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In Bright, Hannah Whitfield’s a married woman having an affair.  It was not planned but happened slowly from friendship and flirtation.  From the loneliness of her marriage, she needs reaffirmation she’s someone with thoughts, desires, and worth.  It was to be a light affair with the terms of “when it’s over it’s over,” agreed by Hanna and Clint.

As a Christian, she knows its wrong and finds it harder and harder to live with herself.  She decides to break off the affair, confess to her husband Jeff, and concentrate on her marriage.  Although Clint appears to accept her decision, he is far from ready to give up Hanna.

Jeff although devastated by Hanna’s revelation, admits she was not alone in her transgressions;  his inattentiveness led to her seeking love and affirmation from another man.  Deciding to work on their marriage, they are making progress and plan a camping trip to renew their closeness.

However, Clint appears at their campsite with plans of his own.  Clint’s plans change the course of Jeff, Hanna, and their children’s lives forever.  No one will ever be the same again.  My book reviews of Bright follows.


Author Mary Paddock has the rare talent of storytelling at its best in Bright.  I found myself engrossed in the characters and the storyline immediately as she led me through the “why” of Clint and Hanna’s affair.  Why did a thirty-something woman with a successful career, a husband, and three children risk everything?  This question had many layers which Paddock skillfully revealed.  As humans, we have a tenancy to become self-absorbed, uncommunicative, and blind to everyday issues and relationships;  we tend to bury our heads in the sand.  Mary Paddock skillfully wove these characteristics into Jeff’s personality.  In turn, revealing the effect upon Hanna and their marriage.  Hanna was ripe for the plucking when Clint entered her life.  However, nothing turned out as she thought.  As a result, disaster waited just ahead for Hanna and her family as Clint revealed his real personality.  From stalking, intimidation, and threats, Clint unravels revealing an evil which boggles the mind.

Bright’s filled with emotion;  from intense insecurity, fear, desperation, hope, family dynamics, and commitment;  to acceptance of knowing we are loved and protected by a higher authority.  Paddock skillfully includes faith and spiritual elements into the storyline.  I am not sure I would classify the realm Hanna finds as paranormal;  without giving away spoilers, I can not go into greater detail.

I found the characterization of Riana, the college-age daughter, and the two teenage boys excellent.  Watching Riana comes to grips with life as she now knew it, was fascinating, sad, and finally joyful;  the author progressively matured each of the siblings as they faced an evil psychopath bent on destruction.  Mary Paddock gives the reader an explosive, emotional, nail-biting, action-packed, ending.



Although an intense suspense story, it has a wonderful feel-good ending.  I found myself smiling as I closed my E-reader.  Of course, this was after 380 some odd pages of intense emotion and action.  Paddock‘s writing style’s easy to follow with scenes which transitioned smoothly.  She easily incorporated mystery, mayhem, and spirituality.  Although told from differing perspectives, I had no problem following the storyline to the ultimate conclusion.

I felt I came to know the characters and found myself enmeshed in their lives.  What a cruel, evil, monster, Paddock created in Clint’s character.  This story could be taken from today’s headlines.  As a result, it is realistic and believable.  The author created secondary characters who added depth to the story.  Each one is necessary to the multi-layered plotting’s twists and turns.

I could not read this story fast enough and loved every minute I spent with the characters.  I felt emotions ranging from the lowest lows to the highest highs.  What more could you ask from an author?  I am not often moved as this story touched me;  I found myself in tears several times.



I found this novel exceptional, with skillful plotting, and a smooth writing style.  I found Paddocks characters well-balanced and did not see the characters as one-dimensional or flat. Bright has a few curse words which I overlooked as the story’s well crafted. As a result, I would not hesitate to recommend this book to my blog subscribers or buy Bright for myself or a friend.


Additionally, I borrowed this novel from Kindle Unlimited and received a copy from Dreaming Big Publications.  I chose to review the novel with honest romance book reviews voluntarily. Lastly, book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book reviews author’s opinions.  Consequently, all book reviews online and on my blog, are my opinions.







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