Lily And The Octopus By Steven Rowley FEATURED BOOK FOR JUNE

Lily and the octopus



Love In It’s Highest Form

Unconditional And Unending



What an emotional heart wrenching roller coaster story of love, grief, acceptance, and letting go!  I have read several books I felt I was not skilled enough in prose to do justice;  this is one of those books.  I hope this review will inspire you to run and buy this book.


Ted is gay, quirky, lonely, has issues and is in therapy with a therapist that just doesn’t get him.  Lily, a dachshund, is Ted’s faithful companion, his friend, his rock, his sounding board, his greatest love.  Ted raised Lily from twelve weeks of age and they have a bond that only someone who has a beloved pet could understand.  Ted discovers an octopus on Lily’s head.  The crisis of his life is about to begin as he and Lily must come to terms with mortality and what living really means.

Come along with Ted and Lily as they journey through life.


This story is about grief, unconditional love, unconditional companionship, and the unconditional emotional support that runs between Ted and Lily and how Ted deals with his and Lily’s problems.  Mr. Rowley’s uses the octopus as an analogy of the crisis in Ted and Lily’s life.  Lily’s crisis is medical, Ted’s is emotional. Mr. Rowley skillfully created a story which expertly shows that we can run from the piper but the piper must be paid and we as humans must grieve, pick ourselves up, carry on, and live life to the fullest.

I found myself crying tears of sadness and heartache;  I also laughed out loud as the conversations between Lily and Ted were hilarious.  I ran the gauntlet of emotions reading this story. This novel is an emotional roller coaster ride from start to finish;  Author Steven Rowley grabs you deep in your heart and does not let go.  Mr Rowley’s talent is clear as he weaves this wonderful tale of life and love;  he brings your emotions to the surface.

This story has many levels and depths. Mr. Rowley sets the hook in the first pages and then reels you into the story.   It is a “not be missed”  book of grief, living life to the fullest, acceptance, and love;  all expertly crafted by Mr. Rowley.


This is one of the best books I have read this year; few books have affected me as this one.  I highly recommend this book by a talented author.  This book is suitable for readers that like a solid well-developed and paced story.  I look forward to Mr. Rowley’s next book.

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