The Grumpface By B.C.R. Fegan


Daniela Frongia (Illustrator)

The Grumpface
The Grumpface










In The Grumpface, B. C. R. Fegan author and Daniela Frongia illustrator, crafted an entertaining book for any child.  With a premise easy to follow, the child will giggle and wiggle as they listen to this fun filled book.

A grumpy man became grumpy with a wizard.  The wizard changed him into Grumpface and placed him deep in the dark forest.  Grumpface would have to laugh before he would change back to a man.  He devised a game for the people who wandered into the forest.  They had to complete three task or stay in the forest.  Dan wanted to find a rose for the flower vender, Bella, who he loved.  Going into the forest, he meets Grumpface and laughter follows as Dan tried to complete the three task.

I love rhyming poems and stories; I am sure any child would love to have this book.  The rhyming will catch the adult or child’s attention immediately.  Children will find the rhyming easy to remember and follow.  All children love to have someone read to them; this book is perfect for any time of day as you set with your child.

With illustrations, detailed and colorful, children will love looking at the pages in The Grumpface.  I do not think they will be frighten as Grumpface resembles an old grumpy green leprechaun.  With help from the reader/adult, children will understand laughter can change a person’s attitude and outlook;  the reader/adult should explain Grumpface becomes a different person after seeing Dan’s funny attempts to complete the three task.  The reader/adult can also impress upon the child how the man became Grumpface; an excellent teaching tool.  An adult could sit with the child who’s reading age and explain the concepts of the book.


Trumped! Beyond Politically Correct by Peter Davidson



Trumped Beyond Politically Correct










Trumped! Beyond Politically Correct, is satire at its best.  Irreverent, satirical, sassy, and sometimes just down right mean.  Get ready to laugh, hoot, and holler.  Yes, it is that funny.

How many times have you bitten your tongue as someone gave you a gift fit for the garbage pile, or said something totally inappropriate?  Have you thought to your self, “I wish I had the nerve to tell them what I really think”?  Then, this book is for you.

Some of the high-lights are:  Grandpa’s Marital Advice, Like My Haircut, Jesus and Sinner, The Confession 1 and 2, This Round’s On me.

There are many more hilarious moments waiting for you in Trumped!   I could not pick out my favorite


Bite Somebody By Sara Dobie Bauer




bite somebody,cover
Bite Somebody, Cover



Bite Somebody, a wonderfully funny paranormal vampire novel, will entertain the reader from the first page to the last.  Get ready to laugh.  Celia is a riot a minute and Woodsy BO Guy is just plain wonderful.



In paranormal novel Bite Somebody, author Sara Dobie Bauer has created a vampire novel which is funny, witty, and just good entertainment.  Celia Merkin is a newbie.  A vampire newbie that is!  She sees herself as wimpy, lumpy, fat, and far from irresistible.  After her creator ask her if she wanted “to be perfect”, Celia woke up alone, a new vampire, unable to bite anyone for food, and she certainly was not perfect.  In fact, she was her same insecure old self, lumps and all.  She has a psychiatrist who does not understand her, a new friend, Imogene, who is crazy, and a new neighbor, Ian, that makes her motor run.  Her new crazy friend, Imogene, tells her to just bite somebody.  Celia wants her first time special, not just a bite for the bites sake.

Is the woodsy bo guy next door the answer to Celia’s problem?  Will Celia ever realize her insecurities are


Fairytale Beginnings by Holly Martin

This is a feel good book from the first page to the last.


Author Holly Martin without a doubt knows how to fill her stories full of laughter, quirky characters, ghosts, hidden treasurers, oogie monsters, curses and love.

I laughed so much during this read; Ms. Martin has a way with humor and words.


Story Line:

This is the story of Milly a woman full of life and loves all things Disney including castles, Princes, Princess, magic, and wishes. Her hair has pink ends and her shoes have sparkles.



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