Bless Me Father By Georgette Symonds


Bless me Father


  Insidious Evil

Murder and Pedophilia

Three People Determined To Find The Truth

A Roller Coaster Ride From Start To Finish




First I must say, Author Georgette Symonds, crafted a tale which grabs you from the first page.   Ms. Symonds wove a story which could be taken from today’s headlines.  Bless Me Father is an intriguing emotional novel of good and evil;  one Priest the ultimate evil, the other grief-stricken by the crime revealed to him.  As well as, the ultimate evil which has intruded into the very place of faith and sanctuary.

Father Eugene O’Reilly, a fiscal manager, travels where needed when accusations against a priest or parish occur;  he does his best to keep the parishes from financial destruction and solvent.  Consequently, on this day, Father O’Reilly receives a visit from an unknown priest who states:

“Bless me father for I have sinned.  Father do you believe in him whom no one knows? Yes, my son, Father O’Reilly said, I do.  Oh, thank god.  Father, I have the body of a boy in my trunk and I need your help in disposing of it.”

So begins our journey through the harrowing tale of psychopath, pedophile, murderer, cultist, and Priest,


The Congregation A Jake and Amanda Bannon Novel by Desirée Bombenon Pub date 8-25-15

the congrgation

Powerful Secrets!

Secret Organizations!

Time Running Out!

Jake and Amanda are back in action in this book; this maybe their toughest case yet as it deals with the Church, beliefs, secret organizations, secret meetings, secret agendas;  so many secrets.


Jake and Amanda are vacationing in Rome, as well as, getting a blessed rosary from Cardinal Roland for a friend of Amanda’s very religious mother. Amanda offers to deliver a religious relic to the Cardinals friend, Father Kristofferson in Chicago when they visit Chicago.


Cardinal Roland and Father Kristofferson have a secret between them. Something that will take place Dec 12, 2012. Cardinal Roland is inconsolable with grief over the secret.


Once in Chicago, Amanda is getting the sixth sense, clairvoyance, that Cardinal Roland may be in trouble of some kind.


Anytime the Church is involved you know your heart is going to be pulled from your chest.  There are a lot of twists and turns, which Ms. Bombenon will weave together to form a complete story. There is Josh and


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