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Exception To The Exception To The Rule by Charlotte Symonds
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Exception To The Rule, a fast-paced, funny romance filled with emotion and drama, will captivate the reader from the first paragraphs to the last sentence.  Delilah ghostwrites for a famous romance writer creating love scenes which scorch her computer screen;  she has complete control of the men in her stories.  She’s a voyeur watching her very hunky neighbor through her window and hides in the apartment, living her sex life thru her characters.  Delilah refuses to become involved in romantic relationships or dating; she uses men for one night stands before they can use her.

Sharing living arrangements with her best friend Rhen, Delilah’s safe from real romantic relationships as she’s sequestered away from men in her make-believe world. Delilah is Rhen’s cover for family and business functions as he’s still in the closet;  safely tucked away from exposure with the beautiful Delilah on his arm.  Delilah’s safe from emotional entanglements and relationships as Rhen’s make-believe girlfriend. Both are hiding from issues which have followed them from childhood as they cover for each other.

Delilah lives by a strict set of rules.  However, she finds that rules are made to be broken.  As fate steps in, Delilah discovers there’s an exception to every rule.  Will Jake become Delilah’s exception?  He enters Delilah’s life unexpectedly, breaks all of Delilah’s preconceived ideas about men and romance, and firmly seats himself in her imagination; and just possibly her heart.

Will Jake find his way into Delilah’s heart?  Is Rhen destined to stay in the closet?  Come with Delilah, Rhen, and Jake on the adventure of a lifetime.  My romance book reviews, of Exception To The Rule, follows.


First I must say, Exception To The Rule is much edgier than any of Charlotte Symonds earlier novels.  With the same depth of character development, prose, and clear writing, Symonds included more sexual innuendo in this book.  Also, the language is rougher, yet still the story’s so very enjoyable.  As a writer of heart-grabbing, done to earth novels, filled with emotion, drama, and realism, Symonds added an edgy concept to her story-line.  Filled with humor and insight, I enjoyed coming to know Delilah, Rhen, and Jake.

Symonds boldly faces head-on issues relevant to us today, our sexuality and choices.  Written with grace and finesse, the reader watches as two outsiders join together to survive in the world as they came to know it.  Delilah hides in her writing, avoiding facing the trauma and insecurity of her childhood;  yet she’s strong and independent.   Rhen, however, hides from his true self.  Symonds spotlights what people are willing to do to conform to societies concepts.   As well as what we will do to protect our inter-self from hurt.  This story makes the reader think and ponder the question:  when will society realize a person’s sexuality has nothing to do with their heart and soul.  It also reinforces the extent our childhood and teenage years have on the rest of our life.

Although a romance, I also found myself laughing out loud as Delilah, Rhen, and Jake banter.  Delilah has a mouth on her which quite surprised me, yet I could not help but like her.  Jake’s character’s terrific.  Seen as a good guy, strong, able, dependable, yet sure enough of his male sexuality to be sensitive to Delilah and her needs.   With the heart of a romantic and sensuality that we all would love our men to have, he’s funny, strong, giving, and has a Bible in his nightstand.  A true gentleman yet, a consummate lover who is a bad boy in the bedroom or wherever the need arises.  Jake is every woman’s dream man.

Finally, in concluding my romance book reviews, of Exception To The Rule, Symonds imagination ran wild in this novel and what an imagination she possesses.  I learned a few things from this book which were interesting and informative.  That’s all I will say, you will have to read the book to see if you learn anything new.  The pace was smooth and steady without starts and stops as the scenes flow seamlessly.  The story concept was refreshing and the writing fluid.  Different from Symond earlier novels, I found the prose grittier and more down to earth.  Exception To The Rule is a real slice of humanity.


I would not hesitate to buy this book for myself or a friend.  Symonds ability shines as she changed up her style with grittier language and more intense and descriptive love scenes.  As the gritter language and love scenes/innuendos may not be for everyone, I recommend this book to young adults and adults.


Additionally, I purchased this book and chose to review the book with honest romance book reviews voluntarily.  Lastly, book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion.  Consequently, all book reviews online and on my blog, are my opinions.  Also, no one influences my voluntary romance book reviews.







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