skill.  Woods crafted this book with skillful and clean clear writing which made it an easy read.  A continuation of the Triple Range series, this book will hold the readers attention from the first pages.  I love books with recurring characters as they allow us to catch up with their lives.  I enjoyed revisiting the Triple Range again.


Laundry Lady’s Love By Sophie Dawson


Christian Historical Fiction (Ladies of Sanctuary House Book 1)

Stone Creek Series

Laundry Lady's Love
Laundry Lady’s Love










In Laundry Lady’s Love, we meet widowed Laura Duffle, saved by Nugget Nate from a life as a saloon girl or worse;  he takes Laura and her two sons to Sanctuary House. When Nate gets a “Callin,” he travels where God leads to rescue abused and destitute women.  Laura stays for five years;  when the women head to Stone Creek seeking eligible men to marry, Laura also goes.   Laura’s hoping to set up a laundry business and find love again.  It has been five years since she lost her husband;  her boys need a father figure.

Arriving in Stone Creek, Laura asks advice from the local barber, Hank.  She finds herself attracted to Hank.  But is Hank attracted to her?  Hank’s thinking, “maybe it’s time for him to find a wife,”  when in steps Red Dickerson, asking to court Laura.  Has Hank waited too long?  Will Red win Laura’s hand in marriage?  Or will Laura walk off leaving both of them in her dust?  My Christian romance book review of Laundry Lady’s Love follows.


An intriguing sweet clean romance, Laundry Lady’s Love, will touch your heart.  Laura’s a strong independent woman who misses the stability of a man in her life, as well as, in her heart.  Although her hearts set on one man, she realizes she might have to take


His Brother’s Bride By George H. McVey


Mail Order Brides of Sanctuary Book 2

His Brother's Bride
His Brother’s Bride










In His Brother’s Bride by George H. McVey, the reader finds Greg, Glen, and Lyla’s story.  Lyla, with no prospects of marriage in Philadelphia, answers Glen Williams letter for a mail order bride.  As you know from Book 1, The Pastor’s Replacement Bride, the Ladies Aid Society of the church had Pastor Bryce write back east for good Christian women who would like to correspond with upstanding men in Sanctuary, Montana Territory; with matrimony in mind.

Lyla answers Glen’s letter; monies are sent to pay her way west, and off she goes on what she thought would be an adventure.  Lyla thought everything would be wonderful, a fine adventure ending in marriage and love for her and Glen.  Lyla’s outgoing, talkative, and adventurous.  Glen’s beyond shy; cold, rude and closed off, he’s unable to talk comfortably to people, especially women; he would rather be on the farm plowing or with the animals and plants.

When his twin brother, Greg, absent for four years, shows up as the stage comes in, his mother knows there’s going to be trouble.  These two have always tried to out do each other.  Greg’s tired of the cowboy life, he’s ready to start his own ranch, and maybe start a family.  He’s immediately smitten with Lyla when she comes off the stage.  Glen, plowing at the farm, didn’t even bother to come meet the stage to Lyla’s horror.  Taking to her to supper, at his mother insistence, he’s uncommunicative and rude.


The Pastor’s Replacement Bride By George H. McVey



Mail Order Brides of Sanctuary Book 1

The Pastor's Replacement Bride
The Pastor’s Replacement Bride










Pastor Joshua Bryce has a problem in The Pastor’s Replacement Bride.  The deacons of the church want him married and settled.  With Mayor’s Lyman’s daughter determined to become his wife, he needs a suitable bride quickly.  Joshua knows Ernestine Lyman’s totally unsuitable for a pastor’s wife as she’s selfish, without a helper’s heart, and looking for the prestige of his pastoral office.

Meanwhile the churches Ladies Aid Society, led by Myrtle, come to him with a proposal to provide brides for the eligible, up standing, church going bachelors in Sanctuary, Montana Territory.  With brides scarce in the west, and only 2 eligible women in Sanctuary, they suggest sending to church pastors back east for good Christian women to correspond; hoping to  obtain Christian brides.  After prayer and counsel with God, Joshua agrees and adds he will be one of the participating bachelors.

In Chicago, Hattie Long’s an orphan;  raised in a local orphanageIndentured in service to the orphanage and sent to a local brothel as a cook and servant, when she turns twenty-one the orphanage will release her from bondage.  However, the brothel owner, Papa John, has plans to use Hattie in his brothel as soon as she turns twenty-one?.  Unable to find a job, Hattie approaches Pastor Long and his daughter, Haddie, explaining her situation.   She and Haddie share almost the same first name and the same last name; they have a very close relationship of friends and almost sisters.

Haddie corresponded with Joshua as a potential bride; she and Hattie will go west before the nefarious brothel owner, Papa John, can do his worse.  Joshua decides he can not let this young innocent be used in such a way.  With monies Nugget Nate, famous rescuer of indigent and down on their luck women left him, he pays her way west; monies left with instructions he would know when to use it.  However, Haddie, sick with scarlet fever’s unable to make the trip; she sends Hattie on to safety.


Whisper To Me By Kent Hamilton


Historical Western Romance Novels (The Martin Ranch Saga Book Book 2)

Whisper To Me
Whisper To Me










Set in West Texas in 1868, Eliza and Christopher are deliriously happy running the Martin Ranch.  Married life agrees with both.  The old gang of troublemakers ranch hands are gone and the new ones told Eliza’s the owner and boss;  do what she says, when she says it.

Adam, new on the ranch, has never failed to break a horse; today’s the day he will fail.  Not only does he fail to break the horse, but also loses his bet with Susanna.  Susanna, visiting her Aunt Waverly, came to the ranch for after Eliza’s invisitation.  A veterinarian’s daughter, she has skill with horses, what we call whispering or horse whisperers today; she offers to teach Adam.

Sparks fly between Adam and Susanna.  Unimpressed with her in the beginning, as they work together gentling horses, his admiration for her talent grows.  As they grow closer and closer, will a city girl fall for the cowboy rancher?  Is trouble brewing on the horizon as the troublemakers are still in town? My romance book reviews of Whisper To Me follows.


I found Whisper To Me engaging and enjoyable.  Due to the length of short stories and novella,  authors can not develop the in-depth characterization and plotting as in a novel.  However, Hamilton crafted a short book of 55 pages, filled with action, drama, romance, and a solid complete story-line.


Hiding The Truth By Kent Hamilton


Hiding The Truth
Hiding The Truth










In Hiding The Truth Kathy and Paul have settled in Farvale.  Kathy did not know Paul had a brother. He kept his existence secret.  Thrown out of the army, Daniel’s headed to the ranch to live.  Paul intends for things to change for his brother.  Daniel’s a low down good for nothing drunkard, who lies, cheats, and steals.  But Paul’s determined he’ll pull his weight on the ranch or leave.  Meanwhile, Kathy’s friend, Sarah, wrote asking for help as her husband killed himself; she has a new baby and nowhere to go.  Of course, Kathy and Paul also take her into their home.  Using Paul’s “hid away money”, he and Sarah agree to build Sarah a small house on a nearby piece of land.

When Daniel arrives drunk, accompanied of the Sheriff, Paul puts him in the barn to slept it off. The next morning Paul gives Daniel an ultimatum, either work on the ranch or leave.  Also, Kathy’s holding a secret close to her chest she has not revealed to Paul.

When Sarah arrives, Daniel picks her up and something happened to him he couldn’t explain.  Working hard on Sarah’s cabin and the ranch, Daniel seems to be changing.  What has happened to Daniel?  What is Sarah’s Secret?  My romance book reviews of Hiding The Truth follows.


Hiding the truth never works as Daniel and Sarah, then Paul and Kathy discovered. This is a story of a second chance for Daniel and hope for his future. Hamilton skillfully matured Daniel after he met Sarah; becoming a changed man.  Sarah, with


Bride Brigade: Rachel By Caroline Clemmons



Bride Brigade: Rachel
Bride Brigade Rachel











Bride Brigade Rachel is the fifth book in the continuing story of the mail-order brides of Tarnation, Texas. Rachel Ross falsely imprisoned in Virginia for embezzlement has spent three years in despair. After release from prison, all except her brother turned their back on her. Rachel takes a drastic step. Answering an ad for mail-order brides, Rachel along with a group of perspective brides heads west.

As a result, Rachel meets Zane Davis owner of the local freight company. In Tarnation, Rachel will face the chance for a life long love, if she can reveal to Zane her past. However, Rachel will have another crisis in her life, which threaten to upend her new future.

Grab your favorite beverage, relax in your favorite chair, and follow Rachel and Zane to the path of true


Handsome Widower’s Second Chance by Elliee Atkinson


Family of Love Series (A Western Romance Story)

Handsome Widower’s Second Chance
Handsome Widower’s Second Chance










Holly Anne and Adam Collins have the perfect marriage in Handsome Widower’s Second Chance.  That is, until Holly suddenly dies; Adam’s left with a broken heart and two children to raise.  However not only is Adam grieving, but his in-laws, Holly’s brother Nathan, and sister Alice, are deeply grieving.  However, Nathan’s grief takes a sad twisted turn as he blames Adam.  His grief causes him to do unspeakable things in revenge.  Alice, determined to protect the children and help Adam, aligns with him against her brother.

When Nathan kidnaps Alice and the children, she will do anything to save them.  Will Adam find Alice and the children in time?  Will Nathan’s insane grief led him on a path he can not return from?  Can love bloom between Alice and Adam?  My western romance book reviews of Handsome Widower’s Second Chance follows.


Although the feelings between Adam and Alice seem to happen quickly, the reader must realize in the pioneer west, short of women to help with the chores and the household, were scarce. This alone facilitated quick marriages. I loved the slow way Adam and Alice realized their attraction.  Of course, Adam is reluctant as Alice looks so much like Holly; he is still grieving her


Love’s Journey By Emily Murdoch


Love's Journey
Love’s Journey










In Love’s Journey, by author Emily Murdoch, Elizabeth Morrison inherited a large fortune.  With all her family deceased except for Katherine, her missing sister, Elizabeth’s determined to find her.  Traveling in Texas, Elizabeth comes across a beautiful derelict apple orchard, Sweet Grove.  Wealthy enough to buy the orchard, she’s determined to do so. Jonathan Bryant’s family owned Sweet Grove until his father lost it to gambling debts.  Jonathan’s bitter, determined to reclaim the orchard and land some day.  However, Elizabeth has the money and he does not.

Knowing nothing of farming or orchards, Elizabeth comes to an agreement with Jonathan for his help.  As they work closely together, Jonathan finds Elizabeth’s not a pretty doll; she’s a hard worker with success in mind.  Can Jonathan over come his bitterness and disappointment to see what God has placed in front of him? My romance book review of Love’s Journey follows.


Love’s Journey, set in 1840 Texas, captures the readers imagination immediately.   Elizabeth is far different from the average woman of this time period.  Independent and strong, she knows what she wants and goes after it.  I loved the


A Mail Order Bride’s Hope By Faith Crawford



A Mail Order Bride's Hope
A Mail Order Bride’s Hope










In A Mail Order Bride’s Hope, we find Grace Owens, and two other women from the east standing before the minister as mail order brides.  Grace had yearned for wide open space, freedom, and adventure after living in the crowded city of Pittsburgh.  When her parish shows her a mail order bride ad, she set on heading west.

Alonzo Forrester, sheep farmer, wants a wife and family to share his burdens and ease his loneliness.  Grace arrives as his bride and Alonzo finally has everything he ever wanted.  However, fate steps in and tragedy after tragedy follows; beginning with Alonzo’s back injury.  Can Grace step up and take over the running of the farm?  Will they survive the harsh winter, wild animals, and low food?  My romance book review of A Mail Order Bride’s Hope follows.


Although a sweet clean western romance, A Mail Order Bride’s Hope is also a story of courage and strength.  Crawford created a strong woman in Grace.  A woman who will not give up, meets each challenge with fortitude and does what ever needs doing.  Grace was made for the west with a pioneering spirit.  Alonzo’s character is the perfect mate for Grace.  He’s kind and gentle, gives her opinion thoughtful contemplation, and allows her to be her own woman.  He’s so caring of her and appreciates everything she does for him. I found the tragedies they endured and conquered, made them into a strong couple.  The secondary characters added an extra dimension to the story.


The Vengeful Groom By Misty Shae


The Vengeful Groom
The Vengeful Groom










In The Vengeful Groom we find Thomas Engelberg and Caroline Saget.  Caroline, daughter to Ryan Saget, who ruined many fine men and their businesses with his dishonest business deals.  Having nothing but mean and rude comments for Carolina when he’s not ignoring her, he’s a sad excuse for a father.  Caroline seeks a way out of her torment.  Placing a mail order bride ad, she wants to go west.

Thomas Engelberg father’s one of the men Saget ruined.  Seeking vengeance, he answers Caroline’s mail order bride ad; saying all the things she needs to hear, he can not wait to begin his revenge against Saget by using Caroline.  The proverb states, “He who seeks vengeance must dig two graves one for his enemy & one for himself.”  After marrying Caroline and making her life hell, Thomas will find this proverb true.  Will these two ever come together in love and happiness?  Can Caroline’s love for Thomas and faith in God change Thomas for the better?  Will she ever be able to forgive his horrendous treatment of her?  My romance book review of The Vengeful Groom follows.


Oh my, what a short story Shae created.  Although short stories and novellas can not develop the characters or story-line in the depth of the their parent, the novel, Shae packed this short story with emotion.  I felt so sorry for Caroline I almost cried. Living a life of subjugation, discouragement, and belittling, she thought she had found her knight in shining armor. However, Caroline finds continuation of her earlier life.  Carolina never lost her faith in God’s goodness;  praying for Thomas daily.  Hoping for her happy ever after dream to come true.


Heart On The Line By Karen Witemeyer


Ladies of Harper’s Station Book #2

Heart On The Line
Heart On The Line










In Heart On The Line by author Karen Witemeyer, we find Grace Mallory telegraph operator,  on the run after her father is murdered; she lands in Harper’s Station.  Continuing to work as a telegraph operator, she begins dotting and dashing with Amos Bledsoe. As their friendship grows so do their feelings for each other.  When notified the villain who murdered her father has found her, Grace knows she has to tell the town;  for evil is on the way.  Grace anguishes over the fact they might be in jeopardy. 

Amos is not very handsome and rides a bicycle rather than a horse.  He’s seen as an oddity to the women in his community; he wants Grace to see him as a man worth knowing and possibility loving.  Will he rush to Grace’s side or stay in his quite safe town?  What will Grace see when she first lays eyes on Amos?  My romance book review of Heart On The Line follows.


Heart on the Line, by author Karen Witemeyer, entertains and enthrall the reader from the first pages.  She grabbed me immediately; I could not read fast enough.  A sweet clean romance filled with mystery, grief, love, faith, and strength, the reader finds two romances in this book.

Witemeyer’s characters live in an all woman town, Harper’s Station; the sheriff and goods transporter the only men allowed.  I loved how the town, filled with women, supported and loved each other as family.   What a unique and original job Whitimeyer gave Grace.  Whitimeyer included the inequity of pay and positions for women during this time period. 


Cowboy Ranch By Laura Fletcher






In Cowboy Ranch Western Romance Book 1, author Laura Fletcher, creates a romance novel of faith and need.  Jane Curtis, orphan, left the orphanage traveling to Colorado as a governess and house-assistant on Tom James’ ranch.  Under the supervision of Rosa and with instructions to leave the cowboys alone, Jane finds a ranch filled with handsome manly cowboys.  As a result, Rosa and Jane are at odds.  Jane seeking acceptance and in need of security and love, finds the foreman, Jacob, fascinating.

Will the gentle nature of Jane, catch Jacob’s eye?   Can Jacob forget the past and move on?  Will Rosa and Jane forge a working relationship?  My reviews of romance novel, Cowboy Ranch follows.




The Wrong Bride By Emma Harper


A Western Historical Mail Order Bride Romance (Mail Order Brides Go West Book 4)

The Wrong Bride
The Wrong Bride









The Wrong Bride contains a collection of 15 bonus western romance stories and the lead story, The Wrong Bride.  A fantastic deal for readers; a total of 16 mail order bride stories with a total page count of 1095, for the price of one.  I chose to review the lead story The Wrong Bride.


In The Wrong Bride, Bethany finds herself pregnant and unwed.  She has her friend, Carol, answer a mail order bride advertisement from a man out west, correspond, and agree to marry Cody Bowles in her name.  Cody has a house ready and impatiently waits for his bride.  When her lover and father of her child proposes, Bethany ask Carol to break the news to Cody; she will not be coming to marry him.

Carol unattached after recently breaking up with her fiancé, does not have the heart to write Cody the bad news.  She wants a husband and family to love and if Bethany doesn’t want Cody, she does.  She decides to take Bethany’s place and marry Cody; using Bethany’s name she arrives to find Cody very sick.

Nursing Cody, Carol has an immediate attraction to this large handsome man; Carol finds she can’t tell him she’s not Bethany.  What is she going to do?  Can she stand in front of God, in his house of worship, and marry Cody under another


Tricked To Marry By Emma Harper


A Western Historical Mail Order Bride Romance (Mail Order Brides Go West Book 3)

Tricked To Marry
Tricked To Marry









Tricked To Marry by author Emma Harper has Tricked To Marry and 15 other wonderful stories.  What a buy, 16 stories for the price of one.  I chose to review Tricked To Marry and The Sheriff’s Broken Bride.  All stories have a sweet clean romance set in the west.


In Tricked To Marry, we find Caroline, school teacher, in a small town in the west.  Coming from the East for a new life in the west, she loves her job and the town.  Desiring a husband and family, men are scarce and few are available.  At twenty-two she’s given up on finding a husband, much less love, when fate steps in taking the form of Winona.  Winona, friend, landlord, and confidant’s determined to find Caroline a husband; even if she has to tell a few lies and use subterfuge by answering a mail order bride ad.  One candidate, Kenneth, appears on the horizon and Winona’s determined to get him for Caroline. My review romance book review of Tricked To Marry follows.


In Tricked To Marry, we find, unbeknownst to Winona and Caroline, each have the same man in mind for Caroline’s future husband. Harper gave Winona a matchmaker personality which she used for Caroline’s benefit.  Winona unaware Caroline’s already has her heart on the same man as Winona wrote, does all she can to get them together. I found it hilarious Carolina had met Winona’s candidate already and attraction followed on both sides.


Cowboy Charade Rodeo Knights By Barbara McMahon


Cowboy Charade Rodeo Knights
Cowboy Charade Rodeo Knights











In Cowboy Charade Rodeo Knights by author Barbara McMahon, we find Susannah Davis and Toby Palmer, joining forces to find the drug smugglers using the rodeo as a source of transportation.  Susannah’s an accomplished barrel racer trying to make the finals in Las Vegas.  She works hard, making a promise to herself to would never again become involved with a rodeo cowboy;  rodeo cowboys lead to heart ache.

Toby Palmer and his partner, Kyle, are winning and placing high in the rodeo standings;  saving for a ranch they have their eyes set on the big money in the rodeo finals in Las Vegas.  When Kyle’s in a wreck, cocaine’s found in the door panel of his truck.    Susannah and Toby join forces to find the culprits.  Not only has Kyle’s truck been used as transportation, Susannah’s truck also has drugs stashed in the door.

Calling in Jessie Knight, private investigator and past rodeo companion, to ferret out the villain or villains and prove Kyle innocence, Toby and Susannah decide to play a couple.  Susannah has trust issues and Toby has no plans for a woman in his life.  But fate has different ideas for these two. Come join in the race to find the culprits and the journey to love.   My romance book reviews for Cowboy Charade Rodeo Knights follows.



Marriage by Proxy By Emma Harper


A Western Historical Mail Order Bride Romance

(Petticoats and Pistols Series Book 4)

Marriage By Proxy
Marriage By Proxy










Marriage By Proxy, set in the old west’s, a clean mail order bride story. As a bonus, the author Emma Harper, included 15 other stories in this book for a total of 873 pages.  At steal at .99.  Pepper Martin lives in Tall Grass, Georgia.  The south has not been the same since the war and Tall Grass has changed even more since her father’s death.  Finding an ad from Quaid McDaniels, seeking a wife;  Pepper heads to Wyoming, married by proxy in Georgia.

Quaid has not told Pepper his whole story and quite a surprise is waiting for her at Quaid’s ranch.  Quaid’s father, crippled in a riding accident, is rude, hateful, and as mean as a rattle snake as he lays in his own waste and refuses help.  Can Pepper change the hateful old man into a pussy cat?  Will love come to Quaid and his new mail order bride?  My reviews for romance book, Marriage by Proxy, follows.


Firstly let me say I chose to review the first story in this bundle.  I enjoyed the story-line, finding it original and the characters


Wildfire By Emma Harper



A Western Historical Mail Order Bride Romance

Petticoats and Pistols Series Book 2

Wildfire, Cover











In Wildfire by author Emma Harper, the reader finds a sweet western romance which includes bonus content of 15 other stories.   In the first story, Wildfire, we find Clara Southerby.  Clara’s looking for adventure, not marriage to a cruel old man, Sheldon Niles.  Niles doesn’t want Clara for herself, but as a brood mare he can control and use for his unseemly desires.  Thinking he can force marriage upon Clara, she foils him by running to the western states.  As a result, Niles not to be made a fool, sends his henchmen after her.

At the end of her journey, the first person Clara meets is handsome Captain Jason Halerow.  He’s the darling of all the ladies.  Meanwhile, telling a small lie to get the job she needs, Clara’s lie will come back to haunt her. Clara, no simpering miss, hired as ranch foreman for the Holmes Ranch, finds her niche.  Independent, fierce, and strong, will Clara and Jason manage to forge a relationship?  Will Niles henchmen tear Clara’s from her new happy life?  My reviews for romance novel, Wildfire, follows.

Please note:  Each story in this bundle  is a sweet, clean, wholesome, romance with a happy ever after ending.




Release: Coming June 6-Dry Bayou Brides Book 5: The Rakes Bride




Coming June 6th! THE RAKE’S BRIDE!

Synopsis By Jackson D’Lynne

Jean-Luc La Fontaine is tired of sowing his wild oats. So, after a disastrous summer in France, he’s back in Dry Bayou, ordering himself a mail-order bride. A new wife will help him forget about the siren with sapphire eyes…

Intelligence, wealth, prestige… It means nothing when you fall in love with the wrong man. So, when scandal chases Isabeau Montefret from France, she runs to America, determined to forget the man with the wicked smile.

Isabeau hoped becoming a mail-order bride was the answer to her problems. She’d change her name, start a new life, and lose herself in a small town. When she discovers that the man who disappeared with her heart is the man she agreed to marry, Isabeau settles in for the fight of her life.

When the one woman he’d left France to forget arrives in town, claiming she’s his new bride, Jean-Luc doesn’t know what to feel. Isabeau once made him believe in happily ever after, now he must learn how to keep his new bride at a distance, lest he lose his heart forever.

Can Jean-Luc be a husband to the woman who betrayed him? Can Isabeau convince Jean-Luc she’s his one true love? Will these two rediscover what they had once upon a summertime?



Miss Hopeful Mail Order Bride By Laura Fletcher



Miss Hopeful Mail Order Bride
Miss Hopeful Mail Order Bride, cover











Set in Texas, Miss Hopeful Mail Order Bride is an emotional story of love and sacrifice.  Sandra Birmingham, living in Rhode Island and the last child left home, despairs of ever becoming a bride.  Living with a drunkard father, Sandra places her name in the mail order bride catalogue.  Her friend Helen, already living in Texas as a bride, urges Sandra to accept the offer coming in the mail from Samuel James Edgerton.  Samuel, divorced father of Betsy, seeks a wife to care for ill Betsy.  He has no intention of caring for Sandra.  Sandra and Samuel agree to marry for Betsy.  However, fate has something much


Angus Trust By Linda Hubalek



Angus Trust, Grooms of Honor By Linda Hubalek
Angus Trust, Cover



Angus Trust is book 1 in the Grooms of Honor Series.  Having followed Nolan and Elof in earlier books as they found their happy ever after, Hubalek takes us back to Clear Creek.  Angus is the eldest of Pastor and Kaitlyn Reagan’s sons.  Raised in Clear Creek, Kansas along with five other brothers, he was the only one to take up with the railroad train depot manager; where he developed a love of trains and the rails. He has been a railroad detective for many years following after his love of anything railroad.  After years of detective work for the railroad, he’s beginning to wish for a stationary home with a wife and family.

Daisy Clancy, raised in Clear Creek by her grandparents, owners of the local café, found herself side by side with Angus until the day he left Clear Creek for adventure on the railroad.  Daisy left Clear Creek to get an education and work after Angus left.  To say Angus and Daisy grew up together would be an understatement; they also fell in puppy love; or was it?

Fate has placed Angus and Daisy on the same railroad train headed to Clear Creek when a robbery occurs.  Finding themselves alone at the side of the tracks will memories of old loves return?  My reviews of romance novel, Angus Trust, follows.



Firstly, let me say what a wonderful cast of characters Hubalek’s imagination created for the Grooms of Honor Series.  As I began reading Angus Trust, I felt I was returning to a beloved town filled with my friends, with everyone waiting to tell me the latest gossip and goings-on.  A close-knit town, the Reagan family, although not of blood relation except two of the six, are examples of family love and unconditional support found in Clear Creek.  Clear Creek’s a place of community, love, and support.  I wondered how many of these small towns dotted the prairie and west.


The Rogues Bride By Lynn Winchester



Dry Bayou Brides Book 4

The Rogue's Bride by Lynn Winchester
The Rogue’s Bride, cover



Author Lynn Winchester’s novel, The Rogue’s Bride, takes the reader back to the west and the town of Dry Bayou.  Aimee Prentice, on the run from her life in Alabama, comes to Dry Bayou as a mail-order bride.  Gaston Mosier, harboring a deep dark mistake from his youth, decided he would send for a mail-order bride and to a small degree get on with his life.  He wanted a bride who would be quite, biddable, unassuming, and have his children; everything Aimee is not.  Upon meeting, Gaston appears cold and mean;  Aimee gives the impression dull-wittiness, as well as, a fire cracker with a short fuse.  But evil is also lurking in Dry Bayou.  Is it waiting for Aimee?

Can these two come to term with their past, and forge a lasting relationship? Gaston needs forgiveness, if only to himself and Aimee need protection;  will the misunderstandings, misconceptions, and secrets continue to color everything they do?  My reviews for romance novel, The Rogues Bride, follows.


Author Lynn Winchester out did herself with the characters of Gaston and Aimee.  Gaston, as a lot of us do, carries guilt,


Elof’s Mission By Linda Hubalek



Elof's Mission by Linda Hubalek
Elof’s Mission, Cover











In Elof’s Mission, we are back in Morgan’s Crossing.  Author Linda Hubalek’s story begins at the cemetery as Elof Lundahl’s placing an iron cross on Nolan’s father-in-laws grave.  If you have followed the Grooms With Honor Series, you will remember Nolan from Nolan’s Vow. If not, Hubalek gives enough background in her stories to bring you up to speed.  Hearing a wagon coming, he finds Swedish immigrant Linnea Meyer, her son Jamie, and Linnea’s husband’s body. Although the landlord came with Linnea to the cemetery, far from kind, he insist she vacate her home before nightfall.

Linnea a mail order bride of eight days, finds herself with a dead husband, a five-year old stepson, and no place to go.  Elof, compassionate and with a good heart, offers to help her and Jamie.  Elof, recently retired from the Army, is ready to settle down with a wife and family.  What he didn’t count on was Linnea and Jamie.  Traveling with Linnea and Jamie opens Elof to a new world of love, romance, and fatherhood.

Come along with Linnea, Jamie, Elof, and the town of Sweetwater Springs, as romance, once again, is on the horizon.  My reviews for western romance novel, Elof’s Mission, follows.



To begin my reviews for romance novel  Elof’s Missions, I must say how much I enjoy the Honorable Grooms Series.  Author


Seducing Susannah By E. E. Burke



The Bride Train Book 4

Seducing Susannah, cover jpeg
Seducing Susannah by E. E. Burke












In Seducing Susannah, author E. E. Burke continues her story of the train brides.  Widow Susannah Braddock hasn’t found a husband, and Ross Hardt is still the bane of her existence.  Susannah and the last 2 future brides live in the boarding house, working almost as slaves for the owner, in exchange for room and board.  Needless to say Susannah’s son, Danny, at seven is a barrel of energy; never still and always into something.  After his last mishap Susannah ’s told to leave.  Needing a job and a place to stay, she doesn’t know what they will do.  Coming to her rescue, Ross offers a job and a room.  Ross has an ulterior motive.  He needs a wife to inherit his father’s ranch and he sees Susannah as a prime candidate.

Susannah has secrets; secrets which can ruin her carefully constructed life.  Secrets she can not  tell for fear of losing what she cherishes most.  Determined to win Susannah, become a father to Danny, and go home to Texas, Ross proceeded to court


Valentine’s Rose By E. E. Burke



Valentine's Rose, by E. E. Burke, cover, jpeg
Valentine’s Rose, Cover











Author E. E. Burke created an intriguing and satisfying novel filled with emotion in Valentine’s Rose.  The first book in a new series, the reader will find everything needed for an enjoyable and entertaining read.  Set in Kansas during the height of the railroad boom, the workers are desperate for women.  Hoping to calm down the fights and destruction, the railroad devises a plan to bring brides out west.

The men nor the brides get exactly what they thought they would.  Primarily, the men are dirty, crude, and unmannerly.   The women are from varied backgrounds and do not look fondly on a marriage raffle with themselves as the prize.

Rose Muldoon, former laundress, grew up in the Five Point District of New York.  No worse slum existed.  Rose is looking for love and security in her husband.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, Rose finds herself married to Constantine Valentine, formerly of the English nobility.  Can these two polar opposites forge a lasting marriage?  Will Val leave Rose to return to England if he finds his fortune?  Come and follow Rose


Nolan’s Vow By Linda Hubalek



Nolan's Vow, Cover jpeg
Nolan’s Vow, cover




Author Linda Hubalek creates an adventure in the Montana Territory and Kansas Prairie in her latest book, Nolan’s Vow. Part of the Montana Sky Grooms With Honor Series Kindle Worlds. You will find adventure, misunderstanding, prejudice, and love.

Half-breed Holly Brandt found respite and work with Myrtle after her father’s death.   Working as a cook and waitress, life has been good until Myrtle takes a fall and is injured. Working by herself, in Myrtles café, she meets Nolan Clancy when snow stops the train in their small town. As a result, many passengers are looking for food. Nolan offers to help in the café, after two obnoxious culprits harasses and threaten Holly. Although, Holly has found the life of a half-breed, full of prejudice and misconceptions, Nolan sees her as a person.

Myrtle surprisingly announces she is closing the café to live with her daughter. She assumes Holly will be welcome in her daughter’s home. They arrive to find a very different situation. Nolan traveling on the same train to protect Holly and Myrtle offers Holly work in his family café.

Upon arriving, Nolan and Holly are met with varying degrees of acceptation and prejudice. One surprise


The Forgiving Bride By Emma Kingsly



The Forgiving Bride, cover


The Forgiving Bride by author Emma Kingsly is a short sweet romance novella.  Ms. Kingsly’s heroine and mail order bride, Sarah Woods, is a young widow running for her life and what she hopes is security and safety.  Simon Stone hopes to find a companion, peace, and a helpmate.  Can you run from your past or will the past follow?  Can forgiveness come to these two or will they botch this second chance for happiness?



After the death of her no good husband, Sarah Wood is alone in the world with a small child, Ally.  When visited by his low down criminal cohort, Sarah must decide the course of her life.  As a result of his threats, she answers the advert placed by Simon Stone for a mail order bride.  Although, Sarah is a Godly woman, she has insecurities which will follow her to Wyoming.

Meanwhile, Simon Stone decides it is time to go on with life and find a wife.  Simon has secrets from his


Win, Love, Or Draw By Crystal Barnes

win love or draw



A Strong Independent Woman And

The Wayward Husband





Author Crystal Barnes takes us on a journey to 1877 Cater Springs, Texas in Win, Love, or Draw (Book 1 Marriage & Mayhem).  Here we find an emotional adventurous love story between Catherine McGarrett and her husband Samuel.

Catherine, aka Cat, has prayed and looked for the return of her absentee husband for almost 6 yrs;  she and her son, Benin, have prayed for him every night.


Saving Her Reputation By Annie Boone

Saving her Reputation



The Rich Girl Loses Everything

Western Adventure As A Mail Order Bride




Addison Haley is a privileged rich young woman in Baltimore.  At least she was until the police arrested her father for embezzlement.  Addison, her mother, and young brother Benjamin, are forced to move into her Grandmother’s home.  Her mother has retreated into her own world, Addison has lost everything including her reputation, and her Grandmother is going to send Benjamin to England for schooling.  Addison sees no alternative;  she must go west as a mail order bride.

What she finds waiting in Derby, Kansas is a nightmare; a disgusting foul bridegroom going by the


Helen And Albert Committed: Book 4 of The Parson’s Daughter’s Series by Annie Boone





This is the story of the three Parson’s daughter’s mother and father, Helen and Albert.  Albert’s father is a hard and unbending man of business.  Albert has been called by God to be a Parson.  Albert is disinherited after he refuses to turn his back on the Lord’s calling.

Helen is a faithful service of God with deep faith.  After meeting Albert they begin a courtship.  Helen’s faith


Charity Gives Her Heart (Book 3 of The Parson’s Daughters) By Annie Boone

Charity Gives Her Heart



Sweet Romance

A Parson’s Daughter

A Parson’s Son




Annie Boone has penned a sweet tale of Charity Barnesdale and Eli Smallwood.  Each children of parsons.  Charity is the third daughter in The Parson’s Daughters Series.  Eli is the son of Pastor Smallwood, parson of Charity’s church in San José.

Mutual attraction is instantly felt by Annie and Eli when they meet for the first time at Hope’s wedding.  Charity is deeply devoted to her Lord, his work, and her church.  Eli has just graduated from Seminary School and returned home to learn more under his fathers guidance.  He will receive notice of Church placement shortly.  Charity is frightened of love, the possibility of Eli leaving her behind, or the possibility he might ask her to leave her family.


The House On Windridge By Tracie Peterson & Bonus Story: Lucy’s Quilt By Joyce Livingston

the house on windridge

It is always a pleasure and a privilege to read and review books by Tracie Peterson. This story will bring your emotions to the surface as the characters face grief, loss, and new beginnings all with Gods help.

This book has two excellent books; The House on Windridge by Tracie Peterson and as a bonus, Lucy’s Quilt by Joyce Livingston another talented author.



Gus Gussop had the world by the tail; a ranch doing well; a large ranch house, a wife he adored, and a baby on the way. Then fate stepped in and took his wife during childbirth. The anchor of Gus’ world was gone. Gus has no idea what to do with a child and no desire to try.   He sends his baby daughter, Jessica, to his wife’s Aunt Harriet Nelson to raise; unknowingly sending Jessica to a woman who loves appearance,


Mystic Montana Sky By Debra Holland

Mystic Montana



The Upright Snobby Handsome Banker

The Beautiful Gypsy Widow


The banker and the gypsy’s vehicles collide on a bad mountain road resulting in the death of the husband and the woman in labor.  The story that follows this harrowing beginning is one of prejudice, abuse, preconceived ideas, community, love, and lives changed forever.  Relax in your favorite spot and enjoy this wonderful warm novel from acclaimed author Debra Holland.



Once again we return to the close-knit community of Sweetwater Springs.  We find the stiff, snobby, prejudice banker and hotel owner Caleb Livingston on his annual journey to Morgans Crossing for business, driving a little distracted and too fast. He will meet, in a dangerous curve, the vardo


The Dove (Wings of the West Book 2) By Kristy McCaffrey

The Dove


The Soiled Dove?

The Ex-Lawman

Let The Adventure Begin!



We find Claire and Logan’s story in Book 2 of the Wings of the West; this a fast paced mystery romance revealing the mysterious life of Claire Waters.  Claire’s life has not been a bed of roses, far from it.  Come find out Claire’s secrets and Logan Ryan’s story.


Author Kristy McCaffrey has penned another winner.  This time we have the story of Logan Ryan and Claire Waters, characters from The Wren, Wings of West, Book 1.

Logan heads to Las Vegas to check Claire Waters’ welfare; their ranch hand, Lester Williams, has not returned to the ranch after delivering Claire to Las Vegas.  Logan finds him recovering from a fever; he doesn’t have a lot of information on Claire and her situation.

Logan, outside the White Dove Saloon finds a woman suddenly barreling out of the Saloon, falling


Crumpets And Cowpies (Baker City Brides Book 1)By Shanna Hatfield

Crumpets and cowpies


The English Spinster Aunt

Two Adorable Children

And The Handsome American Cowboy



Come along to see what happens when an English spinster is paired with a tough American cowboy.  You will howl with laughter and even cry a few tears. Sparks, snarks, and quips, are going to fly!


Americans Thane Jordan and his brother Henry parted ways years ago; Thane to the west and a ranch in Oregon, Henry to England to raise interest in his new invention for cotton mills.  Both are successful in their business adventures.

Thane receives word his brother has died and he must sail to Liverpool to settle his estate.  However,


Signed, Sealed, & Delighted By Crystal Barnes



Christian Romance At Its Best

From A Talented Author



Author Crystal Barnes has done it again!  She has created a sweet lovely Christian western romance that will grab your heart and make you feel good.  Originally released as “Lets Make A Deal”, it has been improved and expanded for your reading pleasure.  This novella is the introduction of the Marriage & Mayhem Series;  you will see these characters again in the first book titled “Win, Love, or Draw”.

Sarah Asher is no shrinking violet.  She is a strong woman with opinions of her own;  to


Widow Mouse: Appalachian Mountain Romance Book 2 by Janet Biery



The Widow Mouse

The Deaf Store Keeper

And The Mountain Community Of Kyles Ford



Author Janet Biery has crafted another heart-touching, warm, feel good novel.  This is book 2 of the series, however, it is a standalone.  I look forward to publication of book 3.

Jeanne’s traded in marriage to fur trapper Henri LeSouris in exchange for LeSouris’ furs.  Henri and Jeanne are constantly on the move until Henri settles in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in Kyles


A Crippled Mail Order Bride For The Unexpected Horse Whisperer By Emma Morgan

a crippled mail order bride for the unexpectd hose whisper


How do you like Westerns?

A Crippled Mail Order Bride for the Unexpected Horse Whisperer: Benson Creek Mail Order Brides by Emma Morgan is a wonderful story.


I love a good western love story with a wonderful hero and a strong leading lady.  This book has it all.


This is the last book in the Benson Creek Mail Order Brides. I am sorry to see them go as I have enjoyed coming to know the town the citizens. Perhaps Ms. Morgan will see fit to add a few more books to this series.


Blind Mail Order Bride For The Rebellious Cowboy By Emma Morgan

a blind mail order bride for the rebellious cowboy


Strong powerful cowboy characters, strong independent women!


A Blind Bride for the Rebellious Cowboy:  Benson Creek Mail Order Brides by Emma Morgan is a story of love.


Ms. Morgan has taken a secondary character in the other books and made him the focus of this story.

Story Line:

Tim Benson has ordered a mail order bride, Rebecca; his future bride is blind. Ms. Morgan instilled in Tim


The Cowboy’s Bride Collection: 9 Historical Romances From on Old West Ranches




By Susan Davis Paige, Vickie McDonough, Susanne Dietze, Nancy J. Farrier, Miralee Ferrel, Davalynn Spender, Becca Whitham, Jaime Jo Wright.




This is a wonderful collection of western romance stories of strength, love, romance, adversity, and faith in God.  Each author is talented in story-crafting, plotting, and development.  These stories are so well written and developed, if you did not know you were reading 9 different authors, you would think one author wrote the stories contained in this book.  The authors are in harmony with each other in regard to writing style


Mae’s Choice By Kate Cambridge




Mae's choice 2


Could You Be A Mail Order Bride?


A Woman’s Search for Freedom And


The Choices She Made




This is the story of a young woman, Mae, searching for freedom to become who she’s meant to be and the man, Paul, she goes West to marry as a mail-order bride.  Knowing she will never meet a man in the East who will allow her to be her own person, she is off to the West and a mail-order marriage.  Afraid and


A Hard Candy Christmas By Hebby Roman



An Abandoned Woman Abused By Her Husband


A Strong Man With Issues Of His Own





In this novel by Author Hebby Roman we find Clint Graham sheep rancher and newly appointed Sheriff inquiring at the boardinghouse for a place to stay in town. He will have his hands full with the sheep ranchers and railroad workers at odds and his attraction to Abigail and her son. He has tragedies in his past he has not resolved.


Abigail Kerr Sanford, abandoned wife and mother, is a slave in her father’s boardinghouse.  After an


The Wren (Wings of West): Book One by Kristy McCaffrey

the wren




A Young Woman Thought Dead

A Man Carrying Guilt For Not Saving Her





Texas:  May, 1877

Molly Hart was dead.  She died along with her parents in an attack on the family’s ranch 10 years ago. The only thing wrong with that statement:   Molly wasn’t dead and she wasn’t buried along beside her parents.  She was alive and standing in front of Matthew Ryan on her run down family ranch.


Matthew had worked for Molly’s father and had carried guilt that shadowed all aspects of his life because


Hope Makes A Decision By Annie Boone

Hope Makes A Decision


Annie Boone’s  Book #2 of The Parson’s Daughters Series

An Independent Woman Meets

Her Match In Man And God




Story Line:

Annie Boone has penned the second novel in The Parson’s Daughters Series.  In this novel, you will find Hope determined to start her own business and spread her wings.


She wants to be an independent business woman.  She doesn’t have time for a man or love.  At least that


The Milch Bride By Janet Biery/J. R. Biery

the milch bride


How To Love A Texas Cowboy?

Big, strong of back and character, Texas cowboys.

This is the first book in a wonderful series by Janet Biery, a very talented author.  She is one of my favorite authors.

The Milch Bride By Janet Biery is great!

This is the first book in the Western Wives Series by Author Janet Biery.  I found this an emotional roller coaster ride from sorrow to laughter and joy.  I don’t think I have ever felt so many emotions reading a book.  Ms. Biery’s talent is obvious to the reader as you journey through this story.

Story Line:


A Stuttering Mail Order Bride For The Hotheaded Cattle Wrangler: The Benson Creek Mail Order Brides by Emma Morgan

A Stuttering mail order bride for the heotheaded cattle wrangler

Handsome, Strong, Hunky Cowboys 

Meets His Match!


Why did Emma Morgan create Nantucket Murray as Gilbert Snyder’s mail order bride? Read on and find a wonderful story of disabilities of more than the physical.


Story Line:

Nantucket Murray is on her way to meet Mr. Gilbert Synder in Benson Creek with marriage in mind as a mail order bride. She was honest with him about her abilities except for one little thing. She stutters and all the men in Boston rejected her because of her stutter.


Gil as he was known, told her he had cattle, pigs, chickens and such. He didn’t tell her the pigs and chickens lived in his cabin or that he was short tempered, loud, cussed like a sailor, his cabin was filthy and he had few to none cooking or cleaning implements.



The Lassoed by Marriage Romance Collection by Bell, Breidenbach, Carter, Connealy, Jepson, Lillard, Welborn, Y’Barbo, Zedik

the lassoed by marrige romance collection


How did you marry?


Whether you married for love or other reasons, read on to find 9 stories of marriage before love.

This is a wonderful collection of romance.



Character, Plotting And Development:

This collection of nine stories are unique in that the romance does not start until after the marriage takes place.  Each is penned by a talented author and you will spend wonderful hours immersing  yourself in this clean romance collection.

Each is a unique story of love after marriage and the problems that each must solve to reach a solid firm foundation for their marriage. The authors had the plot, pacing and development of the characters spot on.  This book will leave you wanting more.



The Substitute Bride by Angela Bell

This story is a different take on the story book “The Ugly Duckling”, and


Mail-Order Marriage by Tracie Peterson, Mary Davis, Denise Hunter, Judith Miller, and DiAnn Mills Tracie Peterson, Mary Davis, Denise Hunter, Judith Miller, and DiAnn Mills Tracie Peterson, Mary Davis, Denise Hunter, Judith Miller, and DiAnn Mills

Mail-order marriage


Would You Become Mail-Order Bride?

If you answered yes, this book is for you.  You will meet 5 different couples that were wedded as mail order brides.


Mail-Order Marriage by Tracie Peterson, Mary Davis, Denise Hunter, Judith Miller, and DiAnn Mills Tracie Peterson, Mary Davis, Denise Hunter, Judith Miller, and DiAnn Mills Tracie Peterson, Mary Davis, Denise Hunter, Judith Miller, and DiAnn Mills is a treasure cove of reading enjoyment.


Characters, Plotting and Development:

This book has 5 novels of marriages contracted thru the mail to form solid, loving marriages.  To say all is


A Deaf Mail Order Bride for the Reluctant Rancher: Benson Creek Mail Order Brides by Emma Morgan

a eaf mail order bride forthe reluctant rancher

Book Review

She was physically deaf, He was emotionally blind to a wonderful woman!


This is another of Author Emma Morgan’s wonderful books about strong women with disabilities and their search for love in the Wild West.

Story Line:

In this story Sally Tidwell, a deaf young woman, is on her way to Benson Creek as a mail order bride. She’s tired of everyone treating her defective when they find she is deaf. Ms. Morgan created a character in Sally that is a hard worker, pretty, a good cook and home provider.

Ms. Morgan added drama to the story as Jeb has no idea his future bride is deaf. Jeb is expecting a whole bride not one that as he puts it “is as deaf as a tree; he is floored when he realizes Sally is deaf. Jeb is stuck on her disability.



Orphan Train Romance Series: 4 Books in One by Zoe Matthews



Ready Made Families

Desperate Children


This book actually contains 5 stories that are sweet romances, each story is related; it is better to read them in this one book as the minor and major characters appear in subsequent booksZoe Matthews writing talent is evident in this book.


The Unexpected Family: Amanda and Craig

Widowed Amanda and bachelor Craig each want to adopt a child from the train; they will find the love of a lifetime, as Craig has loved Amanda for years.


A Brides Agreement by DiAnn Mills Elaine Bonner, Ramona K. Cecil, Nancy J. Farrier, JoAnn A. Grote pub date 10-1-15

A Brides Agreement

Full Length Novels!

Clean Stories Of Love And Marriage


This book contains five full length stories of marriages of convenience that bring happiness, love, and joy to each marriage.

These stories were written by talented seasoned authors.  You will not regret purchasing this book.  Each book is a well-developed and character driven.


Thanks to a Lonely Heart by Author Elaine Bonner

Steven Barnes needs a wife to care for his 5 children he hasn’t seen in years; he left to seek work in Austin


Brides of the Old West: Five Romantic Adventures from the American Frontier by Darlene Franklin, Peggy Darty, Sally Laity, Nancy Lavo, Kathleen Paul

brides of the old west3


Clean Christian Romance At Its Best!

Brides Of The Old West  has five novels. All are wonderful stories of  inspiration and love in the old west.

This book has a total of 720 pages and are not short stories; each is novel.  Each author is talented, well-known, and seasoned; it shows in these stories.

You will love each novel.  My hope is that this book review inspires you to buy the book.


Morning Mountain by Author Peggy Darty

This is the story of Luke Thomason, Suzanne Waters and the forever love they find in the old west. Luke has been lucky at the poker table, but luck was not on his side when he was shot and robbed.

Suzanne finds Luke barely hanging on his saddle and nurses this fine figure of a man back to health. Luke


Give Me a Texas Outlaw and Give Me A Cowboy: by Jodi Thomas, Linda Broday, Miranda Phyliss, Dewanna Pace

give me a texas outlaw adn give me a cowboy

Two Books For the Price Of One

Strong Cowboys, Strong Women, Strong Love! 

Great Authors



The Touch of An Outlaw by Jodi Thomas

First is a story of an outlaw; Michael Hughes and a young woman pregnant and unwed, Cozette Camanez; both have never known love. Fate has a forever love in their future as these two find the love of a lifetime.


Pioneer Brides-Mail Order Bride by Indiana Wake and Belle Fiffer

mail order brides

Romance in the West!  Strong Sexy Cowboys, Need I say more?


This is a four box set of western romances about strong men and even stronger women that settled the west.

The women came to find the love of a lifetime. Each is a short novella that is very enjoyable. I love Ms. Wake’s and Fiffer’s writing style.



The Rival Bride Book 1

This is the first story in this four box set. Kristine is a young woman with a gambling father that has practically sold her to Robert Miller, a rancher and widower still in love with his dead wife, as a bride.

In exchange he will pay her fathers debts and enable her 2 sisters, Courtney and Patricia, to stay in finishing school. This novella is full of sorrow, jealousy, insecurity, sadness, and finally joy in the morning.

Ms. Wake and Fiffer filled this story with emotion and she added an adversary, Abby, for Robert’s affections. Though short this story was very enjoyable as we watch Kristine grow and Robert find he has a jewel in Kristine; they find their happy ever after.

Had the story been longer Ms. Wake and Fiffer could have fleshed out the story of the rivalry for Robert’s affections; this was still a short enjoyable read.



Letters of Love Book 2

Courtney, Kristine’s seventeen-year-old sister, is the star of this story. Court is in love for the first of her life; Curly, Abby’s ranch hand, has been writing love letters to her. She and


Mail Order Bride – The Crippled Mail Order Bride Promised to his Brother: by Indiana Wake and Belle Fifer

Book Review

Ann Montgomery is a beautiful young woman wounded in spirit. She has a crippled leg and The Crippled Brideeveryone she knows makes fun, pities her, or looks down on her disability. She wants a husband and family; at her friend Jolene’s urging she applies for a husband with Mary Hawkins mail order bride agency. What follows is a journey west where love is waiting.

Anna finds herself with two suitors but only one holds her heart. Anna prays for guidance from her Heavenly Father, and God handles bringing things to the proper end. For a short story the authors, Ms. Wake and Fifer, did a good job creating a love and happiness for Anna, I wish it have been fleshed out more, but I think in the coming books, we will find the stories will connect and complete a cohesive book. The bonus chapter at the end of the book was  enlightening


A Texas Christmas by by Cecil, Dooley, Franklin, Griffin, Hake, Y’Barbo

Book Review

The book has 6 of the sweetest, wonderful, and clean, in some cases hilarious, romances I have ever read.

The first book Here Cooks the Bride by Cathy Marie Hake takes place in 1879; a hilarious romance between a young woman Lacey, and the local blacksmith Jeff, in Cut Corners, a small town in Texas. She came to a texas christmastown to help her sick aunt, who is a miserable cook, with her diner. Between every swain in town wanting to marry her for her cooking, the 4 old men, retired Texas Rangers,  that founded the town plotting to keep her in town to cook at the diner, and Jeff teaching her to make real Texas chili I laughed and laughed. This was a treat to read.  Watching Jeff and Lacey fall in love was a joy. This was a clean Christian read with strong Christian values.

The 2nd book A Christmas Chronicle by Pamela Griffin takes place in Cut Corners, Texas again in 1881. The four Meddin’ Old Men are at it again, this time trying to marry off Stone’s nephew Travis to Vivian who is clumsy and awkward.  Travis


Promises Kept by Scarlett Dunn

promises kept

Big Strong Cowboy

Needy Woman

Victoria works in a boarding house in St Louis, Missouri as the cook.   She arrived with two small boys in tow claiming they were her brothers. That was not exactly the truth; she took the boys with her when she left a saloon in Abilene two years ago to save them from the orphanage.


She needs a husband to help her care for the boys, provide a home, and a father figure. The boys keep asking for a Pa. She won’t consider a cowboy, as one had almost raped her; she had nothing but bad trouble with cowboys.


She advertises for a husband out west and travels to Promise, Wyoming to farmer Chet Barlow; he was the only that did not make reference to her wifely duties. The writers were very explicit in what they expected whether they married her or not.


Before leaving St Louis for Promise she served dinner to huge handsome cowboy, Colt McBride, from Wyoming in town checking on an inheritance left from his uncle.


Cactus Rose by Samantha Harte

A DespeCactus Roserate Woman

A Powerful Strong Man

And Evil Surrounds Them!

Rosie Saladay raced into town in her worn out wagon and worn out horses on a mission. She needs a husband, and she needs him today.  The local gambler, Wesley Morris, is determined to practically steal her land and mysteriously her husband was killed last week.


Everyone believes there is gold on her land, she has something more valuable to history, ancient cliff dwellings; her husband, Abner, swore her to secrecy.


Del Grant riding thru town, drinking and gambling decides to marry Rosie even without “boots under the bed” as they said in the west, a marriage of convenience and protection for Rosie who believes she will be the next one killed for her land.


Rosie, a mill girl, had come west to find her future husband, found he didn’t want a wife, only a housekeeper, so he could research the dwellings and artifacts. She lives a lonely almost destitute existence. I could feel Del’s emotions rolling off of him as he listened to Rosie describe her life.


I could feel Rosie’s desire that her late husband had felt a little something for her, fear of what was to become of her, and her determination to safe guard her husband’s legacy. The author poured emotion throughout this book, as we watched Del and Rosie grow into the people they were


Bright Morning Star: Western Historical Romance Series (Western Wives Book 4) by Janet Biery

Bright Morning Star

Powerful Emotions

Powerful Story

Will Be Your Favorite Author

The journey west continues in the latest installment of Western Wives books by Janet Biery.   This story is told from Claire’s point of view. Claire is young, spoiled, vain, and immature as she starts this journey, it is our privilege to watch Claire grow into a mature adult by the time her journey ends.


All of Ms. Biery’s stories are full of emotion and this story is no exception. You will feel every emotion available before the end of the book, from envy, sadness, joy, and even the urge to smack Claire.


This was a hard journey for everyone with endless perils and dangers whether it was from inexperience or


The Rancher and the Renegade (The Three Goddesses Series Book 2) by Jackson D’Lynne

the rancher and the renegade


Time Travel Western Romance

Humorous, You Will Laugh And Laugh

Awful Evil Villains And A Hunky Cowboy

This is the second book in The Three Goddesses series. Perez Cantana, the incorporeal spirit imprisoned in a pocket watch by three sister Goddesses until he completes three missions, is back in action for mission number two.


It can be read as a stand-alone book.  I did feel I would have understood the circumstances a little better had I read the first book, which I plan to do. It did not take away from my enjoyment of the book.


Sergeant Marisol Sanchez is a DEA Agent under cover as things go wrong on her mission and she sent to


Wild Thunder by Cassie Edwards

Wild Thunder


Handsome, hunky, Potawatomis Indian

Freedom, Love And Evil


Story Line:

Hannah Kody is a fiercely independent 18-year-old tomboy that is tall and lanky.  Hannah does not consider herself a beauty.   She craves freedom and wants to control her own destiny without parental or sibling interference.


Trying to tame her nature, her parents placed her in a nunnery.  Plotting to return home, her parents arrive to send Hannah to her brother, Chuck.  Hannah needs to be his eyes, he is going blind on his ranch in the Kansas territory.



High Country Spring Las Morenas #3 by Genevieve Turner

high country spring


Hunky Cowboy

Independent Woman

A Mercantile Marriage



Story Line:

Franny Morena is one of the heirs to the Morena Ranch; her father has spoiled her by allowing her to work by his side in total disregard to societies rules of the day.  Her brother Juan, will take over the leadership role once their father retires.


Franny knows no fear and will not fit into the mold that her family and the ranch foreman Felipe desire.  Felipe has set himself as Franny’s protector, watching over her in secret to keep her from harm of her own obstinate ways.


She wants to work the ranch; to use her abilities, Franny can run the ranch as well as any man.

From the first few page author, Genevieve Turner, created a character in Felipe that has a big problem he would deny if confronted.   He’s attracted to Franny and he knows he can never fit into her life.


He is on the outside looking in, sitting at the table but never sleeping in the big house, always the hired hand never the son.  Ms. Turner gave us a look at class distinction in 1903, but this was overcome by Ms. Turner as the story progressed.  Neither will he admit that he is close to loving Franny.


The Gem (The Malloy Family) by Beth Williamson

Book Review

This book is part of a series; it can be read as a stand alone.

Miss Charlotte Marie Chastain, better known as Charlie, is not your ordinary frock wearing, every hair in the gemplace female.  Miss Charlie is just a little odd and a  tomboy of the first order; she does everything she can to not appear weak, dependent or female, wears pants, hunts, and swears like no-bodies business. Charlie has a hidden trauma that has cast shadows over her life and made her what she has become.  Elijah (Eli) Sylvester, better known as Fixit around the fort because he can fix anything is considered slow, dim, a throwaway by most except Charlie. Eli spent his whole life being bullied.  Eli is not slow nor dimwitted, he is actually very smart though shy, and he is Charlies best friend.   Eli has loved Charlie for years; Charlie is clueless.  That is, until she walks in on Eli naked.  Wowzer, that was an eye opener for Charlie, both physically and mentally.  Watching Charlie blooms from an unaware, emotionally stunted, awkward teenager in a 25 yr old body was amazing.  Growing pains are hard in the teenage years, but for a 25 yr old this was especially hard; the trauma Charlie hides has stunted her emotional and


Gambling on the Outlaw, A Nevada Bounty Novel by Margaret Madigan

gamblingonthe outlaw2


A Band Of Misfit Women


A Good Man Framed


A Villain Most Foul


Beth Caldwell is the widow of a gambling man; she was always at his side except for the day he died. Widowed, serving as a lowly paid midwife, Beth Caldwell has problems of major proportions.


She lives on her small ranch with a cast of women misfits, the neighboring very rich rancher, Clay Dearborn, wants to marry her for her land and doesn’t want the misfits; a gambling friend is holding a $5,000.00 marker of her husbands and wants his money, and to just finish off a really bad day, she finds a


Into The Land Of Darkness By Kristy McCaffrey

Book Review

Ethan Barstow and  Kate Kinsella are looking for the same man, Ethan’s brother Charley, in this action into the land of shadowspacked western romance authored by Kristy McCaffrey.  They are under several misconceptions.


Kate’s looking for Charley Barstow to return him to his pregnant fiancé, Agnes. Kate mistakenly thinks Ethan is a killer and outlaw per Charley’s drunken ramblings. Ethan is looking for his brother Charley to mend fences and make peace. From conversations in town, Ethan thinks Kate is Charley’s fiancé.


They decide to continue the hunt together after an action packed rescue of Kate by Ethan.  This story features two very strong people who believe the worse of each other, but know in their hearts it can’t be true.


Author Kristy McCaffrey gives us raging river crossings, outlaws as Kate stated “the most inept outlaws ever”, mysterious appearances of  Joe the Indian,  a wolf called Bart is there when needed, attacks by Indian children, good and evil spirits, and attraction between two main characters that grows day by day until there is nothing to do but give in.


Kristy McCaffrey kept the story moving with a good plot, and sub-characters and lots of action.  The story has more than a touch of the paranormal that was very enjoyable and added flavor to the plot, as well as the mystery.  I


Sarah’s Heart and Passion by Ginger Simpson

Sarah's Heart and Passion





Western romance full of emotion



Author Ginger Simpson has crafted a western romance full of emotion.  Get out the hankies because this one is a tearjerker.



On the Santa Fe Trail, Sarah awakes to a nightmare. Indians have attacked the wagon train on which she is traveling from Independence to California.  Sarah was running from a forced marriage after her parent’s death. Everyone on the wagon train is dead except for Sarah and another traveler Molly. Sarah will become much stronger than she ever thought possible.  Sarah does her best to treat Molly’s injuries, but Molly does not survive.  Sarah dresses as a man and heads out, leaving a wounded Indian Gray Wolf, on the side of trail.  Later she is rescued by Gray Wolf.  This is the beginning of an emotionally story-line.

Come join them for a journey of discovery, love, desperation, prejudice and surprises.



The Author Ginger Simpson’s character development and descriptive writing was intense.  The author sets a scene of graphic horror.  The opening of the story was very powerful for me, as I could see the devastation, as she stumbles around the wagon train; Ginger Simpson’s writing was very vivid .  Sarah meets many mishaps: hunger, heat, stampeding basin, an injured Indian, and snakebite.


Montana Man by DeAnn Smallwood

Montana Man





Ben spent 4 yrs in Yuma Prison; aptly name “Hell Hole”. Those years turned him from a boy to a very bitter man, imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit.


He had received treatment within those walls no one should have to endure. His one driving need is to prove himself innocent & seek revenge. After release he is near death on the banks on the river. Wisteria is a spinster caring for her widowed brother’s child, Robin.


Wisteria’s brother sent for her under devious means then left her alone with the baby in near poverty. Baby Robin just made me want to smile. Author DeAnn Smallwood created a wonderful character in Baby Robin; she brought a wonderful element to this story. Wisteria finds Ben, sick, fevered, and unconscious, nurses him back to


Unconquerable Callie by DeAnn Smallwood

Book Review

This is a wonderful western with Callie as the heroine. Her spinster Aunt Bertha, who late in life has Unconquerable Callierecently married, raised Callie. The new husband has a nephew, who needs a wife. Aunt Bertha thinks Callie needs a husband.


Callie is a woman out of step with the time; she is smart, stubborn, independent, and determined. She refused to fit the mold of the day, so she runs away to find her dream, a bakery in South Pass Wyoming.


Woven thru this story are the realities of crossing to the west on a wagon train; this is the story of one of those crossings. Only strong men and women survived the trip, Callie is one of those women. Callie grows into a strong woman who has a smart mind that earned the respect of her fello