A Heart Made For Love By Linda Tillis



A Heart Made For Love by Linda Tillis, Cover
A Heart Made For Love, Cover











In a Heart Made For Love, Linda Tillis crafted a clean romance novel filled with emotion.  Set in Florida during the early 1900’s,  we find Mae Hinton facing a tragedy no woman should have to face.  Assaulted by a group of men, Mae must face the evil of the world head on.  Not one to lay down and quit, Mae’s determined to survive and fulfill her dreams.

Although her mother died years before, Mae’s family lives by her teachings.  With brothers Samuel and Cyrus, her father Garth, and her mother’s principles, this family’s united in love of each other and of God.

After, “the event” occurred, Mae’s determination to provide for abused and victimized women takes a strong grip on Mae.   Mae’s determined to provide shelter and training. Today we would call this project a woman’s shelter with vocational training.   Meanwhile, Mae meets and comes to love Edward Finch, doctor in training.  Edward, training in England and home for a visit. does not know what hit him upon meeting beautiful Mae.

Circumstances occur which allow Mae to realize her dream.  But at what cost?  Will Mae’s happy world comes tumbling apart?  The past has reared its ugly head, and Mae will have to decide how to handle the


Reaching Kylee: Book 1 (A Kellam High Novel 0) By Tamara Hart Heiner




Reaching Kylee By Tamara Hart Heiner
Reaching Kylee, Cover




Author Tamara Hart Heiner crafted a great young adult mystery romance novel in Reaching Kylee.  When Pierce Hudson’s mother died, his world changed forever.  Left without a maternal anchor, Pierce has not resolved the issue of his mother’s death.  His life now seems superficial and inadequate. Hoping to give the family a new start, Pierce’s father moves them to a new area, new house, and new high school.

Pierce finds his next door neighbor scary.  Not just scary, they are crazy, the law comes around often, and their daughter has disappeared.  Solving the mystery of Kylee’s disappearance becomes an all-consuming obsession for Pierce.  Will Pierce ferret out the circumstances surrounding his next door neighbors?  Has Kylee run away or is she dead?


The Duke’s Wicked Wager (1-4 Collection) By Isabella Thorne


The single book Promise Me a Handful of Horses: Regency Romance (The Duke’s Wicked Wager Sweet and Wholesome Regency Romance Series Book 1) Kindle Edition if free at this time on amazon.  Go over and grab your free copy.


Regency Romance: Promise Me (4-in-1 Book Boxed Set): The Duke’s Wicked Wager Collection (The Duke’s Wicked Wager Sweet and Wholesome Regency Romance Series 6

The Dukes Wicked Wager 1-4 collection
The Duke’s Wicked Wager (1-4 Collection), Cover











In The Duke’s Wicked Wager (1-4 Collection) the reader follows Lady Evelyn Evermont and George, Duke of Pemberton’s romance, along with her brother Frederic and his inadvisable liaison with Adele, an actress.  Lady Evelyn, an avid horsewoman, is in mourning from loosing of her father and fiancé.  Frederic’s determined to marry her off to solve his money problems;  Evelyn’s incensed , as the money he desires comes with a man as old as her father, Lord Lush.  George, Duke of Pemberton, fast friends and cohorts with Frederic sits on the side lines watching.  But not for long, as we follow the story from book to book.  We find George fascinated, Evelyn falling in love, Frederic horrified, and Adele, a friend Evelyn needed badly.   Wagers occur, reputations in peril, injuries, secrets revealed and romance brews.

Included in The Duke’s Wicked Wager (1-4 Collection) are following books: Promise Me A Handful of Horses, Promise Me Daring, Promise Me This Dance, and Promise Me Your Heart.  Come as Evelyn and George must make decisions which affect both of their lives forever.  My reviews for regency romance novel, The Duke’s Wicked Wager (1-4 Collection) follows.



Firstly, I loved having all four books in one collection.  Secondly, Thorne easily transitioned from one story-line to the next.  As a


Lake Of Dreams By Judith Hudson



Lake of Dreams, Cover, jpeg
Lake Of Dreams, Cover











Set in Fortune Bay, Washington State’s beautiful Olympic Mountains, Lake of Dreams is a story of second chances, overcoming grief, and acceptance.  A prequel to author Judith Hudson’s new series, Fortune Bay, the introduction to this new series is exciting.

Colleen Murphy left Seattle to find renewal in beautiful Fortune Bay, the summer home of her childhood.  Unhappy in her accounting job and with her artist boyfriend, Kyle, Colleen said goodbye to him and Seattle.  After four years, Colleen was ready for the next step in their relationship while Kyle was not.  The lake, the peace, and the beauty of the area had always been a save haven for Colleen.  Returning to the roots of her happiest times, Colleen plans to start her life over.

Alex Porter returned to Fortune Bay to find himself.  With no intention of returning to Seattle or his father’s law firm, Alex strives to deal with the death of wife and find his niche.

Acquaintances in their teenage years, Alex and Colleen strike up a friendship almost immediately.  Colleen


I Found You By Lisa Jewell



I Found You, by Lisa Jewell
I Found You, Cover



In I Found You, author Lisa Jewell crafted a complex story-line of intrigue, mystery, guilt, and murder.  Alice Lake finds a amnesiac young man on the beach in Ridinghouse Bay.  Taking him under her wing and into her home, he slowly recovers his memory; revealing a tale of horror.

Meanwhile in London, Lisa Monrose, discovers her husband of three weeks missing.  Alone in a strange country, without friends or money, Lisa contacts the police;  she’s told her husband doesn’t exist.  Realizing she knows little about her husband, Lisa sets out to find him and discover his secrets.

Decades earlier as teenagers, Gray and Kristy, vacationed in Ridinghouse Bay.  They meet a young man whose complex and dark. Much older than Kristy, he takes an unhealthy interest in the young Kristy, leaving Gray with a bad feeling.  Really bad feelings, he can’t shake.

Secrets, mystery, and intrigue abound in this tale;  all will meet in this small coastal town as Jewell reveals the


Remnants By Carolyn Arnold



Brandon Fisher FBI Series Book 6




Readers will find in Remnants an action packed suspenseful crime novel.  Set in Georgia, the FBI‘s investigating a series of horrible murders.  A serial killer‘s handy work is appearing in the Little Ogeechee River.

Brandon, Zach, Jack, and Paige are back in action.  FBI agents and profilers with the BAU, they must build a profile on this killer.  With missing limbs, painted blue bodies, and missing hearts, they believe they have ferreted out the killers reasoning.  Or have they?

Come along with Zach, Jack, Brandon, and Paige has they match wits with ultimate evil in the form of a unsub.  My thriller suspense crime novel review of Remnants follows.



Filled with nonstop action, FBI and police procedures, Remnants will grab the reader immediately.  Setting


A Sheikh Of Her Own By Barbara McMahon



Ultimate Billionaires Book 3

A Sheikh Of Her Own By Barbara McMahon
A Sheikh Of Her Own, Cover











In A Sheikh Of Her Own, the reader finds Bridget Rossie in Italy laying her beloved father to eternal rest in his home town.   When her cousin Francesca and her friend Sheikh Rashid al Halzid see her grief, Rashid invites her to his home in Aboul Sari to visit with Francesca and mend.  Vacationing with Francesca in a beautiful setting sounds wonderful to Bridget.  Bridget’s wholesome and sweet, works as a librarian, loves children and definitely does not fit in with the ultra wealthy world of Rashid.  Spending time with his grandmother and his son, Bridget is very different from Rashid’s other guest.  Rashid begins to wonder if she’s for real, or is it an act to ingratiate herself to him.

As the attraction grows, Bridget’s insecurities and determination to “never be a second best love” in anyone’s life surface.  Can two very different worlds come together?  Will Rashid see Bridget as a sweet woman or a conniver?  Can Bridget’s attitude on family soak into Rashid’s heart and bring his family closer?  Will Bridget resolve her preconception of Rashid’s feeling for her?  Is there a happy ever after waiting?  My reviews for romance novel, A Sheikh Of Her Own, follows.



Author Barbara McMahon once again created a solid entertaining romance.  As a result, I read A Sheikh Of Her Own straight through.  McMahon skillfully created an easy to read clean book.  Her writing alone carries the story without the


The Rogues Bride By Lynn Winchester



Dry Bayou Brides Book 4

The Rogue's Bride by Lynn Winchester
The Rogue’s Bride, cover



Author Lynn Winchester’s novel, The Rogue’s Bride, takes the reader back to the west and the town of Dry Bayou.  Aimee Prentice, on the run from her life in Alabama, comes to Dry Bayou as a mail-order bride.  Gaston Mosier, harboring a deep dark mistake from his youth, decided he would send for a mail-order bride and to a small degree get on with his life.  He wanted a bride who would be quite, biddable, unassuming, and have his children; everything Aimee is not.  Upon meeting, Gaston appears cold and mean;  Aimee gives the impression dull-wittiness, as well as, a fire cracker with a short fuse.  But evil is also lurking in Dry Bayou.  Is it waiting for Aimee?

Can these two come to term with their past, and forge a lasting relationship? Gaston needs forgiveness, if only to himself and Aimee need protection;  will the misunderstandings, misconceptions, and secrets continue to color everything they do?  My reviews for romance novel, The Rogues Bride, follows.


Author Lynn Winchester out did herself with the characters of Gaston and Aimee.  Gaston, as a lot of us do, carries guilt,


Elof’s Mission By Linda Hubalek



Elof's Mission by Linda Hubalek
Elof’s Mission, Cover











In Elof’s Mission, we are back in Morgan’s Crossing.  Author Linda Hubalek’s story begins at the cemetery as Elof Lundahl’s placing an iron cross on Nolan’s father-in-laws grave.  If you have followed the Grooms With Honor Series, you will remember Nolan from Nolan’s Vow. If not, Hubalek gives enough background in her stories to bring you up to speed.  Hearing a wagon coming, he finds Swedish immigrant Linnea Meyer, her son Jamie, and Linnea’s husband’s body. Although the landlord came with Linnea to the cemetery, far from kind, he insist she vacate her home before nightfall.

Linnea a mail order bride of eight days, finds herself with a dead husband, a five-year old stepson, and no place to go.  Elof, compassionate and with a good heart, offers to help her and Jamie.  Elof, recently retired from the Army, is ready to settle down with a wife and family.  What he didn’t count on was Linnea and Jamie.  Traveling with Linnea and Jamie opens Elof to a new world of love, romance, and fatherhood.

Come along with Linnea, Jamie, Elof, and the town of Sweetwater Springs, as romance, once again, is on the horizon.  My reviews for western romance novel, Elof’s Mission, follows.



To begin my reviews for romance novel  Elof’s Missions, I must say how much I enjoy the Honorable Grooms Series.  Author


The Shepherd’s Daughter By Lynn Winchester



(Dry Bayou Brides Book 1)

Jackson d’Lynne Writing As Lynn Winchester

The Shepherd’s Daughter,Cover



The Shepherd’s Daughter’s, a clean sweet romance, takes place in 1800’s Dry Bayou, Texas.  Willem Ducharme aka Billy and Raychelle, aka Ray, have been friends since they were small children.  Ray’s family came to Texas to manage the Ducharme sheep enterprise. Thick as thieves, they are seldom apart.  As time passes, Ray realizes her feelings turn into adult love for her best friend.  Then her world falls apart. The Ducharmes have ordered Billy a bride from back East.

The picture of perfection, Rebecca DuCastille’s is everything Ray’s not.  Beautiful, poised, charming, Rebecca is a lady while Ray is the shepherd’s daughter.  Wild haired, hard-working, an unladylike tomboy, and opinionated, Ray’s determined she will not go down gently;  she will fight for Billy’s love.  How far is Ray willing to go to get Billy to choose her for his wife?  Will Rebecca win Billy’s heart or will perfect Rebecca win the day?  Is romance in the air?   My reviews for western romance novel The Shepherd’s Daughter follows.



Author Jackson d’Lynne writing as Lynn Winchester crafted a sweet clean story filled with emotion and believable realistic characters. I could feel Ray’s insecurity and sadness, as well as, her wonder when she realized her feelings for Billy.  Winchester’s story-telling talent invest the reader in the characters and story-line.  As Billy and Ray come to realize their


With Good Intentions By Jo Huddleston

A Historical Romance Novella (Secret Identity Book 1)


With Good Intentions by Jo Huddleston
With Good Intentions, Cover



Author Jo Huddlestons latest novella set in 1959, With Good Intentions’, a clean sweet satisfying romance.  When big corporation meets small business owner, the sparks fly along with deception.   William Wainworth, son of CEO Oscar Wainworth, finds himself sent to Conroy, Alabama. Wainworth’s, in negotiations for a block of businesses, has one hold out.  William’s instructed to persuade the owners to sell the hole-in-the-wall ice cream parlor, regardless of how long it takes.

William has a plan to gain the confidence of the two women, mother and daughter owners.  He decides to use a false name and occupation, befriending them at the ice cream parlor.  Upon meeting Jean, the daughter and co-owner, William’s struck dumb.  Attraction flares on both side.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”.  How will William tell Jean his real name without loosing her trust?  Can their budding romance survive his deception?  Can the fact his intentions were


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