A Sheikh Of Her Own By Barbara McMahon



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A Sheikh Of Her Own By Barbara McMahon
A Sheikh Of Her Own, Cover











In A Sheikh Of Her Own, the reader finds Bridget Rossie in Italy laying her beloved father to eternal rest in his home town.   When her cousin Francesca and her friend Sheikh Rashid al Halzid see her grief, Rashid invites her to his home in Aboul Sari to visit with Francesca and mend.  Vacationing with Francesca in a beautiful setting sounds wonderful to Bridget.  Bridget’s wholesome and sweet, works as a librarian, loves children and definitely does not fit in with the ultra wealthy world of Rashid.  Spending time with his grandmother and his son, Bridget is very different from Rashid’s other guest.  Rashid begins to wonder if she’s for real, or is it an act to ingratiate herself to him.

As the attraction grows, Bridget’s insecurities and determination to “never be a second best love” in anyone’s life surface.  Can two very different worlds come together?  Will Rashid see Bridget as a sweet woman or a conniver?  Can Bridget’s attitude on family soak into Rashid’s heart and bring his family closer?  Will Bridget resolve her preconception of Rashid’s feeling for her?  Is there a happy ever after waiting?  My reviews for romance novel, A Sheikh Of Her Own, follows.



Author Barbara McMahon once again created a solid entertaining romance.  As a result, I read A Sheikh Of Her Own straight through.  McMahon skillfully created an easy to read clean book.  Her writing alone carries the story without the


The Cynical Sheikh By Barbara McMahon




The Cynical Sheikh by Barbara McMahon
The Cynical Sheikh, Cover












In The Cynical Sheikh, author Barbara McMahon, crafted a solid heart stirring romance between a working girl and ultra rich sheikh.  Working middle class Laura Toliver and rich privileged Jenna Stanhope have been friends forever and are closer than sisters.  Jenna has found the man of her dreams in Yuusuf bin Mohammad bin Horah.  Yuusuf has made bad decisions in the past; falling for gold diggers and fortune hunters.  His cousin, Talique bin Azoz bin Al-Rahman aka Tal, dispatched by their grandfather to get Yuusuf out of his latest disastrous relationship, has his own problems.  He arrives in America ready to nip the romance in the bud.

Unfortunately Laura, seen in social photo’s with Yuusuf, is mistakenly identified as his latest gold digger. 


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