His Stubborn Sweet Bride By Chloe Carley


A Christian Romance Novel

His Stubborn Sweet Bride
His Stubborn Sweet Bride










Proper English gentleman Nate Trowbridge and his sister, Leonie, inherited a ranch in the wild West of America.  Informed by ranch hand Will everything’s in good shape, they journey to their new inheritance. However, upon arriving their lives take a sharp turn right.

Not only is the ranch in an awful state, but through no fault of his own Nate also finds himself engaged to Irish Molly Clanahan.  Jem, through a series of hilarious events, delivered the proposal letter to the wrong woman. Molly refuses to release him from his written proposal.  Instead of a gently bred young lady he intended to wed, Nate finds himself engaged to a “gold digging hayden” who is holding on to his proposal with an iron grip.  Molly has reasons for refusing to go away quietly;  reasons she holds secret.  Leonie, a hopeless romantic, takes Molly under her wing;  taking Molly’s side against her brother.  Things are heating up on the ranch as Leonie refuses to believe Nate will turn Molly away.

When Molly secretly leaves the ranch, Nate decides to find out Molly’s secrets and history.  He will find his reputation, honor, heart, and his very life, on the line in His Stubborn Sweet Bride.  Oh the adventure ahead for all in this story. My Christian romance book reviews of His Stubborn Sweet Bride follows.


What an adventure is in store for the reader in this sweet clean Christian novelChloe Carley filled this novel with mystery, upper-crust English, secrets, and, of course, romance.  With Molly’s desperation to stay and bring Nate to heel, and Nathan’s horror of the situation he found himself, I stayed glued to this story.  Then Carley included a villain that no one would like.  The Wild West was a time of lawlessness, greed, and wicked men.  The villain, Jack, is the perfect example of wickedness;  I couldn’t wait for him to get his due.


Any Way You Want It By Monique McDonell



An Upper Crust Series Novel (The Upper Crust Series Book 5)

Any Way You Want It by Monique McDonell
Any Way You Want It, Cover











Author Monique McDonell created a sweet heartwarming romance in Any Way You Want It.  It is an entertaining light read which will hold your attention. Grab a comfortable seat because you will read this book straight through. Chloe ran from her former life, a member of a strict religious cult, straight into the arms of an unprincipled man.  Shy, introverted, naïve, and unworldly, Chloe ran when she realized what he was.  Finally finding a home with her Uncle in a small, close-knit town, Chloe runs the local ice cream parlor after his retirement.

Moose, AKA Tom, knew Chloe’s special from their first meeting.  Unsure how to get Chloe’s attention, Moose shows up just as the nightmare from her former life appears.  She has a stalker, who is ugly and vindictive, with plans to make her life miserable. Chloe’s terrified and thinks she’s all alone in her fight; she finds Moose, and the town has her back. Will shy introverted Chloe find happiness with outgoing, extroverted Moose?  Can Chloe overcome her insecurities to grab life with both hands?

Come along with Chloe, Moose, and the community as they fight evil, bring justice to Chloe, as well as, find happiness and love along the way.  My romance book reviews of Any Way You Want It, follows.


Although a well-crafted romance novel, McDonell filled this story with emotion and life lessons.  McDonell enables the


The Whispering Room By Dean Koontz


The Whispering Room
The Whispering Room










In The Whispering Room, Jane Hawke is on the run. Not only is she running for her and her son’s life, but Jayne is also trying to stop a conspiracy which could end life in America as we know it.   A group of powerful and influential men have plans for the American people.  Jane is determined to find and destroy as many of them as she can.  As well as, unravel the real purpose of the conspiracy.

Jayne’s husband supposedly committed suicide.  However, when other suspicious suicides occur, Jayne follows the trail to a place no one would suspect of harboring a nightmare.  Jayne becomes a predator as she finds clue after clue.  Jayne is hunting the hunters and kicking butt.  Will Jayne become as bad as the men she is hunting or will they find her first?  My mystery suspense book reviews of The Whispering Room follows.


The second book in the Jane Hawke novel’s is a roller coaster ride of action and suspense, as well as, thought-provoking and chilling. When technology is in the hands of a few greedy demented people, evil easily occurs.  Dean Koontz explores the avenues open to the greedy few in high places and the results.  While nothing is as it


Kiss Of Death By Robert Skuce


A Lee Truelove Novel

Kiss Of Death By Robert Skuce
Kiss Of Death, Cover










In Kiss Of Death, Detective Bruno Norcross, once again, faces his nemesis.  A horrible murder occurred five years ago, and Bruno had the killer in the palm of his hand.  Unfortunately, he got away.  Then after five years, he’s back again with another reign of terror.  The latest victim Rosie had a stalker, Lee Truelove;  Lee would never harm the woman he loved.  Will Lee Truelove, be the link to finally catching this serial killer?  Who is the mysterious character going by the name, Mr. Brown?  How does he relate to the killings?

Grab a beverage, set back and enjoy my review of Kiss Of Death.


Firstly, I must tell the reader Kiss Of Death needs editing; I found numerous errors which interrupted the flow of the book. That said, I must also state the premise of the story was very good. Secondly, the mystery and suspense were kept at high peak as the reader follows this investigation.  With an ending which is surprising and unexpected, this story would receive four stars if not for the editing.


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A Bark In The Night By M. K. Scott

The Talking Dog Detective Agency Book 1

A Bark In The Night
A Bark In The Night










Nala, preschool teacher, decided to try her hand at discreet private investigations during summer break. After all, P. I. work has to be better than demanding parents and whining children. However, Nala did not know she would have a partner; one with four legs and the ability to talk, known as, Max part German Shepard and part “who knows.”

With a mother demanding grandchildren, a father who protects and serves, talking dog Max, and a love interest in the newest addition to the police force, Nala’s life is far from dull. Come along as Nala begins an adventurous career in discreet private investigations. My cozy mystery book reviews of A Bark In The Night follow.


A Bark In The Night by author M. K. Scott is the hilariously funny tale of the trials of Max and amateur P.I. Nala. I laughed and laughed reading this book. Without a doubt, Max is the star of the story. Full of opinions, odd doggy attitudes, smart-aleck insights, and transparent, manipulative maneuvers, Max will grab your heart just as he did Nala’s. Every good P. I. needs a Max, especially if you are new to the game and the dog has been around a time or two.

Although the cases take a back seat to Max and Nala, I found myself enthralled with the storyline and the characters.  The authors filled this story with good feelings; a tight family who has its quirks, a woman determined to find her niche and succeed, and a dog in need of a loving master and permanent home with a job to perform.  Giving the reader all of these and more, you will love this sweet, feel-good story.


At Bobby Trivette’s Grave By Donna D. Vitucci


At Bobby Trivette's Grave
At Bobby Trivette’s Grave










A profound, intense novel, At Bobby Trivette’s Grave, follows two families through guilt and grief.  Teenage Dru’s in love with Bobby Trivette.  Both from families with issues, they follow the usual pattern of teenagers growing up and falling in love in a small town.  However, their story takes a massive detour of grief and guilt when Bobby’s killed in an auto accident.   Dru’s grief will cause both families to take a look at their lives and the reason for how they lived, as well as, face their despair and guilt.

My contemporary fiction book reviews of At Bobby Trivette’s Grave follows.


I am not sure where to start with this review.  Firstly, let me say, author Donna D. Vitucci‘s, a talented author, however, At Bobby Trivette’s Grave was not the book for me.  That said, I must also commend the author for a well-written and well-developed bookVitucci created a deeply emotional story-line as she dove into the life of two families in small-town Paris, Kentucky.  Secrets abound, along with regrets, and lives wasted.  One action by each changed the entire structure of their lives.

In At Bobby Trivette’s Grave, Donna Vitucci demonstrated the futilely of carrying guilt and the destruction it causes.  For me, the pace was a little slow for the first half of the book.  However, it picked up in the middle.  Vitucci gave detailed emotional background on the characters and developed them skillfully.  Even though this book was not for me, I much appreciate the skillful refreshing writing, creative original story-line, an in-depth look into small-town Paris’ families.  For the right audience, this book will be a winner.


Silver City Seductions By Laura Fletcher



A Western Cowboy Mail Order Bride Romance; Book 1

Silver City Seductions by Laura Fletcher
Silver City Seductions, Cover











Silver City Seductions is a sweet romance straight out of the old west.  Victoria Nolan is alone in the world since the death of her parents.  Working as a waitress, barely making ends meet, Victoria’s rooked into an unsavory situation by an evil man.  Upon realizing the hotel he has brought her to is a brothel, Victoria runs hard and long.  Her last stop is Silver City.

Silver City is a small town and Sam Flynn’s home.  Sam and his three ranch hands have run through a multitude of housekeepers.  Victoria seems the answer to his prayers. Not only is Victoria an excellent housekeeper and cook, but the attraction between Sam and Victoria also grows daily.

But evil is still stalking Victoria?  Will Sam be able to protect Victoria?  When Sam learns the truth, will he forgive Victoria?  Come along and have a seat, my western romance book reviews of Silver City Seduction follows.



Firstly, let me say Silver City Seductions is a relaxing easy read for a lazy afternoon.  A short novella, the author, could not explore the depth and character development of the novella’s parent, the novel, due to the short length of novellas.   However, Fletcher did a good job of including everything needed to craft a solid story.  Secondly, Fletcher created a strong woman in Victoria.  Women, of necessity, had to be strong in the west to survive, Victoria is such a woman.

Furthermore, in Sam, Fletcher created a knight in shining armor.  Yes, he has his issues. However, he is ever ready to protect and care for Victoria.  I found the plot progressed smoothly without starts and stops; it did not lag or bog down.  Containing one love scene, which takes place after marriage, I found the scene inoffensive; it was not erotica or graphic sex, but a loving scene between two people in love.


The Bodyguards’s Catch By Robyn Rychards


The Bodyguard's Catch
The Bodyguard’s Catch










In The Bodyguards’s Catch we find, Jordyn Souliere, who needs money desperately; then fate dropped an opportunity of a lifetime into her lap.  Unfortunately, she will have to go against her principles to cash in on the photo’s, and video of famous singing artist Maximillian Chanteur’s broke up with his girlfriend.

To make matters worse, her first love, Remo Vashenko is Chanteur’s bodyguard.  Remo left her without a word and never returned.  Now, he is standing in front of her, grabbing her phone and hauling her out of the bathroom stall where she hid.

Can Remo and Jordy resolve this situation peacefully?   Will Remo and Jordyn resolve old hurts and forge a new relationship?  My romance book review of Second Time’s The Charm, The Bodyguards Catch follows.


Although a sweet clean romance, The Bodyguard’s Catch, also has a mystery.  Remo, the poor kid from the other side of the tracks, fell in love with Jordyn in high school. But a crisis forced him to make a choice which left Jordyn still hurting years later.


In The Beginning By Celesta Thiessen


(Salt Eden Book 1)

In The Beginning
In The Beginning










Billed for those you liked Lost and Jericho, In The Beginning, is a new series by author Celesta Thiessen.  Siblings Abigail and Nathan Taylor live in New York where crime runs rampant.  When Saber Chad shows up at Abigail’s door with instructions from her father to go with him to Salt Eden, they begin a search for her brother, Nathan.  Nathan’s dealing drugs and owes money to the wrong people. Someone is trying to kill him, and he can’t afford for the police to become involved.  As they run for their lives, Salt Eden looks better and better.  My book reviews of In The Beginning follow.


In The Beginning Is a story filled with action and suspense.  Although a short read of 46 pages, Celesta Thiessen crafted an action-packed storyline.  I found the premise intriguing and the characters believable.  Nathan’s character portrays him as immature and selfish. Nathans a character I found hard to like.  Abigail is sweet and trying to save her brother from himself.  Adding in the father’s personality and his concept of recreating paradise in Salt Eden, I found he reminded me of a mad scientist as he intends to create a new world of love and peace.  Without giving spoilers, I can’t say more.


Reunited By Danger By Carol J. Post

Love Inspired Suspense

Reunited By Danger
Reunited By Danger










Police Officer Amber Kingston and Detective Caleb Lyons feature in author Carol J. Post new mystery, suspense, romance Reunited By Danger. Amber receives facebook posts from her old friend, Ramona, begging her to come to the ten-year class reunion. Ramona says she has cancer and wishes to connect with the former group of six at the reunion.

Amber, a girl headed for no good in high school, ran with a bad crowd. Six of them who grouped together for drinking and fun. When one of the six is murdered at the reunion, Amber finds a one-line message near him. Each of them has mysteriously received cryptic messages from someone seeking vengeance for a past deed they feel the six are responsible.

Detective Caleb Lyons ran with the good crowd in school; always top grades, helping others, and a Christian to boot. These two must now work together in this case. Amber and Caleb, find her friends murdered one by one, as they receive messages of retaliation for the past. Caleb with his own demons, tries to get Amber to open up to him and tell all she knows? Will they solve this mystery? Can a relationship, possibly love, bloom between Amber and Caleb as they come closer and closer? My mystery suspense romance book reviews of Reunited By Danger follows.


Reunited In Danger grabbed me from the beginning of the book and did not let go until the last page. A fast-paced tale of vengeance, murder, and secrets, author Carol J. Post, crafted a first class story filled with mystery and suspense. I could relate to their immature behavior, as we all were immature in our teen years of high school. Post highlights the repercussions of immature behavior with the resulting damage and repercussions which occur.

I found the suspense and mystery is addictive as I became involved in the story-line. Then, I found myself asking: who’s going to be next and what happened on that night long ago? Post kept the identity of the murderer and secrets close to her chest and did not reveal either until absolutely necessary to the story-line. What event set the murderer on the trail of vengeance? Wondering if Amber’s involved and praying not, I impatiently clicked my E-reader screen, reading this book straight through as I had to know the answers.


The Shifter’s Nanny By T. S. Ryder


The Shifter's Nanny by T. S. Ryder
The Shifter’s Nanny, Cover










In The Shifter’s Nanny, we find Rose Doctor applying for a nanny position for the first time in five years.  After leaving an emotionally abusive relationship, Rose needs a job, and she has a degree in childcareArriving at Devon McGullicuddy’s for an interview, Rose finds the handsome panther shifter needs a nanny for his baby girl.  Neither of them is looking for a relationship or love.  However, fate has different ideas.

As their relationship builds, an old trauma in the form of a rabid stalker will appear on the scene to throw a monkey wrench into the works.  Come along with Rose and Devon as they fight their feelings, fight an evil stalker, and find a love which was worth waiting upon.  My shifter romance book reviews of The Shifter’s Nanny follows.


Firstly, let me say, how much I enjoyed this short, intense book.  Most shifter novels are full of explicit sex; I must commend T. S. Ryder for using prose rather than sex to sell this story.  Secondly, although a love scene does occur, it is tasteful and well-written without being offensive.

With twists and turns, Ryder kept my attention as she led me through Rose and Devon’s journey.   Setting a fast pace which remained smooth throughout, I became enmeshed in Ryder‘s shifter world.  With an original concept of humans and shifters living side by side, I found this refreshing as most novels have the shifters hidden from humans.


Murder Is A Monkey’s Game by Ruby Loren


Mystery (Madigan Amos Zoo Mysteries Book 3)

Murder Is A Monkey's Game
Murder Is A Monkey’s Game










In author Ruby Loren‘s latest book, Murder Is A Monkey’s Game, Madi and Lowell are in France.  Madie’s helping a zoo improve their habituates and environment for the animals.  Suddenly a paraglider falls from the sky into the Bengal tiger habituate.  Lowell immediately recognizes the victim;  a man from Lowell’s dark and mysterious past.

When two mysterious agents turn up in the village asking lots of questions, things heat up for Lowell and Madi.  As the victims continue to mount, Madi’s in the middle of another murder investigation;  with everyone suspects, including Lowell.  My cozy mystery book reviews of Murder Is A Monkey’s Game follows.


Author Ruby Loren crafted a Madigan Amos cozy mystery which entertains and holds the reader‘s attention.  The romance between Madi and Lowell’s sweet and clean as they continue to form a relationship.  Of course, Madi’s a magnet for murder, and this job is no different. 

With a multitude of suspects and few clues, Madi will have to dig hard to find the who, why, and what, involved in this case. Ruby Loren skillfully concealed the identity of the murderer among a cast of many;  revealing the why and who at the last possible moment.  I was blown away when the murderer’s shown, as well as, the reason for the crimes.  I did not consider this person as the culprit.  As a detective, I would be a bust.

Including the cute, but mischievous monkeys, provided classic moments of animal behavior.  They are first-class monkey rascals who get into many monkey high-jinks;  adding bits of humor and laughter.  Also, Loren included in a sweet dog who provided many laughs at her owner’s expense.



Literally Murder By Eryn Scott


A Pepper Brooks Cozy Mystery Book 2

Literally Murder
Literally Murder










Pepper and Liv are in the last year of college;  each is looking forward to the future, but sad they will part.   Alec has been to law enforcement training and just returned.  Things are a little different between Pepper and Alec; they can’t seem to connect as they did before he left and frustration’s setting in.

When Pepper finds a student face down in the creek, Alec insists she stay out of the case.  Of course, Pepper does her best, but everyone keeps bringing her clues.  What’s she to do?  She fields the clues to Alex and his father.  However, when two more girls turn up dead, Pepper’s has a hard time setting on the sidelines.  Then when Liv’s life’s in harm’s way, Pepper is off and running.  My book review of Literally Murder follows.


Eryn Scott‘s writing keeps getting better and better.  Scott sank the hook in early and held me on the line until the final page.  Filling Literally Murder with intrigue, mystery, suspense, and quotes from Hemingway.  With a quick quote for any given situation, Pepper’s deep in classes on Hemingway with Professor Evensworth.

Scott kept the mystery and suspense at high peak and did not reveal the killer until the last possible moment.  To say I was surprised would be an understatement.  I never considered this person.  Scott matured Pepper in this book;  she’s not as ready to accuse after what happened in book 1.  However, she has quite a cast of suspects to choose from until they each come up with an alibi.


A Heart Made For Love By Linda Tillis



A Heart Made For Love by Linda Tillis, Cover
A Heart Made For Love, Cover











In a Heart Made For Love, Linda Tillis crafted a clean romance novel filled with emotion.  Set in Florida during the early 1900’s,  we find Mae Hinton facing a tragedy no woman should have to face.  Assaulted by a group of men, Mae must face the evil of the world head on.  Not one to lay down and quit, Mae’s determined to survive and fulfill her dreams.

Although her mother died years before, Mae’s family lives by her teachings.  With brothers Samuel and Cyrus, her father Garth, and her mother’s principles, this family’s united in love of each other and of God.

After, “the event” occurred, Mae’s determination to provide for abused and victimized women takes a strong grip on Mae.   Mae’s determined to provide shelter and training. Today we would call this project a woman’s shelter with vocational training.   Meanwhile, Mae meets and comes to love Edward Finch, doctor in training.  Edward, training in England and home for a visit. does not know what hit him upon meeting beautiful Mae.

Circumstances occur which allow Mae to realize her dream.  But at what cost?  Will Mae’s happy world comes tumbling apart?  The past has reared its ugly head, and Mae will have to decide how to handle the


In Want Of A Wife By Odelia Floris



51kn6tzuq6l-_sx311_bo1204203200_ in want of a wife











In Want Of A Wife, portrays the Regency era of history with all its stifling rules and restrictions.  Sent to the London marriage mart season, found in all the best drawing rooms and ballrooms, two very different sisters, Rose and Arielle, vie for love.

Nevertheless, Rosa, a small mousey girl is quite, stammers, shy beyond the pale, and subservient to her sister, dreads the season.  She desires to return home to the peace and quite of the country side.  Meanwhile, Arielle is the exact opposite of Rosa.  She is beautiful, confident, and outgoing in every way and ready to take on any and all for love.

Rosa, ever the wallflower, will find herself in a pickle.  Not only does she have one suitor, she has two. Arielle is crazy for a handsome Captain.  Are these suitors what they seem?   Left to their own device, by


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