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Romance novel, Driving Miss Crazy, is a fun-filled romp of laughter, fun, missteps, and love.  Widower, Adrian Adams, is raising his seven-year old daughter, Charlie.  To say he is protective of Charlie is at the very least an under statement.  His goal in life is providing Charlie with a stable home and safety.  Adrian’s employment, as a diplomatic driver, works well for him and Charlie.  Suddenly, he must find a new job.  As a result, he secures a placement at the Irish Embassy driving Miss Maggie McNally, the Ambassadors granddaughter.  Consequently, his life changes from placid and boring to rip-roaring.

Maggie McNally has spent her life trying to fit into her political families life of international diplomacy.  She can’t seem to find her niche.  Disaster follows Maggie through life and employment with the diplomatic division; and then you have the squirrels she attracts.  Is Maggie talking to the squirrels or what!  Can Maggie pull off her grandmothers latest assignment?  Will disaster follow again?  Is Adrian driving Miss Crazy or is she the most unusual and caring woman in the world?

Come along with Charlie, Adrian, the international community, and Maggie as they forge ahead through disasters, emotional stumbling blocks, bumbles, stumbles, and political hot-pots to find a life worth fighting for.  My romance novel review of Driving Miss Crazy follows.


First of all, I must say this novel had me in stitches.  As a result, I laughed so hard I received odd looks from my companions.  D. J. Van Oss skillfully incorporated humor throughout this story.  The scene at the Gala was hilarious.  As result, inducing side-splitting laughter and tears.  Not only does D. J. Van Oss skillfully add humor, he also shows the insecurities faced by each of his characters as he wove a wonderful story-line.

Furthermore, the plotting of this book was well-developed and easy to follow.  Consequently, the book grabbed me from the first paragraphs.  D. J. Van Oss did not create a story-line in which Adrian and Maggie fall immediately in love.  Instead, he allows his characters to learn the qualities and character each possess. Also, several plots are woven in the story-line which made this is a very entertaining book as we follow an out-of-step Maggie and an over protective dad.

All good novels must have a villain.  D. J. Van Oss created an excellent villain for Driving Miss Crazy.  The villain’s character development was very skillful.  As result, the villain made my skin crawl.

Also, D. J. Van Oss paced the story-line correctly for the length of the book.  This book will grab you and held your interest.  This was a wonderfully written sweet romantic comedy.

In concluding the romance novel review of Driving Miss Crazy, I applaud D. J. Van Oss for a clean story-line and a clear easily read book.  This book has all the elements needed for success.  D. J. Van Oss’ talent was evident immediately.  Most noteworthy, D. J. Van Oss created a skillfully written book which did not need sex to sell the story-line or hold the reader’s interest.  Kudos, D. J. Van Oss, Kudos.



In conclusion, I do not hesitate to give Driving Miss Crazy 5 stars.  D. J. Van Oss created a clean, clear, well-developed and paced story. This is a fun-filled romp through Washington D.C., the center of power and diplomacy.  It is a solid début novel from a talented author.  I look forward to D. J. Van Oss’ next novel.

Final Note:  I received this book from the author and chose to voluntarily review the novel with an honest romance novel reviewBook reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion.  Consequently all book reviews on-line and on my blog, are my opinion.  This romance novel review was not influenced by the ARC.



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D. J. Van Oss writes sweet and sunny romantic comedies; kind of like the book version of a fresh cinnamon roll. With extra icing. “Driving Miss Crazy” is his début novel.
When not writing you can find him working in the yard, walking the dog, or staying up too late watching BBC mysteries while eating honey peanut butter straight out of the jar.
He lives in the country suburbs of Iowa with his wife and three step-daughters. His writing partner is Jack, a pretty-boy golden retriever who grunts when you rub his ears.
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