Betty’s Blessing By Jo Huddleston


A sweet romance story of unbidden love, set in 1956

(California Bound Book 2)

Betty's Blessing
Betty’s Blessing










Betty and Mary Ann are in town for Donna’s wedding.  You will remember Donna and Tommy from Donna’s Detour Book 1.  Greg Turner came as Tommy’s best man.  Betty has an aversion to every thing about Greg;  throwing snarks and snipping at every turn.  Greg, however, finds himself attracted to the beautiful woman.  He can’t understand what she has against him.  Will circumstances change and allow these two to find happy ever after?  My review of Betty’s Blessing follows.


Once again author Jo Huddleston created a well-written, clean, sweet, romance, in Betty’s BlessingHuddleston‘s created quite a character in Betty;  funny, snarky, and opinionated.  She’s doesn’t mind stating her opinion.  However, Betty’s immature when it comes to relationships;  always expecting the worse. I wanted to shake her and tell her to grow up;  I became very impatient with her.

You will love Greg;  a man who had searched for something in his life; has he finally found it?  He’s ready for a permanent relationship, however, he’s mystified by Betty at times.  Then a two crisis’ occurs;  will Betty resolve her issues, opening her eyes and seeing the truth?


Indigo Lake By Courtney Pierce

Indigo Lake
Indigo Lake, Cover


The Dushane Sisters And Pogo Are Back

Murder, Mystery, Secrets, Family History

Mobsters, Books, And Memoirs

This Book Has It All:  5 Stars



In Courtney Pierce’s latest book, Indigo Lake, we find the Dushane Sisters on the front lines again.  Yes, they are back again for more snarks, funny quips, and shenanigans. These ladies are the funniest women in the United States.   Of course Pogo, former mobster’s buddy and pampered standard poodle turned service dog, is right in the middle of the action.  You have to love a dog that watches the Meerkat Manor show on television.



Olivia Novak’s novel, The Executrix, is a success which garners an invitation for all three sisters and Pogo, to the Wake With Jo Show in New York.  Danny, always the motor mouth, tells ALL in regards to Pogo’s ownership and reveals Olivia’s real life mobster secret memoir manuscript which contains names and details.  Ms. Pierce’s first book in this series, The Executrix, details how this manuscript came into existence.   Olivia, Lauren, and Danny are living in a whirlwind after this revelation on national television.


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