Stormy Weather By Glen Ebisch



Stormy Weather by Glen Ebisch
Stormy Weather, Cover











Author Glen Ebisch’s mystery suspense crime novel, Stormy Weather is a first-rate thriller.  Stormy McCloud, resident meteorologist, finds herself involved in murder, mayhem, theft, and possibly romance.  Stormy as the new junior weather girl, has acquired a lot of fans and received fan mail due her popularity.  However head meteorologist, Travis Lambert, finds her fame threatening.  Rude, self-centered, and vain, Travis threatens Stormy with dismissal.  Things are not happy at the local television station.  A place full of personalities, back biting, stabbing, and lies.

When a contractor discovers Travis body buried on Stormy’s property, she’s in big trouble of the legal kind.  Murder, mayhem, and suspicion ensue.  Enter stage right, our hero, Chance Malone, Bible verse quoting Private Detective.  Hired by the station manager to look into the murder, Chance and Stormy embark on an


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