The Opposition By Alicia Bryant



The Opposition by Alicia Bryant
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The Opposition is an intense legal drama in civil court, but also an excellent romance.  Sophia Grant, up and coming lawyer with a large Chicago firm, finds herself presenting her best friend Michael in a five million dollar lawsuit.  Michael, a talented engineer, accused of selling trade secrets, is beside himself.  Brilliant, yet nerdy, Michael and Sam set out to prove his innocence.

Opposing counsel in the case, Sam Hayes, is handsome, quiet, smart, sincere, and just plain yummy.  Sophia and Sam have an instant attraction which grows as they each work for their clients in this suit.  Ethically they cannot be more than friends, yet, the lure steams in the background.

Grab a comfortable seat, my contemporary women’s fiction book reviews of The Opposition follows.


Firstly, let me say, I enjoyed this legal romance story.  Following the case from start to finish was enlightening as the reader gets a close up look at the civil legal system.  Character driven, the story’s unique and will appeal to anyone who enjoys a romance with substance.

Secondly, author Alicia Bryant included twists and turns in the plotting.  I was not expecting the final unexpected twist and revelation.  The pacing of the story was in line with the length of the story and did not lag or bog down.


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