Kiss Of Death By Robert Skuce


A Lee Truelove Novel

Kiss Of Death By Robert Skuce
Kiss Of Death, Cover










In Kiss Of Death, Detective Bruno Norcross, once again, faces his nemesis.  A horrible murder occurred five years ago, and Bruno had the killer in the palm of his hand.  Unfortunately, he got away.  Then after five years, he’s back again with another reign of terror.  The latest victim Rosie had a stalker, Lee Truelove;  Lee would never harm the woman he loved.  Will Lee Truelove, be the link to finally catching this serial killer?  Who is the mysterious character going by the name, Mr. Brown?  How does he relate to the killings?

Grab a beverage, set back and enjoy my review of Kiss Of Death.


Firstly, I must tell the reader Kiss Of Death needs editing; I found numerous errors which interrupted the flow of the book. That said, I must also state the premise of the story was very good. Secondly, the mystery and suspense were kept at high peak as the reader follows this investigation.  With an ending which is surprising and unexpected, this story would receive four stars if not for the editing.


My Daddy The Serial Killer By Cindy Kovacik












In My Daddy The Serial Killer, Katelyn thought her Daddy a normal loving father until the age of six.  She discovers her Daddy’s something evil, something she’s too young to understand fully.  As time goes on, Katelyn’s understanding deepens and her fright increases.  She sees and hears unimaginable things in the cellar of her home.  While withstanding psychological and physical abuse, Katelyn’s alone in her traumatic world.  While everyone else sees what they want to see, Katelyn knows her daddy’s a serial killer.

Follow Katelyn as she grows up in an environment we can only imagine.  What are the results of living a life of abuse and mental torture?  Will Katelyn survive her Daddy’s pathological need to torment and kill?  My review of My Daddy, The Serial Killer, follows.



First, I must say this is one of the most horrendously traumatic books I have ever read.  I don’t know where to start with my review.  So here goes, author Cindy Kovacik created a story filled with drama, abuse, murder, and much more;  seen through the eyes of a child.  Katelyn suffered mental abuse from childhood as her father played games with her mind and practiced his evil trade.  Kovacik gave the reader a look at the world of the serial killer and his psychotic, manipulative world.  A psychopath without conscience or remorse, he made Katelyn’s life a living hell.  While appearing to the world as a typical father, he was the worst of demons.


Lions And The Living Dead By Ruby Loren


Madigan Amos Zoo Mysteries Book 4

Lions And The Living Dead
Lions And The Living Dead










Madi is back in the thick of things In Lions And The Living Dead.  Called to the Pendalay Zoo by the new owners, she finds animals in pressing need of unique habitats and long-term rehabilitation.  Working with a PR team is not her idea of helping the animals, but the new owners need a brand new image for Pendalay.  Things go from bad to worse in Ruby Loren‘s latest Madison Amos cozy mystery.  The animals are in serious condition, threats of animal confiscation from the authorities, and hostile employees are just the beginning of Madi’s troubles.  My mystery book reviews of Lions And The Living Dead follows.


Will Madi ever have a peaceful straightforward rehabilitation for zoo animals?  If so, it’s not happening in Lions And The Living Dead.  Madi and Lowell arrive to find a zoo in desperate need.  The animals are listless, bored, and entirely uninspired.  Also, Madi must work with the PR team;  which she considers a waste of her time as the animal behavioral expert.  However, things heat-up quickly in Loren’s multi-plot tale as Madi’s drawn into another murder mystery.

With plots ranging from a stalker, murder, hostile employees, and questionable law enforcement, Madi will not find this job easy.  As a result, Madi grows and matures in this book as she learns to stand up for herself in her career and with Lowell.  As usual, Loren included humor which had me laughing at the Madi snarks and snips.  Loren developed Madi and Lowell’s relationship to a higher degree in Lions And The Living Dead.  Lowell hits Madi with a bombshell which rocks her world, security, and their relationship.


The Madigan Amos books keep getting better and better as Ruby Loren develops the storylines and characters to higher degrees.  Loren‘s characters are believable and realistic, as well as, likable.  I found the secondary characters added depth and enhanced the storyline.  With multi-plotting, exciting characters, Lowell’s bombshell, and a “who done it” storyline, I could not put this book down.  Surprises and secrets are in store for Madi, as well as, a murder to solve and a stalker to reveal.  I found the pace of the book fast, and Loren‘s prose flowed smoothly.


Power Struggle By Carolyn Arnold


Detective Madison Knight Series Book 8

Power Struggle
Power Struggle










Constantine Romanov almost killed Detective Madison Knight, ten months ago.  Romanov fled to Russia and his Russian Mafia partners after his arrest.  In Power Struggle, Madison’s in therapy to deal with the aftermath of the trauma Romanov inflicted.  Madison’s called to the murder scene of Jimmy Bates; he’s the man who killed her grandfather. Released from prison and working as an accountant, Bates murder‘s gruesome.  He’s stabbed twenty-seven times.  Madison remembers the death of Lillian Norton; murdered in almost the same fashion.  A crime committed by Constantine Romanov.

Even though Madison’s watching her every move, Romanov leaves a note on her car threatening her and the ones she loves.  Will Madison win this war with Romanov or will he succeed in killing her?  My book reviews of Power Struggle follows.


Author Carolyn Arnold created an intense crime drama in Power Struggle.  Giving Madison many issues to overcome, her character’s realistic and believable.  After all, who wouldn’t have problems with flashbacks and emotional trauma after her ordeal she experienced.  Not only did the trauma affect her mentally, but she’s also suffering physical problems.  A strong, smart, and determined woman, Madison’s frighted of Romanov’s capacity for cruelty.  Madison has found love with Troy and worries for his and her friend’s safety;  however, will their love survive this case?   Does she believe in their love will last the long haul?


Two Tocks before Midnight By Clay Boutwell


A 19th Century Historical Murder Mystery

(The Agora Mystery Series)

Two Tocks before Midnight
Two Tocks Before Midnight










Forgery, mystery, and murder are found in Two Tocks Before Midnight.  Beginning on the night of October 24, 1889, Clay Boutwell crafts a mystery of suspense and murder.  When forgeries appear, the Agora society is on the case.  This society’s dedicated to the betterment of man, and as such, see this case as part of their creed.  However, the society finds a member’s involved in these crimes.  Who is the one helping the criminals and who is the mastermind behind the scene?  As the murders mount, Carl Brooke, a member of Agora, ferrets out the secrets and reasons.  My book reviews of Two Tocks Before Midnight follows.


Although a short tale of 51 pages, Clay Boutwell, created a story filled with forgery and murder.  Similar to Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, Carl Brookes is methodical, as well as, intuitive in his reasoning and investigative techniques.  Boutwell slowly revealed Carl’s investigative genius as he developed the storyline.

Authors can not develop characters or plot lines in a short story to the extent they can a novel.  However, Boutwell did a skillful job of developing the characters and plot lines in this short book.  Boutwell held the who, what, and why close;  revealing them at the last moment in the storyline.  Using observation and deduction, will Carl Brookes solve the crimes and reveals the culprits?  Sorry, you will have to read the book to decide if the night of October 24th, 1859, remains a mystery in the annals of time?  In addition, Boutwell added a surprise ending which I did not expect.


Reunited By Danger By Carol J. Post

Love Inspired Suspense

Reunited By Danger
Reunited By Danger










Police Officer Amber Kingston and Detective Caleb Lyons feature in author Carol J. Post new mystery, suspense, romance Reunited By Danger. Amber receives facebook posts from her old friend, Ramona, begging her to come to the ten-year class reunion. Ramona says she has cancer and wishes to connect with the former group of six at the reunion.

Amber, a girl headed for no good in high school, ran with a bad crowd. Six of them who grouped together for drinking and fun. When one of the six is murdered at the reunion, Amber finds a one-line message near him. Each of them has mysteriously received cryptic messages from someone seeking vengeance for a past deed they feel the six are responsible.

Detective Caleb Lyons ran with the good crowd in school; always top grades, helping others, and a Christian to boot. These two must now work together in this case. Amber and Caleb, find her friends murdered one by one, as they receive messages of retaliation for the past. Caleb with his own demons, tries to get Amber to open up to him and tell all she knows? Will they solve this mystery? Can a relationship, possibly love, bloom between Amber and Caleb as they come closer and closer? My mystery suspense romance book reviews of Reunited By Danger follows.


Reunited In Danger grabbed me from the beginning of the book and did not let go until the last page. A fast-paced tale of vengeance, murder, and secrets, author Carol J. Post, crafted a first class story filled with mystery and suspense. I could relate to their immature behavior, as we all were immature in our teen years of high school. Post highlights the repercussions of immature behavior with the resulting damage and repercussions which occur.

I found the suspense and mystery is addictive as I became involved in the story-line. Then, I found myself asking: who’s going to be next and what happened on that night long ago? Post kept the identity of the murderer and secrets close to her chest and did not reveal either until absolutely necessary to the story-line. What event set the murderer on the trail of vengeance? Wondering if Amber’s involved and praying not, I impatiently clicked my E-reader screen, reading this book straight through as I had to know the answers.


The Diane Dimbleby Murder Collection By Penelope Sotheby


A Diane Dimbleby Cozy Mystery Collection

Volume No. 1

The Diane Dimbleby Murder Collection
The Diane Dimbleby Murder Collection









A collection of three Diane Dimbleby Murder books, I choose to review Murder On The Village Green. 



Diane Dimbleby, a retired school teacher, has a talent for solving crime.  She carries her own set of booties and gloves because you never know when a crime will occur.  Diane sees a man sitting on the village green which appears to be reading.  On closer inspection, she discovers he’s dead.  Although Inspector Darrell Crothers is on the case, Diane immediately starts her investigation.  After all, she has helped him in the past, and she is ready, willing, and able, to help with this investigation.  Diane will come face to face with evil and a crime organization willing to do anything to safeguard its enterprise.  However, they did not count on Diane’s smarts and Inspector Crothers’ determination. My book reviews of The Diane Dimbleby Murder Collection:  Murder On The Village Green follows.


As everyone who subscribes to my blog or reads my book reviews is aware, I love the cozy mystery genre.  If you have never read a cozy mystery, you are missing out on fantastic entertainment.  Cozies have main characters who are usually strong independent women.  Also, a cozy mystery does not contain the graphic nature of a full-blown mystery.  Without a doubt, Murder On The Village Green is a true representative of this genre.

Murder On The Village Green features retired teacher Diane Dimbleby.  After retirement, Diane discovered she has a talent for solving crime.  I love Diane’s character.  Far from a retired little old lady, Sotheby developed Diane into an aspiring novelist and crime fighter.   Although living in a small country village of Apple Mews, Diane finds murder outside her door;  or more correctly, across the road on the village green.


Bakery Detectives Cozy Mystery Boxed Set: by Stacey Alabaster


Boxed Set Includes Books 1-3

Bakery Detectives Cozy Mystery Boxed Set by Stacey Alabaster
Bakery Detectives Cozy Mystery Boxed Set













Rachel, the owner of a new bakery shop, finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation in Baker Detectives Cozy Mystery, A Pie To Die For.  Death of the hated food critic at the food fair leads to failing baker Rachel’s door.  She is sure Bakermatic is behind all her woes including the murder.  Can Rachel and her friend Pippa ferret out the truth and prove Rachel Innocent?  Is romance in the air for Rachel and the local detective on the case?  Will Rachel and Pippa solve the murder and save the bakery in time?


The bakery‘s succeeding and Pippa’s assistant manager in Two Donuts, Antiques, and Murder Pippa thinks Rachel’s haunted/cursed;  people seem to die around Rachel.  Nevertheless, Rachel’s determined to expand into the antique store next door;  which Pippa declares haunted.  Of course, there are another murders or two and questions about the portrait of two children in the antique shop.  Is the portrait


Murder Is A Monkey’s Game by Ruby Loren


Mystery (Madigan Amos Zoo Mysteries Book 3)

Murder Is A Monkey's Game
Murder Is A Monkey’s Game










In author Ruby Loren‘s latest book, Murder Is A Monkey’s Game, Madi and Lowell are in France.  Madie’s helping a zoo improve their habituates and environment for the animals.  Suddenly a paraglider falls from the sky into the Bengal tiger habituate.  Lowell immediately recognizes the victim;  a man from Lowell’s dark and mysterious past.

When two mysterious agents turn up in the village asking lots of questions, things heat up for Lowell and Madi.  As the victims continue to mount, Madi’s in the middle of another murder investigation;  with everyone suspects, including Lowell.  My cozy mystery book reviews of Murder Is A Monkey’s Game follows.


Author Ruby Loren crafted a Madigan Amos cozy mystery which entertains and holds the reader‘s attention.  The romance between Madi and Lowell’s sweet and clean as they continue to form a relationship.  Of course, Madi’s a magnet for murder, and this job is no different. 

With a multitude of suspects and few clues, Madi will have to dig hard to find the who, why, and what, involved in this case. Ruby Loren skillfully concealed the identity of the murderer among a cast of many;  revealing the why and who at the last possible moment.  I was blown away when the murderer’s shown, as well as, the reason for the crimes.  I did not consider this person as the culprit.  As a detective, I would be a bust.

Including the cute, but mischievous monkeys, provided classic moments of animal behavior.  They are first-class monkey rascals who get into many monkey high-jinks;  adding bits of humor and laughter.  Also, Loren included in a sweet dog who provided many laughs at her owner’s expense.



Halloween is Murder By Carolyn Arnold


(McKinley Mysteries Book 11)

Halloween Is Murder
Halloween Is Murder










In Halloween Is Murder, Sean and Sara McKinley, wishing to support charities for children, have set up a Halloween house.  Getting a television interview by Chloe Parson, they did not expect Chloe to turn up dead the same day.  Owner’s of Pay It Forward Investigations, Sara has a “feeling” Chloe has been the victim of murder.  After heartfelt pleas to investigate, Sara persuades Sean to take the case;  they set off to find if murder‘s the cause. 

The police are still investigating the case;  which means Sean and Sara must be careful proceeding.  Through twists and turns, the McKinley’s, dare I say,  tiptoe through their investigation.  What will they find?  Was Chloe murdered?  If so, who did it, friend or foe?  My book review of Halloween Is Murder follows.


Once again author Carolyn Arnold created a fantastic murder mystery.  Filled with twists and turns, well-developed character, and an intriguing story-line, this book holds the reader‘s attention.  I love Sean and Sara.  Arnold filled Sean with love for Sara.  He’s willing to do almost anything to make her happy.  Sara’s a determined, strong woman;  yet, she has issues of insecurity.  With hunches, feelings, and intuition, she makes a great investigator and partner for Sean.  She uses her talents, and he uses methodical investigation and reason;  he wants evidence in his cases, she goes by her gut.  They compliment each other;  they each have a technique of crime solving. 


Soft On The Devil By Robert Lampros


Soft On The Devil by Robert Lampros
Soft On The Devil, Cover










In Soft On The Devil by author Robert Lampros, the reader finds a twisted tale of murder, mystery, and corruption.   Christian Ian Phillips sees his neighbor, Cindy Myran outside his door, on the run, and needing help.  A week later she is dead.  Who killed party girl and druggie Cindy and why?  Running from criminals, watching his back, and trying to solve the murder of Cindy, Ian’s world has taken on a life of its own.

Grab a seat, my Christian mystery suspense book review of Soft On The Devil follows.


Although not my cup of tea, I found the author, Robert Lampros, in-cooperated everything needed to craft a successful novel.  With various character and clean writing, the right audience will like this mystery suspense thriller novelAuthor Robert Lampros included twists and turns in his plot lines.  I did not put the pieces together even though Lampros dropped hints along the way.  Also, Lampros included scripture Ian used to guide his life.  However he did not push religion on the reader.


Murder at the Art Gallery By Eleanor Kittering

A Mandy and Roger Cozy Mystery – Book 1

Murder At The Art Gallery
Murder At The Art Gallery










You want to know how NYPD Detective Roger Fahey became a cat?   Well, I’m going to tell you.  After the mob had him killed, his guardian angel gave him several options.  After much thought, Roger decided going back as a cat for fifteen years seemed the best solution. His guardian angel, Colin, assured him the time would go fast;  then he would get his wings and move on.  It’s that or go to the netherworld/purgatory for fifty-eight years or stay at the waiting station fifty-eight years;  not a hard decision, 58 vs 15.  Colin, of course, drops a few bomb shells on Roger after he had made his decision to go back as a cat.  Regardless, a cat it is.

Guess what, Colin has already picked out his owner!  He’s going to be the pampered house cat of Mandy Cummings. When Mandy’s husband died suddenly, Fluffy, her beloved cat, became her world.  After Fluffy died, she had a hole in her heart for seven years.  Then, Mandy’s talked into getting a another cat by her friend, Jill.   Roger and Mandy bond and life’s good again for both.  That is, until her friend, David Towsky, is found dead. The police say it’s suicide;  Mandy thinks murder.   Mandy, her friend Jill, along with Roger the cat, decide to investigate the case;  learning more than she ever wanted to know.  Will Mandy and the gang find David’s killer or will they become the next victims?  My mystery book review of Murder At The Art Gallery follows.


Author Eleanor Kittering created a fun-filled wonderful story in Murder At The Art Gallery.  I laughed through the prologue of Roger and his guardian angel.  Roger’s a wonderful character as a human and a cat.  When he jumped the vagrant and other funny episodes Kittering created, I cheered for him.  What a cat!  I found Mandy a strong young woman with a strong sense of justice.   Along with her friends and Roger the cat, they join forces to solve David’s murder;  as amateur investigators, they did a great job.  Their sleuthing bore results they did not expect.


Literally Dead By Eryn Scott


Literally Dead
Literally Dead










Pepper, college student, Nancy Drew fanatic, and lover of things Shakespearean, finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation.  Entering her favorite professor’s office, she finds visiting Dr. Campbell dead;  along with what seems a suicide note. However, the police decide murder not suicide’s the cause.  They believe Dr. Ferguson, aka Fergie, murdered Campbell.  Pepper decides to investigate on her own and prove Fergie innocent.  Pepper has a slew of suspects;  setting her sights on Professor Evensworth, better known by Pepper as Evilsworth, is prime suspect number one.

Meeting handsome, Alex, at the library desk, Pepper’s horrified to find he’s the lead detective’s son.  Their beginning is far from cordial;  Alex tells her an amateur messed up the crime scene.  Pepper realizes immediately, she’s the amateur.  Alex tries to dissuade Pepper from her investigation.  However, Pepper will have none of it.  They decide to loosely join forces.    Who murdered Campbell and why?  Could romance be in air the between Alex and Pepper?  My mystery book review of Literally Dead follows.


Author Eryn Scott filled this book with mystery, suspense, and Shakespearean quotes.  I loved reading all the literary quotes in this murder mysteryScott had a quote ready for every situation.  Including a varied cast of suspects, Scott‘s portrayal of Pepper as she jumps from one suspect to the other is great.  Scott kept the suspense and mystery at high peak and as the suspect‘s revealed each appeared plausible.  That is, until they came up with an alibi.  Who did it and why; sorry, you will have to read  the book to find out.  Personally, I am never good ferreting out the murderer;  it’s always someone I did not expect.


Driven To Death By Elleby Harper


Driven To Death
Driven To Death










In Driven To Death, Bex Wynter’s life in New York had gone off the rails.  Losing her soul mate in an auto crash, almost destroyed her.  Needing to recoup and start in a new place, she accepts a position at the London Met.  Her first case will almost do her in when she finds herself heading up a new team investigating an auto crash.  Was it murder or an accident?  She and her team must ferret out the facts and determine the true cause of the death of two young people.  One an ordinary rebellious teenager, the other the son of a wealthy man in high places of government.  Evie Butterworth, watched as Bon’s car mowed down and killed her daughter, Clara.  Called a Saint because she immediately tried to save the driver, Evie’s seen by millions on YouTube.

Come along with Bex as she and her team learn there’s more to the story than first appeared.  My mystery suspense book review of Driven To Death follows


In Driven To Death, author Elleby Harper created a novel filled with mystery, suspense, and police proceduralHarper hooked me from the first pages of her book.  As she skillfully build the suspense and mystery, I could not read fast enough to satisfy my need to know.  With a multi-layered plot and well-developed characters of varying personalities, this book is a first- rate crime story.

Elleby Harper created differing outlooks, manner of dress, personalities, and investigative techniques, for Bex’s team members.  I found Quinn a riot;  I didn’t know whether to hate him or love him.  Jealous of the American placed in a position he thought he should have received, his snarks and snips at Bex will make you laugh and then, make you want to shake him.  I loved the nerdy personality of Reuben, a former real estate salesman, who suddenly finds himself a trainee DC on the Youth Crimes Team under command of Bex.  The wrinkled seasoned warrior Eli, and stylish Idris, round out the team.


Fishing For A Murderer By Meredith Potts


Hope Hadley Cozy Mystery Series Book 2

Fishing For A Murderer
Fishing For A Murderer










Hope Hadley, star of a Hollywood detective show, lost her television series and her boyfriend.  Returning to Hollywood, Florida she opens an animal rescue shelter.  When her best friend and employee, Paige, accused of murdering her cheating boyfriend, this former Hollywood screen detective turns real detective to prove her innocent.  To make matters worse, Hope’s brother, the real detective on the case, believes Paige guilty.  Following lead after lead, will Hope find the killer and prove Paige innocent?  My cozy mystery book review follows.


Fishing For A Murderer by author Meredith Potts, a light airy fun cozy mystery, will delight and entertain the reader.  As everyone knows, I love cozy mysteries and Fishing For Murderer hit the spot.  With Hope’s character, full of snips and funny quips, this tale of murder‘s fun to read.  Potts, crafted a relaxing, light, entertaining, short mystery to fill a few hours.  I loved Hope’s character.  Loyal, fiercely protesting her friends guilt, and ready to jump in to the fray, Hope will win your heart.

Meredith Potts included several likely suspects for Hope to interrogate, snoop into their lives, and question.  Potts also added a touch of romance for Hope in this tale of murder.  With a victim worthy of murder and an innocent suspect, Fishing For A Murderer, will keep your interest.   Potts plotted the story well and included characters with a variety of personalities. Hope had her work cut out for her.  I loved this zany former television detectivePotts scenes transition well from scene to scene and her writing style is clear and easy to follow.  Including family dynamics with her detective brother, added an extra element to the book.

Fishing For A Murdered is not a deep dark murder mystery with gory details, rather the reader finds a story which is light and relaxing with a lovable main character.  A good book to spend an hour or so in the afternoon of lazy relaxing reading.



Additionally, I borrowed this book from kindle unlimited and received this book from the author.  I chose to voluntarily review the book with honest cozy mystery book reviews.  Lastly, book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion.  Consequently, all book reviews on-line and on my blog, are my opinions.  In addition, no one influences my voluntary cozy mystery book reviews.








The Silence of the Snakes by Ruby Loren


The Silence Of The Snakes
The Silence Of The Snakes










Well, Madi’s back in the thick of things again.  Working as an zoo animal welfare and breeding consultant, she’s at Snidely Safari and Wildlife Park.  As always, Madi seems to attract trouble, and this tale is no different. Something odd is going on at the Safari and Wildlife Park and Madie’s determined to find out what!

When a woman’s found dead with a cleaver in her head, her ex-boyfriend George Ashdown missing from the scene, and leaving his green mamba Mr. Limey, Madi has her hands full.  With the odd behavior occurring at the Park, Madie wonders what’s going on.  Of course, who should appear in this action packed tale but tall, dark, and handsome Lowell, private detective; who we met in Book 1.

Will Madi and Lowell uncover the killer, find who’s stealing from Dracondia Manor, home of the Snidelys and a huge variety of venomous snakes on public exhibition?  While at the same time, discover why the priceless Snidely Serpentine Emerald’s cursed, ferret out the reasons for the employee’s odd irrational behavior, and save the day?   My cozy mystery book reviews of The Silence Of The Snakes follows.


Author Ruby Loren’s latest book in the Madigan Amos Mystery Series, The Silence of the Snakes, begins with a bang and continues at a fast pace.  With employee’s suddenly going crazy, thievery in Dracondia Manor, and murder in the Safari and Wildlife Park, there’s no lack of action in The Silence Of The Snakes.  Add in saving the crazed lion keeper, a sick mamba snake, the handsome Lowell, a touch of jealousy on Madi’s part, and many other “not to be missed” elements, Madi’s in full detective mode.


Murder in the Park By Ivy McAllister


Fran Finch Cozy Mystery Book 1

Murder In The Park
Murder In The Park










Fran, aspiring party planner, acquires her first job planning a birthday party for the ultra rich in the Little Hamptons.  A very lucrative job;  Fran’s hired to plan and execute a birthday party for multi-billionaire, Byron Stratford’s daughter.  Fran’s friend, Emily and nanny to Waverly, recommended her for the job. The Stratford’s also employ, Anna, as a dog walker;  Fran, Emily, and Anna become good friends.

Planning a party any little girl would love’s a joy for Fran.  This is her big break;  everything’s going great from the food to the games. That is until Byron’s murdered during a game of murder in the park. The prime suspect’s Emily;  Fran with Anna’s help must find the real killer and set Emily free.  With a multitude of suspects, all with good motives, Fran might be in over her head with a murder investigation and her first party as a planner.  My cozy mystery book reviews of Murder In The Park follows.


As everyone knows, I love cozy mysteries and love to review them; my reviews are always easy to craft for cozies.  McAllister fed my hunger for cozies with Murder In The Park.  With a variety of suspects, from the B&B owner, a male model, and the ultra rich, McAllister set the stage for a fine murder mystery.  Adding in a police officer who’s single-minded and hard to like, added much to this tale of murder and secrets.  Including dogs and Fran’s cat, Percy, added an extra element to the story.  I love story-lines with animals; after all who doesn’t love dogs and cats.


All-Butter ShortDead By H. Y. Hanna


Prequel: Oxford Tearoom Mysteries ~ Book 0

All-Butter ShortDead
All-Butter ShortDead










Gemma’s headed back home to England in All-Butter ShortDead.  Giving up a high paying job in Australia, Gemma’s decided to open a tearoom in Oxford.  Flying home, she meets Jenn Murray, a fellow passenger, on the 24 hour flight.  Jenn and Gemma strike up a conversation and become friendly during the flight;  Gemma finds Jenn’s scarf tucked in the arm of her seat.  Gemma contacts Jenn’s hotel to let her know she has her scarf.  Returning the scarf, Gemma decides to stay and have a drink with Jenn, leaving late;  she helped a slightly drunk Jenn to her room.

When Jenn’s found dead in her hotel bathroom, the CID’s looking into foul play and Gemma’s their prime suspect.  Gemma’s the last person to see Jenna alive.  With four noisy old ladies to help her, Gemma must find the real killer.  My cozy mystery book review of All-Butter ShortDead follows.


With writing so vivid and descriptive, I could clearly picture Jenn in my mind’s eye. The descriptions of Oxford were so vivid I could see each quaint building and the sorry state of the building where she planned to open, The Little Stables Tearoom.  However, there maybe a snag, as a second tempting offer came in from a Chinese corporation wanting to turn this 500-year-old building into a tacky tourist trap.  Then of course, after the awful expose′ in the newspaper, who in their right mind would give Gemma a loan; I could feel Gemma’s indignation at the turn of events.


Murder In The Mansion By Penelope Sotheby


A Daniel Swift Mystery

Murder In The Mansion
Murder In The Mansion










In Murder In The Mansion, we find cheating husband Todd Nelson, on the phone with his lover, Tiffany.  Knowing something’s going on, his wife wealthy Jillian Wilmington Nelson, listens on an extension.  The fight which follows, between Todd and Jillian, leaves her paralyzed and bed ridden after she tumbles down the stairs.  Knowing Todd’s only after her money, she contacts her cousin, Rachel, to come and help her.  Locking herself in her bedroom, changing the locks, refusing Todd admittance, she wants to make him pay for his attempt to kill her.  Rachel takes over the reins of Jillian’s care.  Hiring a nurse, Clare Wharton and maid, Peggy Talbot, they and Rachel care for Jillian.

When Jillian suspiciously dies, the fur hits the fan.  Clare finds herself charged with murder and Daniel Swift, attorney, finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation and trial.  Why did a healthy woman died so suddenly?  She should have lived into old age even though paralyzed. The nurse denies responsibility, yet, strangely some of Jillian’s jewelery’s found in her room.  Will Daniel find the real killer or will he find  Nurse Clare’s the killer?  My mystery book review of Murder In The Mansion follows.


Murder In The Mansion, full of twists and turns, mystery, and varied suspects, will grab your attention immediately.  As you know, mysteries are one of my favorite genre;  this book hit the spot.  Sotheby skillfully leads the reader through this investigation and trial.  Surprises are in store in this fast paced mystery.


Lily By Anna K. Payne


Planted Flowers Book 1











Lily’s life is a mess.  A single mother, with two children and pregnant again, married and divorced three times, and working a low paying job;  then to top it off, she sees a man murdered on the beach.  Not only did she see the murder, the murderer saw her, and he’s trying to kill her.  Then add in Ramon, the life guard who saved her when a waterspout came on land just after the murder.  Ramon, unknown to Lily, is an undercover cop. Rude, cold, and distant to Lily, Ramon finds himself attracted to her.  He has past issues with relationships which impact his perception of Lily.

Lily’s trying to get her life together, attending church and Planted meeting with her new friend, Rose.  How can God love her?  She has made mistake after mistake, and made bad choices, she thought God could not possibly love or want her.  Through study with Rose and the Planted group, Lily finds a miracle.  My contemporary Christian suspense book review of Lily follows.


Filled with suspense, danger, and action packed, Lily’s a wonderful inspiring story of Lily, a killer bent on doing her in, and the forgiving grace of God.  Payne expertly shows the reader the salvation plan and God’s love for man through her story of Lily.  A clean, sweet, emotional read, filled with wonderful scriptures, sage advice, suspense, and a driven killer, I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  I could feel Lily’s unbelief that God could love and care for her; as well as, her feelings of unworthiness.  Her fear of Jonesy’s palpable as he repeatedly tries to kill her.  I have to say, he’s one determined man!  A powerful story and wonderful message;  with a group of women who become knit together in love for each other and God.


The Mystery of Her By Patricia Catacalos


The Zane Brothers Detective Series Book 1

The Mystery Of Her
The Mystery Of Her










There are killers loose in Patricia Catacalos latest novel, the Mystery of Her.  Set in London 1888,  someone’s killing prostitutes in White Chapel and in the wealthy bedrooms of the Ton.  Lady Kiera Everett believes the nurse caring for her father murdered him; a nurse he left a substantial amount in a newly amended will.  Contacting the Zane Brothers Detective Agency, she hires them to investigate her father’s death.  Kiera’s determined to take part in the investigation.  Zachary Zane’s determined she won’t; Kiera determined she will.  Who will win this battle of wills?

During the investigation the Zane’s discover Kiera’s father’s not the only wealthy man to unexpectedly die leaving money to the same nurse.  Things are looking suspiciously like murderDanger, murder, and of course, romance follow Kiera and the Zane brothers. My Victorian Era historical book review of The Mystery of Her follows.


A historical Victorian Era mystery romance novel with mystery, murder of the wealthy, the White Chapel murders, and a variety of characters, make an entertaining intriguing read.  With everyone’s avid interest in Jack The Ripper, Catacalos, vividly and skillfully included these “Ripper like murdersas part of her story-line; the Torso Killer and Leather Apron.  Set in London of 1888, the setting was perfect for inclusion.


Last Word By Robin Mahle


(A Kate Reid Novel Book 7)

Last Word
Last Word










In Last Word, Book 7 of the Kate Reid series by author Robin Mahle, the reader finds Kate applying to the BAU.  She’s also involved in a high-profile murder case.  Women, murdered by an unknown assailant, are found with a cloth note in their mouth.  On the cloth written with lipstick, they see the word, Whore.  Kate finds Congressman Grant Copeland, the only link between the victims. Kate and the team must stop this killer before the bodies mount.  Dealing with a high-profile member of Congress, a cop in charge of the investigation who’s probably on the take and dirty, while waiting to hear from her application to the BAU, Kate has her hands full in this exciting book.  My book review of Last Word follows.


I must say, the Last Word by author Robin Mahle‘s an action-packed roller coaster ride of excitement.  I was on the edge of my sit from the first page to the last.  Filling this book with many twists and turns, intrigue, action, and suspense, Last Word’s a great addition to the Kate Reid series. Just when I thought I had it all worked out another plot line appeared.  Mahle had many threads to bring together in Last Word, which she did with skill while keeping the suspense at high peak and the story flowing smoothly.

With a variety of characters, Robin Mahle developed to their full potential;  you’ll not be disappointed in Last Word.  I found Mahle‘s detailing of the FBI, profilers, and agents exciting and informative.  A profile does not suddenly appear in thirty minutes as it does on television.  It takes time to create an accurate profile of the suspect, long hours, a lot of investigation, and hard work.  Mahle gave us a fascinating look inside the FBI;  as well as, the territorial disrupts between agencies.


Penguins and Mortal Peril: Cozy Mystery By Ruby Loren


Madigan Amos Zoo Mysteries Book 1

Penguins and Mortal Peril
Penguins and Mortal Peril



When zookeeper, Madigan Amos, finds the penguin zookeeper dead, she’s thrown into a quarry of murder, corruption, false leads, and many suspects.  Penguins And Mortal Peril begins with a bang and continues throughout at a fast clip.  Madi loves her job; she does her best to care for the animals under her care and make their life better.  With animal rights activist at the gates, murder inside the gates, and no way of knowing who she can trust, Madi has her work cut out for her.

Determined to find out what is going on at the zoo, Madi, finds her life, as well as, others in peril.  Secrets abound within the walls of Avery Zoo; someone thinks they are worth killing for.  My cozy mystery book review of Penguins And Mortal Peril follows.



Snowed In With Death By Ruby Loren


A Holly Winter Mystery

Snowed In With Death
Snowed In With Death



In Snowed In With Death, aspiring detective Holly finds herself in Scotland.  As a result of winning a contest, she’s to spend time with seven esteemed detectives at their annual meeting.  After solving a few minor cases, Holly’s excited at the prospect of meeting the greatest detectives in Britain.  She hopes to learn from the cases they solved and their methods.

However, things do not go as planned.  Holly finds herself in the middle a murder mystery as each detective‘s killed.   Will Holly find the killer and solve the case before she meets her violent end?  My book reviews of cozy mystery, Snowed In With Death follows.


Although a cozy murder mystery, I must say I found humor in this story.  With snips, snarks, and quips, the reader sees these, so-called, brilliant detectives, are not as bright as Holly thought. Holly, thinking she’s not as smart as the other detectives, and in awe


I Found You By Lisa Jewell



I Found You, by Lisa Jewell
I Found You, Cover



In I Found You, author Lisa Jewell crafted a complex story-line of intrigue, mystery, guilt, and murder.  Alice Lake finds a amnesiac young man on the beach in Ridinghouse Bay.  Taking him under her wing and into her home, he slowly recovers his memory; revealing a tale of horror.

Meanwhile in London, Lisa Monrose, discovers her husband of three weeks missing.  Alone in a strange country, without friends or money, Lisa contacts the police;  she’s told her husband doesn’t exist.  Realizing she knows little about her husband, Lisa sets out to find him and discover his secrets.

Decades earlier as teenagers, Gray and Kristy, vacationed in Ridinghouse Bay.  They meet a young man whose complex and dark. Much older than Kristy, he takes an unhealthy interest in the young Kristy, leaving Gray with a bad feeling.  Really bad feelings, he can’t shake.

Secrets, mystery, and intrigue abound in this tale;  all will meet in this small coastal town as Jewell reveals the


Remnants By Carolyn Arnold



Brandon Fisher FBI Series Book 6




Readers will find in Remnants an action packed suspenseful crime novel.  Set in Georgia, the FBI‘s investigating a series of horrible murders.  A serial killer‘s handy work is appearing in the Little Ogeechee River.

Brandon, Zach, Jack, and Paige are back in action.  FBI agents and profilers with the BAU, they must build a profile on this killer.  With missing limbs, painted blue bodies, and missing hearts, they believe they have ferreted out the killers reasoning.  Or have they?

Come along with Zach, Jack, Brandon, and Paige has they match wits with ultimate evil in the form of a unsub.  My thriller suspense crime novel review of Remnants follows.



Filled with nonstop action, FBI and police procedures, Remnants will grab the reader immediately.  Setting


Behind The Scenes By Jen Turano



Behind The Scenes by Jen Turano
Behind The Scenes











Behind The Scenes set in New York high society, is filled with laughter, fun, and mystery.  Permilia Griswold, wall flower of the society set, hides on the fringes of the ballrooms.   Born to a miner who stroke it rich, part of the new wealthy of New York, Permilia is a step out of time with the high society’s gentility.   Thrifty, smart, and awkward, Permilia and her step-mother are ever at odds as Permilia stumbles and humbles her way through society.

During one of her escapades, she hears a murder plot against Asher Rutherford.  Permilia’s determined to save him from himself when he does not take her warning seriously.  While behind the scenes, much more’s going on.  Come along with Permilia, Asher, and company as they ferret out the latest secrets and plots.  My reviews of romance novel, Behind The Scenes, follows.


Not only is Behind The Scenes a fine romance, it has a lot of humor; I laughed repeatedly at the antics of Permilia Griswold.  Seeing high society from her perspective was refreshing.  Permilia’s awkward, uncoordinated, and let’s face it, walks to the beat of a different drummer.  As a result, she and others like her, the ones not as pretty or poised, or like Permilia hear a different drummer, find themselves the wall flowers of the balls.  How hurtful this must have been for the girls who did not have Permilia’s fortitude.  Does this bother Permilia?   Not in the least as she has other dreams and ambitions.


Croissants and Corruption By Danielle Collins



A Margot Durand Cozy Mystery

Croissants and Corruption A Margot Durand Cozy Mtery, Croissants
Croissants and Corruption, Cover











Croissants and Corruption takes place in the small town of North Bank, Virginia.   On the shore of the Potomac River, just far enough from the maddening crowds of Washington, D. C., everyone is friendly and feels safe from crime.  Widow Margot Durand owns The Parisian Patisserie, a fine french bakery.

Widow of a police officer, Margot can’t resist a good mystery.  Shortly she finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation.  Receiving a call from her sister who’s at the end of her rope with her daughter Taylor, Margot agrees to take the 19-year-old for the summer.  To say Taylor is not happy getting up at 3:00 AM to work in a bakery is an under statement.

Taylor and Margot find themselves in the middle of a murder almost upon Taylor’s arrival in North Bank.  Their pushy flirty waiter attacks Taylor and then later that night’s stabbed to death.  Suspicious of Taylor’s involvement, Detective Adam Eastwood, a long time friend of Margot’s deceased husband, must determine if Taylor’s guilty of murder.

A lot is going on in North Bank;  the seniors need a new community building and are rising funds, the mayor is running for re-election, money is missing from the seniors funds, and a murder’s committed.  Maybe North Bank is not as quite as the citizens thought.

Come along with Margot, Tyler, and a cast of characters in this entertaining cozy murder mystery.  Grab a seat, get comfortable, my cozy mystery novel review of Croissants and Corruption follows.


Firstly, I must say Croissants and Corruption’s an easy entertaining read suitable for a pleasant afternoon of relaxing reading. Secondly, containing the standard cozy mystery format of strong female character, small friendly town, and a murder, Author D. Collins crafted a first-class cozy mystery.

Margot’s character’s strong and independent, ready to help anyone, and always ready with a box of baked goods.  With an inquisitive mind, Margot’s determination to clear her niece is strong; she won’t let anything stop her, including Detective Eastwood.  Eastwood’s character’s smart, determined, and fair in his judgements and evaluations.  Smart and savvy, Margot manages all the irons she has in the fire with skill, from looking into the missing senior funds to proving Taylor’s innocence.   Collins portrayal of nineteen year old Taylor was classic immature teenager.  Watching her grow by the end of the story was wonderful.

Finally, in concluding my cozy mystery novel review of Croissants and Corruption, I found the pace of the book in line with the length of the story,   Collins writing’s clear, clean, and easy to follow with smooth scene transitions and believable characters.  With a cast of secondary characters, Collins added depth to the story.  Her portrayal of small town USA was spot on.  Furthermore, Collins included twists and turns, which hold the reader’s attention.  Containing no sex, Croissants and Corruption is suitable for anyone who enjoys a solid story-line.


In addition, I would not hesitate to buy this book for my self or a friend.


Additionally, I received this book from Fairfield Publishing and chose to voluntarily review the book with an honest cozy mystery novel review.  Lastly, book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion.  Consequently, all book reviews on-line and on my blog, are my opinions.  In addition, the ARC did not affect my voluntary cozy mystery novel review.

The 11.05 Murders, The Inspector Sheehan Mysteries Volume 2 By Brian O’Hare




The 11.05 Murders, The Inspector Sheehan Mysteries Volume 2
The 11.05 Murders The Inspector Sheehan Mysteries Volume 2, Cover












Author Brian O’Hare created a spine tingling intriguing police crime mystery drama in The 11.05 Murders, The Inspector Sheehan Mysteries Volume 2.  A horrendous rape 12 years earlier at Queen’s University, a photograph and article found on a victim’s computer, 3 murders, all at 11.05 p.m.; how does past and present fit together?

WDS Detective Sergeant Denise Stewart, newest addition to the Strandtown Police’s Serious Crimes Unit, and fellow officers must unravel the mysteries.  Stewart, fresh from a another station where she uncovered corruption and endured persecution and harassment, works under Chief Inspector Jim Sheehan to solve these murders. A close net unit, Stewart fits in after a few false starts.

Denise’s stalked by an unknown stalker, Tom Allen’s almost killed by an unknown assailant, and as the murders continue the suspects not only increase, but place the officers lives in peril.  Come along with Inspector Sheehan, and the unit as they solve the latest murders piecing together the past and present.  My police crime mystery novel review of The 11.05 Murders, The Inspector Sheehan Mysteries Volume 2 follows.


Stormy Weather By Glen Ebisch



Stormy Weather by Glen Ebisch
Stormy Weather, Cover











Author Glen Ebisch’s mystery suspense crime novel, Stormy Weather is a first-rate thriller.  Stormy McCloud, resident meteorologist, finds herself involved in murder, mayhem, theft, and possibly romance.  Stormy as the new junior weather girl, has acquired a lot of fans and received fan mail due her popularity.  However head meteorologist, Travis Lambert, finds her fame threatening.  Rude, self-centered, and vain, Travis threatens Stormy with dismissal.  Things are not happy at the local television station.  A place full of personalities, back biting, stabbing, and lies.

When a contractor discovers Travis body buried on Stormy’s property, she’s in big trouble of the legal kind.  Murder, mayhem, and suspicion ensue.  Enter stage right, our hero, Chance Malone, Bible verse quoting Private Detective.  Hired by the station manager to look into the murder, Chance and Stormy embark on an


Wined, Dined, And Dead By Stacey Alabaster



A Bakery Detectives Cozy Mystery; Book 9

Wined, Dined, And Dead by Stacey Alabaster
Wined, Dined, And Dead, Cover












Rachael, Pippa and company are back in Wined, Dined, And Dead, Book 9 of the Bakery Detectives Cozy Mysteries Series. Both are in happy relationships and out for a per-Valentine supper.  Back in town, Pippa’s husband Marcello, is at his best bumbling, stumbling, klutzy self causing havoc turning over the wine bottle.  As things calm down, Pippa makes a horrifying discovery;  their waiter is dead in the back of restaurant.  Who killed him and why?

Rachel and Pippa hired by the owner/Chef, Scott, to the solve the murder, find a twist added to the case.  Scott requires she solve the case within 24 hours to earn her fee.  Needless to say, Rachel, Pippa, and


Little Boy Blue By M. J. Arlidge



Little Boy Blue by M. J. Arlidge, Cover
Little Boy Blue, cover




In Little Boy Blue, DI Helen Grace, is on a case which will touch home.  Helen has deep dark secrets;  secrets she does not want brought to the light of day.  Consequently, this case will showcase all of Helen’s skill as an investigator as well as her secrets.

Men in the BDSM world are dying horrible deaths.  As a result, it falls to Helen’s squad to find and bring the perpetrator to justice.  The investigation filled with pit falls, suspects, nemesis’, and an investigative team which has become disjointed. Consequently, will jealousy, temper, and desperation fracture the team and Helen?


Combustion By Martin J. Smith



Combustion, Cover



In Combustion, Martin J. Smith has crafted a top drawer murder crime mystery novel which pulls the reader into this intriguing story-line.   Lives collide, mysteries solved, and secrets revealed as a fire storm combust in Los Colmas.  Ron Starke followed in his father’s footsteps of law enforcement in the Inland Empire of California, Los Colmas.  A dedicated officer, passed over for promotion to Chief, Ron loves his job.

It is the dry season in California and fires are rampaging.  Meanwhile, the lack of rain has revealed the under water grave of missing Paul Dwyer, wealthy construction magnate.  Dwyer, super wealthy, abusive,


When Death Draws Near By Carrie Stuart Parks



When Death Draws Nears, Cover











Gwen Marcey, forensic artist, is back in action in When Death Draws Near, book 3 of the Gwen Marcey stories.  Pikeville, Kentucky is the center of murder, accidents, and rapes; then, we have the Pentecostal Snake Handlers to add spice.  Gwen’s is in Pikeville to render a drawing the latest victim.  What starts as a simple case spirals out of control into much worse.  Gwen finds her cancer has returned, her ex-husband is still a controlling conniving jerk who loves to humiliate and demean her, and something is very off in Pikeville.

The Hillbilly Rapist is active, bodies are found murdered, the Sheriff’s Dept seems ineffective, and the local underground snake handling Pentecostal Church is going strong.  Gwen finds herself hired to infiltrate the


Bless Me Father By Georgette Symonds


Bless me Father


  Insidious Evil

Murder and Pedophilia

Three People Determined To Find The Truth

A Roller Coaster Ride From Start To Finish




First I must say, Author Georgette Symonds, crafted a tale which grabs you from the first page.   Ms. Symonds wove a story which could be taken from today’s headlines.  Bless Me Father is an intriguing emotional novel of good and evil;  one Priest the ultimate evil, the other grief-stricken by the crime revealed to him.  As well as, the ultimate evil which has intruded into the very place of faith and sanctuary.

Father Eugene O’Reilly, a fiscal manager, travels where needed when accusations against a priest or parish occur;  he does his best to keep the parishes from financial destruction and solvent.  Consequently, on this day, Father O’Reilly receives a visit from an unknown priest who states:

“Bless me father for I have sinned.  Father do you believe in him whom no one knows? Yes, my son, Father O’Reilly said, I do.  Oh, thank god.  Father, I have the body of a boy in my trunk and I need your help in disposing of it.”

So begins our journey through the harrowing tale of psychopath, pedophile, murderer, cultist, and Priest,


Dangling By A Thread By Lea Wait



Dangling By A Thread, jpeg
Dangling By A Thread, Cover










The Maine Needlepointer’s are back on the case again in Lea Wait’s new novel, Dangling By A Thread.  Set in the beautiful and quaint small town of Haven Harbor, Maine, the wealthy are migrating to Haven Harbor and Kings Island.  Only time will tell if this is good or bad for small town life.

Angie spy’s a strange loner on her walk through town;  curiosity and her detective instincts win as she does her best to ferret out his identify.  Angie discovers Jesse, The Solitary, as he known around town, lives on uninhabitable Kings Island.   As a product of war, Jesse has PTSD, and the island helps Jesse cope.  In turn, Jesse does all he can to protect the nearly endangered Maine Great Cormorants.  Kings Island is one of the last habitats for the Cormorants.  Haven Harbor left in part ownership between Jesse and his brother, Simon, becomes a hot bed of controversy.

Things in Haven Harbor heat up as Jesse, finds his brother wants to sell the Island to wealthy Gerry Bentley.  Needless to say, Gerry, Uncle to Patrick West and wealthy beyond imagination, can buy Kings Island twice over.  Patrick West and his famous wealthy actress mother Sky West’s story appeared in Threads of Evidence.  All books in this series are standalone.  However, knowing the back story gives the reader a more in-depth understanding of the characters.


Play Dead (D.I. Kim Stone Book 4)By Angela Marsons


PLay Dead
Play Dead, Cover



The Body Farm

Play Dead Is An Intense Psychological Thriller



D.I. Kim Stone is back in action in book 4 of the Stone Series.  Play Dead is an action packed thrill ride of suspense from the first pages to the last pages with nonstop plotting and development.

Westerley research facility, aka the body farm, is the dumping ground for a depraved and evil murderer.  Bodies that do not belong on the farm are appearing and D.I. Kim Stone and her team are assigned to solve this disturbing and confusing case.  However, the villain has made a mistake and left a victim alive but horribly injured.  As a result can Stone and her team solve this case or will forces that they have no control derail the


Dead by Dinner By Lillian Dore




dead by dinner
Dead By Dinner, Cover








The setting for Dead By Dinner is England during the 1920’s.  Author Lillian Dore has penned a short sweet cozy mystery involving the upper crust.  Lady Clara Callaway and her maid, Alice Hart, journey to Bramblehead Hall, home of the Rossington-Smythes for a fun weekend with the Rossington-Smythes and friends.  To her surprise, Malcolm Wexley, falls over dead in his supper plate.  Ah, as Sherlock Holmes so apply states:  “Come, Watson or in this case Alice, The Game Is Afoot”!  Ruled murder by the investigating constables, who did it and why?  Wexley, the victim, is not all he appears.

Come along as Lady Clara and Alice become Sherlock Holmes and Watson to solve the murder.




Indigo Lake By Courtney Pierce

Indigo Lake
Indigo Lake, Cover


The Dushane Sisters And Pogo Are Back

Murder, Mystery, Secrets, Family History

Mobsters, Books, And Memoirs

This Book Has It All:  5 Stars



In Courtney Pierce’s latest book, Indigo Lake, we find the Dushane Sisters on the front lines again.  Yes, they are back again for more snarks, funny quips, and shenanigans. These ladies are the funniest women in the United States.   Of course Pogo, former mobster’s buddy and pampered standard poodle turned service dog, is right in the middle of the action.  You have to love a dog that watches the Meerkat Manor show on television.



Olivia Novak’s novel, The Executrix, is a success which garners an invitation for all three sisters and Pogo, to the Wake With Jo Show in New York.  Danny, always the motor mouth, tells ALL in regards to Pogo’s ownership and reveals Olivia’s real life mobster secret memoir manuscript which contains names and details.  Ms. Pierce’s first book in this series, The Executrix, details how this manuscript came into existence.   Olivia, Lauren, and Danny are living in a whirlwind after this revelation on national television.


Silk Stalkings By Diane Vallere

silk stalkings


Author Diane Vallere’s engaging character, Polyester Monroe, is back in the thick of things in San Ladron.  Her knowledge of fabrics, the design industry, and her knack for ferreting out mysteries and murderers are in top form in this novel.

Poly finds herself in the middle of the annual Miss Tangorli pageant which brings in many visitors and money to San Ladron.  Add in several mysteries and the murder of the pageant founder and you have a


Jamie Quinn Mystery Collection Box Set 1-3 By Barbara Venkataraman

jamie Quinn Collection



Jamie Quinn, Lawyer Extraordinaire

Mysteries and Murders

Family and Friends


This is a bundle collection of Jamie Quinn Mysteries, book 1 thru 3.




Jamie Quinn is a family practice attorney living in Hollywood, Florida, trying to get over her mother’s death, sleeping very little, roaming her home, and doing nothing.  Her life is at a stand still of insomnia and depression.  Her practice is almost nonexistent.

All that will change when she receives a call from her Aunt Peg.  Peg’s son Adam, who has Asperger’s


Rogue Moon (Bad Boy Alphas) (Rogue Moon Series Book 1) By Lashell Collins

Rogue Moon



Vicious Murders


The Lady Cop And the Billionaire Werewolf




Trevor Dare is a billionaire, owner of a medical robotics company, Dare Enterprises, and a werewolf.  He is also on a mission of vengeance to avenge his wife’s murder.  He intends to kill everyone involved in her death.


Melissa Cartwright is the detective on the case of vicious murders that seem to show animal claw marks,


Dead Lawyers Don’t Lie ( A Jake Wolfe Novel) By Mark Nolan (My Featured Book for April)




dead lawyers don't lie by Mark Nolan




Action Packed Mystery/Crime Novel






Jake Wolfe, former marine, call sign Jukebox, now a photo journalist, along with his friend and cop, Terrell,  become embroiled in a murder conspiracy.  Jake inadvertently becomes the target of the most successful assassin in the world when he is at the right place at the right time.  This novel follows Jake and his pals as they ferret out the assassin, and try to solve the mystery.  There’s more involved in these murders than meets the eye.  Though a lengthy novel, it is well worth the read as you become enmeshed


The Haunted Heist By Angie Fox

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00023]




Gang Is All Here Again For The Latest Mystery and Murder

Verity And Company Are In The Middle Once Again





Verity Long is still trying to release ghost gangster Frankie, Ellis is still her sometimes boyfriend, Ellis’ mother is still making Verity’s life miserable, and Verity still doesn’t have a job.  Could things get any worse?  Yes!  Reggie Thompson, the most powerful man in Sugarland and Sugarland’s banker, is murdered in the bank vault after offering Verity a graphic design job.

The bank has ghosts; did the ghost kill the Reggie? What are the noises the employees have heard


Island Secrets (The Island Escape Series Book 1) By R. T. Wolfe

Island Secrets



Peaceful Island Life

Treasure, Love,

Abuse And Murder

This Novel Has It All!



Zoe Clearwater lives in a small gulf community on beautiful Ibis Island off Florida’s coast; she had a perfect life.  A family that was loving and close; 2 sisters, Raine and Willow, a brother Seth, a thriving diving business and a gift shop.  Then her brother, Seth, diving alone disappears.  Her world changed.  She held


No Cats Allowed By Miranda James

no cats allowed

What Do You Like?

If You Like Murder Mysteries, This One Is For You!

It Was Murder; Murder Most Foul!  But To A Richly Deserving Victim!

No Cats Allowed By Miranda James Opens The Office Doors!

Diesel, a beautiful Maine Coon cat, is back on the job at the university library with his owner Charlie, along with a cast of characters.  Author Miranda James infused this book with awesome characters and opens


The Skeleton In The Closet by Angie Fox

How Do you Feel about Humor, Ghost, Love

If you like all the above, this book is up your alley!


 Vesity Long’s life has been spinning out of control since her “almost marriage” to philandering Beau Wydell, son of Sugarland, Tennessee’s most prominent and wealthy citizen, reigning queen bee, Virginia Wydell.

That fiasco nearly costs Verity all her worldly possessions except for her car, she calls the land yacht, and her ancestral home. Don’t you just love what she calls her car?  I could see it from the descriptions, a huge tank rumbling


Angels Burning By Tawni O’Dell

 Why A Horrendous Murder?


Murder Most Foul! Read on to find out why


Angel’s Burning by Tawni O’Dell  is a roller coaster ride


A brutal murder opens this book with a bang. Veteran Police Chief Dove Carnahan has her hands full trying to solve the murder of Camio Truly and deal with her own emotional family crisis.

Dove and her sister Neely have secrets; secrets that have been hidden for many years; a murdered


Crimson Shore by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston

FBI, Monsters, Evil; What More Could You Want?


Crimson Shore Is Another Hit For Preston And Child


FBI Agent A.X.L. Pendergast is back in action; his classic ultra expensive black suit, austere expression, white skin and lighter than light hair, expensive taste, and genteel manners; do not mistake him for a sissy, to do so would be a mistake of enormous portions.


Downton Tabby by Sparkle Abbey

Book Review

Caro Lamont, transplanted Texan and pet therapist is back in action. Cash, Jake, and Caro share office space in the same building. After Cash ask Caro to watch his cat while he runs home on an errand; he Downton Tabbynever returns.  Caro finds Jake dead in Cash’s pool and she thinks Cash has been kidnapped. From there the action, mystery and suspense is on a roll in this cozy mystery. Caro just can’t help herself; she gets involved in the investigation much to the dismay of Detective Malone.

There is a lot going on in this book. Cash and Jake are techies that own a technology company which developed the Woofwalker app for healthy dogs, one is dead the other has disappeared, Caro is trying unsuccessfully to dodge her ex-husband and a noisy reporter, she is followed by a black SUV, she is still fighting with her cousin over Grannie’s


Gone But Knot Forgotten by Mary Marks

Book Review

Author Mary Marks, has Martha Rose and her two best friends back in the thick of things again. This is the first of her books I have had the pleasure of reading; I found it delightful as only cozy mysteries can entertain.
gone but knot forgottenMartha is Jewish, her two friends, Lucy and Birdie, are not; this does not stop the intrepid trio from being fast and loyal friends, who respect each other, quilt together, and get in scrapes together. I loved the fact that Ms. Marks explained a lot of the Jewish traditions especially in regard to the Sabbath and funerals. This added to the book and I loved the information she included, it was educational and interesting as well as adding to the depth of the story.
In this book, Ms. Marks has Martha named as the executor of her old high school friend, Harriet Oliver’s estate. Martha hasn’t been in touch with Harriet for years. Harriet’s estate is worth millions and something seems fishy to Martha about the scene of her death. She was not found for 10 months after she died; it seems that Harriet led a sad and solitary life, her son drowned at five, her husband disappeared, he was eventually declared dead, and she had few friends. To make things even more interesting, Birdie is a walking talking CSI expert from watching television; she is up on all the latest “speak” in regard to criminal investigation.

What follows are plot twists and turns, mysteries, murders, an entire list of suspects, antiques, a priceless quilt and other extremely valuable items are missing, greedy family


All The Beautiful Brides by Rita Herron

Book Review

Thirty years ago three young girls were murder at what is now called Graveyard Falls. Thirty years ago, Johnny Pike was convicted of the murders. Thirty years to the day, another murder has occurred with the same m.o., and now Johnny is due for parole.


Mona, psychologist, amateur profiler, and the widow of a FBI agent now lives in Graveyard Falls, but she is there for a reason. She was given up for adoption from this town and she is determined to find her birth mother. She


Threads of Evidence by Lea Wait

Book Review

Picture a cozy small seaside town on the coast of Maine filled with colorful characters and we have the setting of this suspenseful cozy murder mystery book.   This is the second book in the Mainely Needlepointers Series and I must say I greatly enjoyed the book. This can be read as a stand-alone.

threads of evidenceAuthor Lea Wait has our main character, Angie Curtis investigating the forty-five year old death of Jasmine Gardener. Jasmine was the daughter of the town’s rich family who owned the estate, Aurora.   Each summer the family hosted an end of season party for the entire town prior to their return to New York, however at this last party tragedy occurred. Jasmine died and her mother insists she was murdered, and continued to insist until she died, which left Aurora empty and falling into disrepair. Suddenly the house is sold to an actress from California and things really begin to happen as the actress, Skye West and her son, Patrick, are in town to solve the mystery of Jasmine’s death and restore Aurora. The author, Lea Wait did a wonderful job of filling this book with colorful characters; a murder mystery that someone does not want solved, attempted murder, arson, and secrets, long-held secrets.

A part-time investigator, Angie is managing her grandmother’s Mainely Needlepointers,


Cactus Rose by Samantha Harte

A DespeCactus Roserate Woman

A Powerful Strong Man

And Evil Surrounds Them!

Rosie Saladay raced into town in her worn out wagon and worn out horses on a mission. She needs a husband, and she needs him today.  The local gambler, Wesley Morris, is determined to practically steal her land and mysteriously her husband was killed last week.


Everyone believes there is gold on her land, she has something more valuable to history, ancient cliff dwellings; her husband, Abner, swore her to secrecy.


Del Grant riding thru town, drinking and gambling decides to marry Rosie even without “boots under the bed” as they said in the west, a marriage of convenience and protection for Rosie who believes she will be the next one killed for her land.


Rosie, a mill girl, had come west to find her future husband, found he didn’t want a wife, only a housekeeper, so he could research the dwellings and artifacts. She lives a lonely almost destitute existence. I could feel Del’s emotions rolling off of him as he listened to Rosie describe her life.


I could feel Rosie’s desire that her late husband had felt a little something for her, fear of what was to become of her, and her determination to safe guard her husband’s legacy. The author poured emotion throughout this book, as we watched Del and Rosie grow into the people they were


Never Die Alone by Lisa Jackson

Never die alone



Powerful, Full Of Action

Murder Of Twins


This is the first book in this series I have read, I did not feel I needed to read the others first, it is a stand-alone novel. This one was very good; I will be reading the others.


From the first paragraphs this book is a heart stopping “full on action” murder story. A serial killer is on the loose in Louisiana and he’s having fun with twins on their 21st birthday, lots of macabre fun.


The action never lets up. It is a sit on the edge of your seat book that will make you wonder if people like this really exist, if so, God protect us. Author Lisa Jackson has an amazing imagination and an amazing


Midnight on the Mississippi by Mary Ellis


Nicki Price is 25 ymidnight on the mississippiears old, and comes from a poor country family; freshly graduated from PI school and ready to help her cousin Nate with his PI business.   She presents a case for her services to Nate; he’s not buying, that is, until his client over rules him.


Nate has a rich society client charged with murdering his partner and doesn’t want Nicki in the way.  Nicki is attracted to said accused murderer, Hunter Galen and ready to ply her trade of private investigator.


Hunter is not just a privileged society boy, he is a hard-working, hard playing high-powered stock trader that loves the risk, and it doesn’t hurt that he is as handsome as sin in the Big Easy.  He is prime suspect number one in the murder of his crooked partner.


He also has a spoiled society “almost” fiancee.  The dance of attraction and love between Hunter and Nicki begins. It will not be without twists and turns, then more turns, nor is it a smooth ride, mysteries, murders new and old, blackmail, vengeful almost fiancée, and the games people play.  We watch Hunter learn to see the world through


The Vault by Karen Long

The Vault



Powerful, Suspense, Mystery, Murder


If you like all the above, this book has it all!



Story Line:

DI Eleanor Raven is back in action after a harrowing escape from a mad man in book 1 and the relationship with her new partner Detective Laurence Whitefoot is strained.


He knows a few things about Eleanor; Eleanor has secrets, deep dark secrets that she hides. Eleanor is also struggling to overcome the horror she went through six months ago.


A body is found in the dump after a fire and it’s a little strange, so strange Mackenzie Webber, a landfill


Nine Buck’s Row by Jennifer Wilde writing as T. E. Huff

Nine Buck row


Jack The Ripper

Victorian London’s East Side

Evil, Mystery, Adventure, and Love


Author Jennifer Wilde has created this story in London’s east side which in the reign of Queen Victoria was a hell hole, during the day it was relatively safe.  At night evil reigned supreme, from young bucks looking for fun to the new evil of the murderer called the Ripper.


The Ripper kills silently, efficiently and very brutally.  Ms. Wilde’s descriptions of the east side were so vivid I could see each street and the activities taking place; I could see the trash and offal, I could almost smell the odors.


The heroine of the story is Susannah; she lives in the east side with her Aunt Marietta until her Aunt is violently killed.  Susannah moves in with Margaret, a distant cousin of Marietta’s; our hero Nicholas Craig, who is wealthy, sullen, cold, distant, and has a strange occupation of creating statistics lives temporarily with his Aunt Margaret until he completes his book of statistics.


Aunt Margaret also has a strange boarder, Mr. Lord, in her attic.  The stage is set for this murder mystery.  The Ripper is running a muck in London’s East Side and Susannah is trying to solve the mystery of her guardian, Ms. Margaret’s house on Nine Buck Row, and fighting her attraction to Nicholas; attraction which runs both ways.



Gambling on the Outlaw, A Nevada Bounty Novel by Margaret Madigan

gamblingonthe outlaw2


A Band Of Misfit Women


A Good Man Framed


A Villain Most Foul


Beth Caldwell is the widow of a gambling man; she was always at his side except for the day he died. Widowed, serving as a lowly paid midwife, Beth Caldwell has problems of major proportions.


She lives on her small ranch with a cast of women misfits, the neighboring very rich rancher, Clay Dearborn, wants to marry her for her land and doesn’t want the misfits; a gambling friend is holding a $5,000.00 marker of her husbands and wants his money, and to just finish off a really bad day, she finds a


Power Shift by Calinda B

Paranormal Romance Book Review


power shift










Charming Alaska is not your normal town. Charming has shifters, vampires, and humans.  Charming is shifter paradise.  This is a fun story.  I thought when I started the book I would not like it;  after the first couple of pages I was hooked.  This town is full of quaint, quirky, sexy, annoying, funny characters.  From the dumb blonde human to the leg humping dog shifter.

Chia Petit is the town manager.  It’s her job to keep the peace between everyone and enforce her town ordinances, of which there are many.  Chia has a thing for Hung Durand, (Hung according to Chia being the operative word) a bounty hunter that doesn’t follow her rules.  The sexual tension between these two burns up the pages.  This not your ordinary shifter story, far from


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