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Sherlock Mars By Jackie Kingon


Sherlock Mars
Sherlock Mars










Molly Marbles owns a successful restaurant on Mars.  However, when VV, Virtual Vittles, opens almost next door, she knows she must check it out.  Her restaurant is known for delicious food, and VV serves virtual renditions of the same dishes.  Will virtual food be as filling as good old stomach filling food?  Will VV ruin her business?

When Rick, the owner of VV is found dead in Molly’s kitchen, she is once more on a murder case with Chief Of Detective Lamont Cranshaw from Mars Yard. To add to her worries, she’s planning her daughter’s wedding, her chef and one of the kitchen staff are at each other’s throats, and the infamous cereal killer has escaped custody. Then add the controversy of androids and their place in society, and you have a combination of intrigue.  Will Molly find the killer, resolve her staff problems, and escape the notice of the cereal killer?  Come along for a riotous ride in author Jackie Kingon’s latest murder mystery.  My book reviews follow.


Sherlock Mars is a mystery, murder, crime story, a look into the fertile imagination of Jackie Kingon, and endless fun.  I found her characters well-developed with full-bodied personalities and secondary characters who added depth to the storyline.  She included many suspects during the investigation, and just as I thought I knew the identity of the killer, she added another to the mix.

Full of hilarious names for everything on Mars, I found myself laughing out loud at her outlandish vision of future life.  With a play on names and historical facts such as Billings Montana who owns a pizza shop, Schiaparelli Marinara and Spaghetti Bolognaise adventurers. Holly Wood and Beverly Hills female’s Rick dated, a game called Pin the Tail on the Cerebral Cortex, Dim Sun a lighting engineer, and so many more, I laughed and laughed.

The plotting is skillful, and Kingon‘s writing is easy to read and follow.  I found the scenes transitioned smoothly and the writing flowed well.  With a variety of suspects, this book is intriguing and keeps the reader guessing the identity of the killerAndroids play a large part in this story, and Kingon‘s imagination was in fine form in this area.  If you are looking for a story with murder, mystery, puns, and laughter, this is the one for you.




Also, I purchased this book, and I chose to review with honest book reviews voluntarily.  Lastly, reviews of any novel are dependent on the author’s opinion.  Consequently, all reviews online and on my blog, are my opinions.















Lacy Dawn’s father relives the Gulf War, her mother’s teeth are rotting out, and her best friend is murdered by the meanest daddy on Earth. Life in the hollow is hard. She has one advantage — an android was inserted into her life and is working with her to cure her parents. But, he wants something in exchange. It’s up to her to save the Universe. Lacy Dawn doesn’t mind saving the universe, but her family and friends come first.

Rarity from the Hollow is adult literary science fiction filled with tragedy, comedy and satire.

“The most enjoyable science fiction novel I have read in years.”

Temple Emmet Williams, Author, former editor for Reader’s Digest


The Shifter’s Nanny By T. S. Ryder


The Shifter's Nanny by T. S. Ryder
The Shifter’s Nanny, Cover










In The Shifter’s Nanny, we find Rose Doctor applying for a nanny position for the first time in five years.  After leaving an emotionally abusive relationship, Rose needs a job, and she has a degree in childcareArriving at Devon McGullicuddy’s for an interview, Rose finds the handsome panther shifter needs a nanny for his baby girl.  Neither of them is looking for a relationship or love.  However, fate has different ideas.

As their relationship builds, an old trauma in the form of a rabid stalker will appear on the scene to throw a monkey wrench into the works.  Come along with Rose and Devon as they fight their feelings, fight an evil stalker, and find a love which was worth waiting upon.  My shifter romance book reviews of The Shifter’s Nanny follows.


Firstly, let me say, how much I enjoyed this short, intense book.  Most shifter novels are full of explicit sex; I must commend T. S. Ryder for using prose rather than sex to sell this story.  Secondly, although a love scene does occur, it is tasteful and well-written without being offensive.

With twists and turns, Ryder kept my attention as she led me through Rose and Devon’s journey.   Setting a fast pace which remained smooth throughout, I became enmeshed in Ryder‘s shifter world.  With an original concept of humans and shifters living side by side, I found this refreshing as most novels have the shifters hidden from humans.


Shifter’s University by K. R. Thompson


Book 1











Claire Pratten is not a typical teenager.  She has a secret she has kept and revealed to no one.  When Claire’s frightened, she becomes something other than human teenager Claire.  Her foster home has become a nightmare of abuse, and it’s becoming harder to hide her other self.

Logan Fairmont, a dragon shifter, searches Roanoke and Salem for other shifters who are on the verge of revealing their nature to humans. Finding Claire, he knows she needs the help of Imperium University;  where she can learn to control her other self.   However, it’s not as simple as it seems because Claire is more than just another shifter.  My paranormal book reviews of Shifter’s University follows.


K. R. Thompson‘s shifter world is original and unique.  A university where shifters attend classes next to unsuspecting humans as they learn to control their other self.  It’s also a  place of werewolves, eves, witches, dragons, and a multitude of other magical shifters.  Thompson filled this story with magic, greed, hatred, prejudice, and attractionShifters share the same ugly traits as humans, with one exception, the humans in Shifter’s University want the shifters dead. Known as the Dark Watch, they are willing to kill to achieve their goals.


The Everett Exorcism By Lincoln Cole


World of Shadows Book 1

The Everett Exorcism
The Everett Exorcism










Father Niccolo Paladina arrives in Everett to investigate a report of demon possession.  Quickly Paladina realizes something’s not right in Everett.  Although he can not put his finger on the problem, he feels the strangeness in every cell of his body.

As strange things begin to happen an old enemy shows up;  Paladina realizes things are spiraling out of control. He’s in for the surprise of a lifetime as he discovers demons exist;  not as part of his imagination, but in the real world.  His horror increases as he finds the citizens of Everett are in serious trouble.  My book reviews of The Everett Exorcism follows.


Where do I start with this review?  I am not sure I can do the book justice;  however, I will attempt to peak your interest in this captivating bookLincoln Cole hooked me in the chilling prologue and held me in the palm of his hand through the rest of the book.  As I read The Everett Exorcism, I found my heart pounding and chills on my arms. What an intriguing, scary read!

Father Niccolo Paladina, Father Jackson Reynolds, and demon Hunter Arthur Vangeest bring realism to this tale of demons, God, and the Catholic Church.  I loved watching the characters grow and mature as Cole fully developed their style and personality.  Cole included an array of secondary characters which brought depth to the storyline.  As a result, The Everett Exorcism‘s an intense, action-packed drama of the age-old battle between good and evil.  With elements of the paranormal, horror, religion, greed, and power, Cole crafted an intriguing emotional tale;  including an Exorcist who does not believe in demons brought originality and realism to the story.


The Vampire’s Spell The Hunted by Lucy Lyons


Book 8

The Vampire's Spell The Hunted
The Vampire’s Spell The Hunted










In The Vampire’s Spell The Hunted, Clay Masters “made werewolf“, has his hands full.  Not only the pack leader to the largest werewolf pack in America, he has to contend with the High Fae.  He works at the club Pulse, his pack has the first werewolf pregnancy ever known, and he has not bonded nor wed his mate, Ashlynn.  Then thing really begin to heat up for Clay and his pack.  The pregnant female’s kidnapped, Ashlynn’s captured trying to rescue her, and many are dead in the wake.

The divisions between, High Fae, Werewolf, Wererat, and Vampire will change as an unknown enemy tries to destroy all magical creatures;  beginning with the werewolves.  Times are changing for all magical creatures.  Will the Werewolves, High Fae, Wererats, and Vampires, survive the latest battle and struggle to live?  My paranormal book review of The Vampire’s Spell The Hunted, follows.


Author Lucy Lyons created a fast-paced action paranormal book in The Vampire’s Spell The Hunted.  Basing her world loosely on our human world, with all the same prejudices, faults, jealousies, envy and greed.  As well as, the deep caring and love which is found in both worlds.  Lyons has a wonderful imagination.

Clay’s development in The Vampire’s Spell The Hunted, is awesome.  He has come into his own;  maturing as his responsibilities increase and his magic manifest more and more.  Trying to build a secure safe place in the world of magical creatures for his pack, Clay finds friends in unlikely places.


Taken by The Night By Lucy Lyons


The Vampire’s Spell Book 1

Taken By The Night
Taken By The Night










Taken By the Night features Master Vampire Lord Nicholas DeElbrecht, hoards of vampires, vampire hunters, hatred, jealousy, and romance.  Caroline watched as her parents were destroyed by a vampire.  Taken in and fostered by a family of the Venatores lamiae, she joins the school to learn and hunt vampires.  For the Venatores lamiae are vampire hunters.  Charlotte has been raised to hate and fear all vampires.  The only truth she knows is what the Venatores lamiae have given her.

David and Clay are her brothers of spirit if not blood.  As a result, they are always together, competing in lessons;  Caroline loves David.  Kidnapped by a vampire and taken to the Master Vampire‘s lair, Carolina faces questions.  She questions, who’s really the villains and who’s the hunter in this war.  Fascinated with Master Vampire Nicholas DeElbrecht, Carolina will also faces the fact she’s attracted to the Master.  Who’s the good guys and who’s the villain?  Is her heart leading her astray?  Why has this war persisted for thousands of years and what are they are hiding?  My romance book reviews of Taken By The Night by author Lucy Lyons follows.


In Taken By The Night, author Lucy Lyons presents a new take on vampires and vampire hunters.  From the first pages of this story, Lyons grabs the reader and does not let go until the finale.  Presenting Caroline’s character, in the first pages, I found a competitive, strong, determined young woman on the verge of adulthood.  Giving her brothers of the spirits on which she could reply for security and care, Lucy Lyons also wove plot lines of love into the story line.  However, one of her spirit brothers is holding devastating secrets.


Girl Of Great Price By Milo James Fowler


Girl of Great Price
Girl of Great Price










Private Investigator Charlie Madison’s, in the thick of things in Girl Of Great Price.  A crime noir set in the future, Madison’s hired to find a young kidnapped Japanese girl.  Knowing if he doesn’t find her within 48 hours, she’ll probably be dead, Madison takes the case.

What Madison finds defies imagination, even in a world run by Russian mobsters and mandroids. My book review of Girl of Great Price follows.


Milo James Fowler‘s short story, Girl of Great Price, reminds the reader of hard-boiled 1940’s television P.I. shows.  However, Madison has heart in a world which destroyed itself with global madness of war and environmental excess.  Milo James Fowler created a hero for a time which needed all the hero’s it could find.

Fowler held the mystery of the girl close to his chest and did not reveal the why, where, what, and when until necessary.  A short read of fifty-one pages, Fowler, packed the pages full of action and suspense.  Fowler’s scenes transitioned smoothly and his writing flowed well.  With fast paced action and an intriguing story-line, devotees of crime noir will love Milo James Fowler‘s Charlie Madison and the Girl of Great Price.  Although not my tea of cup, I can appreciate the skill with which Fowler crafted this story; giving it 4 stars for composition, structure, development, and pacing.


The Eye of Nefertiti By Maria Luisa Lang


A Pharaoh’s Cat Novel

The Eye Of Nefertiti
The Eye Of Nefertiti










Wrappa-Hamen, a talking upright walking cat with human abilities, has the starring role in The Eye Of Nefertiti.  Also featuring High Priest Gato-Hamen, Elena ordinary female, and baby Alexander.  Although a standalone read, The Eye Of Nefertiti continues the story of these extraordinary people, a cat with personality, and a flying time-traveling magic boat;  yes, you read correctly, magic boat.

Receiving an invitation to Bath, England, Elena and Alexander leave by plane.  Wrappa-Hamen and the High Priest will travel by magic boat.  However, things do not go quite as planned.  Including ending up at Stonehenge in ancient England and finding Queen Nefertiti living eternally.  Then add in traveling to ancient Egypt and meeting Seth, demon god.  My book review of The Eye of Nefertiti follows.


With vivid writing, Lang takes the reader on an action packed ride, full of twist and turns, adventure, time-travel, and laughter.  Narrated by the cat, Wrappa-Hamen, who possesses a wicked sense of humor, The Eye Of Nefertiti’s a fun read from start to finish.  I laughed and laughed at Wrappa-Hamen’s dialogue, observations, and conversations.  A cat with heart, an awkward uncoordinated High Priest, a re-incarnated Pharaoh in baby Alexander, and Elena normal human, are just a few of the characters the reader finds in this fantasy comedy.


Healing Hands By Kellie McAllen



Healing Hands by Kellie McAllen
Healing Hands



Book 4 of The Celestia Divisa Collection








Healing Hands is the fourth book in the Celestia Divisa Collection authored by Kellie McAllen;  a great addition to this series.  Rafael DiAngelo is a healer in more ways than one.  Although, skilled as a doctor, Rafe is not fully human.  He is half angel and a member of the Celestia Divisa.  Single, focused on his healing arts and teaching at the university, Rafe has not found his mate.  Meanwhile, upon meeting CeCe, blinded since a young child, Rafe feels he must help her.  As a result of their growing closeness, Rafe knows Cece is the one for him.

Cece experienced a traumatic childhood and resents doctors; they all wanted to fix her.  Cece does not feel she needs fixing.  She is fine just as she is.   She does not consider herself handicapped by her blindness. Rafe is keeping secrets from Cece which could ruin everything.   Can Cece and Rafe


Out Of the Shadows By Emma Carrie



The Tacket Secret Book 1

Out Of the Shadows
Out Of the Shadows










Detective Victoria Tacket, a driven detective in Golden City, New York and Emily Brelin, a teen on the run from a monster, feature in Out Of The Shadows. Emily’s running from the General, who trained her as an assassin.  When Victoria’s friend, Jen, dies she’s floored;  and to top it off, Jen ask her to take guardianship of Emily.   What does she know about raising and mentoring a kid?  After all, she has issues of her own she can’t face and resolve. She’s not mother material.

Victoria decides to let CPS take the care of her.  Unbeknownst to Victoria, Emily, over-hearing her decision, runs from the conference room where Victoria left her to wait.  The CPS agent, an incompetent piece of work, gives Victoria a letter from Jen;  asking Victoria to take guardianship or let Emily go as she’s safer on the streets where her unanimity’s protected.  Knowing she has already contacted missing persons to place Emily’s photo and information on the street, she races to erase all trace of Emily from the police system.

This begins the story of the relationship between Victoria and Emily. Victoria knows she must find Emily and keep her safe. From what or who, she doesn’t know;  after reading Jen’s letter she knows it must be bad .  The race is on to find Emily and persuade her she wants to take over guardianship, and protect her from the threats on the street of Golden City, New York. My review of Out Of The Shadows follows.



Wucaii By Pembroke Sinclair


Wucaii, Cover
Wucaii, Cover


In Wucaii, author Pembroke Sinclair, has created an intensely entertaining fantasy fiction novel.  Human/dragon hybrid Aelana left home 500 years ago. During her time away, she has saved people and destroyed worlds.  She’s back bringing salvation for people willing to listen and heed.  Having spent her life destroying and saving, Aelana has known trials, tribulations, lost of her lifelong love, and loneliness.

While on her home planet, she will encounter the reincarnation of her lost love.  Will they be able to survive the coming apocalypse?  Can they save the people and defeat the evil stalking them?

Grab your favorite beverage and have a seat; my fantasy fiction novel review of Wucaii follows.


Firstly, let me say, how much I enjoyed this fantasy fiction novel.  Although I read and review fantasy, it is not my favorite genre.  However, Wucaii, was intriguing from the first page and held my attention throughout.  I look forward to reading more by Sinclair.  Secondly, I found the character development by author Pembroke Sinclair, spot on as she progressively developed each character.  With the addition of the


Wicked, Manor, And Murder By Lotta Smith


Paranormal in Manhattan Mystery: A Cozy Mystery Book 7

Wicked, Manor, And Murder
Wicked, Manor, And Murder










In Wicked, Manor, And Murder, Amanda Meyer and Rick Rowling’s wedding is around the corner.  Busy with wedding plans, Amanda’s surprised when her best friend and bridesmaid Fiona reveals she has seen her dead Granny.  Not only did she see her, Granny gave her a message that she was in grave danger.  Fiona contacted Amanda and Rick to investigate and find who’s placing her in imminent danger.

What they find rivals Hollywood; murder, dark secrets, affairs, ghosts, and danger; along with zany characters and interfering spirits.  My book review of Wicked, Manor, and Murder follows.


Amanda, Rick, and Brian, are back in Smith’s latest installment of the Paranormal In Manhattan Mystery Series.  A standalone read, I would recommend reading the earlier books as they will enhance your reading experience and enjoyment of the characters.

Wicked, Manor, And Murder, Book 7, filled with quips, fun, ghostly presence, deep dark secrets, mystery, and murder, hits the mystery and paranormal mark.  Including many twists and turns, Smith held the plot close to her chest, and revealing the who, what, when, and how, as needed in the story-line.


Wicked and Haunted By Lotta Smith


Paranormal in Manhattan Mystery: A Cozy Mystery on Kindle Unlimited Book 6

Wicked and Haunted
Wicked and Haunted










Mandy and Rick are back in Wicked and Haunted by author Lotta Smith, this case involves a haunted ring.  While planning their up-coming wedding, dealing with the future mother-in-law from hell, and solving the case of the haunted ring, Mandy and Rick finds themselves in the middle of lots of action.  The ring’s having definite disastrous results on people; then you have mother-in-law, Alice, trying to turn their wedding into a circus event.  Planning everything from llama ring bearers to exchanging tattoos instead of rings, Mandy and Rick are at wit’s end.

All your old favorites put in an appearance as Mandy and Rick work to solve their latest case and have a normal wedding, .  My paranormal romance book reviews for Wicked and Haunted follows.



Although Wicked and Haunted, is the first book of this series I have read, it’s not the last.  I plan to read all the earlier books. Filled with zany characters, hilarious snips, and snarky dialogue, I laughed continuously.  I loved the characters Smith developed for this book; from the zany Jackie to the domineering demanding Alice.


The Reader By M. K. Harkins



The Reader, Cover jpeg
The Reader, Cover










Story line The Reader:

Author M. K. Harkins, created an exciting paranormal romance thriller in her book, The Reader.  A young girl finds herself on the shore dodging bullets.  Without memory of her identity or past, two uncommonly handsome young men, Archer and Devon, come to her rescue.  Told her name’s Ann, Archer and Devon claim to be friends.  However, somethings feels off!  Still, they whisk her off to North Bend, Washington as bullets fly around them.

Upon arriving in North Bend and presented with an impossible tale, she doesn’t know what to think.  For in North Bend a compound of superior humans, live, love, work, and claim they are mind readers.  Humans who have secretly inhabited the earth for thousands of years side by side with normal humans.  Ann comes to believe this impossible tale, her part in this community, and the part she will play in destiny.  Long awaited by the Readers and others, Ann has a major role in the future.  However, evil is stalking humans, these superior beings, and Ann.  Plans are in place;  Ann, Archer, and Devon will have to come to terms with their place in history.

Come along with Ann, Archer, and Devon as they come to understand their place in the past, present and future.  Grab your favorite beverage, have a seat, and enjoy this wonderfully intriguing tale. My paranormal romance thriller novel review of The Reader follows.


Characters, Plotting, and Development:

Firstly, let me say, Author M. K. Harkins, grabs the reader from the first sentences in this paranormal romance novel.  She started her story with a bang and grabbed me right away.  The intrigue and mystery will grab your imagination and not let go.  Secondly,


Midnight Burning By Karissa Laurel



Midnight Burning by Karissa Laurel
Midnight Burning, Cover




Author Karissa Laurel creates an original paranormal mystery novel in Midnight Burning filled with humor, romance, adventure, and tension.

Raised in the foothills of North Carolina, twins Solina and Mani traveled different paths in life. Mani, seeking answers, journeyed to Alaska where he met death. Meanwhile, Solina worked with their mom and dad in the family bakery and dreamed. However, Solina’s dreams are not sweet gentle dreams of happily every after; nightmares follow sleep for Solina.

Solina travels to Alaska determined to find answers to Mani death. Seeking help from Mani’s friends and employer, Solina finds answers and unbelievable circumstances.


Anonymous By Christine Benedict







Anonymous, cover jpeg
Annonymous, cover











Author Christine Benedict has created a spine tingling mystery thriller in her novel, Anonymous.  Set in 1984, a young couple will come face to face with the evil of humanity, the paranormal, and their own mortality.  Furthermore,  they live to tell the tale.  Do ghost exist?  Ask the real people who know this circa 1875 farmhouse.  Yes, it does exist and Ms. Benedict’s based Anonymous on this house and personal experience with a stalker.  The Monroe Falls Paranormal Society investigated this house and produced a documentary; link can found at bottom of page.

In 1984, Debra and Greg move into a run down circa 1875 farmhouse.  Containing 14 rooms, In need of extensive repairs, and far scarier than Debra could have ever imagined.  Birthed in a family of insanity, abused both mental and physical, Debra fights thoughts of following her mother’s insane path.  Meanwhile, things are happening in this old house; frightening things.  Finding herself alone with her thoughts, she befriends her neighbors.  Julie appears to have it all.  Yes she does, including a mysterious insane stalker.  Between Julie’s  stalker, Julie’s violent husband Kyle,  and a house trying to drive her crazy, Debra is hanging on by


The Empathic Detective: A Mystery Thriller By Jaxon Reed



The Empathic Detective, A Mystery Thriller, Cover











Author Jaxon Reed set his mystery thriller novel, The Empathic Detective: A Mystery Thriller, in the future containing flying cars, floating buildings, and much more.  However, some things never change, such as crime.  Detective Gerald Bryce fights crime in Texas.  However, Gerald Bryce is different from his other officers.  Gerald is an empath.  Feared and shunned by fellow officers, his skills are unique and an advantage for law enforcement.  Called to the latest crime scene, Gerald finds something he never expected to find, another empath. However, this empath is very different!   Will Gerald’s skills enable him and the department to win the coming war with this criminal?  New in town, Parker is assigned as Gerald new partner.  Will Parker be able to deal with Gerald’s empath abilities?  Can they forge a working


Rain By Adam C. Kelley




Rain, cover, jpeg
Rain, Cover



Author Adam Kelley has created an epic novel in Rain.  Spanning the lifetime of the two main characters, Rain is an intense novel.  Living on Mars in the future, Jake rescues Ellie from a raging river.  New graduate, Ellie, waiting for her appointment from the government has taken time off.  Finally, Ellie receives her appointment, similar to an agriculture agent today.  Ellie and Jake find themselves in the same area.

Meanwhile, the government did not grant Jake the stewardship of his father’s homestead station.  Consequently unemployed, Jake, seeks employment locally.  Finding a menial job as a farm hand, he and Ellie are together more and more; the attraction grows.  Inevitably, heartache will follow along with happiness and joy.   Mars is not an easy planet.  In Rain you will find:  friends made and lost, farms succeed others fail, plants thrive others die, marriages made babies born, and finally tribulation and possible disaster looms on


Flightless Bird By Kellie McAllen



Flightless Bird By Kellie McAllen
Flightless Bird, Cover











In Flightless Bird, we find a young girl on the verge of womanhood.  Raised by an abusive alcoholic mother, her father in prison, and an only child, Lexus Wren is lonely, extremely shy, very insecure, dirt poor, and the butt of jokes and demeaning comments in high school.

“She was like a flightless bird, her wings clipped by every cruel word and heartless action…”

Her life’s a nightmare until the day two hunky new students, twins Phoenix and Griffin Easton, transfer to her school.  Lexus can not believe they find her attractive; the odd ball of the school.  Lexus can only think:  how’s this possible? She has never had a boyfriend, and suddenly she has two boys vying for her attention.  She has nothing to recommend her as she’s white trash.  However, Phoenix and Griffin see something in Lexus no one else sees.

Phoenix and Griffin have their own set of problems and issues, the least of which is Lexus.  Both, Phoenix and Griffin, attracted to Lexus, find she has a decidedly unusual affect upon them.  Electricity and sparks flow when Lexus touches either of them. Really, actual sparks.  Drawn to Lexus and they feel protective as well.  However, each young man’s an









Book One Jax Winters, Clean Edition

Lexcon Time Travel Series







Author Shannyn Leah created a first class beginning to a new series in her novel, Winters Rising.  Creating a new world order of citizens, Leah, skillfully wove her time travel story.

They are the Gatekeepers who insure time is not disrupted and events do not change.  Seconds bond and marry Gatekeepers.  Each carries a birth mark on their body.  This mark calls to its mate.

Brea is a Second and unsatisfied with her lot in life.  She is more than a second and breeder for her Gatekeeper, Jax.  As a result, Brea’s determined not to bond with Jax, until she can talk to the Council about the injustice in the Second and Gatekeeper system.  Married but unbonded, Jax and Brea have a turbulent relationship filled with anger, prejudice, misconception, and of course, attraction.  Evil is also afoot in the Lexcon community.  Someone is trying to disrupt time and create chaos.

Brea and Jax will find mystery, intrigue, and perhaps love await them.  Brea’s destiny written long ago has far-reaching effects.  Can she and Jax find common ground to foster love and companionship?  Will


Inevitable Goddess Of Fate By Tamara Hart Heiner



Book 1

Inevitable Goddess Of Fate by Tamara Hart Heiner
Inevitable Goddess Of Fate Cover




In Inevitable Goddess Of Fate, the reader finds Jayne Lockwood, a normal teenager except for one tiny little thing.  She can look into certain people’s eyes and see their death.  Try dealing with this gift or curse, as well as, the emotions and issues of growing up.  When Jayne smells lemons, she refuses to look into the person’s eyes because what she will see is usually horrifying.

Not even telling her best friend Dana, Jayne deals with the visions on her own.  When handsome English-born Aaron moves to town, he and Jayne feel an attraction, but Jayne smells lemons.  She refuses to look into his eyes, which intrigues Aaron.

Not only dealing with her gift and  the new boy in school, Jayne finds himself seeing a serial killer through his victims eyes.  Through a set of circumstances, the killer hones in on Jayne as he discovers she knows too much.  Grab a


The Alex Cave Series Book 4 Gravity by James M. Corkill



James M. Corkill, Gravity
The Alex Cave Series Book 4 Gravity, Cover












In The Alex Cave Series Book 4 Gravity, hero Alex Cave is back in action. Author James Corkill crafted a first-rate sci-fi mystery suspense which grabs the reader immediately and does not let go.  Something strange has happened in Iceland and the Director of the Nordic Volcanological Center needs Alex on the job. Alex and sidekick, Okana will face danger from all sides; asteroids, greedy villains, gravity gone amuck and girl friends problems.

An ancient machine is active and the destruction of earth is eminent, an asteroid on a collision course with


Bite Somebody By Sara Dobie Bauer




bite somebody,cover
Bite Somebody, Cover



Bite Somebody, a wonderfully funny paranormal vampire novel, will entertain the reader from the first page to the last.  Get ready to laugh.  Celia is a riot a minute and Woodsy BO Guy is just plain wonderful.



In paranormal novel Bite Somebody, author Sara Dobie Bauer has created a vampire novel which is funny, witty, and just good entertainment.  Celia Merkin is a newbie.  A vampire newbie that is!  She sees herself as wimpy, lumpy, fat, and far from irresistible.  After her creator ask her if she wanted “to be perfect”, Celia woke up alone, a new vampire, unable to bite anyone for food, and she certainly was not perfect.  In fact, she was her same insecure old self, lumps and all.  She has a psychiatrist who does not understand her, a new friend, Imogene, who is crazy, and a new neighbor, Ian, that makes her motor run.  Her new crazy friend, Imogene, tells her to just bite somebody.  Celia wants her first time special, not just a bite for the bites sake.

Is the woodsy bo guy next door the answer to Celia’s problem?  Will Celia ever realize her insecurities are


Immortal Writers By Jill Bowers



Immortal Writers By Jill Bowers, Cover
Immortal Writers, Cover











In Jill Bowers latest novel, Immortal Writers, you will find adventure, action, treachery, and romance.  Elizabeth (Liz) McKinnen, returning home from her first successful book tour, will find her life turning 360 degrees from normal.  Finding herself kidnapped, Liz believes crazy fanatical fans have abducted her.  That is until the fire-breathing dragon and dead famous authors appear.  Between William Shakespeare, Curtis the hero from her novel, Edgar Allan Poe, Jane Austen, Earnest Hemingway and others, Liz has no option except to believe.

Trained to battle an evil foe from her book, Liz finds herself initiated into the realm of the Immortal Writers


Rise Of The Chosen By Anna Kopp




Rise Of The Chosen, Cover
Rise Of The Chosen, Cover




Set in post-apocalyptic Savannah, after a world-wide phenomena, Rise Of The Chosen is an exciting and intriguing roller coaster ride.  When the dead started rising, some wanted to call them zombie.  However, the zombie of fiction mindlessly ate its kill.  Know as The Woken, they are not zombies but just plain mindless super killers of the worst sort.   The second type of undead, the Chosen, are rare.  The Chosen have the super abilities of the Woken, but still have their humanity.  To form a workable society and protect humans, society formed a group called the Watch.  The Watch consist of teams containing 2 humans and 1 Chosen, given the responsible of protecting the living, and beheading the Woken.  Closing off the cities, the Watch guards the humans and keeps peace.  Meanwhile, not all are happy with this arrangement, and covert groups form to fight the Watch and the Chosen.

Watch team mates, human Julian and Chosen David, found themselves teamed with newbie Sam.  Her father was a great fighter in the Watch until his heroic death.  Sam will have decisions to make, some will


First Contact: Strings Attached by Paul J. Nelson




First Contact, Cover, JPEG
First Contact Strings Attached, Cover










First Contact Strings Attached, set on an industrial world, Zeon, is a fantasy ride.  Zalk invented a powerful telescope during a time period of the cart and horse, no electricity, and denial of other beings existence in the universe.  Ostracized for his beliefs, he has finally made his way back into the academic scientific world when he discovers he can mentally talk to a being, Sorba, on their neighboring revolving planet, Arken.  Sorba makes promises of huge benefits in return for help from Zalk and his world.  Or are there benefits?  Are the intentions of this being really as harmless as they seem?

Will these beings be friend or foe?  Are they on the road to friendship or to conquer?  Come along with Zalk as he ferrets out the truth and mysteries behind the request.




New Dawn By Andrew J. Morgan

New Dawn, cover








Sci-Fi, Suspense

Psychological Thriller

Journey Light Years Through Space




As an introduction to Author Andrew J. Morgan novel, New Dawn, you will meet Jake and the crew of the Athena.  Interplanetary Geologist Jake Brooks, has signed on to the Athena, a Planexus space tug sent to explore planet HD 95521B, aka New Dawn, for possible habitation by humans from Earth.  Earth is over populated and her resources are almost exhausted.  Hence, this planet could be earth’s citizens new home.  Consequently, Jake, the crew, and a surprise addition, ship out on the Athena on a journey which will take 8 months.

Almost immediately Jake realizes something does not feel right on the Athena.  Crew members begin to die.  As a result of the deaths, fear is running rampant.  However, Jake is smart and realizes something awful is happening and someone on board


Casimir Bridge By Darren Beyer


casimir bridge
Casimir Bridge, Cover

A Mystery, Suspense, Techno, Thriller At Its’ Best.  Casimir Bridge is not just for the sci-fi techno audience!  Clear your schedule, take a seat, and get ready for a thrill ride through space.


In Casimir Bridge, Reporter Mandi Nkosil, receives a mind-blowing tip along with documentation from an anonymous informant which will blow the top off AIC.  AIC is one of the largest companies in the world;  the information points to their involvement in a nuclear terror plot.  They are a science and technology giant with many enemies.

Mandi has found herself on the run from killers and evil men who do not want the world to discover the evidence framing AIC was the brain child of Greg Andrews.  The evil goes all the way to the hallowed halls


Conjesero By Carl Alves

The Cover version 2 print size
Conjesero, Cover



A Monster is Loose

Can One Man Stop Him?





In Conjesero, Kevin Russell, homicide detective with the San Francisco Police Department, has caught the most infamous serial killer since Manson, the Hail Mary rapist. It was an arduous investigation but he gets his second wind when he receives a call from his best friend Paul Richardson.  Paul has a flat tire and needs Kevin to come to his aid.  Before Kevin can reach Paul, a monster out of deep and dark nightmares, almost kills him.  Rushed to the hospital and treated by Dr. Wendy Davis, his injuries will heal physically, however emotional healing will take time.  Telling Kevin what attacked him, leaves Kevin wondering about his


Helm Abomination By Gryffyn Phoenix


Helm Abomination



The World of Helm Filled With Wondrous Creatures

Verity Is Back In Action In Book 2





Helm: a world so different from the human world.   In Helm Abomination, you will find handsome hunky male fairies and the new Veil-Seer is the female in this all male world.  What more could a girl want!  Get ready for a look into author Gryffyn Phoenix’s world of Helm; full of secrets, mysteries, evil, riddles, and half-truths.


Verity as the new veil-seer has new responsibilities and a ripening desire for Haydn; Haydn is the Leader of Helm.  Teenage hormones are raging as Verity and Haydn fight against the attraction and Verity learns to battle in this strange world as the veil-seer.


Kiss Of The Virgin Queen By Sharon Buchbinder

kiss of the virgin queen

Author Sharon Buchbinder has continued her wonderful tale of werewolves and jinnis.  This one will take you back in history to King Solomon as she builds on her story-line in present time and incorporates history.  Intriguing and action packed, relax with a cold drink and enjoy this wonderful story.



Eliana Solomon, agent with Homeland Security, is back in the thick of things in this action packed book created by author Sharon Buchbinder.  Called to Summertown, West Virginia to investigate the disappearance of 3 werewolf boys and 3 eighteen year old sisters, Eliana finds she must once again face the jinni, their danger to humanity, and their evil natures. Calling her team together, she is forced to ask for the help from attractive Dr. Arta Shahani, Psychiatrist and jinni expert and the man who left her to die in the desert on their last mission together.


Kiss Of The Silver Wolf by Sharon Buchbinder

kiss of the silver wolf


Author Sharon Buchbinder sets the stage for Kiss Of The Silver Wolf with murder at a mine shaft in Eden, Kentucky.  Homeland Security is in charge of the operation and something goes very wrong resulting in a death.  At this point, I realized this was not the average werewolf story I had read in the past. Ms. Buchbinder has set the stage for an action packed werewolf romance.

Zachariah Abingdon and the wolf pack are on their monthly run; this time it is a run for their lives to escape certain death.  These two scenes set the stage for author Buchbinder’s story-line.


The Bloodmoon Curse Cove Spirits Series: Book 2 by Karen Wiesner

Blood moon Curse



Love, Romance, Faith

Gothic Style Suspense, Horror, And Mystery At Its Best




What a story!  You have everything in this book by Author Karen Wiesner from deep faith in God, mystery, murder, terror, horror, suspense, and evil.  It left me gasping for breath; good heavens, what an attention grabbing novel.  What an imagination Ms. Wiesner possesses.



Cain and Amberlyn Lyons are at a cross roads in their life and marriage.  After several miscarriages and loosing a son just before birth, they are floundering in guilt, despair and grief.  Cain’s faith is


Rogue Moon (Bad Boy Alphas) (Rogue Moon Series Book 1) By Lashell Collins

Rogue Moon



Vicious Murders


The Lady Cop And the Billionaire Werewolf




Trevor Dare is a billionaire, owner of a medical robotics company, Dare Enterprises, and a werewolf.  He is also on a mission of vengeance to avenge his wife’s murder.  He intends to kill everyone involved in her death.


Melissa Cartwright is the detective on the case of vicious murders that seem to show animal claw marks,


Divergent Bloodline By TJ Shaw



divergent bloodline







They don’t what has hit them when the heat, attraction, and longing begins;  they are confused and worried.  Can the lonely cop and the vampire king form an alliance of life and love?



Viviane Taylor is a detective in the homicide division; she is a good detective with excellent instincts and hunches.  Called to the scene of a gruesome murder, Viviane, has a hunch that Julian DeMatteo’s involved.  DeMatteo, reputed mobster, has his fingers in lots of pies.  His reputation is one of philanthropic endeavors and community


Subject X By Emma Hunter

subject x



Secrets and Mysteries

Love That Will Not be Denied



Secrets, mystery, intrigue, suspense, and intense sexual attraction;  this book has it all.  Get your favorite beverage, relax in your favorite chair, and get ready for a roller coaster ride as you enter Emma Hunter’s world of Subject X.



Charlotte Kane, graduate of Harvard bio engineering, has been accepted into the Genesis Life Systems assistant program. Genesis is renowned for its’ work in the biological sciences and part of the well-known conglomerate, Garrison.

Her supervisor is a nerdy secret man;  you realize immediately something is off with him.  After processing


Big Bear (Rescue Bears) Book 3 By Scarlett Grove


Big Bear



The Big Gentle Grizzly Bear

Smart Curvy Accountant

Fated Mates on Fate Mountain



Wow!  This book is the best of series.  I hope I can inspire you to read about this gentle giant shifter.  Ms. Grove’s story-telling skills are evident in this book.  This book does not use sex to sale the story-line.


Author Scarlett Grove has given us the tale of Angus Grant, the big gentle giant.  Angus has a good heart and a very large body as a grizzly bear shifter;  he yearns for a mate but has not been matched on with his 100% fated mate.  Poppy Robins, accountant for Sound Import/Export, is curvy, wears glasses, a nonexistent romance life, and is


Wild Bear (Rescue Bears Book 2) By Scarlett Grove

Fate Mountain Shifters - Wild Bear - final


Handsome Hunky Troubled Bear Shifter

A Fated-Mate Left Behind

Can Love Prevail

Book 2 Of The Bear Rescue Series




Shane Keenan, grizzly bear shifter, world-famous chef and member of the Bear Rescue Team, is a troubled bear with little control over his bear.  He has run from his troubled past, his fated-mate whom he knew from childhood, and life.


After serving in the human war, he spent a year in bear form in a cave.  Now is he head chef for Levi at


Chief Bear (Bear Shifter Paranormal Romance) (Rescue Bears Book 1) By Scarlett Grove




Shifters Are Out In The Open

Secret To The World No More

Romance And Mating




They have existed for thousands of years and finally they are out in the open.  They live within the human world and have dealt with prejudice, bigotry, and poverty.  Then the war came, and the shifters became heroes to the American public.  They are revered after years of abuse.

Levi Blackthorn, former Navy Seal, is leader of the Rescue Bears Team and owner of Fate Mountain Lodge on Fate Mountain; he is lonely and needs to find his fated mate. One of the rescue group has created a


Tiger In Her Bed 2: Animalistic By Lizzie Lynn Lee

Animmalistic by Lizzie lynn lee


Weretiger Hero

Curvy Woman In Need Of Rescue

Adventure and Love

Erotic Love Play



Arielle Winter’s life has gone to pot.  She loves to eat, food comforts her, and she’s gotten curvy, her job as a paralegal has gone from heaven to hell due to her boss Sabrina, she’s mugged, gets stuck in a chimney dressed as Santa trying to serve papers on a mobster, and her apartment burns down.  To make things worse she catches her on-again off-again boyfriend and her boss in flagrante delicto


Resisting Darkness Book 3 of the Forrest of Darkness Novels By Kate Wendley

resisting darkness



Ethan’s And Harmony’s Story

Is Harmony His Salvation Or His Downfall?



This book grabbed me from the first page and left me screaming for more at the end.  The hook is set deep and fast in this novel by author Kate Wendley as we learn more and more about her shifter/vampire community and the lives of each shifter/vampire.


Author Kate Wendley continues our journey in a very different shifter/vampire world.  In Author Kate Wendley’s latest vampire tale, we follow Ethan and Harmony.  Ethan is out for vengeance against the person that killed the love of his life, Sonya.  He is a hot mess obsessed with killing Isaiah who just


Abandoned Darkness By Kate Wendley

abandoned darkness by kate wendley


An Alpha Wolf Shifter

A Timid Jaguar Shifter

Is Love Waiting?

The Story Continues In Book Two!



Kate Wendley’s second novel in the  Forest Of Darkness series is a winner.



Sebastian is an Alpha Wolf Shifter.  He loves being a wolf shifter, however he hates his job in the shifter/vampire world and the loneliness he endures because of his talent.  His friend and Vampire Master Anthony uses his talent as a mind reader in the magical world of shifter and vampire.  He is hated, feared,


The Haunted Heist By Angie Fox

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00023]




Gang Is All Here Again For The Latest Mystery and Murder

Verity And Company Are In The Middle Once Again





Verity Long is still trying to release ghost gangster Frankie, Ellis is still her sometimes boyfriend, Ellis’ mother is still making Verity’s life miserable, and Verity still doesn’t have a job.  Could things get any worse?  Yes!  Reggie Thompson, the most powerful man in Sugarland and Sugarland’s banker, is murdered in the bank vault after offering Verity a graphic design job.

The bank has ghosts; did the ghost kill the Reggie? What are the noises the employees have heard


Mastering Darkness By Kate Wendley


mastering darkness


How Do You Like Your Vampire?

A Master Vampire Of The Atlanta Territory

A Beautiful Human Woman

Shifters And Vampires As You Have Never Seen Them

Filled With Emotions And Desire To Belong





Author Kate Wendley has created a world of shifters and vampires that is very different.  We see them with emotions, insecurities, jealousy, envy, in other words, we see human emotions in her characters.


Anthony is the Master Vampire of the Atlanta Territories; he is a good Master who punishes when he must and has been emotionally alone for almost 300 years.  Romantic relationships never work for him


Wolf’s Blade (The Paladins Book 1) By by Clare Dargin

Wolf's Balde


The Enforcer For His Wolf Pack

A Beautiful Woman

An Egomaniac

All Come Together In Willowridge In A Fight For Their Life, Love, And Pack.




Callum Blake is Paladin for his pack and 2nd son to the Alpha.  After an ancestor was cursed by the Wolf Goddess, the ancestor became a Lycan.  Callum’s bloodline has inherited the Lycan gene from this ancestor.  He fights his inner Lycan, bent on killing and terror.  He is on a mission to capture Eryx, to return


The Human Cure By Tracy Auerbach

The Human Cure



How Do You Like Your Vampires?

Loving, Kind, Scary, Cruel?

Welcome To A New Vampire World!




Author Tracy Auerback has created a vampire world I have never seen before.  This is a tale of vampires in the down and dirty world they occupy below New York and the world where they hunt.  It is raw, gritty, gory, and filled with monsters.  It also a story of love and sacrifice.



Kate Plesser is an office assistant that can not seem to find her niche in life or a boyfriend worth his salt.


Northwoods By Bill Schweigart


Powerful book full of monsters and evil!

Frightened By Monsters?

You will be frightened!  Sit down, relax, and prepare to be scared!

 Northwoods by Bill Schweigart has the horror market cornered!


I love Bill Schweigart novels, and I feel sure you will also.  The beginning chapter is action packed with horror, blood, guts, gore, and unexplained happenings as something deadly and evil has come to the Superior National


Crescent Vendetta By Desiree L. Scott

Crescent Vendetta



He Awoke Caged in Wolf Form


She Was Caged Near him In Wolf Form



This is an action packed shifter novel and author Desiree Scott’s take on that world.  This book transports


Bad Moon Rising by Mina Carter


Bad Moon Rising


New York Times & USA Today Best Selling Author

A Hunky Werelion!

A Thief That’s Not What She Seems!

Sexual Attraction!

The Pages Steam!



Story Line:

Wow!  This novella is action packed with shifters, demons, werelocks, betrayal, and a hunky purring feline shifter that gets our heroine’s motor running.  Ms. Carter’s heroine, Beth, has run since she was 11 years old when her Warlock father tried to kill her.


Springing a tail for a Warlock just is not done.  After all, Warlocks are a snobby group.  That tail revealed a


The Skeleton In The Closet by Angie Fox

How Do you Feel about Humor, Ghost, Love

If you like all the above, this book is up your alley!


 Vesity Long’s life has been spinning out of control since her “almost marriage” to philandering Beau Wydell, son of Sugarland, Tennessee’s most prominent and wealthy citizen, reigning queen bee, Virginia Wydell.

That fiasco nearly costs Verity all her worldly possessions except for her car, she calls the land yacht, and her ancestral home. Don’t you just love what she calls her car?  I could see it from the descriptions, a huge tank rumbling


The Beast of Barcroft by Bill Schweigart


The beast of barcroft

Do Monsters Scare You? 

If you answer is yes, this book is for you.

Monsters are here, monsters of the worse kind!

 The Beast Of Barcroft has Monsters most foul.


The neighborhood near the seat of power for the U.S. should have been a fantasy come true; old stately homes, quite neighbors, the perfect place to live.

Do not be deceived, something is very wrong in Barcroft, Virginia.  It started with the neighbor from hell, Madeleine Roux; raccoon rehab, feral cats, rats, and an ecosystem altered inviting something evil to come, commune, and feast on the community.

Ben McKelvie’s life has been on a downward spiral for sometime, however the horror to come will forge him into the man he was meant to be.  Along with a small group of fellow believers, Ben will fight for his life and community.  Hero’s will emerge


Crimson Shore by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston

FBI, Monsters, Evil; What More Could You Want?


Crimson Shore Is Another Hit For Preston And Child


FBI Agent A.X.L. Pendergast is back in action; his classic ultra expensive black suit, austere expression, white skin and lighter than light hair, expensive taste, and genteel manners; do not mistake him for a sissy, to do so would be a mistake of enormous portions.


Occult Assassin #1: Damnation Code by William Massa

Book Review

What a roller coaster ride. This book is non-stop action from the first page to the last. Mr. Massa knows how to ramp up the action in no uncertain terms.

The story begins with the murder of Steve Delaney, a UBER driver. The murderer’s IPhone telecast Occult AssassinDelaney’s murder to a mysterious man wearing a robotic death mask and to two other phones. Strange sing-song chanting by the masked man is heard and the 3 others then committed suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Flash forward and Mark Talon, Delta Force Soldier and most decorated soldier in all the military branches, is on his way home to pop the question to his investigative reporter girlfriend, Michelle. After accepting his proposal, all hell breaks loose in her apartment after Talon goes to the aid of an old military friend; Michelle is murdered in a horrible way within a pentagram by a Satanic Cult before he returns. What was she investigating that could have led to her death? The villains do not realize the can of worms they have opened by killing Talon’s fiancée and he has the backing of Simon Casca, owner of a technology company, billionaire and occult expert. Casca has personal knowledge of the evil of this cult.

Enter the villain of this story, Robert Zagan, CEO Of Omicron Technologies and Satanic Cult Leader. His


A Secret to Bear by Ana W. Fawkes & Karolyn James writing as Ana James

Book Review

Scarlett’s life has not been very fulfilling, she is curvy aka fat, works at a dumpy diner, her mother died giving birth to her, and her father, John Harrorway murdered; after his death she never felt valued a secret to bearagain. In her fathers journals he wrote of the town of Strykersford and told her wonderful tales of bears and humans when she was a child; Scarlett wants to know what happened to her father. She heads to Strykersford and encounters Max, whose father was also murdered. Max is a werebear, gorgeous, huge, has a heart of gold and is crazy about Scarlett at first sight; Scarlett is likewise affected.

This is the story of Scarlett and Max finding the love of a lifetime and solving mysteries.


The Arrival by J. W. Brazier

The Arrival


DNA Munipilation!

A Baby Born!


The premise for this book was set in stone thousands of years ago; if you believe the Bible it is all laid out in precise order. This is a take on the end times with America being in the center; in today’s advanced times of medicine, research, and science anything is possible.


This story begins in Palestine in 1948, Ian Taylor, archaeologist and Dr. Charles Wagner, scientist are hired to find a certain 2,000-year-old zealot Jewish body for Abram Solomon, CEO of Solomon Industries in the


The Congregation A Jake and Amanda Bannon Novel by Desirée Bombenon Pub date 8-25-15

the congrgation

Powerful Secrets!

Secret Organizations!

Time Running Out!

Jake and Amanda are back in action in this book; this maybe their toughest case yet as it deals with the Church, beliefs, secret organizations, secret meetings, secret agendas;  so many secrets.


Jake and Amanda are vacationing in Rome, as well as, getting a blessed rosary from Cardinal Roland for a friend of Amanda’s very religious mother. Amanda offers to deliver a religious relic to the Cardinals friend, Father Kristofferson in Chicago when they visit Chicago.


Cardinal Roland and Father Kristofferson have a secret between them. Something that will take place Dec 12, 2012. Cardinal Roland is inconsolable with grief over the secret.


Once in Chicago, Amanda is getting the sixth sense, clairvoyance, that Cardinal Roland may be in trouble of some kind.


Anytime the Church is involved you know your heart is going to be pulled from your chest.  There are a lot of twists and turns, which Ms. Bombenon will weave together to form a complete story. There is Josh and


Be Careful What You Kiss For By Jane Lynne Daniels

Be careful what you kiss for


“The Do Over”  Do You Really Want It?

Paranormal Romance, One of the Best


Author Jane Daniels has crafted a story on the premise that many of us have wished for at some point in our life, get “the do over”, to do things differently than we did the first time.


However we never think about the circumstances or repercussions of the “do over”.  Do we really want a “do over”,  I think you should ask Tensley for her opinion.


Story Line:

Tensley’s ,( a business woman),  love life just never seems to jell, it started in high school with her first love


Night of the Living Demon Slayer by Angie Fox

Book Review

This is the 7th book of this series and the first one I have read. I did not feel I was lost by beginning with number 7.  I will be reading the earlier books now that I have had a taste of night of the living demon slayerAngie Fox work.

This is not your normal paranormal romance story.   Lizzie Brown is a demon slayer; she  has a talking Dog name Pirate, a toddler dragon she calls Flappy, a Granny that is a witch and part of a spell casting witch biker gang that recruits at the senior citizens home,  her husbands Dimitri is a (hot with a capital H) griffin, whom by the way, she has a thing for, a necromancer friend Carpenter that needs help in New Orléans, and a cast of assorted odd, quirky, and unconventional characters.   Carpenter had no idea what he’s getting into when he asked for Lizzie’s help, suddenly he has the witch senior citizen biker gang helping as well and traveling not only on their bikes but with a school bus full of witch stuff.  Off the entire band


Chasing Victory by Joanne Jaytanie

Chasing Victory


Paranormal Romance


Super Soldiers, Super Men


Full Of Action


Chasing Victory is an action packed paranormal romance book containing a cast of characters,  with and without paranormal abilities. It is rich in military SOCOM ops, science experiments to create super soldiers, human and animal DNA sequencing, kidnapping, murder, telepathy, hot love, and more.


Author Joanne Jaytanie catches your attention from the first chapter with a brutal murder and the action keeps coming with romance thrown in to rev up the action.  Victory Winters is on the run after seeing an old boyfriend and colleague, Jeffery Maxwell,  killed; one of


A Minor Shift by Tabitha Conall

a minor shift



Shifter Novella





Bowie Garrison is a lion shifter and he has an obsession, its’ name is Eva.   His lion is loose after Eva refuses his attentions. Their first kiss is earth-shaking and Bowie marks her with his scent.


Eva, is a jaguar shifter, and  is not ready for a mate; her career is first now.  Eva had seen what trying to have a mate, a family,  and a career had done to her mother.   Eva will find that with Bowie she can have it


Power Shift by Calinda B

Paranormal Romance Book Review


power shift










Charming Alaska is not your normal town. Charming has shifters, vampires, and humans.  Charming is shifter paradise.  This is a fun story.  I thought when I started the book I would not like it;  after the first couple of pages I was hooked.  This town is full of quaint, quirky, sexy, annoying, funny characters.  From the dumb blonde human to the leg humping dog shifter.

Chia Petit is the town manager.  It’s her job to keep the peace between everyone and enforce her town ordinances, of which there are many.  Chia has a thing for Hung Durand, (Hung according to Chia being the operative word) a bounty hunter that doesn’t follow her rules.  The sexual tension between these two burns up the pages.  This not your ordinary shifter story, far from


Holding Fire By Scott Hughes Short Stories of Self Destruction


I will admit I have on more than one occasion skipped the introduction to a book, I want to get to the meat Holding Fireof book, fast. I am glad I did not with this one, I started this book with a thoughtful mind in regards to vengeance, holding on to it and its self-destructive traits.

Running with Guilt by Maggie Stancu was proof of the old adage if you seek revenge, go ahead and dig two graves, one for them and one for you.  Ms. Stancu proved this adage in this story and did so very well.


The victim kills Vic’s sister. Vic wanted revenge for her sister death. Vic found she was not as cold-blooded as she thought, she had a conscience.


Dog Eat Dog by Joy Meenah.  Ms. Meenah certainly proved that vengeance is a two-sided sword. Pam is the supervisor from hell. She demoralized the office. She had a secret agenda.  Pam found she had met her match in the lowly employee, Elaine.  Elaine is much more than she seemed. Ms. Meenah did such a


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