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In Bright, Hannah Whitfield’s a married woman having an affair.  It was not planned but happened slowly from friendship and flirtation.  From the loneliness of her marriage, she needs reaffirmation she’s someone with thoughts, desires, and worth.  It was to be a light affair with the terms of “when it’s over it’s over,” agreed by Hanna and Clint.

As a Christian, she knows its wrong and finds it harder and harder to live with herself.  She decides to break off the affair, confess to her husband Jeff, and concentrate on her marriage.  Although Clint appears to accept her decision, he is far from ready to give up Hanna.

Jeff although devastated by Hanna’s revelation, admits she was not alone in her transgressions;  his inattentiveness led to her seeking love and affirmation from another man.  Deciding to work on their marriage, they are making progress and plan a camping trip to renew their closeness.

However, Clint appears at their campsite with plans of his own.  Clint’s plans change the course of Jeff, Hanna, and their children’s lives forever.  No one will ever be the same again.  My book reviews of Bright follows.


Author Mary Paddock has the rare talent of storytelling at its best in Bright.  I found myself engrossed in the characters and the storyline immediately as she led me through the “why” of Clint and Hanna’s affair.  Why did a thirty-something woman with a successful career, a husband, and three children risk everything?  This question had many layers which Paddock skillfully revealed.  As humans, we have a tenancy to become self-absorbed, uncommunicative, and blind to everyday issues and relationships;  we tend to bury our heads in the sand.  Mary Paddock skillfully wove these characteristics into Jeff’s personality.  In turn, revealing the effect upon Hanna and their marriage.  Hanna was ripe for the plucking when Clint entered her life.  However, nothing turned out as she thought.  As a result, disaster waited just ahead for Hanna and her family as Clint revealed his real personality. 


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