Bless Me Father By Georgette Symonds


Bless me Father


  Insidious Evil

Murder and Pedophilia

Three People Determined To Find The Truth

A Roller Coaster Ride From Start To Finish




First I must say, Author Georgette Symonds, crafted a tale which grabs you from the first page.   Ms. Symonds wove a story which could be taken from today’s headlines.  Bless Me Father is an intriguing emotional novel of good and evil;  one Priest the ultimate evil, the other grief-stricken by the crime revealed to him.  As well as, the ultimate evil which has intruded into the very place of faith and sanctuary.

Father Eugene O’Reilly, a fiscal manager, travels where needed when accusations against a priest or parish occur;  he does his best to keep the parishes from financial destruction and solvent.  Consequently, on this day, Father O’Reilly receives a visit from an unknown priest who states:

“Bless me father for I have sinned.  Father do you believe in him whom no one knows? Yes, my son, Father O’Reilly said, I do.  Oh, thank god.  Father, I have the body of a boy in my trunk and I need your help in disposing of it.”

So begins our journey through the harrowing tale of psychopath, pedophile, murderer, cultist, and Priest,


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